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Flashback to our very first marketing avert by .

Back then we were the first people to ( controversially) market yoga to a male audience and push a masculine vibe. But back then only 10% of westerner yoga practitioners were men.

Today we are proud to have had a small part in moving the dial in the direction of EVERYONE having access to yoga regardless of gender - with male statistics now reaching well over 30%

is what we believe in with all our heart and is proud to be one of the colours on the flag of all the beautiful styles of yoga that there are available today .

Curious ? Have I look at the link in bio.


Ever wanted to learn to do a or a ?

Let us show you how ?

Our online streaming videos will give you a fantastic training progression to get you there step by step !

All in the comfort of your own space

More information on the link in bio.


See us this Sat 9:30am in the big tent

And get a cheeky last min 10% discount on your tickets with code BROGA10

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We are really looking forward to our next yoga training certificate program for the in a couple weeks!

It is an honour to be the partner for the armed forces and we look forward to the new PTI and civilian graduates!!


Horse posture. Complete leg stretch. Strength of the knee joint in the correct alignment for the ACL and PCL ligaments AND lower back stretch.

There are so many wonderful ways to approach and appreciate a yoga practice

We think of yoga as beneficial to our daily lives, our sporting endeavour and trying to improve how our bodies function.

Want to try a class? Have a look at the link in bio.


Think yoga cannot build a strong body? Then you have not tried broga fitness yoga.

This is an excellent program for mobility and strength at the same time - and you can do it at home !

Info of our streaming videos on the link in bio.

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Way better than what you find on you tube and a comprehensive plan to start you of slow . We will get you moving through each joint and muscle group but at your pace. Unlimited streaming of our content is a super cheap £24

Check out the trailer and get more info on link in bio.


Why do global statistics show that overwhelmingly more women participate in yoga than men? Ego. Women are more readily available to let go of ego and be not great at something and simply enjoy the process. Men tend to take performance more personally. And then end up giving up on themselves entirely- which then translates to upsetting statistics of mens mental health versus that of women.

It is hard to let go and accept that you are not great at something from the start - or to be faced head on with your limitations , faults and even injuries. Really hard.

But that is exactly where the journey begins for self healing .


Wanna get stronger at your side plank?

Strat from a high push-up position on your knees.

Set the right hand in the middle as if under the Center of your chest.

Extend your left leg long on the floor and the left arm vertical to the sky.

Push the right shoulder down away fro your ears and lock it in the joint.

Without moving your hand try to rotate and lock the biceps forward.

Tuck your pelvis up In The front and tighten the abdominal muscles.

Now your are ready!

With confidence extend the right leg long and put the foot behind the other flat on the side of the foot.

Hold tight . Breathe deep!

Want more expert easy tips ? Try our videos !

Info in bio

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Forget YouTube , experience top quality video product designed so you can really progress from zero to hero ! One video for each body part

Trailer and more Info on our website


Why does the Ministry of Defence choose to keep the men and women who thrive at bases across the country fit?

Because people love our approach to combining stretching , cardio , and strengthening in a format that is totally scalable from beginner to athlete.


Start a fitness based yoga program at home in your time and on your terms. Super high quality videos that go from body part to body part and allow you to grow in difficulty when only you are ready .

Link for the download bundle in bio!


Calling all runners! Now we know you like to get out and do your thing after doing a little sidewalk calf stretch and a toe touch or two…

But may we introduce you to the pigeon pose instead?

One stretch before and after your run. No dramas. Not any more time than you were taking before.

But here is what you get ALL AT ONE TIME:

1. Dorsal extension of the foot
2. Tibial is stretch for shin splints
3. Quad and hip flexor stretch
4. Gluteal maximums and gluteal extensor muscle stretch to relieve the lower back
5. Spinal extension

Just 1 min on each side before/after. Easy.

You will feel better and improve the quality of your runs.

And if you want to learn a full stretch routine check out our YouTube channel or go to the website for our streaming at home workouts!



Reverse plank. This is one of our favorite chest and shoulder openers if you are tight here because it not only stretches but strengthens at the same time .

Called Purvottanasana in Sanskrit it counteracts the effects of all that contracting and slumping you do by stretching the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and anterior deltoids.

Top tip:

Start with the easier hand position of fingers facing you , then as you progress rotate your fingers more outwards and eventually someday backwards!

