Centre for Economic Performance

The CEP is an interdisciplinary research centre at the London School of Economics.

The CEP studies the determinants of economic performance at the level of the company, the nation and the global economy by focusing on the major links between globalisation, technology and institutions (above all the educational system and the labour market) and their impact on productivity, inequality, employment, stability and wellbeing. There are currently six research programmes; Education and

Operating as usual


Job vacancy: We are looking for an ORA to work on projects studying the impact of trade barriers, using firm-level data, for India and the UK. For more details, visit https://ow.ly/pnGh50RGKri


New study by and examines the impact of local government adoption of living wage policies on low-wage workers.
Read: https://ow.ly/XpcS50RoXhY

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Next week at CEP:

Gene Grossman (Princeton University) presents this term’s final International trade seminar, exploring how governments can shape firms' behaviors and enhance the overall resilience of supply chains. More details: http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Thursday 28: The latest Wellbeing seminar hears from Canishk Naik (LSE) and questions how well social assistance is when targeted to people with poor mental health. http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

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Next week at CEP: Glenn Magerman presents this week’s International trade seminar, examining the effects of policy measures on the EU’s socio-economic landscape. For more details, visit http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Wednesday 20th: Kristiina Huttunen (Aalto University) gives the latest workshop Looking at the effect of r**e on victims’ earnings and employment; showing that preventing and addressing sexual violence is a vital economic issue, as well as a moral one. More details: http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday 21st: Dana Foarta (Stanford) explains how political systems with high capacity and high institutional constraints are especially vulnerable to inefficient projects at this week’s Capabilities, Competition and Innovation Seminar http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ

Thursday 21st: Fabio Battaglia (LSE) questions the use of GDP as a proxy for wellbeing at our next wellbeing seminar – more details at http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Friday 22nd: The next Geography-Urban seminar welcomes Rahul Gupta (Georgetown University), presenting their work on ‘firm frictions in the new geography of innovation. Full details: http://ow.ly/Lj5750LB2XK

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At CEP next week: Monday 11 March, The next STICERD-CEP Aplications seminar will be given by MIT’s Amy Finelstein; exploring the how recessions influence welfare. More details: http://ow.ly/aKIK50LuahY

Wednesday 13, Tatjana Kleineberg (World Bank) presents a spatial equilibrium model linking location and the outcomes of education at this week’s international trade seminar . More details: http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Wednesday 13. The next CEP Crime workshop welcomes Livia Menezes (University of Birmingham), looking at the relationship between criminal victimisation and workplace performance and turnover. http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday 14, Elliot Lipnowski (Columbia University) gives the latest Capabilities, Competition and Innovation Seminar looking at buyer-seller interaction and terms of trade. More details: http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ

Thursday 14, Miles Kimball (University of Colorado, Boulder) presents the next wellbeing seminar – What do people want? Trading off different aspects of wellbeing. Series details: http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Friday 15, This week’s urban-geography seminar is presented by Hans Koster (Vrije University Amsterdam), analysing how negative economic events affect localities. For more details on the series, visit: http://ow.ly/Lj5750LB2XK

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Next week at CEP: Monday 4 March Allan Hsiao (Princeton) gives the week’s STICERD-CEP Applications seminar, exploring the interaction between climate change and agricultural policy. More details: http://ow.ly/aKIK50LuahY

Wednesday 6 March, Michael Peters Joins us from Yale University for the latest International trade seminar, discussing the role of European immigration on US innovation during America’s Gilded Age and Progressive Era. http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Thursday 7 March, The next capabilities seminar welcomes Heather Sarsons (University of British Columbia) - examining household decision-making, the child penalty, and the trade offs between advancing one spouse’s career or the other’s. More details: http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ

Thursday 7 March, Nabanita Datta Gupta (Aarhus University) gives the next wellbeing seminar; analysing the association between maternal wellbeing and child development at different ages. Series details: http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

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Next week at CEP – Monday 26, Ceren Baysan (University of Toronto) presents the latest STICERD–CEP Applications seminar, examining support for democracy in countries with increasing authoritarian leadership http://ow.ly/aKIK50LuahY

