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The Royal Drawing School is an independent, not-for-profit resource that aims to raise the standard For some people, drawing is the easiest way of thinking.

The Royal Drawing School is an independent, not-for-profit resource that aims to raise the standard and profile of drawing through teaching and practice. We are one of only a few institutions in the world offering in-depth, quality tuition in drawing from observation. Drawing is a primary language natural to all human beings, and fundamental to all aspects of learning and thinking from childhood o

Operating as usual


What are your tips for drawing outdoors? Tell us what they are in the comments...⁠

Here are some of ours to get you started:⁠

✏️ Start with light and limited materials - a sharp pencil is enough⁠
✏️ Use clips to keep your paper from flying off in a gust of wind⁠
✏️ Be spontaneous - make lots of quick drawings and see what happens⁠
✏️ Spend your time looking, really looking⁠
✏️ Dress for the weather - sun hat, raincoat⁠
✏️ Be prepared for an audience! Particularly if you're drawing in a city...⁠

Drawing by⁠ Frith Angel.

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 24/05/2024

“It often seems to me that night is still more richly coloured than the day; having hues of the most intense violets, blues and greens. If only you pay attention to it you will see that certain stars are lemon-yellow, others pink or a green, blue and forget-me-not brilliance.” - Vincent Van Gough 💫⁠

⁠Have you ever tried drawing at night? Tag us in your artworks!⁠

Whether you live in a bustling city, a calm suburb or the quiet countryside the night brings with it different colours, unfamiliar shapes, shadows and movements that are a great challenge to capture on paper.⁠

Isabel Garfield
Laura Footes⁠
Shana Pagano Lohrey
Gregory Stevens⁠
Jade Anthony
Charlotte Edey
Ranny Macdonald
Kitty Rice⁠
Joshua Pell⁠
Catarina Cardoso⁠

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 22/05/2024

✨ Apply for a Young Artists Scholarship ✨⁠

Our Young Artists programme offers 50% and 100% means tested scholarships for students aged 10 - 18 who have a passion for drawing and would like to join our weekend courses.⁠

Taught by professional practicing artists, the weekly class will guide students through a range of drawing techniques and exercises, introduce historic and contemporary artists and build creative confidence.⁠

📅 Applications close for Autumn Term courses on Friday 14 June at 12pm (midday)⁠

🔗 Apply here:

1. Emilija, Young Associates: Shoreditch⁠
2. Sholto, Young Associates: Shoreditch⁠
3. Alice, Young Associates: Explore


“The streets of London have their map, but our passions are uncharted. What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?” - Virginia Woolfe⁠

London is a city of multitudes and with every turn we are met with something new and unexpected for us to draw. Tutor Christopher Green says:⁠

"Drawing on the street, particularly in London, things move and change quickly; time appears in the form of unfinished edges, lengthening shadows, spaces where parked cars used to be. It is a record of looking, of noticing, and of improvising."⁠

Where is your favourite place to draw in London?⁠ Let us know in the comments!⁠

Join a course:⁠
▫️ Local Landscapes⁠:
▫️ Painting London: The Dynamic City:

And for young people:⁠
▫️ Young Artists: Drawing London⁠:
▫️ Young Artists: London Street Scene⁠:
▫️ Young Artists: Artists of London⁠:
Artwork: Christopher Green


“I know that when I finish a drawing, my anxiety level decreases. When I draw it means that something bothers me, but I don’t know what it is. So it is the treatment of anxiety.” - Louise Bourgeois⁠
How does drawing or making art help you manage your mental health? Share your experiences in the comments...⁠

Artwork by Keziah Philipps⁠


✨️Drawn Together: Royal Drawing School Summer Show 2024✨️ ⁠

A group exhibition that reveals the breadth and flexibility of drawing and the unique way in which it connects all artistic practice. ⁠

The exhibition emphasises the way in which the boundaries of perceptual drawing can be pushed; from works on paper, metal and ceramics to woodblock prints and etching. ⁠

The 30 exhibiting artists are all graduates of the Royal Drawing School’s postgraduate-level programme, The Drawing Year, who have studied at the School over the past 24 years.⁠

Curated by Julia Balchin.⁠
Kindly supported by .⁠

📅 18th June – 12th July 2024, ⁠
Mon-Fri 9am-9pm | Sat 10am-4pm⁠
📍Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3SG⁠

