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Welcome to Parkour Generations! Teaching parkour to the world since 2005. Contact us directly via the website for all business inquiries.

Parkour Generations is the world's largest professional organisation and community for the stunning movement discipline known as Parkour or Freerunning. Parkour Generations provides award-winning performance, education, consultancy, live events, set design, media production, stuntwork, the highest quality instruction at all levels and community engagement.

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Stefano has devoted over a decade of his life to intensive parkour training, beginning his practice with founder Laurent Piemontesi in Milan before spending years travelling the world and learning from over 70 workshops with multiple experts.

Stefano went on to pass his ADAPT Level 2 Coach Certification some years ago, and is now a full-time coach.

A truly international individual, Stefano has lived and taught in Italy, Australia, Denmark and Scotland before more recently moving his coaching practice to Dubai.

Stefano’s main session will be on:

Movement Reactions & Spatial Awareness

Tickets for the Rendezvous weekend in London this August are available via the App or website now!

Rendezvous 2024: Movement Science
16-18 August
London, UK


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Josh started his parkour training in the spring of 2011, training with some of the early pioneers of parkour such as Chau Belle, Yann Hnautra and Francois “Forrest” Mahop.

A dedicated movement athlete, Josh earned his ADAPT Level 2 Parkour Coaching Certification in 2016 and has gone on to become a central member of the PKGen Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy in Pennsylvania.

Josh has also applied his engineering experience to innovate and create a safe parkour learning environment by designing the Parkour Academy.

At Rendezvous 2024 Josh will be leading workshops on:

Ground Reaction Time: Theory and Application of Anticipating and Utilising Impact Forces


Movement Rhythm and Pacing: Managing and Maintaining Speed in Practical Movement

Tickets for the Rendezvous weekend in London this August are available via the App or website now!

Rendezvous 2024: Movement Science
16-18 August
London, UK

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Adam Daniel is a distinguished Health, Performance, and Leadership Coach with a rich background in sports and entrepreneurship.

He’s guided royalty, business leaders, and
athletes to success. Adam’s expertise extends globally, shaping educational programs for leading fitness brands and delivering programmes for prominent global organisations on resilience and leadership.

Adam’s expertise extends from sports to strategy, backed by an MBA in International
Sports Management and an MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change embodying a commitment to continual growth.

In addition to his coaching career, Adam has competed internationally in athletics, played professional rugby, currently cycles for the GB age group team, and along with his girlfriend grows grow all their own fruit and vegetables.

At Rendezvous 2024 Adam will be leading sessions on:

Cognitive Flexibility in Movement: Training Your Brain for Adaptability and Precision


Neuroplasticity and Movement: Rewiring Your Brain for Skill Mastery

Tickets for the Rendezvous weekend in London this August are available via the App or website now!

Rendezvous 2024: Movement Science
16-18 August
London, UK

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Panos is the founder and director of Athens Parkour Academy in Greece, and has been leading the community there for many years.

Counting more than 2 decades of coaching experience across a range of different sports, Panos learned his parkour alongside some of the pioneers of the art during many years living in London, training at the Parkour Generations Academy.

Since then Panos has achieved the ADAPT Level 2 Coach Certification, set up the Academy in Greece and also runs the fantastic Athens International Parkour Gathering every year, one of the longest-running parkour events in the world.

At Rendezvous 2024 Panos will be delivering workshops on Touch, Memory and Movement and Movement Flow & Foot Placement.

Tickets for the Rendezvous weekend in London this August are available via the App or website now!

Rendezvous 2024: Movement Science
16-18 August
London, UK

Diving Deeper with Stephane Vigroux - Rendezvous Gathering 2023 I Parkour Generations 04/06/2024

Stephane Vigroux is one of the earliest practitioners of parkour from France, a figure who was influential in developing many of the fundamental techniques of the discipline as well as introducing its philosophy to the world and becoming a founding member of Parkour Generations.

In 2023 Stephane spoke and taught publicly at the Rendezvous Gathering in London for the first time in many years. This video is an insight into a discussion with Stephane in which he explores some deeper concepts within parkour and his approach to training and to life.

The Rendezvous Gatherings were started in 2006 to help promote and preserve the original teachings and deeper aspects of parkour for future generations, so we are very grateful to Stephane for travelling from France to be part of the event.

