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Amber have had a great start to the term! We have come back refreshed and enthusiastic about our new topic 'Amazing Animals'.

This week in English we read the poem ' The garden'. We became ' poets' for the week and wrote our first stanza of the poem. We discussed what flowers and trees we would have in our garden. We also thought of different animals and insects to include in the poem. We are becoming much better at working and writing independently. Our main targets this term is to use full stops, finger spaces and capital letters in our sentences!

In maths we started to learn about the differences between a 'whole' and a 'part'. We had lots of fun with practical activities using playdough and also working with a partner to apply our understanding of ' whole' and ' part'. We are really excited to start our computing sessions soon as part of our topic learning. We will be learning how to independently log on to our Chromebooks. In Art we have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We explored these colours individually and made our own colour wheels mixing secondary colours using primary colours.


Year 5 have been practising their watercolour skills, blending and creating light washes. We painted shapes and then turned them into spooky and fun illustrations using a fine liner once they were dry. As it was Halloween, we of course had to include some pumpkins!

Our teachers have been so impressed with our creativity.

See more of our fantastic pieces in the gallery here:


The children in Orchid class settled in really well over the first half term. They have come back happily, ready to start the new term and are excited to be back. They are using all areas in class and outside well and keeping themselves very busy.

Our topic this term is ‘We Are Explorers.’ We began the week reading the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. There are lots of fun activities planned to reinforce the story so the children become familiar with it.

In Maths we will be looking at Shape and changes that can be made with the number 5 – Finding one more and one less to add and take away, and learning our number bonds to make 5.

The children have been doing lots of practise with phonics and are learning lots of new graphemes and how to write the correct formations of those letters. It's going to be a very busy term!

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Bronze Class have settled into the routines of Year 6 and had a brilliant first term. It's been a hectic time in maths learning how to use inverse operations and this week have been working at solving multi-step problems. In our writing unit this term we have been studying autobiographies. We have had lots of fun listening to a range of autobiographies detailing significant moments and events from the writers life. In our own writing we have been considering ways to enable readers to relive these moments with us using, vivid descriptions, senses, purposeful details and different ways to slow moments down.
We finished off the week sculpting our Maya calendar glyphs we had previous designed. We used clay to mould our chosen design and used clay tools to carve in the finer details.
Read more in our class post!


Green Class have made a brilliant start to the year.
In maths, we have been learning to make 100 in different ways using place value and number lines.
In English, we have been enjoying a book called ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We have sequenced and written our own versions of the tale with a with a surprise twist at the end! We loved reading our stories in class and were so enthusiastic in sharing what we liked about each one.
We have looked at Stone age pots in art. We researched then designed our own pot drawing inspiration from patterns seen in pots from Skara Brae. Our pots look amazing and we can’t wait to bring them home.
In History we have examined how life has changed from the Stone age to the Iron age and put our dramatic skills to the test, acting out different Stone age activities.
In Science, we have been looking at food labels and exploring the nutritional values in different foods. We have also had great fun making models of hands and arms to help explain how our skeleton and muscles work to make us move.


Yellow Class have had a fantastic Autumn term. We have had a great week learning all about different emotions and feelings. We really enjoyed making a colour monster display for our classroom. We are learning how to manage our feelings and emotions when we feel sad or happy by using the zones of regulations, and we will also be able to use our new display too.

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers using adding and subtracting and learning family facts. We've been very busy in English, learning the differences between fact and fiction and this week we began writing a non-chronological report on wolves. Wolves are fearsome predators and we have learnt so many interesting facts about them! Did you know wolves are carnivorous? That means they eat meat! Like bison and deer.

Photos from Kelvin Grove Primary School's post 18/10/2023

Rainbow have had a wonderful first term. Our story book has been ‘The Naughty Bus.’ Within the story the ‘Bus’ has many adventures, including speeding through a plate of beans and falling into the garden pond. Rainbow have been acting out these adventures and creating their own exciting ideas for where to take the ‘Bus’ next, giving lots of opportunity for imaginative vocabulary and narrative. On Wednesday morning our classroom was very messy and we thought that the Naughty Bus had come off the book during the night and untidied our classroom. We decided to make wanted posters to find the Naughty Bus. We are beginning to use our phonics knowledge to write simple words such as bus, big, red and bad. Please keep practicing reading at home with your child and write a comment on their reading diaries.

