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To celebrate the arrival of a vaccine I am offering all of my plays to the arts, for free to stage in 2021. (All the plays with songs come with free guide vocals & backing tracks.) Perhaps to use for KS3/4 drama & music clubs, or live theatre.
I'm the winner of the Steyning Festival with my script ‘Barabbas’ judged by Sir Arnold Wesker. And I am also a published playwright, having had my plays performed around the UK.
Just email me [email protected] and request as many scripts as you would like to read.
plays with songs:
‘PENNIES FROM HEAVEN REVISITED’ set during the Second World War. It tells of a young couple who ‘fall’ in love, and the obstacles they have to overcome during the stressful period. M3 (2 young, 1 old). F2 (1 young, 1 old). 60 pages.
‘OLD FLAMES’ is a short play with songs about two people who meet in a pub and rekindle their relationship. M1 (young-ish) F1 (young-ish). 15 pages.
‘MOLLY’ is about, how a woman copes with the death of her husband, and how the ghost of her husband comes back to encourages her to get on with her life and start a new relationship, which she eventually does, by falling in love again. Author’s note: I wrote ‘Molly’ while I was studying & training to be a bereavement counsellor, and working with bereaved people. The musical is based on the grieving process. M4 F5. (adult to retired). 62 pages.
‘REAL LOVE’ is a light romantic play with songs comedy. It tells of a young girls dream to find real love, and break away from her dominate mother, and the obstacles she has to overcome to reach her goal. M3 (1 old-ish, 2 young-ish.) F3 (1 old-ish, 2 young-ish). 45 pages.

PENNY BLACK follows a woman’s life with her dominating husband and show’s how, despite her circumstances, she manages to re-discover her own hidden talent for singing and goes onto find true love. Authors note: I used to be a counsellor and I became aware in my work, that although there are lots of happy marriages, there are some marriages that are not working and in some cases the wife is being oppressed by the husband. So I wrote ’Penny Black’ to try to give a voice to these women who are suffering in our community. I am a big campaigner for women rights, and feel deep concern about all oppressed people all over the world. Cast: F6-M5 (adult to mature) 45 Pages
ROMEO & JULIET (PLEASE NOTE R&J COMES AS A PLAY WITH-OUT SONGS & THERE IS A VERY SHORT VERSION WITH A LARGE CAST OF YOUTHS.) I have adapted “Romeo & Juliet” into modern day English and added some beautiful songs and set the play with songs amongst the youth gangs of the inner-city. It’s very easy to stage, as I have used minimal props. It comes with guide vocals & backing tracks & sheet music. Out of respect for Shakespeare, I translated the original book, word for word, into modern day English, not changing the plot, well only slightly editing the story, to keep it simple, helping it flow for modern day audiences. My reason for doing this was I wanted, even the most uneducated person to understand and draw pleasure from the story. 32 pages.
Plays without songs:
‘LOVE’ is a light romantic comedy. It tells of a young girls dream to find real love, and break away from her dominate mother, and the obstacles she has to overcome to reach her goal. M3 (1 old-ish, 2 young-ish.) F3 (1 old-ish, 2 young-ish). 38 pages.
‘A WAR TIME-ROMANCE’ is set during the Second World War. It tells of a young couple who ‘fall’ in love, and the obstacles they have to overcome during the stressful period. M3 (2 young, 1 old). F2 (1 young, 1 old). 60 pages.
A play for children with songs ideal for schools touches on bullying. Can be staged as a Pantomine.
*MR & MRS POORFAMILY (VERY FUNNY). A very poor family win the lottery (with the help of a Genie), and act out their fantasies. Mum wants to be a Pirate. Dad wants to go on a Teddy Bears picnic. One of the children wants to be Elvis & wrestle a crocodile. Another wants to be Madonna. One wants to be an astronaut and walk on the moon. One ones to be James Bond. Eventually all their money is lost on the stock market by a corrupt Lottery official. But realize family is more important than money. 32 pages.
FRIENDS two people meet and fall in love.10 pages.
Ex’s Anonymous is a very funny comedy about 5 women attending a meeting, in an empty hall, led by a cynical facilitator, to talk about their ex boyfriends. f5 (various ages). 10 pages.
KIDNAP is a short black comedy about a petty criminal & his stupid girlfriend who have to guard a hostage, delivered by Mr Big. M1 (18 – 30) F2 (1 18-20, 1 30-40) 8 pages.
WASTE is a play that follows a man’s’ decline into drug addiction. The play starts dramatically with what looks like a r**e scene. But, is in affect a couple trying to consummate their relationship, unsuccessfully. This leads to the man having s*x with various glamour models, in a seedy studio. In a dream he is visited by an old teacher who encourages him to go to college and become a writer. But, his dreams, of reaching his full potential, are destroyed. One of the models he encounters is a drug addict, which quickly leads the man to become addicted to He**in. Eventually, he reveals his mixed feelings about his own s*xuality (cross-dressing), as he overdoses and dies. M1 (20-40) F3 (adult). 10 pages.
‘KELLY & DONALD. About 2 mentally ill people who share a bed-sit. Length 15 mins. Cast 2m (1 16-20 years but with a lower mental age. 1 as old as possible). Or can be played by 2 fm’s. Authors note: I wrote this when I was counselling clients with mental health problems and feared they may be left with-out support, to fend for themselves. This play I am sure is what happens, sometimes. 15 pages.
LOOKING FOR MR RIGHT is about a mature pr******te who works out of a flat owed by her pimp. Turns out the pimp is her son. The pimp wants his mother out of the flat so he can get a younger girl in. But family secrets from their past stops the eviction plan. Eventually the mature pr******te meets Mr Right, and starts a new life. But things turn bad, the new man in her live is an East End Gangster, called Barabbas is abusive and the mature pr******te has a mental breakdown when her husband is arrested for murder and released. During her breakdown she is visited by Jesus, asking her why BARABBAS got away with murder, when he was nailed to the cross. It’s Pinter-ish, and has a surreal ending. M3 (2 young-ish, 1 mature). F1 (mature). 17 pages.
THE WRITER is about a writer who lives with his nagging mother, and tries to write a romance novel. Only to have the characters in his novel come alive. Cast: adult to retired. M2 F2 8 pages.
‘BOUNCER’ is about a couple’s romance that turns very ugly in deed. Cast 20- 40 years
THREE LOSSES is a short play about 3 losses in a man’s life. M3 (adults). F1 (adult). 8 pages.