Diving Deeper with Stephane Vigroux - Rendezvous Gathering 2023 I Parkour Generations Stephane Vigroux is one of the earliest practitioners of parkour from France, a figure who was influential in developing many of the fundamental techniques o...

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Participants at this year’s American Rendezvous in Boston can look forward, once again, to custom gear from the mighty parkour clothing brand that is 👊

See below for details and get your ticket to here:

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We are pleased to present the new - Black Dragon. It will only be available at this Summer!

We are honored to announce the longest sponsorship in the Parkour World: for 10 years in a row we have supported this event and provided clothing for coaches, as well as prizes for participants of one of the largest parkour events in North America! 💪

Don’t miss it out this year’s American Rendezvous in Boston, June 21-23.

- for people in motion


Time to get strong…


Different people like to train at different times of the day, whether as a result of schedule or biological preference. So we're constantly looking for new ways to increase your ability to train, improving access to both excellent coaching and personal workout time, and we've been hard at work on some exciting new upgrades.

As of W/C 20th May, we now have the following additions to our Strength & Conditioning Programme:


We know a lot of you finish work late in the day but still need to get your workout in before you can fully relax. That's why we're adding evening slots for Members to come in and complete the Workout of the Day, to be found on the whiteboard, in a dedicated S&C Open Gym Session.

These hour-long slots will often happen either before or after the evening S&C Class, enabling you to train even if you can't make the class itself. You'll have access to the S&C Zone in the gym only, as other classes will be going on in the other Zones, but you are very welcome to come and get the WOD done every evening!

We will also be introducing morning S&C Open Gym hours soon as well, for those of you who want to get your workout done and dusted earlier in the day.

We will still need you to register via our booking system for these Open Gym slots, as we do have a numbers cap on this and, as always, it will be first come-first served.


We are initiating some lunchtime classes which will run from 12.15-13.00, initially on Mondays and Wednesdays with Coach Charlotte Miles. In due course we will be adding classes on the other days of the week, enabling all those who love afternoon training to get their workout in.


We are also adding another S&C Class on Thursdays, from 19.00-20.00 (which will be followed by S&C Open Gym from 20.00-21.00).

For full details visit:

Keep your eyes open for some other new developments coming very soon... we know you'll love what's on the way ;)


“Live Free & Move”

Not just a mantra, but a daily routine.


Learn to move with confidence in the urban environment with our 6-week Intro to Outdoor Training Course!

This course runs for 6 weeks every Sunday afternoon from 13.00-14.30.

You will be introduced to the core concepts and methods of parkour practice in the outdoor environment, using iconic parkour spots in London.

Each session will introduce you to some key principles and exercise for you to practice by yourself in-between sessions, building upon what you learn to leave you confident to adapt your movement to any environment.

You will cover:

• affordances for movement: developing parkour vision
• variable movement skills
• adaptation to surfaces
• weather considerations
• spot finding and footfall assessments
• practical movement methods to cover any terrain

This course is open to all levels of ability, but is particularly focused for newcomers to parkour and urban training.

Start Date: Sunday 26th May
Course Fee: £99
Meeting Spot: Liverpool Street Tube Station, outside the Macdonalds.
Coach: Zak Winston

Book via the Parkour Generations App now.

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7 Week Course on Saturday Afternoons 5-7pm
Starts 25th May

Coached by Georgia Donati Clarke & Roberto Regueiro Santiago

Come join coaches Georgia & Roberto for an introduction to parkour every Saturday at our bespoke indoor parkour gym, 5-7pm.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or you want to develop more confidence with your movement in a friendly and supportive setting, this 7 week course is for YOU.

During this course you will:

• Learn the basics of parkour
• Get fitter, faster and stronger
• Improve mobility, agility and movement skills
• Improve your balance, coordination and accuracy with foot placement and landing drills
• Learn to train independently and feel more confident training on your own
• Have a lot of fun!

Book via the Parkour Generations App now.



The Spring Timetable at our HQ facility in London is all about movement.

As of May the Friday evening classes will be back-to-back movement training, enabling you to end your week with a blast of action to put all your hard work to the test.

