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The largest China research institute in the UK. Building an understanding of China across the globe.

The Lau China Institute was founded in 2008 to provide a home for cutting-edge China-related research, and teach innovative Master's and PhD programmes on contemporary China, in particular its culture, society, business and politics. Our staff are world-class researchers and outstanding teachers. The Institute is named after the Lau family of Hong Kong, following a transformational donation of £6m for the Institute's strategic growth.

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EVENT - We'll be joined by Margaret Hillenbrand, Professor of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, University of Oxford for a presentation of her book about inequality and exclusion in . The event will be chaired by our Chair of Chinese International Relations, Professor Astrid Nordin.

Attendance is free. Registration required. Sign up via:


Our flagship events series, , returns this October from the 14-18 at King's College London.

With China facing significant headwinds in its domestic economy, this year's China Week explores what the future model for growth and development might look like, what challenges the country is facing today, what these mean for the rest of the world, and how these may be overcome.

Visit our website for info and stay tuned for updates:

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The captivating moments from Ed Cavanough’s insightful book talk on ‘Divided Isles’ 🏝️last week. A huge thank you to Professor Astrid Nordin for leading the engaging discussion and to everyone who joined us.

Keep an eye on our upcoming events through the link in our bio! 📚✨


Journalist and policy analyst, Ed Cavanough, will be presenting his book 'Divided Isles: Solomon Islands and the China Switch' at King's College London on Weds 17 April, 5.30pm, Strand campus.

Join the discussion with Lau Chair of Chinese International Relations, Astrid Nordin.

Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 21/03/2024

Dr Mike Gow, Edge Hill university, joined us for a fascinating discussion into the politics of consumption in .

Thanks to Mike and all those who attended. Check the link in bio for our upcoming events.

Talk - Consensus, Consumerism and Citizenship: Revisiting Xi Jinping’s Integral State 14/03/2024

Dr Mike Gow, Lecturer in Business and Management, Edge Hill University joins us on 20 March for a discussion on the relationship between consumerism, citizenship and consensus to the state vision for in the 21st Century.

6pm, Weds 20 March, Strand campus. Join us in-person!

Tickets via:

Talk - Consensus, Consumerism and Citizenship: Revisiting Xi Jinping’s Integral State Dr Mike Gow from Edge Hill University examines the relationship between consumerism, citizenship, and consensus to the state vision for China in the 21st century.

Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 08/03/2024

Highlights from yesterday’s book talk with author, Anne Stevenson-Yang on the . Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 16/02/2024

Wonderful to celebrate Chinese New Year with students, staff and friends of the Lau China Institute in London 🧧🎉Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year 🐉



For everyone celebrating Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year), we‘d like to wish you a Happy New Year and festive season. 🧧Let us know how you’re welcoming in the new year in the comments.

Wish each of you could exhibit your talents in various fields, conquering every ’sea‘ of expertise like powerful dragons!🏮

Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 08/02/2024

🌍 Professor Zhengyu Wu from Renmin University of China joined us to discuss the revival of the ‘middle tier of states’ in light of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War.

This talk examines the ‘Middle Tier of States’ proposed by Mackinder in 1919, its failure in the interwar years, its recent revival, and geopolitical implications, especially in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War.

Want to know more? Watch the talk via the link in our bio!


How does the British media present , and what are the implications for how the public and policy makers understand China?

In this new report, Dr Tim Summers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, looks at the characteristics of coverage of China in British media outlets ,

More at the link in bio.

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Dr Olivia Cheung, research fellow at joined us yesterday for an insightful discussion into factional model making in .

🎤 Check out our upcoming events at the link in bio.


🌐 Unlock the secrets of Chinese politics with “Factional-Ideological Conflicts in Chinese Politics: To the Left or to the Right?” 📚

Time: Thursday, 18 Jan 2023, 13:00-14:00
Location: Strand Campus

🕵️‍♀️✨Dr. Olivia Cheung reveals how factional model-making fuels collective leadership, sparks policy debates, and dishes out exclusive political insights.

🔗 Register via link in bio!


Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 30/11/2023

🐎Horses ⚱️Metal 🫖Porcelain

📚With the objects buried in a dozen of tombs over many millennia, Professor Jessica Rawson took us on a captivating journey in her latest book ‘Life and After Life in Ancient China’.✨


Congratulations to Lau PhD student, Alice Politi, on her recent publication in the Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs. Based on her thesis, the article examines the paradigm shift that has occurred in - relations. 🇪🇺🇨🇳

Read the full article here:


📚 Join us for a captivating Book Talk on ‘The Gilded Cage: Technology, Development, and State Capitalism in China’ with Professor Ya-Wen Lei! 🌏✨

📅 Date: 30 November 2023
🕕 Time: 18:30 - 20:30
🔗 Registration: Scan the QR code or via link in bio

🔍 Explore Professor Lei’s intriguing new book that unveils the intricate dynamics of China’s economic development—a blend of unprecedented progress and the growing despotic rule of surveillance in every aspect of life.