It has been a very fun and practical week in maths. We have focused on the key vocabulary ‘more, fewer and same’. We have focused on the key vocabulary ‘more, fewer and same’. We have explored different ways to work out if 2 groups have more, fewer or the same quality. We used counting, subitising (Subitising is when you are able to look at a group of objects and realise how many there are without counting) and five frames.


We have had a great start to Year 2. Ochre class have really shown that they are developing as learners across all curriculum areas. Whether its is consolidating their learning of place value of numbers to 100, or writing stories and facts in English, using key success criteria such as capital letters and full stops in the correct place.

Our topic 'Animals and Me' has allowed them the opportunity to recap their knowledge of animals and build upon this with an understanding of life cycles. We have looked particularly close at the life cycle of a butterfly, seeing this first hand with our own school caterpillars. To support their learning we went to the Horniman Museum and had a fantastic time in the Butterfly house. They discovered that butterflies come in all shapes and sizes, have four wings and even have taste buds on their feet!! 🐛🦋


Most of us know a friend or family member who has faced cancer, especially here at Kelvin Grove. This year we are holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 13th October. We would like to remember Jim Gibbs, Caroline Louden, Al Moore and Jeena Sanchez who all worked and gave so much to our school. We will be holding a Coffee Morning for parents at 9.00am in the main hall and after school at 3.30pm. Stop by for something sweet and a cuppa! 🍰☕

All donations, both baked and bought are welcome.

Photos from Kelvin Grove Primary School's post 12/10/2023

As part of our Black History celebrations, we will be learning about a number of influential Black women who have been awarded a Blue Plaque.

In order to support our learning, we would like your child to choose a Black woman who currently does not have a Blue Plaque, but deserves one. This person could be historical or living. Your child will need to research their chosen person and produce a piece about them to contribute to our Black History Gallery. Work should be returned to school by Friday 13th October.

You are invited to enjoy their work during Parents’ Evenings – 17th and 18th October 2023. Please see the school letter with more detailed information.

We look forward to seeing all of the amazing pieces our pupils create!


Blue class have had a busy start to the Autumn term. In maths we have been consolidating our learning of place value and using counters and different maths equipment to help us with our counting. We were very excited for Mr Clark to teach us some lessons last week too where we were making number bonds to 10.

We have been learning how to draw portraits in art, looking very closely at facial features. This week we chose to draw some of our favourite characters from Spider-Man! We started with Gwen Stacey and have drawn Miles Morales today. It's been tricky putting the features together but we are making really good progress and developing our skills. We really enjoyed painting them in costume! Next week we will practice proportion and we can't wait to draw Peter Parker.

See more in our class post!


We have had a great week of learning in Jade Class.

In maths, we have been learning to make 100 in different ways on a number line and identify values on a number line.

In English, we have been studying a book called ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We then sequenced and wrote our own version with a twist at the end. We enjoyed sharing our stories with our class.

We have looked at Skara Brae pots in art. We looked closely at some examples and annotated them in our sketchbooks to create research pages. Then we designed our own pot sketching patterns inspired by the Skara Brae designs. We are very excited to make them with clay next week!

In our whole class reading sessions, we have been reading a book called ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies. We made predictions about the character and the plot and how the author’s descriptions affect the reader. We then made comparisons within the text.


Last week you should have received our ALL Celebrations IQ card Design sheet.
If you would like your child to design a card and purchase items, the KG Circle will be available to collect forms/cash in the main playground 8.30am - 8.45am each day this week. Orders should be completed and with the exact amount of money that your order will cost. Please return completed designs by Friday 13th October.
If you have any problems please do speak with a member of the KG Circle.
It's a great personal touch and can be used for all celebrations, not just for Christmas ✨

Happy card making!


On Monday, Mr Hyde announced our new school prefects in his morning assembly. All these children have demonstrated they are exemplary role models and truly embody our school values. We are keen to see you thrive in your new role at school. Congratulations!⭐


Coral class have had a very positive start to the new academic year in Year 1.
We have spent time revisiting letters, numbers, and establishing what a safe and fun environment looks and feels like. The children have come up with some fantastic and sensible class rules. We have also spent a lot of time looking at our school values and the children have come up with some awesome pictures to represent these values.
In Science, we have been learning about our senses and we put them to the test when we did some smell and taste testing.
This week we also had the opportunity in taking part in a drama workshop that let us explore different places around the world and had so much fun! 🎭


We have a had a wonderfully busy term so far in Violet class settling into the routines and expectations of Year 5.

In maths this week we have been counting in 1000's up to 10,000! We have been using this to develop an understanding of what 10,000 is in a real life context. Like if we had 10,000 people together, how much space we would really need? If you said a whole football stadium's worth of space - you were correct!