6-7pm: Beginner Parkour
7-8pm: Obstacle Course Training
8-9pm: Parkour
Coaches: Jennifer Wilson and Arturo Vigil

If you’re new to movement practice, hitting up the first 2 sessions will be more than enough.

If you’re one of the initiated, maybe save yourself for the second and third classes.

Or if your endurance is on point, go for all 3!

Over to you.

Sign up via the Parkour Generations App now!



Meet the Women’s International Parkour Weekend coaching team!

We’ve been introducing our lead coaches over the last few weeks, but now it’s time to intro our fantastic assistant, who are exceptional coaches and athletes in their own right.⁠

⁠Eliza (top right) discovered her love for Parkour as experimental performance artist and musician Wrenne. She turns to parkour as a creative outlet for collaboration and personal growth in mind, body and spirit. She is a qualified ADAPT Level 1 Coach, aspiring towards acquiring her Level 2 very soon! She coaches regularly at Jump Parkour in Leicestershire, where she is currently based as a mother and artist. ⁠

Lola (middle right) joins us from Besançon, France for a 5 month internship culminating at WIPW2024. She is learning to assist classes alongside pushing her practice to become a stunt performer. She is one of the most exciting young female traceurs on the circuit right now and we’re excited to share her skills with you this WIPW.⁠

Tanmaya hails from India, where she started practicing parkour 3.5 years ago. Her journey into parkour led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Sport Management from Scotland. Following this, shes been working in various sports facilities before joining our youth team the London Parkour School. She loves exploring the London spots with the UK community, especially the amazing women who share her same passion.⁠

💕Join Eliza, Lola, Tanmaya, Bo, Georgia and Louise this Spring at by booking in now. [LINK IN BIO]⁠

Date: 4-5 May 20224⁠
Time: 9am-6pm⁠
Place: ⁠UK
Price: £99 for the weekend // single day tickets available too.⁠
➡️ Visit⁠


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💕 When you feel the world holding you back, it’s time to jump higher! We’re here to elevate your journey. ⁠

Join us this May for the chance to grow your confidence and push your practice amongst some of the most skilled female coaches and practitioners in the business!⁠

Date: 4-5th May 2024⁠
Time: 9am-6pm⁠
Place: London⁠, UK⁠
Prices from £99 / Member discounts apply⁠
➡️ Visit⁠

📸 ⁠

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We’re delighted to be bringing parkour once again to the Climbing Festival in London next month!

The Festival happens on Saturday 11th May & Sunday 10th May at in Harrow, North West London, and we will be running open workshops from 11am-3pm on the Saturday in our dedicated PKGen Harrow Academy within the climbing centre.

Sat 11th May - Workshop Bonanza
Sunday 12th May - TENZING Extravaganza

Coach James Sutton will be onsite leading the Saturday workshops, so make sure to drop in and get moving!

Tickets can be found via:

Be there!




💕 The final fabulous female in our Women’s International Parkour Weekend line-up for May is ⁠

Hailing from the Netherlands, 30 year old Bo Zuijderwijk, has been training movement since childhood, practicing Taekwondo for 12 years before learning to become a PE teacher. It was at this point that she first encountered parkour through Pedro Salgado who at that time worked at JUMP Freerun.

From that moment there was no turning back. She’d been bitten by the bug and began practicing regularly with parkour friends Saskia Neville and Paula Broersen.⁠

Appreciating the value of a space specifically for women, Bo started a girls-only group in 2017; which has since given rise to a wave of female parkour coaches and assistants coming out of the Dutch traceuse community. ⁠

Bo is returning to WIPW after inspiring so SO many with her skills last year. We received such great feedback on her sessions, that we simply had to have her back!⁠

💕Join Bo this Spring at by booking in now. [LINK IN BIO]⁠

Date: 4-5 May 20224⁠
Time: 9am-6pm⁠
Place: London⁠, UK⁠
Price: £99 for the weekend // single day tickets available too.⁠
➡️ Visit⁠


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Want ‘functionality’?

Train parkour.

Want ‘strength’?

Train parkour.

Want ‘mobility’?

Train parkour.

Want ‘longevity’?

Train parkour.

Follow nature’s path. Master your movement in connection to the world around you. Use your body.

Don’t train to be functional. BE FUNCTIONAL.

Classes worldwide via

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Love coaching? Want to inspire the next generation?