Learn more:

Artwork by , 'Witch Bittle Blue', ceramic vessel, H 32 x W 27 cm, 2024


Our 5-week courses are a chance to inject your work with new energy, try something completely new and connect with our community of artists:⁠

Starting next week...⁠

🎨 In-person⁠
Local Landscape (Tuesdays)⁠
Life Drawing: Observation and Imagination (waiting list)⁠

💻️ Online:⁠
Mapping: Drawing Internal Landscapes (Monday)⁠
World Imagery: Drawing from Art, Drawing from Life (Monday)⁠
Drawing, Collage and Poetry (Tuesday)⁠
Drawing a Head (Tuesday)⁠
Mythology in Art: Drawing Narratives (Wednesday)⁠
Drawing: The Artist’s Narrative (Wednesday)⁠
Drawing Flux and Flow: Watercolour and Ink (Thursday)⁠
Digital Drawing: Life Observed (Thursday)⁠
Colour and Light: The Contemporary Portrait (Friday)⁠
Drawing from the National Gallery (Friday)⁠

🔗 Book a course⁠:

Artwork: ⁠

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 11/05/2024

Oliver Macdonald Oulds, artist, RDS tutor and Drawing Year alumnus, shares where he gets his inspiration, and recommends what to see, watch, listen and read about:

Finding inspiration:
I like going on runs around the city streets rather than parks. They throw up more exciting visuals for me.
The rhythm of a run makes me notice things, like blue plaques, that I wouldn't usually be aware of in my daily commute.
Finding out the 'hidden history' of London, lurking behind every street corner, shifts my experience of the city. It makes it come alive.
Trying to implement some of this historical knowledge into my drawings, was how I came up with the starting point for my holiday course for Young Artists ‘Drawing London’.

To see:
• Tiwani Contemporary to see the work of Gareth Nyandoro. The compositional decisions and use of tone and line, show his background as a printmaker. Banging! Must see.
• Michael Hoppen Gallery, 'Okashi'. The items/artworks on show have been grouped by their ability to intrigue.
• Andrew Cranston at Hepworth Wakefield. I love what he says about a painting existing in a single colour field.

To watch:
• I just recently watched The Running Man (1963). This film was on last weekend and I was meant to be heading out for a run but couldn't take my eyes off it nor stop taking photos of the screen.
• ‘Billy Elliot’ is my forever inspiration. Shout out to ‘Stand By Me’ too and ‘Close’.

To listen:
• Just recently saw/heard Adrianne Lenker at the Barbican and was blown away by her ability to make a whopper of a venue feel small and intimate.
• 'Mr. Apology', the most recent episode by, Criminal podcast. It tells the story of an artist setting up a phone answering machine for people to confess their crimes, the honesty of the outcomes will floor you.Tissues at the ready.

To read:
• Recently I finished 'Spring Cannot be Cancelled’, conversations with Martin Gayford and David Hockney.
• ‘Small in the City’ by Sydney Smith, the reveal at the end of this story makes you immediately reread it all.

Oliver is teaching a Young Artist’s Summer School 5-day course Drawing London: Past and Present for ages 15-18, begins 12 August:

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 10/05/2024

"I am following Nature without being able to grasp her... I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” - Claude Monet 🪷⁠

It's , so today we are celebrating our plants and gardens - big or small, well-kept or overgrown, balconies, parks or potted plants - there is nothing as grounding (😉) as being close to nature. Gardens also provide us with a scene continuously in flux, from the changing light over the course of one day to the seasonal growth and dieback that takes us through a year 🌱⁠

How are you inspired by plants? Tag us in your drawings!⁠

⁠Cheri Smith⁠
⁠Francesco Poiana⁠
Peter Wenman⁠
⁠Somaya Critchlow⁠
Tezz Kamoen⁠
Louis Pohl Koseda⁠
Harry Clitheroe⁠
Eddie Howard⁠
Gabriel Phipps⁠
Becca Collins⁠


If you're thinking ahead to a break this summer, why not do something a little different? Put aside some time for your practice and book a drawing holiday this July!⁠

Join us for Summer School 2024—one-week courses designed for everyone, in our studios and online.⁠

