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The UK's leading Professional Development Course solely for Piano Teachers. The PTC DipABRSM Course also runs annually, and the PTC LRSM Course bi-annually.

The course that inspires professionals - a flexible way to study and move your career forward

Director of The PTC UK and Head of Cert PTC, Masayuki Tayama, Head of the PTC DipABRSM Course and International Director, Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Head of the PTC LRSM Course, Sally Cathcart and Principal Tutors Beate Toyka, Ilga Pitkevica and Graham Fitch are pioneers of a highly successful holistic tea

Operating as usual


Our very talented tutor Beate Toyka is performing Schubert's "Die Schöne Mûllerin" song cycle with baritone singer Jeremy Leaman on Sunday 25th February in West Hamstead, London. Please come along if you're in the area. Tickets are available on the door. Please get in touch if you'd like more information.


We are in London today and tomorrow at the Music and Drama Education expo. If you're in the area please come and say hello. 😀


Happy New Year to you all! We very much hope you've had a happy and healthy start to 2024 and send you our best wishes for the year ahead. We'd love it if you would watch the video below with an announcement from Dr. Sally Cathcart.


A photo from the last admin and marketing meeting of the year, which amongst other things involved mince pies. Wishing you all a happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas and best wishes for 2024, from Rhiana and Ceri and on behalf of the whole PTC UK team.


The secret life of a PTC tutor!


Our wonderful tutor Beate gets to play in some amazing venues. Where do you think this one is?


We love this photo of Noriko, one of our amazing diploma students from last year, celebrating her daughter’s wedding with our lovely course tutor Beate. Congratulations Noriko and to the happy couple. 🎉💞💕


As another busy term nears its end we thought you might like to take a moment to enjoy this lovely version of In the Bleak Midwinter played by our wonderful course tutor, Jill Morton.


The PTC tutor team are deeply saddened to announce that Masayuki Tayama, the PTC Course Director, has passed away after a long and brave battle with cancer. We send our love and deepest sympathy to Rhiana, his wife, and all other members of his family.

During his years as Course Director, Masa masterminded the move to a hybrid, digital and in-person course, allowing students from all over the world to attend the Piano Teachers’ Course for the first time. As a result of his expertise, there are now PTC graduates in places such as Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

His exquisite playing during the course days was inspirational and will remain a treasured memory for tutors and students alike. His calm and gentle leadership will be much missed.

The tutor team of Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Sally Cathcart, Beate Toyka, Ilga Pitkevica, Kris Worsley and Jill Morton remain committed to delivering this year’s course to the high standard he would have expected.


The Piano Teachers’ Course - **bursaries and closing date extension**

Are you looking to take your piano teaching skills to the next level?

Our year-long Piano Teachers’ Course is designed to be a catalyst for your professional development. Learn new teaching strategies, explore innovative approaches, study with some of the UK's top piano educators, and connect with a supportive community of like-minded teachers.

A series of bursaries has recently been made available to us which is why we have extended the closing date for applications to Saturday October 15th.

To find out more about the bursaries and how you can be a part of our transformative Piano Teachers’ Course, comment **PTC** below, and we’ll be in touch.


After building up to it through a series of low-key, informal performance workshops and lectures - including on the psychology of performance - our teachers were ready to perform in the final course day concert. For many, this is the scariest part of the course but all feel ready by the time it comes around thanks to our fabulous tutor team and wonderfully supporting atmosphere on the course.

Will you be joining us in September for the next Cert PTC start? There's still time to register if you haven't sent your application to us yet!

For more information about what the course covers and whether it will meet your needs this year, contact us for a no-obligation call or information by email if you prefer.

Cert PTC:
Application form:


The Early Bird ends tomorrow at midnight!

So, what's holding you back?

Our Cert PTC is a part-time course, designed to work around your busy schedule, and bursaries are available! AND you can attend online or in person (see the online participants up on the screen?)! Don't let this one pass you by...

Schedule a call with our Manager, Rhiana, today or tomorrow to talk through any questions or concerns you might have.

