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I had fun today filming an interview with Kathy Biehl for her Celestial Compass show. We chatted about the astrology of film, my themed issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, cinema eras of Neptune through the signs, and much much more. It'll air next Monday.


Hi Everyone

To promote the upcoming fundraiser (and final 30 tickets) at the Royal Albert Hall on 30 March and introduce speaker Mark Jones to many of you, here's the first part of an excerpt from a collaboration between Mark and I.

Astrological Dialogues by Mark Jones and Frank C Clifford

In May of 2016, Mark and Frank joined forces and put together a small volume entitled ‘Dialogues’ (Flare, 2016), the product of an ongoing dialogue between the two long-time astrological consultants. It takes the form of two companion essays from each astrologer and explores the benefits of astrological consultations when conducted as dialogues. Here are a few extracts, starting with a section from the introduction:

We feel that, instead of being a presentation, a demonstration or a spell cast by a magician, an astrological consultation has the power to be a meaningful encounter between two people – a radical dialogue intensified by the symbolic value and power of the natal chart. Such an experience shifts the emphasis from a prepared performance piece in which the astrologer is the dominant, unchallenged voice to a more democratic co-created medium in which astrologer and client share equal billing and validity. This latter perspective ensures that the Mercurial power of astrology lies not only in interpreting the symphony of a natal chart but also in helping Mercury’s winged feet take flight so that information shared can shape a client’s perception of their life experiences, patterns and behaviours.

In one essay entitled ‘Dialogue with the Client: The Transformational Potential of Astrology’, Mark Jones contemplates the psychological requirements of the astrologer:

It is of central importance to a therapeutic approach to astrology that we as astrologers personally commit to a process of psychological inquiry and continuing personal and professional development. We can only support and guide clients with issues that we have ourselves brought into conscious awareness.

We don’t need to have resolved all of our personal issues. This is a common fantasy or ideal, which may then be used to inwardly criticize or punish ourselves or prove that we cannot live up to those ideals. This would then be an example of the ‘tyranny of the shoulds’, a term created by the psychoanalyst Karen Horney to refer to how expectations of a potential experience can ruin the actual experience. Under the influence of this tyranny of should, the astrologer wrestles with and expresses their idealized self rather than their real self. Whilst the real self lacks the static ideal of perfection, it holds far greater humanity and worth for both the astrologer and, crucially, the client. In attempting to idealize our profession and push ourselves to live up to that ideal, we may do damage to our clients by offering the tacit message that their real feelings and experiences are less important than their persona or idealizations.

It is the real self of the astrologer – our own hard-won wisdom born of our struggles and humanity – that will offer the psychological gravitas that anchors our consulting work. For the work to proceed most effectively, a trust between the client and astrologer is needed and can be best worked towards through honesty and integrity. This takes courage on behalf of the astrologer: the courage to be. This is the courage of a mature human. The root of the word ‘courage’ is from the Old French term coeur, which means ‘heart’. The heart is the secret of courage. One who has encountered life’s deeper issues and has a genuine response to the travails of being alive can offer heart guidance, not a prescribed solution to a ‘problem’. Many things in life cannot be solved, only lived through. We do not solve the dilemma of having a busy professional and personal life; we do not solve the issue of having a sick child or having lost a loved one. These are simply the elements of human life. Our relationship to those concerns can be transformed, however, through awareness and compassion. It is these qualities that we, as astrologers, can model for the struggling client.

In the examples [given in this mini-book], there is no real solution to events that happened way back in the past; they cannot be undone. However, a sympathetic rapport with these young men in defining their past experiences that shaped their identities becomes the basis for an emergent and creative response from within them to address their current situation. An older therapist and theatre director who studied psychosynthesis with me used to quote Shakespeare and said that certain events in life seem fated but the real task of the human being is to see to what extent their fate can be turned into destiny. This is the alchemy of soul-making.