Courses include:⁠

🔹 The Drawing Marathon⁠
🔸 The Contemporary Portrait: Drawing and Painting⁠
🔹 The Etching Week⁠
🔸 Life Painting⁠
🔹 Drawing Human Anatomy⁠
🔸 One Week One Pose⁠
🔹 Sculpting a Canine⁠
🔸 Painting London: The Dynamic City⁠
🔹 Children's Book Illustration⁠
🔸 Painting Portraits and Self Portraits⁠
🔹 Flux and Flow: Watercolour and Ink⁠

🔗 See the full Summer School programme⁠ and book:

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 07/05/2024

We are happy to announce a new artist residency for our Drawing Year alumni at Gwrych Castle .
Set in picturesque North Wales, Gwrych Castle offers a blend of historic grandeur and natural beauty. It was built between 1812 and 1822 and is one of the first attempts at replicating true medieval architecture in Europe. The castle is situated on 250 acres of gardens and grounds, boasting extensive views over former parkland, including a deer park and the Irish Sea.
‘The Royal Drawing School is delighted to be working with Gwrych Castle to bring this amazing residency to our Drawing Year alumni. Artist residencies offer a unique and special opportunity to respond to a specific location, allowing artists to develop their work in profound and interesting ways away from their usual studio practice. Gwrych Castle will offer our alumni a visually and intellectually rich landscape to draw from.’ – Fraser Scarfe, Head of Drawing Year.
The residency provides two artists with accommodation and the use of a shared studio space for two weeks at Gwrych Castle.
Residency dates: September 9-23, 2024.
Kindly supported by Gwrych Castle.
To learn more and apply, please follow the link in our bio.


'I’m convinced that technology and art go together—and always have, for centuries. I’m interested in anything that makes a picture.' – David Hockney⁠

Art and technology share a rich history, evolving together as advancements in technology make art more accessible in creation, sale, viewing, and sharing. Digital artmaking has transformed illustration, concept art, animation, and design, offering increasingly complex ways to render ideas.⁠

But what about the humble act of drawing in its simplest terms? Drawing on tablets and smartphones has proven to be an immediate and exciting way of capturing the everyday.⁠

We are happy to present a new 5 week course:⁠

Digital Drawing: Life Observed⁠
⌚️ Every Thursday evening⁠
📍 Online⁠
📅 From 30 May 2024 to 27 June 2024⁠

Book now:
Featured image by Fraser Scarfe , the course tutor.

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 27/04/2024

Sculpture and drawing often ask similar questions of us - how can we bring dynamism and movement to our work? How can we create tactility and texture? How can we reveal something beyond the surface of our subject?⁠

Today is International Sculpture Day, so to celebrate we are sharing the work of our sculpture tutor, Marcus Cornish. He says of his work:⁠

'I have always strived to create works focused on vitality, emotional force and a celebration of the beauty of life'⁠

Our next sculpture course ➡️⁠

🐕️ Sculpting a Canine⁠
📍 Shoreditch studios⁠
🔗 22 - 26 July, 10am - 4pm⁠

🔗 Book:

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 26/04/2024

Well done for making it to Friday! Now time for a rest... 💤⁠

Beth Rodway⁠
Tim Starr⁠
Hugh Morton
Chengwei Xia
Tess Tomassini⁠
Leo Macdonald Oulds
Naomi Workman


✨ First Thursdays Free Drawing Session ✨⁠

Every first Thursday of the month we provide a free drawing session, in collaboration with Time Out London and the Whitechapel Gallery . ⁠

📅 Thursday 2nd May, 6.30pm - 9pm⁠
📍 Royal Drawing School, 19-22 Charlotte Rd, London EC2A 3SG

This month's session will take place in the studios at Shoreditch with tutor David Gardner and an unclothed life model. Basic drawing materials such as charcoal and newsprint are provided free of charge, feel free to bring along any of your own materials and paper to draw with. ⁠

✏️ Please note: Places are not bookable in advance and are allocated on the evening on a first-come, first-served basis. ⁠


🔜 First in the summer series of the Royal Drawing School's Creative Conversations: ⁠

Coral Woodbury in-conversation with Beth Greenacre
Wednesday 1st May, 7pm

The work of American artist Coral Woodbury is concerned with making visible the unseen, which encompasses exploring absences, illuminating the workings of personal and collective memory, and subverting dominant historical narratives. Recurring motifs such as ashes, books, art history, and remnants of material culture anchor her practice, realised in paintings, drawings, and in her signature Revised Edition series. With it, she creates a material intervention in the inherited Western, white, hetero- and androcentric canon. Her chosen ground is the definitive 20th century art history tome, Janson’s History of Art — which entirely omitted artist women from its first 29 printings.