[email protected] / 07833 687473

'As always I find the Cert PTC so full and informative. Personally there are times when I feel I am pushing my boundaries in the learning process but it is all absolutely excellent. I find that with each challenge comes the support and encouragement from everyone, tutors and fellow students alike.'


Saturday saw us meet for the final course day with our Cert PTC and Diploma students! It was a wonderful experience with many of our online participants able to join us in person, including one lovely teacher from Saudi Arabia!

The hard work is now (mostly) done for them, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again in September for the Awards Ceremony - the same day we meet the new 2023-24 cohort!

We hope you'll be joining us for the Cert PTC's 17th year in September!

The Early Bird discount (£295) is only available until Friday!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us before then if you have any questions at all.


When we say over 16 years, this is a bit of a lie...

16 years ago is when our fabulous International Director, Lucinda Mackworth-Young took on the role of Director of the PTC UK, and devoted herself to formalising the structure of the course which formed the backbone of what is now our well-recognised Cert PTC.

The course itself evolved originally from the EPTA Piano Pedagogy Course, which actually begun in the 1990s. It looked very different back then, but the mission was the same:

To promote meaningful music-making in ALL piano lessons, and to help teachers deliver a holistic musical education that reaches far beyond the limited scope of the exams. [They have their uses, but are not the whole picture by any means!]

Over the years, we have helped many hundreds of teachers revolutionise their teaching, resulting in new career opportunities, pupil successes, better student retention and enjoyment, and a huge degree of satisfaction in their work.

Send us a message NOW to enquire about how we can help you!


If you're wondering whether to sign up for this year's Cert PTC, don't sit on the fence for too long!

Until 30th June, you can get a minimum of £295 off course fees (maximum £537.50) but the Early Bird ends after that!

Don't dilly-dally...

About the course:

Register now:

'I have been teaching for nearly 25 years but this has inspired and refreshed my lessons. Definitely not just a course for those new to teaching but highly relevant to experienced teachers too.'


Our next collaboration with Practising The Piano...

PTC Live, Sunday 14th May
Ilga Pitkevica, Kris Worsley and Lucinda Mackworth-Young present 'Learning Phasing, Understanding Rubato & Performance Anxiety'

Learning Phrasing for Musical Expression with Ilga Pitkevica: 11.30am - 12.30pm BST
➡️ Is phrasing something that is intuitive? Can it be taught? Are there certain rules that should be followed? Is there such a thing as 'wrong phrasing'? How can we separate simply 'doing dynamics' from phrasing?
➡️ In this session, Ilga Pitkevica will answer these questions and demonstrate how understanding and knowledge of the rules of correct phrasing can help to develop musicality and expressiveness in everyone’s playing.

Understanding Tempo Rubato of the Later Romantics with Kris Worsley: 1.00pm - 2.00pm BST
➡️ Following on from his successful first lecture on tempo rubato, Kris moves away from Classical examples to composers to the likes of Hensel, Brahms and Rachmaninov.
➡️ Kris will explain how to uncover the clues left by composers in their music, often missed by modern performers, how to use tempo rubato to gain a deeper understanding of the music, and how to apply it in performance.

Practical Psychology for Performance Anxiety with Lucinda Mackworth-Young: 2.15pm - 3.15pm BST
➡️ Well-known for her work on psychology for musicians, Lucinda talks about the causes of performance anxiety in this final session of the day.
➡️ She will also demonstrate physical, mental, emotional and musical methods anyone can use to combat the nerves, feel secure and even enjoy performance.

Details and booking:

Photos from The Piano Teachers' Course UK's post 29/04/2023

We are absolutely thrilled that our very own Kris Worsley had an important part to play in this recently-published book, edited by Barry Cooper and Matthew Pilcher. One to add to your musical bookshelf!

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the name, 'Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf'?