BOB & TERRY ‘Bob & Terry’ is a short play about two men in a cancer ward. It is a black comedy. M2 F1 (all adults). 7 pages.
BUDDHISM is a short play about a chauvinist male who is sent by his wife to learn about Buddhism to a Buddhist Monk.M2 (1 20-50, 1 18-30). 4 pages.
THE LOVERS is a short play about 3 sections of a couple’s life together. M1 F1 (both young-ish). 6 pages.
ELOPE is about a young girl waiting for her boyfriend so they can elope. F2 (1 16-18, 1 30 -40) 3 pages.
TWO IRISH MOTHERS short comedy F3 8 pages.
BARABBAS is about a mature woman who has a mental breakdown when her husband, an East End Gangster is arrested for murder and released. During her breakdown she is visited by Jesus, asking her why BARABBAS (the nickname for her husband) got away with murder, when he was nailed to the cross. It’s Pinter-ish, a surreal ending. M1 (30ish) fm (40-60ish). 3 pages.
‘Who’s Baby’ a short comedy for 3 women.10 pages.
TWO PREGNANT WOMEN a short comedy. 8 pages.
‘The Girl Who Collects Clouds’ by john collings. Synopsis: Anne’s father dies. On his death bed Anne’s father convinces his daughter that he will be in the clouds to watch over her. This prompts Anne to record the names of clouds she sees, in a book. Anne’s mother gets a boyfriend, who is introduced to Anne. Mother’s new boyfriend is a pa******le. After the pa******le has groomed Anne, he attempts to abuse her. But is killed by Anne’s new boyfriend. A tense drama. About a sensitive subject. With a twist ending. Pm me for your free script. 12 pages.
MOTHER TALKING is about a woman reminiscing about her mental illness. Fm. 2 pages.
THE HAWAIIAN SHIRT. Comedy. A women talks about her ex-boyfriend. 5 pages.
'2 MEN' (Talking Heads). Two men stand back to back on and deliver prose about their past relationships. Ideal to be filmed or to be staged. 4 pages.
Extra: Jesus Christ (the last seven days) comes with music and songs or a stage as a play.
Lovely, high quality and helpful CPD and chance to chat too with like minded friends. Hope to see you and best of luck in 2021! Wed 13th Dec 6 - 7.30 pm FREE to National Drama and LD members (check your inbox!); £10 for non-members.
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Hello folks,
I am offering this course "THE EPIC WRITES BACK" at Embodied Poetics satellite platform.
Here is the video that explains the sharing that are gonna happen...
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I am looking forward.
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National Drama is conducting a COVID Impact Study into the effects of the pandemic on secondary drama teaching. We have heard anecdotally and from our own experiences that the pandemic has had a significant impact on arts education - due to remote learning and a lack of access, but also schools not including the arts in recovery plan. Please participate in this survey so we can get a clearer picture of what has been happening in schools across the UK. -