This talk is organised in collaboration with HackelBury Fine Art gallery.

📆 Wednesday 1st May, 7pm
📍 Online⁠ (Zoom)⁠
🎟️ Free (donations welcome)⁠
🔗 Register now:

'Clementine Hunter', sumi ink on book page, 29.2 x 22.2cm Coral Woodbury © The artist


🔜 First in the summer series of the Royal Drawing School’s Creative Conversations: ⁠

Coral Woodbury in-conversation with Beth Greenacre
Wednesday 1st May, 7pm

The work of American artist Coral Woodbury is concerned with making visible the unseen, which encompasses exploring absences, illuminating the workings of personal and collective memory, and subverting dominant historical narratives. Recurring motifs such as ashes, books, art history, and remnants of material culture anchor her practice, realised in paintings, drawings, and in her signature Revised Edition series. With it, she creates a material intervention in the inherited Western, white, hetero- and androcentric canon. Her chosen ground is the definitive 20th century art history tome, Janson’s History of Art — which entirely omitted artist women from its first 29 printings.


This talk is organised in collaboration with

📆 Wednesday 1st May, 7pm
📍 Online⁠ (Zoom)⁠
🎟️ Free (donations welcome)⁠
🔗 Link in bio to find out more⁠ and join the talk

‘Clementine Hunter’, sumi ink on book page, 29.2 x 22.2cm Coral Woodbury © The artist


👋 Hello to all the students joining us for the start of Summer Term!⁠

If you haven't booked a place on one of our courses yet, there is still time and many 5 week courses don't start until the end of May.⁠

Summer Term runs until Saturday 29 June.⁠

🔗 See the full programme of courses⁠:

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 20/04/2024

Our Artists Recommend: Italy with Sarah Lightman ⁠

Artist, writer and RDS tutor takes us on a journey to Italy and tells about her favourite places to visit and artworks to see.⁠

📍San Marco Museum, Florence⁠
"Follow me up the stairs to the first floor, with its small rooms, known as cells, where the monks would pray. The cells were decorated with frescoes by Fra Angelico, who was a member of the Dominican community there for several years. We can see the Annunciation fresco, where the Virgin Mary is told of her miraculous future pregnancy. Mary is magnificent yet demure, as she always is – extraordinarily ageless, light and alive."⁠

📍Borgo Pignano, Volterra⁠
"Let’s travel now through that window, to a space surrounded by trees and flowers: Borgo Pignano, a sprawling farm and hotel in the quiet beauty of the Tuscan countryside where I have been on an artist residency. Inside the main building there are quite different paintings of women. These are living, breathing women, ageing, scared and sad. There are the spiritual shadow worlds of Celia Paul’s portraits and self-portraits, like the colours of a few-days-old bruise, glimpses of yellow coming between grey clouds of suffering. And the burnt, bloodied finger of , she is wounded but still resplendent in a black dress and delicate necklace, grounded by injury, or perhaps mourning time passing, but her hair is still free to be flyaway, living without gravity."⁠

"The blue sky and green grasses, the daisy-speckled paths surrounded by fields that wave, bow and stroke the breeze. We are part of a symphony, a living cinema of inhabitants - the frogs, the cuckoo, the hoof tracks of the wild boar we just missed a glimpse of. We are just another breath in this universe of animated colour. We stand within another painting."⁠

🔗 Read Sarah's imaginary Italian adventure in full:

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 19/04/2024

Sometimes our pets can make the most willing and available models. In celebration of our loyal and loving pets here are some artworks to mark National Pet Month! 🐱🐶⁠

Tag us in your pet portraits!⁠


Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 18/04/2024

There are some exciting exhibition opportunities and open call competitions coming up this summer. Here we've chosen our highlights:

⭐️ The new Prize 2024 is open to a wide variety of media including drawing, printmaking, oil, watercolour, acrylic, 3D artwork, and mixed media. The overall winner will receive a £10,000 cash prize and a free stand at The Other Art Fair 2025, and there are additional prizes worth £5,000, including a Student Award and an Art Educators Award. Plus, a prestigious group exhibition at Copeland Gallery, London in November 2024.