Photos from The Piano Teachers' Course UK's post 21/04/2023

A recent 4-day stay at the Purcell School of Music saw our teachers 'feeling the groove' with jazz legend Richard Michael, getting into the nitty-gritty of technique with acclaimed author Penelope Roskell and investigating style and interpretation for Classical, Romantic, Impressionist and Contemporary repertoire with our wonderful team of Principal Tutors - Jill Morton - Pianist, Graham Fitch, Ilga Pitkevica, Masayuki Tayama, pianist, Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Sally Cathcart, Kris Worsley and Beate Toyka.

Not only is Kris a walking musical encyclopaedia, published writer and spectacular pianist, he is also an incredible professional photographer! How fortunate are we to have an in-house photographer on the team who can also deliver lectures!


Don't forget to register for Cert PTC 2023-2024! ⏰ This is your last chance to gain a world of new teaching tools and elevate your career as a piano teacher. If you register before 30th June 2023, you'll receive a 10% discount on your course fees! 💰 With our course now available online, you can join from anywhere in the world.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Visit our website to fill out the registration form:

Workshops for Piano Players 31/03/2023

Time is running out to register for our CPD Workshops for Piano Players!📅🌟🎹

This is your last chance to register to gain new skills and insights that will elevate your piano playing abilities 🤩 Join us for our from 2nd April- 4th April for a variety of one-day events. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Click here to register now:

Workshops for Piano Players Wherever you are in your musical journey, these one-day events are guaranteed to refresh and inspire your playing.

CPD Workshops for Piano Teachers 30/03/2023

🚨 Don't forget to sign up to our April Course Practice Day workshops! 📅

Each of these three events are packed with new ideas for teachers of all levels. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, these workshops will leave you feeling inspired and invigorated. Join us in-person or online from 2 - 4 April 2023.

To find out more and register, visit:

CPD Workshops for Piano Teachers Looking to up your game this term or hoping for an energising refresher for lessons, these one-day events will leave you feeling inspired.


Building a Repertoire-Rich Teaching Studio

Do you feel a little stuck in the 3-pieces-a-year rut? Dr Sally Cathcart is dedicating an entire day to escaping the exam pieces hamster wheel, and creating a teaching studio built on a rich variety of repertoire to engage and develop pupils.

Monday 3rd April, Purcell School of Music OR Online

Anyone attending in person will be entered into the prize-draw to win one of a few incredible bundles of music books sponsored by different publishing companies!

Book instantly:


Just a friendly reminder that registration for Cert PTC 2023-2024 is still open! 🎹👨‍🏫

Don't miss out on the chance to gain new teaching tools and advance your career as a piano teacher. And if you register before 30th June 2023, you'll receive an automatic 10% discount on your course fees! 🎉 Plus, our course is now available entirely online, so you can join from anywhere in the world. Visit our website to fill out the registration form before the final date for applications on Friday 15th September 2023.

Click here for more info:

Workshops for Piano Players 19/03/2023

Just a friendly reminder that our CPD Workshops aimed at Piano Players are coming up soon! 📅

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pianist, our workshops are packed full of new ideas to help you advance your skills. Join us for our Confident and Secure Performance Preparation workshop on Sunday 2nd April, our Skills in Musicianship and Musical Understanding workshop on Monday 3rd April, or our Playing with Ease workshop on Tuesday 4th April.

Register now and get ready to take your playing to the next level!

Workshops for Piano Players Wherever you are in your musical journey, these one-day events are guaranteed to refresh and inspire your playing.


Calling all pianists! An opportunity to work with some of the country's leading pedagogues, The PTC UK is hosting a series of workshops this April, aimed at pianists (a separate course for piano teachers also running concurrently).

HYBRID days - participants can join onsite at Purcell School of Music, or online, though onsite is recommended - performance workshops will take place in the Constance Pilkington Hall which houses a full-concert Steinway.

Want to run through a piece? Or just focus on a particular movement, section or even a phrase? All standards welcome, get what you want, from the tutors, and enjoy spending the day chatting with your colleagues as well!

Tutors featured in the April edition are:

- - - - - - - -
Penelope Roskell Pianist - needs no introduction; author of 'The Complete Pianist'!