Living in London?

We want to hear from you!

We are expanding our team at again, looking in particular for coaches who have experience of working with young people to operate out of our in Canary Wharf and our new venue in Harrow, northwest London.

We look for coaches who:

• want to improve and grow their skillset
• enjoy working as part of an excellent team
• love mentoring young people and helping them grow

To apply, email your CV to the team via [email protected] NOW.


Train with Louise Kilstrup at next month’s Women’s International Parkour Weekend in London!

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WIPW COACH ANNOUNCEMENT 💕 Next up in this May’s Women’s International Parkour Weekend line-up is the fantastic ⁠

Louise is a Danish parkour coach and practitioner who is currently living and teaching at Hal5 in Leuven, Belgium. Back in 2015, Louise started her parkour journey when she became a student at Gerlev Idrætshøjskole in Denmark. Shortly after Gerlev, she moved to Copenhagen and started training with StreetMovement and joined the coaching team soon after. She is now in her 6th year of coaching and loving it more than ever. ⁠

💕Join Louise this Spring at by booking in now. [LINK IN BIO]⁠

Date: 4-5 May 20224⁠
Time: 9am-6pm⁠
Place: London⁠, UK⁠
Price: £99 for the weekend // single day tickets available too.⁠
➡️ Visit⁠


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This Saturday night at our London HQ catch a free screening of the best parkour movie to date, District 13, starring founder David Belle.

Details 👇

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🎬️ MEMBERS MOVIE NIGHT 🍿 // Gather your training buddies and get yourselves to our April movie screenings, featuring your top parkour movie... (drum roll please)⁠

🎞️ District 13! (featuring none other than one of our founders, Stephane Vigroux!⁠)

You won’t be disappointed by this superb movie with some of the most awesome parkour you’re likely to ever see on the big screen, from OG David Belle.⁠

👉🏻Join us Saturday 6th April. FREE to members. We’ll even supply the popcorn. 🍿 ⁠

🎥 Doors open for a social at 7.30pm and the movie starts at 8pm.⁠

You bring yourself and any other drinks and snacks you might like 🍕🥤, then settle in for a night of awesome silverscreen action with your friends.⁠



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Rendezvous 2024 is coming to London this August!⁠

The Rendezvous Parkour Gathering is the oldest international parkour and movement training event in the world. A three day immersive experience of workshops, presentations, training and knowledge led by some of the most talented parkour and movement coaches gathered from all over the globe. ⁠

The event takes place in our unique gym at Republic London in Blackwall as well as famous urban training spots across London, with social events in the evenings to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and friendship amongst an incredible community of diligent, dedicated movement lovers.⁠

16-18 August 2024. ⁠

Premium, Weekend and One-Day Tickets for the event are now available via the website. ⁠[LINK IN BIO]

Book fast!⁠


Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our Story

Parkour Generations is a multi-award winning organisation that teaches, performs and leads the stunning movement discipline known as parkour or freerunning.


We build better people through the transformative movement discipline known as parkour or freerunning. We do this through teaching, performing, educating, designing, consulting and building incredible commuities all around the world.


Videos (show all)

11 DAYS TO GO... so we thought we’d share a little taster of all our coaching talent coming to RDV2023 in London, 11-13 ...
Descending Lazy Vault Tutorial with Coach Andy of PKGen Las Cruces.
Parkour Tek Workshop: Swings!
Rendezvous is coming! Visit to secure your place.                       #pkgenlond...
Movement practice should be restorative, not reductive. Coach Luca of Parkour Generations Brasil in flow with the trees....
True fitness is the ability to adapt to, and move effortlessly through, the space in which you find yourself.
Behind the Scenes…Ten young athletes put in months of training under the guidance of Dan Edwardes and the Parkour Genera...
Coach Alex Pownall in full bounce.Join Alex at his @pkgenlondon evening class every Wednesday - details via the app 👊Rep...
Blasting the old school vibes 👊Repost from @mehrandostti•Safely from one point to another with perfect coordination. ___...
Perfect practice makes perfect.London’s EXPERIENCED YOUTH PARKOUR class members are certainly putting in the hours to ma...
Strong movement, stronger message.Repost from @parkour.jang•Self mastery… What you see here is a person scaling the side...



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