Trust is crucial to counselling, and it is important to understand the paradoxical element of risk that is required to build trust. There is a fantasy at times within the counselling world that trust must be built up very slowly and carefully, like laying the foundations of a building. This has a certain reality, especially in long-term psychotherapy that focuses on recovery from abuse, for instance. Yet the initial trust for even that delicate work is built from the start by risking being real, sharing experience and asking the difficult questions. This is a chicken-and-egg situation. Trust is required for deep sharing and yet it takes deep sharing to establish trust. At times the counselling astrologer must have the courage to leap in. Trust must come from somewhere. I have found that the more experienced and therefore relaxed that I become in my work, the more that the nature of the field itself supports me in my work; there is a healing energy within life itself that can be drawn upon.

The confidence and eventual inner authority that can best guide the consultation are born from our experience. And that experience has to start somewhere. Even the novice practitioner can centre themselves in their own person and the humanity that has emerged from their own struggles in life. Psychological maturation and the commitment to personal development become the foundation for this process. To be an astrologer is to be part of a lineage that includes Galileo and Kepler and the likes of Socrates. We are in esteemed company. There is an idea central to Tibetan Buddhism: the lineage field, a group of former masters of the path who are acknowledged before one begins one’s meditation. Can we create our own lineage field, the figures, contemporary and historical, that inspire our vision of astrology and service?


I enjoyed the Channel 4 two-parter The Jury: Murder Trial. Having been on two juries (and was the foreperson in one) and encountered words of stupidity, ignorance and prejudice from fellow jurors, I'd never choose a jury if I needed to. (Unless I were famous!) This series is perfect timed for Pluto's ingress into Aquarius (surely the sign of the jury) and might play a part in revolutionising or abolishing the jury system in the UK.

The London School of Astrology Online 03/03/2024

I am greatly looking forward to seeing so many friends, current and past students at our special Celebration of Astrology in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We're just four weeks away and 40 tickets remain. Here's some info:

Saturday 30 March 2024, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. live in London, £70

Presentations from four world-class astrologers:

• Melanie Reinhart on Pluto in Aquarius and the "age" of Aquarius
• Mark Jones on the birth of modern astrology
• John Wadsworth on astrology as a path to healing and wholeness
• Deborah Houlding on the synastry of a fateful meeting

Hosted by Frank Clifford and a handful of special guests – with jazz pianist and LSA tutor Richard Swatton playing on Elton John's famous red piano – there will also be a short talk from Frank celebrating the astrologers of tomorrow. The event includes a bookstall from the Astrology Shop and ends with Frank and LSA tutors presenting students with certificates and diplomas. The event is a fundraiser for Awesomage, a charity reinventing orphanages globally.

Join us for this very special celebration in an exceptional venue and for a very worthy cause. The flyer is attached and please click here for booking info (email us if you need more than one ticket):

The London School of Astrology Online Study astrology with the renowned London School of Astrology, headed by Frank Clifford and a team of world-class astrologers.


I'm saddened to hear of the passing of Peter West, who died two days ago. Peter wrote dozens of books on astrology, palmistry, graphology, biorhythms etc. and spent years writing for Prediction magazine. A true Gemini MC with the Sun in Cancer and Virgo rising, he was always helpful, kind and professional, and never stopped writing and educating.

Home | Rod Suskin 03/03/2024

We’re delighted to welcome Rod Suskin to the LSA next Monday, 10 March (7–9pm UK time, £25, access to live on Zoom + recording). Rod is one of the foremost astrologers in South Africa and is giving a special talk on Spiritual Counselling for our Ask the Astrology Expert series:

Spiritual Counselling with Astrology
Giving Meaningful Spiritual Guidance Using Astrology

Many people come to astrologers for help in finding purpose and navigating spiritual crises and confusion. Many astrologers resort to interpreting the spiritual life by using religion, new age spirituality or their own belief systems. While astrology can be compatible with many of these approaches, Rod takes the view that astrology can offer guidance using its own tools, language and worldview alone, allowing astrologers to offer authentic spiritual guidance without assumptions, biases or the need for shared worldviews. In this discussion he will reveal the methods he uses in this approach and how he ensures the client understands and benefits from the clarity astrology can offer in this crucial area.