🎤 About the Speaker:
👩‍🏫 Professor Ya-Wen Lei is a scholar in the Department of Sociology at Harvard University. With expertise in law and sociology, she holds an LL.M. and a J.S.D. from Yale Law School, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Michigan. Join us as she sheds light on the complexities of China’s socio-economic landscape.

Save the date and stay tuned for more details. 📖🔍


🏙️ Join us for an insightful exploration of India’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in upcoming event: ”Urbanising the Villages: Three Models of Structural Transition in Indian SEZs“ 🇮🇳✨

📅 Date: 22 November 2023
🕓 Time: 16:00 - 17:30

🌐 Since India‘s landmark 2005 SEZ Act, the emphasis on large, Chinese-style SEZs inducing a shift from agriculture to manufacturing and services has been pronounced. This event delves into three unique ”city-style“ SEZ cases, unravelling their impact on local livelihoods and social relations. Discover the varied approaches to incorporating villages around new urban boundaries, each with distinct outcomes.

📚 Speaker: Dr Charlotte Goodburn
🔍 Charlotte, a Reader in Chinese Politics and Development, brings a wealth of expertise. With a background in Development Studies and Mandarin proficiency, she has conducted extensive fieldwork in China.

Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your understanding of SEZ dynamics and their impact on local communities! 🌍🔍

Biden says he still considers China's Xi a "dictator" 16/11/2023

Professor Kerry Brown shares his thoughts on President 's meeting with President Biden, and what it means for -China relations

Watch the interview with CNA

Biden says he still considers China's Xi a "dictator" Fresh off his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, US President Joe Biden has triggered an angry reaction from Beijing, saying he still considers Mr Xi...


📚 Unlock the secrets of ancient China with Professor Dame Jessica Rawson! Join us for her book talk on ‘Life and Afterlife in Ancient China.’

🌏 Journey through time and discover how China, with its vast continental power, developed independently, separated by the towering Tibetan plateau. From the elite tombs of the Neolithic era to the present day, explore the profound impact on Chinese society, where family and generational hierarchy stand as pillars.

🏛️ Professor Rawson, a distinguished expert in Chinese Art and Archaeology at the University of Oxford, brings her extensive knowledge to light in a presentation that delves into the depths of China’s history.

📖 Don’t miss the chance to grab a copy of Professor Dame Jessica Rawson’s new book! Copies will be available for purchase on the day.

🗓️ Save the date:
17:00-18:00, 29 Nov 2023
Register via the link in the bio or by scanning the QR code!

🎓 📚

Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 02/11/2023

🎉 Thank you to all our incredible participants at ! We were thrilled to host distinguished panels of experts from academia, government, and industry to explore the realms of and .

Missed it? No worries !
You can catch up with all the insightful discussions by visiting our YouTube playlist here: 📺✨


🌏 Join us for a captivating talk on ”China and Mongolia, 1990 to the Present“ 🐫

📆 Date: November 13, 2023
🕒 Time: 14:00 to 15:00
🗣️ Speaker: Professor Morris Rossabi

Discover the facinating journey of Sino-Mongolian relations from the 1990s to the present day. Explore the transformation of diplomatic and economic ties, China‘s role as Mongolia’s top product importer, and the increasing exchange of students between these two nations. 🇨🇳🇲🇳

🏛️ Hosted by the Lau China Institute in collaboration with the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge.

👤 About the Speaker:
Professor Rossabi is a distinguished historian of China and Central and Inner Asia. He has been recognized for his outstanding contributions, including an honorary doctorate from the National University of Mongolia.


🎉Welcome, everyone!🎉

Meet the brilliant minds joining our Lau China Institute as new PhD students. Last night, we kicked off this exciting journey with a heartwarming dinner filled with delicious dumplings! 🥟😋

Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 20/10/2023

🎉 We are delighted to announce the winner 🥇 and runners up 🏅 of the Young China Watchers & Lau China Institute writing competition 2023.

This year’s applicants were invited to share an opinion piece exploring the theme of ‘China: Knowledge Superpower?’ 📚

🔗Read the essays via:

Photos from Lau China Institute, King's College London's post 19/10/2023

A few pictures from this week’s opening event of exploring the opportunities and risks of engagement with China.