Apply by 20th May 2024

⭐️ Small But Mighty by is an open submission printmaking exhibition which aims to create long-term opportunities for artists and promote printmaking to a wider audience.

Apply by 3rd June 2024.

⭐️ Now in its 10th year, competition is open to artists at all levels in their career. There is one 1st place winner and 10 finalists. Prizes include cash, publication, an advertisement package, and access to their BAA Residency Network.

Apply by 29th April 2024.

⭐️ Landscape Artist of the Year is a televised competition. Artists enter with a landscape artwork created within the last 5 years. They are selected on merit by a panel of expert judges. Just one finalist is selected as the overall winner who will be awarded with a commission and £10,000.

Apply by 3rd May 2024

⭐️ welcomes painters, photographers, illustrators, and printmakers living and working in the UK with one award for an overseas artist. The panel selects 22 artists who are awarded various prizes including cash awards, exhibitions, and promotional opportunities.

Apply by 30th June 2024

⭐️ The Homiens Art Prize is an international competition open to all artists and art forms. The primary prize awards 10 artists a cash prize of $400, their work is exhibited by Homiens, published in the exhibition catalog, and they receive an optional interview, and feature in the annual publication The Homiens 60.

Apply by 30 April 2024

⭐️ Summer Exhibition invites artists working in two or three dimensions to submit work made in the last three years. There is over £20,000 worth of prizes for exhibiting artists and a notable selection panel that changes yearly, encouraging a refreshed selection. This year there will also be a Young Artists Prize of £3,000 for artists who are 30 or under.

Apply by 15 May 2024.

🔗 Find more information and links to the awards in our blog:

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 17/04/2024

Calling all Young Artists! 📣⁠

Our Summer School takes place throughout August with courses for students from 10 - 18 years old. We are also running a Portfolio Preparation course for students who are thinking about applying to art school.⁠

Drawing Clubs (10 - 14yrs):⁠

🦋 Drawing Nature's Kingdoms with ⁠
5 - 9 August, 10am - 4pm, Shoreditch Studios⁠

🏙️ London Street Scene: Theatre in the Studio with ⁠
12 - 16 August, 10am - 4pm, Shoreditch Studios⁠

🤸 Drawing the Body: Theatre and Costume with⁠
19 - 23 August, 10am - 4pm, Shoreditch Studios⁠

Young Associates (15 - 18):⁠

🧑‍🎨 Drawing London: Past and Present with ⁠
12 - 16 August, 10am - 4pm, Out of House⁠

✏️ Artists of London: Walking, Drawing and Storytelling with .gedikoglu, 19 - 23 August, 10am - 4pm, Out of House⁠

🔗See our full programme and book⁠:


🔜 Summer Term highlight: A Studio/Room of One's Own with Perienne Christian and Phoebe Stannard⁠

Taking inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s idea that every woman needs a ‘room of one’s own’ in which to write, the course will explore the artist’s studio as a place from which to create new worlds, through the personal, mythic and imaginative impulse. It will focus on the space around you and in particular on the creative spaces carved out by women artists and the challenges they have and still face in bringing together domestic and creative worlds.

📅 Fridays, 26 April - 24 May⁠
💻️ Online (5 sessions)⁠
🔗 Book⁠ now:

Artwork: Jack McGarrity⁠


We're looking to hire a full-time Public Programme Administrator to help and support the Public Programme Manager with the smooth running and delivery of our innovative and well-structured Public Programme.

This role involves working directly with the public, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Public Programme. You'll be working closely with technicians, tutors, models, and students across different locations to make sure our classes are run effectively.

If you have 1-2 years of experience in the arts, education administration, or sales, and can handle multiple tasks and communicate effectively, we'd like to hear from you. Being patient, calm, supportive, and friendly is essential for this role.