Rod Suskin is South Africa’s best-known astrologer and has regular radio and TV slots there, and has written columns and articles for many major publications. Studying astrology since childhood, he has practised professionally since 1989 and teaches a three-year online Diploma course, based firmly in the traditional practice but aimed towards the 21st century astrologer. Rod was initiated as a traditional African shaman in 1982. He is the author of a number of books on spiritual life as well as the Llewellyn astrology books Cycles of Life and Synastry. He also contributes regularly to a variety of publications in South Africa and was commissioned to write about the national chart for the official parliamentary newspaper. He achieved an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales and for the past four years has had his own show “Rod Suskin’s World” on national TV where he makes astrological forecasts and discusses a variety of spiritual topics. Rod can be reached at [email protected] and

Home | Rod Suskin Rod Suskin's Home Page


Just finished revising the PPT for this weekend. It took a while to fall in love with Horary but it happened (thank you Deborah!), and now I use it in my practice.


The wonderful Melanie Reinhart – one of the great minds and researchers of our subject – joins us in London next month (Saturday 30th) for a special talk on the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, its light and shadow sides, and Pluto's move into the sign.

I quoted Melanie some years back in my Heart of Your Chart book and her thoughts have always stuck with me:

At times we must help to undo what Melanie Reinhart calls ‘astrological preconditioning’: ‘A form of mental indigestion (chronic or acute) brought about by taking in too much astrological junk-food from various sources.’ These are the sorts of notions and prejudices that clients have about particular chart placements. Melanie calls them ‘awful, archaic, pre-psychological stuff, condemnatory in tone and totally without subtlety or compassion, having no sense of “life process”. In short, no wisdom and no heart.’ (‘Astrological Pre-conditioning’, Melanie Reinhart, written in March 2010.)

Join Melanie and others in London next month for a very special fundraiser:


Free live Horary open house on Zoom this Saturday, 2-3.30pm UK time (recorded too). Discover and gain confidence in this exciting area: the art of answering questions with astrology. Sign up for a free account for the link/access to the live event and recording: (followed a week later by a weekend course).

Welcome - Elisabeth Grace - Astrologer 07/02/2024

Looking forward to having Elisabeth Grace present to students at the LSA next Monday.

The Horoscope Lives Forever!
When someone makes news, their horoscope is hot – whether that someone is alive or not. Investigative reporter Elisabeth Grace draws upon years of compelling cases of departed souls who returned to haunt the headlines. Profound questions about fate and free will are raised, challenging us to reimagine what we are reeeeally doing when we study astrology.

Elisabeth Grace's analysis of the horoscope is grounded in the pioneering astrologer Noel Tyl's modern humanistic/psychological approach, seasoned with pearls of wisdom learned from traditional astrologers J. Lee Lehman and Deborah Houlding.

Welcome - Elisabeth Grace - Astrologer A reporter with a unique beat. An astrologer for the real world.

"Electing for Success" Mini Course, starts April 29 (Early Bird!) - Sydney Astrology School 02/02/2024

I have grown to love teaching Electional Astrology, and it's taught me so much more about the astrology of the moment. I'm teaching in Year 3 at the LSA right now, and there'll be more later in the year. But for those wanting to learn with me during a time zone that's best for China, Japan and Australia, please join me for a four-part course for Marc Laurenson's Sydney Astrology School from 29 April:

"Electing for Success" Mini Course, starts April 29 (Early Bird!) - Sydney Astrology School EARLY BIRD!! till Feb 29th Join Frank Clifford to explore the exciting world of electional astrology – the art of creating the best time to start a venture. Whether you are launching a website, getting married, signing a contract, or simply sending an important email, Frank will show you how use a...

The London School of Astrology Online 28/01/2024

Grab the final remaining tickets and join us for the astrological event of the year!

A Celebration of Astrology

Saturday 30 March, Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall

Mingle with tutors, fellow students and LSA alumni and learn from a stellium of world-class astrologers – Melanie Reinhart, Mark Jones, John Wadsworth and Deborah Houlding – in this one-off unique fundraising event this spring.

