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What if English were phonetically consistent? Find that out in this interesting video.

By Aaron Alon.


In case you're tired of using 'For example' all the time... 🧐🙂


Need various vocabulary to describe your job? Say no more. 😄


'way' is quite a multifaceted word with lots of uses, let's take a look at this video briefly explaining some great expressions you're welcome to use. 😉


Continuing our exam Tuesday series, take a look at a quiz video on some common collocations used in Academic English. Great for your #ielts or #toefl prep! 💪🏼📝💻

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Tuesday from now on will be exam day - important phrases or expressions that come in handy for both fluency and accuracy. 📝💻

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With the World Cup in Russia ⚽️ becoming more and more intense, let's take a look at some expressions even non football fans are welcome to use in their everyday English conversations.
Come on England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿



Our new series gives you alternatives to words you already know. 😁😆 What are you chuffed about this weekend?


What did you set your heart on? ❣ 😀


Good morning London, good morning/afternoon/evening, world! Let’s see some more complex ways to give advice today.


Bored of using 'sometimes', 'often' & co.? This video will equip you with really common phrases you can all use to express how frequently you do certain activities. How often do you do your hobby?


For effective communication, knowing phrasal verbs is a must ‼️, but they're highly contextual. ➡️ Sample sentences on our Instagram:


In case you're bored of the time expressions you're using, check our our Instagram for some more phrases and do the test below.


Have a great week, everyone! 👍🏼😉💪🏿


Future forms GRAMMAR B2

Soak up all you need to know about future forms at B2 level by watching our brand new video.

Hover over our Instagram to see our video quiz:


With the ongoing World Cup in #Russia ⚽️🏆, it's getting increasingly more important to know expressions you can use in the pub/bar. Take a look at some commonly used phrases when drinking alcohol. 🍺🍹


if anyone was to complain English is fast, try the top-ranking languages and you'll stop crying 😉

🥇🥈 🥉 26/06/2018

BBC Learning English - Course: English In A Minute / Unit 1 / Session 9 / Activity 1

If you think you struggle with “person” and “people”, try “persons” and “peoples”, cause all four make sense. Welcome to English In A Minute. Give us a minute and we'll give you a hot tip about English. Grammar, vocabulary... there's so much to learn! And all taught by your favourite BBC Learning English staff! 23/06/2018

Finally Understand How the Past Perfect Works In this lesson, you're going to finally understand the past perfect in English FOREVER (probably). Want more tricky English grammar? Check out Mixed Conditionals in English Made Easy. It doesn’t happen often. But it does sometimes. You’re telling


in case you're tired of saying 'I don't know' 😝


IELTS Speaking - Wishes and intentions

In case you're preparing for IELTS, this video will help you boost your band score in Speaking. ⬆️👄


World Economic Forum

Switching to a second language improves rational thought. Read more:


How to use START and BEGIN in English - Vocabulary

So we’ve all started a new week, haven’t we? But can we also say “we’ve begun a new week”? This video expands on the differences between these two really similar verbs. Begin improving your vocabulary in this very essential lesson. When do we use 'start?' When do we use 'begin?' Is there a difference? W... 17/06/2018

To master a language, start learning it early

Apparently there is a threshold of the age of 17. New evidence suggests a drop-off in results after the age of 17 16/06/2018

Improving listening skills improves speaking in ways nothing else can

Listening skills ⬆️ = Speaking skills ⬆️ Listening skills plays a critical role in learning languages. Discover here ways of improving listening skills to improve your capacity to learn languages


It's pretty tough to produce inexact, vague language in English but with the following expressions, you can sound really natural.

Check my Instagram for more examples: 15/06/2018

Spoiler alert! New words notes for June 2018 | Oxford English Dictionary

You wanna stay up-to-date with English words? The Oxford Dictionary has come out of new words and expressions that are being used nowadays. Have you come across any of them? The June 2018 update of the OED adds more than 900 new words and senses, including 'imposter syndrome', 'Bechdel test', and 'spoiler alert'.


Many of you might struggle getting to grips with prepositions, though this upside-down triangle might clear up some doubts. 😉

#English #learningEnglish #prepositions #Englishgrammar



Still wondering why English is such a messed-up language? This video is meant to clear up all those questions. 😉🧐

How English has evolved through several generations of speakers:


✔️English Grammar || Prepositions of Time🕑🕜🕘 || in at on || American English

Ever wondered if there's any logic in using 'in' and 'on' before places? Here's a video expanding that topic.

“He’ll go to America in March” and “He’ll go to American at March” is the difference between a native and non-native speaker. The most common prepositions ar...


Who can read these sentences, paying close attention to homopgraphs? 😝


Steve the vagabond and silly linguist


Why Can't Adults Learn Languages Like Children?

The question you've probably been wondering about... 😊

Kids learn languages really easily, don't they? There's this thing in your brain that just works it out -- but it switches off when you're an adult. Right? W... 26/04/2018

Wordlists in Oxford Learner's Dictionaries |

We're all busy people and knowing language learning isn't taking place in a matter of weeks (or months), prioritising is our helping guide. The following lists can give you a guideline on what words are more useful to learn first before embarking on more advanced challenges. Browse words in wordlists in Oxford Learner's Dictionaries | 19/04/2018

QuizFlip- the first electronic Flashcard

Have you heard of the first electronic Flashcard? Now you can try learning a language with a specially designed device. This is "QuizFlip- the first electronic Flashcard" by eleonore sabate on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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'way' is quite a multifaceted word with lots of uses, let's take a look at this video briefly explaining some great expr...
Continuing our exam Tuesday series, take a look at a quiz video on some common collocations used in Academic English. Gr...
Bored of using 'sometimes', 'often' & co.? This video will equip you with really common phrases you can all use to expre...
Future forms GRAMMAR B2
Describing trends (1)
Positive emotions
VOCABULARY for drinking
PRONUNCIATION of the -ed ending
Saving money
The pronunciation of 'o'
Words in winter
Being busy




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