Wednesday 28, this week’s International trade seminar welcomes Elisa Keller (Exeter Business School) who will discuss the spatial allocation of workers and immigration. More details: http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Wednesday 28, Ronja Helensdotter (Gothenburg University) explores the relationship between teenage mortality and having been placed in out-of-home care at this week’s CEPCrime workshop: http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday 29, Xiaogeng Xu (Helsinki Graduate School of Economics) examines differences in perceived fairness of income, wage satisfaction and life satisfaction amongst different social groups at this week’s Wellbeing seminar: http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Friday 01 March, Frédéric Robert-Nicoud (University of Geneva and SERC) analyses the evolution of French urban areas from a historical perspective in the latest CEP/Geography urban economics seminar: http://ow.ly/Lj5750LB2XK

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Next week at CEP – on Wednesday, Mahima Vasishth (Bocconi University) presents the next Crime workshop, and will analyse how media coverage of sexual crimes can affect judicial decision making. For more details: http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday, Self-reporting surveys can be affected by how respondents percieve the questions, by examining trends in perticipants’ characteristics Daniel Benjamin (University of California, Los Angeles) presents a way to correct for these differences. http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq


Next week at CEP - Ori Heffetz (Hebrew University) explores the use of self-reported wellbeing in informing policy at this weeks’ CEP wellbeing seminar. http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq


WE'RE HIRING - two full-time research assistants to join Daniel Sturm on the Quantitative models of cities project - ideal for someone who is considering a PhD in Economics and would like hands-on research experience before embarking on a PhD
More details: https://ow.ly/hMb850QigUb

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Next week at CEP:

Monday – This week’s CEP and STICERD applications seminar welcomes Victor Lavy (Warwick) explores how a child’s intellectual capability can affect subsequent family size. http://ow.ly/aKIK50LuahY

Wednesday - David Baqaee highlights the crucial role of input entry and exit in driving economic growth at our next International Economics seminar: http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Wednesday – The next CEP Crime workshop investigates the cognitive demands inherent in police work with Chicago University’s Oeindrila Dube. http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday – Explore the unintended consequences of policies that reduce competition between criminal organisations with Princeton’s Mica Sviatschi at this week’s capabilities seminar: http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ

Thursday - Caspar Kaiser (Warwick) presents the latest Wellbeing seminar, taking a look at the cost of income inequality on wellbeing. http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Friday – The latest CEP-Geography Urban seminar hears from Marco Leonardi (Milan) about the outcomes of easing land use rules in smaller and non-residential areas: http://ow.ly/Lj5750LB2XK


CALL FOR PAPERS - WEC Junior brings together graduate students and junior researchers to present their research on the economics of crime and criminal justice. Submit your paper now for a chance to present! - Deadline: 20 Jan. For more details, visit: https://ow.ly/byFF50Q9UtS


We are looking for a graduate student based in London to assist with a new study on the consequences of growing up in a slum in Victorian Britain - an exciting opportunity to get hands-on experience with applied research! For info, visit https://ow.ly/CrF550Q8gel

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Next week at CEP: Monday – Dave Donaldson presents his research into modelling international trade for this week’s CEP and applications seminar: http://ow.ly/aKIK50LuahY

Wednesday - Brian Knight looks at how voting rights can influence the police’s treatment of minority groups at our next policing and crime seminar. http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday - Stephanie Wang (University of Pittsburgh) investigates how to measure the use of arguments and their influence on voting behaviour during this week’s capabilities seminar: http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ

Thursday – our next Wellbeing seminar sees Ulrike Malmendier examine the impact of high job demands on CEOs, highlighting health costs associated with managerial stress. For more info, visit: http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Friday - Prottoy Akbar presents this week’s Urban seminar, exploring the interplay between equity and efficiency in public transport. For more info, visit: http://ow.ly/Lj5750LB2XK

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Next week at CEP: Monday - presents this week’s CEP and applications seminar, analysing prenatal screening to highlight the importance of targeting design. http://ow.ly/aKIK50LuahY

Wednesday - Ezra Oberfield (Princeton University) presents ‘Firm-to-firm trade and growth with long-term relationships’ at the latest International Economics seminar: http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Wednesday – Are we judged on our looks? investigates the influence of attraction in criminal sentencing in this week’s crime seminar. http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday – This latest capabilities seminar welcomes David Huffman (Pittsburgh) looks at gas station managers to explore the interplay between bounded rationality and strategic competition: http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ

Thursday - Dave Marcotte (American University) presents the latest wellbeing seminar, discussing potential causes of, and the most promising policies to reduce, su***de mortality. http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Friday – Dave Donaldson (MIT) gives new insights into international trade modelling with an innovative IV-based measure. For more info: http://ow.ly/Lj5750LB2XK