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London Drama and National Drama have some great Drama CPD sessions this term for all phases of education. There should be something here for you - take a look. -

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London Drama and National Drama have organised some great Drama CPD Events events for Drama teachers of all phases of education throughout the pandemic. Here are a few more! Why not book one? -

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London Drama and National Drama are proud to be continuing to support Drama teachers at all phases of education with three more fantastic FREE Drama CPD Events. Book now! -


London Drama, in partnership with National Drama, has some excellent CPD events available to support you at this time. Why not book one of them? -


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Using Drama Against Bullying 12 November 4-5.30pm led by Patrice Baldwin. Drama provides fictional contexts and active learning strategies, that can enable teachers to explore real issues with children, in a safely distanced way. Patrice will explain how teachers might use drama to enable children to consider together the issue of bullying. The drama will explore thoughts, feelings and possible actions that could make a positive difference in the drama and in their own lives.


A Very Special Event: Professor Bobby Funk, of East Tennessee State University, who made a contribution to our ComeUnity series by a well researched talk on Lynn Nottage, the Afro-American playwright, has invited LD members to a production he is directing: Every Person, an adaptation of Everyman, the medieval morality play. It is being streamed online on Friday 30th October at 7pm EST which is 11pm GMT, so a late night but not impossibly late. Join us there at this very special event -


The second part of a two part National Drama/London Drama event led by Chris Holman supporting all those who have recently been made responsible for Drama in their school.
Part Two - with a focus on moving forward, from surviving to thriving:
+ 'All change please!': Keeping your head, when everyone else around you are losing theirs.
+ Coaching vs Mentoring: How to manage and motivate your department.
+ Growing your empire: Embedding your place in the school.
+ Opportunity costs.
+ Q&A


We are grieving for the tremendous loss of our good friend and colleague, Aine Lark, Chair of National Drama - 22/09/2020

Upcoming Online Drama CPD Events

Upcoming London Drama and National Drama Online Drama CPD Events - Join our fun and friendly book club where we will spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon reading plays together from the comfort of home wherever that may be and in doing so be transported into new territory or old favourites.


SURVIVING & THRIVING: Early Career Drama teachers in a unique year.
Join SCITED on the 17th September 5-7pm for an online event which is designed to give help and support to Drama NQTs who are facing a completely different kind of first year in teaching. With Keynote speakers, workshops and lots of useful advice, it is not to be missed! -


London Drama, in partnership with National Drama, has arranged four Primary Drama CPD Events led by Primary Drama expert Patrice Baldwin. Booking is open now. Click the link to the full list - 23/08/2020

Ofqual Guide to GCSE Results

Ofqual Guide to GCSE Results - 'Further to statements we have issued this week about grades for GCSE, AS, A level, Extended Project Qualification and Advanced Extension Award in maths and for vocational and technical qualifications this summer, we have updated our published information for students. This applies to the following....


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How can young people find agency to come out of ‘Discomfort Zones’ at this time? Goldsmiths Centre for Arts and Learning with Blue Elephant Theatre present a Live Forum Theatre Event Finding Comfort in Discomfort, focusing on well being, mental health and how to reach out for help and support. -


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