Email us directly if you wish to book tickets for those without an LSA account.

See you there!

The LSA Team

The London School of Astrology Online Study astrology with the renowned London School of Astrology, headed by Frank Clifford and a team of world-class astrologers.


I'm currently writing about the fascinating Saturn–Neptune cycle (the next aspect – a conjunction – occurs in February 2026 at 0° Aries and HEAVENS will it be a major new chapter!)

I found an extract that I wrote in July 2014 for The Mountain Astrologer magazine (two years before the Brexit referendum in June 2016):

One major institution that has been weakened in the past few decades is the House of Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II was born with the Saturn–Neptune square in fixed signs, became heiress presumptive following the 1936 abdication crisis at the Saturn–Neptune opposition, and was crowned in 1953 at the conjunction in Libra. Since then, when these two planets have been in aspect, there has usually been change in the powers of the Sovereign and legislative independence (devolution) of countries in the United Kingdom or Commonwealth. The next contact is a series of three squares (late November 2015, June 2016, and September 2016), which should mark another chapter of weakening the former British Empire.

Create a new account - London School of Astrology 14/01/2024

Hi Everyone

Before our new term begins in two weeks, we are offering two FREE 90 min Zoom sessions with Frank Clifford to revise much of what was covered in 101. They’ll be live on Zoom, and recordings will be uploaded to the Free Interpretation Sessions + Articles folder that most of you already have in your dashboard (

These sessions are open to everyone and ideal:
a. If you’d like a chance to revise the basics (signs and planets) before you step into 102 (starting Thurs 1st and Sat 3rd Feb)
b. If you already have some knowledge of these basics and want to join our courses at level 102
c. If you can’t get enough of astrology!

Wednesday, 17 January, 7–8.30pm UK time
Wednesday, 24 January, 7–8.30pm UK time

The live Zoom link for both is emailed to everyone with a free account with us on our site:

The link to purchase 102:
The link for the 102–103 discounted bundle:

Very best wishes from the LSA Team

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Just before the Sun moves out of Sagittarius, I wanted to wish you a wonderful festive season and to thank those of you who have supported the LSA one way or another this past year.

As you know, we have a special fundraiser coming up on 30 March in the Elgar Room at the world-famous venue, the Royal Albert Hall. We’re hosting four amazing astrologers – Melanie Reinhart, Mark Jones Mark Jones Astrology, John Wadsworth Kairos Astrology - John Wadsworth and Deborah Houlding STA Grads – and our very own Richard Swatton (a former jazz pianist) will be playing Elton John’s famous red piano! I shall be hosting (alongside tutors and former students) and we’ll also be giving out paper copies of Certificates and Diplomas during a photo session at the end of the day.

More info below and email us if you want to purchase more than one ticket (or to gift it) – or if you want to know about nearby accommodation. Funds raised will go to an amazing new charity set up by one of my clients (Awesomage)

May your Christmas and 2024 be full of trines and sextiles!
– Frank

Weapons of Mass Distraction 11/12/2023

It's great to see the recent and fabulous TMA article by Stellium Astrology's Stefanie James republished here. It's on technology, Netflix, the Uranus–Neptune conjunction and the internet. If you missed it in TMA, have a read here:

Weapons of Mass Distraction The marriage of creative media and communication technology was the great gift of the late 20th century. But what astrologically led to this integrative lifestyle, and how did it become ubiquitous with modern living?


Recorded at 13, and 65 years later the song Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree is finally #1 on Billboard's Hot 100. What a nice birthday present for Brenda Lee, courtesy of a transit from Jupiter to Moon, and Pluto to the MC.

Photos from London School of Astrology's post 02/11/2023

So excited to be hosting a special Celebration of Astrology in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall on 30 March 2024. More to follow and link below to book.


Join us this Saturday (1.30pm GMT) for a free open house on locational astrology and astrocartography. All you need is a free account with us and we'll send you the link Saturday morning.

The Real T & Me 30/10/2023

Eddy was our mystery guest earlier this year. His book is out again.

The Real T & Me The Real T & Me

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