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Next week at CEP: Elisa Macchi (Brown) looks at the social function of informal redistribution of work in Uganda at this Monday’s CEP-STICERD applications seminar: http://ow.ly/aKIK50LuahY

Wednesday – the latest international economics seminar welcomes Don Davis (Columbia) to hear about his paper ‘Tipping and the dynamics of segregation: a clusters approach’. For details, visit http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX

Wednesday - Dina Pomeranz presents the next policing and crime workshop exploring who benefits the most from tax regulations designed to protect against profit-shifting. http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday – UCLA’s Michela Giorcelli discusses the impact of peer networks and business school education on the career outcomes of managers at this week’s capabilities seminar: http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ

Thursday – Christian Krekel and Katya Oparina explore how to improve mental health services and improve matching patients to treatment – part of the CEP wellbeing seminars series: http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Friday – Wookun Kim investigates how fiscal transfers between local governments impact the welfare of their residents at this week’s Geography/Urban Economics seminar: http://ow.ly/Lj5750LB2XK


We're hiring! CEP is looking to appoint a Research Assistant to examine recent police demand and criminal outcomes in the UK and help analyse the effectiveness of policies that deal with crime. for more info, visit: https://cep.lse.ac.uk/_new/about/work/


Next week at CEP: Carol Graham (Brookings Institution) presents her new book ‘The Power of Hope: How the science of wellbeing can save us from despair’ at this week’s wellbeing seminar; Weds, 3PM. For more info, visit http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Photos from Centre for Economic Performance's post 21/10/2023

THREAD – next week at CEP: Wednesday 25, Stephen Billings (Colorado Boulder) presents this week’s crime seminar highlighting the unintended outcomes of school lotteries, finding the likelihood of adult criminal outcomes among non-applicants leads to an overall increase in arrests and incarceration for young men in the affected areas. http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26

Thursday 26, the latest Wellbeing seminar hosts Zachary Parolin (Bocconi), looking into the differences in intergenerational poverty persistence among high-income countries and ways poverty is transmitted across generations. For more information, visit http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq


New research from the Centre for Economic Performance
in the Autumn 2023 CentrePiece magazine

Concerns about the number of people dropping out of the UK’s workforce are real but somewhat misplaced, according to labour market experts at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP).

The latest issue of CentrePiece reveals a need for policymakers to target the key groups for whom economic inactivity is a longstanding issue, to avoid spending on issues that may naturally resolve themselves as the economy recovers. With this in mind, a focus on the stubborn persistence of low labour force participation among older, less-skilled workers with illness in disadvantaged areas is essential.



TODAY at CEP, 4PM: presents this week’s Wellbeing seminar, looking at the effectiveness of psychotherapy from a behavioral-scientific perspective. More details at: http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq


TODAY at CEP, 1:45PM: Mark Dean (Columbia) joins us for the latest capabilities seminar, examining why certain items are often selected when included in larger ranges of options and the factors which influence this behaviour. For more detail: http://ow.ly/XHRm50LnVNJ


TODAY at CEP: This week’s Crime seminar welcomes Davide Zufacchi, who will explore the complex and often controversial relationships between armed groups and mining industries in conflict-affected regions. For more info, visit: http://ow.ly/c9Xp50Laf26


TODAY at CEP: John Morrow sheds light on how firms distribute resources and their impact on the broader economy at this week’s CEP International Econommics seminar. More details: http://ow.ly/ZCpx50LnUrX


Tomorrow at CEP: 4pm: Brandyn Churchill (Massachusettes Amhurst) explores the effects of beauty pageants on the population and the role played by negative social comparisons at this week’s Wellbeing seminar. More details at http://ow.ly/HhKV50Laeyq

Timeline photos 25/09/2023

Out now! The Self-Employment Trap? by Robert Blackburn, Stephen Machin and Maria Ventura.

Around two-in-five self-employed workers would switch to a salaried job if they could get the same pay.

Read: https://ow.ly/WOkQ50POfO2


VACANCY: We’re seeking a full-time Research Assistant to assist Stephen Machin and Matteo Sandi on projects relating to education and crime
Closing date: Mon 23 May
More info: http://ow.ly/OOSB50OgINa

Timeline photos 26/04/2023

We’re seeking a research assistant to work on projects assessing the cost-effectiveness of government policy & the wellbeing it generates.
Experience analysing large-scale microdata sets using Stata is a must!

Closing date: Mon 8 May

More info: http://ow.ly/e0UX50NLsIu

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