We are looking at different style portraits in art this term. We have really enjoyed looking at artwork by portrait artist Alice X. Zang, she paints lots of famous characters and our most recent sketches have been inspired by her portrait of Gwen Stacey from Spider-Man! We have been learning how to draw faces by sketching each feature separately and this week (inspired by Alice's art) chose to sketch characters from Across the Spiderverse. Our favourites have been Gwen Stacey and Miles Morales. We also really liked sketching Spider-Punk.


Tomorrow! This World Mental Health Day, Tuesday 10th October, pupils at KG can come to school dressed to express themselves, in clothes that make them happy.

This could be their favourite comfy outfit, something green for or their school uniform.


There's lots of upcoming events and celebrations happening in the coming weeks. Read all about them in our latest newsletter!


We have had a great few weeks in Saffron Class. In English we've thoroughly enjoyed our book 'Tadpole's Promise' and can recite a simple version of the story - with actions - by heart. We have also been busy writing our narrative, remembering our capital letters, full stops and lots of juicy adjectives. In maths we have been using base 10 and bead strings to count up to and down from 100 in tens, and comparing numbers using the mathematical vocabulary of greater than, less than and equal to. In science we have been looking at the classification of different types of animals and the life cycle of the butterfly. We've really enjoyed seeing our Year 2 caterpillars change into pupa in their chrysalises, and are excited to see the next stage, the butterfly, when we visit the Butterfly House at the Horniman in week 5.
See more in our class post!

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The children in ClubXtra have been busy cooking with our very own Master Chef - Mrs Merzouki 👩‍🍳🍪
They have really enjoyed working collaboratively, and showing off their creative recipes.
Cooking involves important life skills, particularly patience, problem-solving, teamwork, reading, maths and let's face it, lots of fun and afterwards we get to indulge and taste it!

Photos from Kelvin Grove Primary School's post 05/10/2023

In Azure Class we have been watching The Lighthouse. It is a short animation film about the day in the life of a lighthouse keeper. On this day, disaster strikes and the light no longer works! The film is about how the community come together and help the lighthouse keeper and they prevent a ship from crashing into the cliff. We have really enjoyed this animation and have been talking about how communities can work together and help each other. We will be writing diary entries in role of the lighthouse keeper next week in English.

In Science we have talked about the dangers of electricity and how to keep ourselves safe. This week we investigated how to make our own electrical circuits. We worked in pairs with wires, cells and a bulb in a holder to work out how to make the the light bulb light up. We found that the circuit needed to be connected in a circle or a loop so that the electricity could travel around it. We also found out that the electricity only travelled through metal and not plastic so we had to connect the metal parts.

Read more in our class post!


The children in Cerise class have had a fun time exploring all the provisions and getting to know each other. They have settled well into Reception and have done wonderfully learning the daily routines.

In class we have read a variety of books linked to our topic ‘We Are Unique.’ and have spoken about the people who are in our family, what they look like and why they are special to us. We have also looked at ourselves and what makes us each unique! The children have spoken about themselves from what they look like to their talents and personalities.

Read more in our class post:

Photos from Kelvin Grove Primary School's post 29/09/2023

This week in Copper class we have been continuing to look at the text ‘The Rain Player’ and considering how to embed dialogue within a narrative. We have been writing in a formal tone to replicate different characters and using speech to show character’s personalities. Miss Horgan has been particularly impressed with our resilience and how we have been taking the time in lessons to improve our writing! ✍️
In art we have been looking closely at Maya artefacts and art, last week we created a research page highlighting techniques and material the Maya used. It's been interesting learning about their stelae - these were huge stone murals showing stories about their civilisation and mythology. This week we have been examining individual glyphs and sketching them to capture every detail!
See more in our class post! 🎨

Photos from Kelvin Grove Primary School's post 27/09/2023

Welcome back to the new school year, we hope all of our children and the KG community have settled back in and are enjoying a fresh new term.

Firstly we'd like to extend our thanks to KG mum and PTA veteran Julia Murray, whose company, TPX Impact very kindly donated £500 to the KG Circle. This was part of TPX Impacts community action programme. These funds will be put to good use towards much needed resources for our school and children.

We're now working on our calendar of events for the remainder of 2023 and the start of 2024, so please keep an eye out for news of upcoming dates for your diary!