The Royal Drawing School is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and we welcome and encourage applications from everyone.⁠

To learn more about the role and apply, please visit:

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 12/04/2024

How to capture a true likeness of another person? What does a true likeness mean? This endlessly fascinating question has captivated and confounded artists for millennia and continues to today.⁠

Nell Brookfeild's 'touch portraits' approach the portrait without sight, using only the touch of her finger tips to describe on paper what she feels through her hand. Scroll on to see different approaches to portraiture from our alumni - which are your favourite?⁠

Tag us in your portraits and self portraits!⁠

Join a portrait course:⁠

🔸 Painting a Head (5 sessions), Studio, 15-19 April⁠:
🔸 Drawing a Head (5 sessions), Online, 23 April - 21 May⁠:
🔸 Portraits and Self Portraits (10 sessions), Online, 23 April - 25 June⁠: (waiting list)
🔸 Friday Evening Portrait (10 sessions), Studio, 26 April - 28 June⁠: (waiting list)


Nell Brookfield⁠
Edie Flowers⁠
Alex Brown⁠
⁠Lucile Haefflinger
Phoebe Mash⁠
Olly Williamson
Oliver Macdonald Oulds⁠
Oliver-Bijan Daryoush (aka 'Bijan')
Noemi Conan⁠
Sammi Lynch⁠

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 11/04/2024

Invitation: 'Leafwhelmed' closing party 🥂⁠

Join Keziah Philipps, faculty and supporters to celebrate the success of this unique exhibition of works that celebrate the natural world and our relationship to it.⁠

📅 Friday 12 April, 6.30pm - 8.30pm⁠
📍Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch EC2A 3SG⁠

🖼️ See all works online at⁠

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 02/04/2024

24 hours to apply to The Drawing Year! ⏳️⁠
⏰ Apply by 3 April 2024⁠, 12pm noon:

Here's what you need to know about the course...⁠

🔹 No tuition fees and free studio space⁠
All students are awarded a full scholarship worth over £15k on our postgraduate-level course in drawing from observation. They are also provided with a studio space in Hackney.⁠

🔹 Financial support moving to London⁠
The London Living Grant (£3,000) helps students to set themselves up in London plus there are other means tested bursaries available.⁠

🔹 Studio courses⁠
Our Shoreditch studios and print room are the main campus for Drawing Year students. You will attend between 3.5 – 5 days of in-person teaching each week. ⁠

🔹 Out of House courses⁠
The streets, river, communities, history and green spaces of London are all explored in our Out of House courses⁠

🔹 Courses in London’s museums and galleries⁠
Draw from London’s most impressive art collections and exhibitions at the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Courtauld and more.⁠

🔹 Artists community⁠
The Drawing Year is made up of a tight-knit cohort of up to 30 students. You will also be welcomed into our alumni community of more that 500 graduates as well as working closely with over 100 artists who teach our courses.⁠

🔹 Exhibitions⁠
Students show their work in three end of year exhibitions including a buyer’s preview at Christie’s⁠

🔹 Lectures and crits⁠
A series of lectures invites artists, art historians, curators and writers to speak at the School and weekly group crits give a contextual element to the course. There is no written component.⁠

🔹 International residencies⁠
After graduating, students are able to apply to our International Residencies Programme which takes artists to countries including France, Switzerland, the USA, Italy, Jamaica, Antigua and India as well as UK residencies in Scotland and Wales.⁠

🔹 Teacher training⁠
Graduates of The Drawing Year can apply to teach in our Young Artists Programme for 10 – 18 year olds and many alumni of the course now also teach adults on our Public Programme.⁠

⏰ Apply to The Drawing Year by 3 April 2024⁠, 12pm noon.⁠:


Ned Elliot graduated from The Drawing Year in 2023. Influenced by music, history, literature, daydreams and flights of fancy, he uses movement, transparency, and pattern, and the imagery of natural forms and phenomena, imagined and observed, fragranced with psychedelia, to explore psychological themes of history, death, and existentialism. Reacting consciously and unconsciously to contemporary events (personal and societal), his work, ultimately, is about interpreting the experience of life and death as needing constant reassessment.⁠

💬 In this film Ned talks about the way in which The Drawing Year opened up possibilities in his practice and created a space for experimentation.⁠

⏰ Apply to The Drawing Year by 3 April 2024⁠:

💻️ Visit our website for more information or get in touch with us here: [email protected]