Harry Anderson, Universities UK International
Fiona Quimbre, RAND Europe
Sophia Gaston, Policy Exchange
Mark Logan MP for Bolton and the North East

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Join us for a private screening of documentary-film 'Children at a Village School' with an introduction by Jiang Nengjie on Weds 18 Oct, 4pm at The Garden Cinema. We'll be joined by Dr Victor Fan, Dr Xiaxia Yang and Giulia D'Aquila for a discussion about the film, Chinese cinema and rural-urban migration in China.

Book your £5 ticket:


⛓Academic Censorship in China and China Studies

🌏 In 2017, the world of China Studies was left in shock as a revelation rocked the academic community. Cambridge University Press, a beacon of academic freedom, had blocked access to over 300 articles and reviews in The China Quarterly within China, at the behest of Beijing authorities. The consequences were dire, but the outcry was fierce. 📚🇨🇳

🔓 After international outrage and relentless protest, the decision was overturned. However, it marked a turning point, casting a shadow over academic freedom both abroad and within China. 📜✨

💡 Fast forward to today, and the stories continue. Censorship in Chinese academia has intensified, while international scholars face mounting challenges in accessing China-related materials. 🚧📖

🗣 Join us for a compelling discussion on the growing issue of academic censorship in China on Tuesday, 17th October. Eva Pils(King’s College London), Ivan Franceschini(University of Botswana), Jue Jiang(SOAS), and Tim Pringle(SOAS) will delve into the impact on scholars within Chinese institutions, the hurdles faced by scholars overseas, and the future of China Studies. Chaired by Jane Hayward (King’s College London). 🌐🧐


🌟 Exploring the Impact of AI on Education in China 📚

How are AI technologies reshaping the way students learn in China, and what's the reality on the ground? Join us as we dive deeper into the topic, moving beyond the hype and headlines. 💡

Jeremy Knox from the University of Oxford, Karen Hao from the Wall Street Journal, Li Yuan from Beijing Normal University, and Ye Liu from King's College London, our event chair, will provide expert insights into how AI policy and educational practices are evolving across diverse Chinese contexts. 🇨🇳🧠

📅 Save the Date: Wed. 18th October 2023
🖥️ Can't make it in person? No worries! We're also live-streaming the event online. Select your preferred ticket option when registering. 🌐

🍹 Plus, we've got some refreshing treats in store for all attendees! Don't miss out. See you there! 🤝📖✨


📚 Book Talk- "Xi Jinping: The Hidden Agendas of China's Ruler for Life"🗣️

🗓️ Save the date: Monday, 16th October

W***y Lam, our special guest, takes us on a captivating journey through Xi's policy, ideology, and political landscape. By comparing him to former CCP leaders, including the legendary Deng Xiaoping, we'll explore whether Xi's return to Maoist principles can sustain China's economic growth and empower its global influence. 🌐

This book also delves into the challenges facing the Communist Party in retaining the support of 1.4 billion Chinese citizens amidst unprecedented economic and geopolitical shifts. 🤔

Discover Xi's rise to power, his innovative AI-assisted surveillance techniques, China's evolving economic system, and his foreign and national-security policies. 🚀

As one of the first English books to explore Xi's ambitious agendas guiding China into the early 2040s, this is a must-read for students and scholars of Chinese studies, China-US relations, East Asian politics, and Contemporary Asian history. 📖🎓


⚖️ Inequality and Exclusion in Contemporary Chinese Education System

Over the past three decades, China has made significant strides in improving access to education, from kindergarten to university. However, the challenge of ensuring equitable access across economic, geographic, and social divides remains. 🌏 In this panel discussion, panellists will explore how broader inequalities in China, driven by social, political, and economic changes, have impacted the education system. Additionally, they will delve into how demographic decline, the COVID-19 pandemic and economic fluctuations have further exacerbated educational disparities. 📈

🤔 What might a fairer education system in China look like? 🎓

🌆 Join our discussion by delving into how regional differences, the hukou (household registration) system and the urban-rural divide combine to create multifaceted inequalities. What roles do gender, spatial location, and socio-economic groups play in shaping exclusion?

🗓️ Save the date: Thursday, 19th October at 4 PM
👥 Featuring expert Professor Emily Hannum (University of Pennsylvania) alongside Drs. Ye Liu, Charlotte Goodburn, and Xiaxia Yang (King’s College London), chaired by Ji (Rocky) Shi.

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