If you're interested in getting involved with the KG Circle, either as a member or just to help out with events, please drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you! [email protected]


Sam, Emily, Jenni, Becky, Einat & Wei


Last Friday, we launched our new topic ‘Into Africa’ with a visit from the Iroko Theatre Company. We began the morning by watching a performance and then we participated in two different workshops which helped us with African dancing and how to use our voices to tell African stories.

In English, we are using a story called ‘Flotsam’. It is a wordless book and we have been learning writing techniques, such as writing an effective opening and changing pace, and applying the skills taught to write different parts of the story. We have also being trying to show not tell.

In Maths, we have been using our knowledge of the number and place value to represent numbers in different ways and to also find multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 more or less than any 4 digit number.

Read more in our class post!


Gold class have had a fantastic start to the Autumn term. In Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of place value and using different maths equipment to help us with our understanding.

We have started a new book called "The Last Rhino" in English. We have been using our inference skills to understand how the characters are feeling and making predictions about what is going to happen next in the story.

In art we are revisiting some drawing techniques to improve our skills with mark making and shading. This term we will be learning how to draw portraits and have begun this week sketching eyes. It's been tricky but we are very proud of the progress we have made already!

Our topic for this term is "Into Africa." In Geography we tested our knowledge of the 7 continents and what we already know about Africa. In Computing we have been researching about the different countries and capital cities of Africa.

Photos from Kelvin Grove Primary School's post 22/09/2023

Cinnamon class have had a great start to Year 2!
We are really enjoying our topic 'Animals and Me' where we are learning about different animal life cycles. To see this in person, we have a collection of caterpillars in our classroom who have already grown so big over just one week! We are looking forward to seeing their transformation into butterflies and we'll also be seeing more butterflies on our trip to the Horniman Museum in a few weeks. 🐛🦋

In English, we have been reading a book called Tadpole's Promise which tells the story of a caterpillar and a tadpole who promise each other they will never change. We wrote some lovely setting descriptions about the pond where the story takes place and are now getting ready to rewrite the story in our own words. To help us prepare, we've been retelling the story out loud, using actions and gestures to help us remember each part. This has been so much fun and we've loved acting the story out. Ask us to act it out at home to help keep the story fresh in our minds before we write next week. 🐸


What a busy start to Year 3 we have had in Mint Class!
The children have done a fabulous job of settling into life as ‘Juniors’ the past week. On Monday, we were introduced to our new topic ‘Stones N Bones’ by learning about cave art. We discovered that cave art can be found in Spain, France and certain areas in England. Working together we used chalk pastels and charcoal to draw our own!

In Maths, we’ve been looking at different ways to make 100. We've been counting forwards and backwards to 100; using base ten equipment and place value counters to help us.

We’ve been learning all about the 5 Food Groups in Science and the importance of incorporating these in to our daily lives to keep us healthy. In PSHE, we’ve discussed how important it is to be resilient, especially when things get too difficult. We are excited to see what more Year 3 has in store for us!

See more of our fab work in our class post 🎨


Turquoise class have had such an exciting start to Year 4! We spent one afternoon being astounded by our teachers - carrying out a range of static electricity experiments. There were drinks cans moving, polystyrene cups being chased around the table and matchsticks moving 'of their own accord'! This was the start of this term's topic - Let there be light! We are excited to learn all about electricity and how essential it is in our lives.

Last week, we also began our Art for the term. We are studying the illustration style of artist and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. We have been looking very closely at how he illustrates his books and have learnt how to 'ground' trees, rocks and people by drawing shadows. We realised how important it was to identify where the light source was, in order to get the shadow in the correct place!

This is just the start and we can't wait to find out what else Year 4 has in store for us this term.


We're back at school for the new academic year and here in Brass Class we have already had a busy start...

The first week of Year 6 has flown by - we have settled in well and have already embraced the demands of Year 6 (and had fun too, of course!). We have been thinking a lot about our goals and aspirations for the future and have written letters to ourselves to read at the end of Year 6; we can't wait to look back at them.

Our topic for this term is the 'Mysterious Maya' and we have been learning more about the Mayan civilisation. For our launch, we learnt about what they ate and drank.
Did you know that they loved chocolate? So guess what we got to drink... hot chocolate! Not only this, but we did it the Mayan way and put chilli and cinnamon in it too! It was a first for many of us.
Read more in our class post! ☕🍫 🌶️


Amber class are delighted to return back to school and have been working hard this week at learning about Year 1 and the learning expectations for this year.