For everyone who has already had too much chocolate...!🥚🐣 ⁠

Artwork by Kate Walton⁠

Photos from Royal Drawing School's post 29/03/2024

The Sir Denis Mahon Foundation has been supporting graduates of The Drawing Year for over 10 years as they take their first steps into a career as a professional artist. The School would like to thank the foundation for their years of partnership and funding, as a fellow champion of drawing! ✏️👏⁠

A selection of the recipients of The Sir Denis Mahon Award:⁠

1. Jessie Makinson⁠
2. Christina Kimeze⁠
3. Deanio X⁠
4. Naomi Trevor⁠
5. Joana Galego⁠
6. Jack McGarrity
7. Jonathan Farr⁠
8. Holly Froy⁠
9. Maura Sappilo⁠
10. Keziah Philipps⁠

The Sir Denis Mahon Award was created to honour the memory of Sir Denis Mahon and his lifelong passion for painting and drawing. During his lifetime he was a great supporter of the Royal Drawing School and this annual award was created to give a recent graduate of The Drawing Year the support to continue to develop their practice for one year. The funding provides one artist with a studio space as well as a solo exhibition in the School’s Shoreditch Gallery. Sir Denis Mahon was a trustee of The National Gallery for 14 years, was appointed CBE in 1967 and knighted in 1986. He was appointed a Companion of Honour in 2003 and died in 2011 aged 100. ⁠

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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We're looking to hire a full-time Public Programme Administrator to help and support the Public Programme Manager with t...
Ned Elliot graduated from The Drawing Year in 2023. Influenced by music, history, literature, daydreams and flights of f...
Chi Park graduated from The Drawing Year in 2023. She captures the liveliness of real-life moments in her daily sketchbo...
Lily Snowden-Fine from The Drawing Year in 2023. Her work melds personal experience with the mystery of found photograph...
An introduction to Summer Term 2024 ☀️⁠⁠Meet Harry Parker, Deputy Director, and Jeeti Singh, Head of the Public Programm...
Keziah Philipps | The Sir Denis Mahon Award 2024⁠⁠'Leafwhelmed' is a solo exhibition by Keziah Philipps. The show is mad...
Jack Fawdry Tatham graduated from The Drawing Year in 2017. Driven by the desire to mystify and beautify; lost in a wild...
Beth Rodway graduated from The Drawing Year in 2018. Previously she had studied BA Architecture at the University of Bri...
📣 We’re hiring!Executive Assistant to the Principal and Founding Artistic Director We’re looking for a calm, friendly, c...
Sophie-Nicole Dodds joined The Drawing Year in 2022. Previously she had studied Bespoke Tailoring at the London College ...





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City Academy City Academy
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London, EC1R5EG

🎭 Online & in-studio classes, courses & shows. DANCE | ACTING | SINGING | MUSICAL THEATRE FILMMAKING

London Barcelona 2016: The Dual City Summer Sessions in Art & Design London Barcelona 2016: The Dual City Summer Sessions in Art & Design
Central Saint Martins Short Course Office, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross
London, N1C4AA

London and Barcelona are both world-famous for art and design. They are exciting international citie

Signature and Handwriting Creatively Signature and Handwriting Creatively

Welcome to my page please subscribe to be part of creative writing skills

Little FRESH Little FRESH
Blondin Park, Windmill Road, Ealing And Questors Theatre, Mattock Lane, Ealing
London, W5

Independent and fantastically messy art play sessions for 18mths - 4yrs

The Seasons Art Class Orpington The Seasons Art Class Orpington
The White Hart, 106 High Street, Orpington, Bromley
London, BR60JY

Over 14 weeks course.Step by step we make easy and fun. From Beginners to Improvers. Just like you!

Anime lover. Anime lover.

👉Uwu👈 Mahal na kita sa. Paraan na Ako lang Ang nakaka alam yieeee

Mudlife CIC Mudlife CIC

Pottery is a passion for us. Our mission is to introduce new hands to this ancient craft.

The Jewellery Maverick Studio & Workshops The Jewellery Maverick Studio & Workshops
London, E1

1:1 beginners jewellery workshops. Learn basic jewellery making skills such as cutting metal, soldering and polishing to make your own jewellery. The workshop takes place in a well equipped jewellery making studio in East London.

Anime World Anime World

The Arts Factory The Arts Factory
South London
London, SE21

Art clubs for creative KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS with a passion for art. Award winning in the South London area.