Graham Fitch - of Practising The Piano, Informance

Dr Sally Cathcart - of The Curious Piano Teachers
(Teachers’ CPD)

Lucinda Mackworth-Young - Author of 'Tuning In' and 'Playing by Ear', a huge advocate of Social Piano Playing.

Ilga Pitkevica - bringing to The PTC UK, the Russian Piano School

Beate Toyka - bringing to The PTC UK, the German Piano School

Dr Kris Worsley - Academia Extraordinaire, bottomless pit of knowledge!
(Teachers’ CPD)

Jill Morton - Pianist - who hasn't heard the name? The go-to for Exam Repertoires, with over a million views on YouTube! An incredible opportunity to work in person with the classical celebrity.
- - - - - - - -

Under 18s are welcome, provided they come with a parent/guardian, who can attend the day(s) for free!

- - - - - - - -
SUNDAY 2ND APRIL - 9:30–17:30
'Confident and Secure Performance Preparation'

‘Lifting it off the Page: Bringing music alive in lessons’
(Teachers’ CPD)

MONDAY 3RD APRIL - 09:30–17:45
'Skills in Musicianship and Musical Understanding'

‘Building a Repertoire-Rich Teaching Studio’
(Teachers’ CPD)

TUESDAY 4TH APRIL - 09:30–17:00
'Playing with Ease'

‘The Foundations of Piano Playing’
(Teachers’ CPD)
- - - - - - - -

Not sure if it's right for you? Talk to Rhiana Henderson, Manager, or Masayuki Tayama, Director (who is also playing the piano in this video!) - please send a message through Facebook or the website. More details, and the full TIMETABLE available to download from:

Send a message to learn more


Starting the day off on the right foot? 🏃‍ That's exactly what Clare (our Admin assistant) and Jill (PTC Tutor) decided to do each morning before the February Residential Courses started. On this morning, they encountered a spectacular sunrise 🌞

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Our Story

The course that inspires professionals - a flexible way to study and move your career forward

Director Lucinda Mackworth-Young, and principal tutors Sally Cathcart, Ilga Pitkevica, Graham Fitch, Masayuki Tayama and Beate Toyka and are pioneers of a highly successful holistic teaching method. Their vision is for everyone to be taught by a combination of reading notes, listening by ear and improvisation - and so be able to play spontaneously anywhere, at any time.

The Piano Teachers’ Course is suitable for pianists and piano teachers who wish to enhance their professional teaching skills and consists of three residential weekends, three study Sundays and independent study spread over an academic year.

Other Professional Courses

To further develop your teaching skills we are delighted to offer a full course for the practical elements of the Teaching DipABRSM and LRSM, including Grade 6 theory, and the written submission if not a PTC graduate. The dates correspond with the PTC 2018-19 course dates.

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Happy New Year to you all!  We very much hope you've had a happy and healthy start to 2024 and send you our best wishes ...
As another busy term nears its end we thought you might like to take a moment to enjoy this lovely version of In the Ble...
Building a Repertoire-Rich Teaching Studio with Dr Sally Cathcart
Interested in finding out about our teaching course and having some FUN while doing it? 🎉We recognise that committing to...
Reminder: Our 10% Early Bird Discount on all our courses comes to an end THIS WEEK (Thursday 30th June) 🐥Click here to v...
When we perform, we call on a different part of ourselves from when we practise or play for ourselves, this is because t...
Any musician can be affected by performance anxiety and what we have to learn is how to deal with it. The first step is ...
PTC tutor Beate Toyka breaks down #performanceanxiety as part of this months #tutorvideoseries
As part of our our Dealing with Performance Anxiety #tutorvideoseries, Ilga Pitkevica shares her top two tips on feeling...
Performance anxiety is something that all musicians, thespians, in fact anyone who goes on stage to give a performance e...
Our final piece on sight-reading for the month of March entails Quick Study Skills. Quick studies are an excellent way o...



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