We have had the chance to explore all our classrooms and the playground. In class we have been sharing news about our summer holidays and during circle time spoke about what we are like, lots of us enjoy the same things and it's been fun getting to know each other. We also found out some fun facts about our teachers and teaching assistants!

Amber class talked through our school values and have learnt about the tokens and rewards system. We also collaboratively drew up our own class rules so we understand how to stay safe in the classroom, be happy and most importantly be ready for learning!

We have enjoyed reading with our teachers and have started phonics. This week we have also been talking a lot about our feelings and even drew some feeling monsters. Mrs Daniel and Mrs Merouzki are proud of how quickly and happily we have settled into our new class.


Please see our last Newsletter for this year. Wishing you all a wonderful summer! ☀️


Today is our last day of primary school! We are joining up to write the last class news for Year 6. It has been a fantastic and emotional end to our primary journey. The end of term has been wonderfully busy with rehearsals for our Leavers Assembly, we have been practicing so much and can't wait for our parents to see it. We are also very nervous! Last Friday we had Sports Day, which as always was expertly organised by Mr Gibbs. We had a blast despite the small showers of rain! It was great to have so many parents cheering us on and providing much needed cover with their umbrellas.

On Tuesday we had a year group trip to the Dulwich Picture House to watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse and it was amazing! Not only did we all get popcorn and a drink, it was a brilliant film. It was great to have an outing with all of Year 6 together.

And on Wednesday evening we had an awesome Leavers party! There was yummy food, face painting and glitter tattoos, a DJ and a photobooth. We ate lots, danced so much and sang so loudly. It was the best way to end Year 6.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who have helped and supported us, especially this week with all the events! We are very excited for our next chapter and will miss Kelvin Grove greatly.


Ochre class have really enjoyed our topic this term 'Near and Far', they have especially enjoyed using the atlases to find countries and label maps! In English they have been writing their own versions of 'The lighthouse Keeper's Lunch', from the perspective of a seagull. The book has been full of new vocabulary and we have been really impressed with the way they have used this in their own writing. In Maths they have been consolidating earlier learning on finding fractions of a number. In art Year 2 have been drawing portraits! This week they looked at British artist Julian Opie and the style of portraits he makes. All the children then had a go at drawing their own self portraits in his style. It was tricky but they are all very proud of the work we've done. We're excited to trying printing them next week! Sports Day was a great success, and we were really impressed with the team spirit shown by the children.


It has been a jam packed last term in Emerald class. All of Year 3 have been working hard learning about 4 significant figures from the Windrush Generation and creating posters in History. We presented our posters to the class and received feedback from their peers. In Maths, we have continued learning to read the time on an analogue and digital clock and begin solving problems involving time. In English, we are beginning to write our own biography for Floella Benjamin. In Science we have been learning about the properties and uses of magnets and using the terms 'attract' and 'repel' to accurately describe their behaviour. In Art, we have visited the school garden to look for inspiration to draw natural shapes that we can turn into repeating patterns and design our own special wallpaper that we will be painting soon. We had such a fabulous visit to the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton.

Photos from Kelvin Grove Primary School's post 21/07/2023

What a term it has been! We are nearing the end of Varjak Paw and we cannot wait to find out who is behind the vanishings. For our final piece of writing we wrote our own version of “How the stars came to be”. In Maths we finished our topic on decimals where we are able to divide any 1- and 3-digit number by 10 and 100. We are also able to use our knowledge of decimals to help within our new Topic of Money. We have learnt how to order and compare different amount. In the afternoons, we have been busy making our book sleeves. We practice different stiches before we started our final product. We all showed resilience and compassion during our DT lesson. We are very proud with our final product! We have finished our final paintings in art. It's been so fun working together on different canvas surfaces to create art works together. The best part was painting with our hands! Some of us worked on very large pieces that will be displayed around the school.


Amber have been working really hard recently in preparation for their move to Year 2 .In English we have been reading and writing all about ‘Billy ‘s bucket'. We have all written short narratives with adjectives & connectives . In preparation for Year 2 we have focused on composing and writing our own sentences independently. We also read our work at the end to check it makes sense and that we haven’t forgotten any full stops! Mrs Drewe read some of our work recently and was very impressed!

In maths we have been learning about money, coins and problem solving with this. This has been a really interesting part of maths and we have enjoyed it! We have also been practicing counting in 2's, 5's and 10's which helps us with lots of problem solving.

Our topic this term has been ‘ From city to seaside‘ and we have compared lots of different places in Geography. We have also had great fun using the chromebooks in our computing sessions.

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