Try to imagine lifting your glutes AND your chest upwards 👍

Photos from Broga Fitness Yoga's post 22/03/2022

Who said yoga is not a workout ? Any doubts try this! Quads. glutes. Calves. Adductors and abductors. All at the same time! We challenge you to three rounds of this and let us know your feedback!

This is a scratch of the surface of the amazing available to download on our website .

Link in bio


Happy ! If you don’t know it is the Indian cultural festival celebration of good over evil and spring’ arrival from the harshness of winter. May the sport of be with you and your family today !!


Yoga takes on so many amazing forms and styles. We love them all. But our interpretation is as a workout . Challenging you to make synergies between muscle groups and taking strong consideration for supporting the spine and proper skeletal alignment.

But no matter what style you choose , don’t ever think yoga is not a proper workout. It most certainly is.

If you want to know more about us have a look at the link in bio and try our at home workouts .


Why do we love yoga so much for sports rehab and injury prevention?

Classic yoga posture Warrior 1 is a great example of why.

Simultaneously stretching and strengthening quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and the sub scapula all at once?? Wow talk about getting a bank for your buck!

If you are a sportsperson of any kind why is yoga not a part of your weekly training program???

Need help? Have a look at our video series on our website for the perfect place to start .


Try our Download yoga workout series specifically made to get you from beginner to hero in a no nonsense body part by body part format.

Info on our website . Link in bio.


Why are men resistant to yoga? Worldwide statistics show that though more men engaged in yoga in the last decade it is still grossly disproportionate to the increase in new female participants and still overwhelmingly female overall.

Why aren’t men getting it when the value and need is so clearly there?

Love to hear your thoughts….

And if you are a man or just beginner in general - have a look at our home training workout video package on our website.

Link in bio.


Calling all yoga teachers. How is your male attendance? Be honest you wish it was more.

The broga fitness yoga method is a fantastic addition to your teaching skills allowing a new voice to resonate with a male and a more fitness/sport minded audience.

Find out more on the link in bio.


We are always looking down. At our phones, computers, the pavement just ahead when we walk.

Look up!

Where you eyes go your body and mind follow. Not just better posture . Better thinking .

When was the last time you took a full minute to stargaze; Look at tall building details; Watch trees blow in the wind.

Today sit/stand up straight , roll your shoulders back and try it.

It’s all about looking up😉☺️😊

Photos from Broga Fitness Yoga's post 16/02/2022

Strong and tough is not gender exclusive. Both in mind and body. We believe one ideal shape for a woman is toned , long muscles with excellent posture. So whatever your hardcore sport and activity might be , should be a complimentary part of that training to ensure balance , longevity and injury prevention.

And you can experience our training program at home with our streaming video pack.

Link in bio.


Fear. Loathing. Time. Kids. Pain. Confused.

All valid arguments. But none of that is working to help you.

The only thing you have to do is take the first small step. Any step.

Stop drinking during the week. Meditate for 1 minute a day. Reduce your sugar/sweet intake. Move more.

Our program starts you off easy and then builds with each workout in flexibility and strength.

And it’s cheap and you can do it at home.

No more excuses, time to begin.

Info and links in bio


A broga fitness yoga class is for EVERYBODY. It is challenging , fun and scalable for anyone who wants to use yoga to get fit and more in touch with how their body moves.

Download our workouts and stream anytime anywhere!

Link in bio


in your own space and in your own time . Download our streaming top quality workouts focused on one body part at a time ! Start as a beginner and finish as a hero!

Info on the link in bio.


Did you know delivers yoga education to the PTIs and fitness staff across ?

We are trusted to deliver quality education that will benefit the physical health and fitness standards of the men and women on base across all departments.

Does your base have broga?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our Story

Founded by American Football and Superheavy Weight Bodybuilding champion Matt Miller to bridge the world of yoga mobility to people who are more fitness orientated. As one of the original 7 ambassadors for Lululemon outside North America, Broga classes had their humble beginnings as weekly free community classes on the Lululemon store showroom floor. From there the phenomenon grew and spread like wild! Powered by Broga classes can now be found at gyms, leisure centres and studios around the world; and we are the proud yoga provider to the Royal Air Force , ARMY , and Royal Navy of the Ministry of Defence.

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Try our Download yoga workout series specifically made to get you from beginner to hero in a no nonsense body part by bo...
A broga fitness yoga class is for EVERYBODY.  It is challenging , fun and scalable for anyone who wants to use yoga to g...
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Why Broga®️? If you are looking to deliver yoga to a fitness audience there is nothing like it.*anatomically based and f...
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