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Kidslearnfast was founded by Elisa Gianoncelli in 1996 and has had great success since (view reviews)

At Kids Learn Fast we believe that success depends on understanding the fundamentals. We teach all the things that busy schools and teachers don't have time to explain in a way your child will understand. We are experts in 4+, 7+, 11+, 13+ school entrance exams, as well as the SATs and GCSEs. As qualified and experienced educational consultants, we can provide the customized help your child requir

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If you want to buy a book for a Xmas present then buy mine ! It’s a magical fantasy novel and the reviews are great. It’s available on Amazon and in good book shops. I’m writing book2 now it’s taking a bit longer than I thought but I will let you know when it’s ready. Read my reviews in bio

Photos from Kids Learn Fast's post 14/12/2023

You know you have done a great job as a parent or educator when your child or pupil becomes an avid reader. They don’t put a book down easily and you will sometimes have to stop them reading so they sleep! But their life changes completely and they become so knowledgeable you can see that happening before your very eyes. This is because books take them to places you can’t easily visit. Also their writing skills improve and increase in terms of quality. Make your child a reader today. I have taught hundreds of children and I have found the ones that read are the most successful there is no doubt of that. Read my book it was written with the 11plus in mind and is a magical experience. It is called ‘Tredicino and the Medallion Keeper’ and it is a fantasy novel full of magic. Please see link in bio and more details can be found about it in my next post

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I just love my job and when I get a review eventhough I’ve been tutoring for years the feeling is just as amazing as it was when I started. If I find I have turned someone’s life around my heart just sings with joy. That’s because this is what it is all about , helping children to young adults reach their goals , find themselves and move towards total success $onlinetutor


I’m Elisa Gianoncelli the founder and principal of Kidslearnfast tuition. I love tutoring and the fact I have the opportunity to change lives. Children gain scholarships with me year in , year out. Working with children has been my life and now as I slowly turn towards being an author more and more , I’m finding I can still do that through my books. Tredicino and the Medallion Keeper has been one of my biggest achievements and I’m now working on book 2. The written word is more powerful than one could ever imagine. Send your chikd to Kidslearnfast tuition for an educational journey neither of you will forget. Our creative writing lessons change mindsets

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At Kidslearnfast I use the five senses to help my pupils describe. This guides them through their work with a structure. I also teach them lots of general knowledge or encourage them to research certain topics. The seven wonders of the world is one such topic both ancient , modern and natural. Education matters and reading books as well as encyclopaedias increases a child’s knowledge and vocabulary so I encourage you to do it at home as much as you can


Teach your children general knowledge , it’s wonderful for them to know how other people live in the world. Ask them whether they would like to live in total darkness from yesterday the 18th of November to Jan 23rd early next year.Mid summer these people live in total light! How interesting is that


English is so important as it is the foundation of all the subjects. Join my WhatsApp group through the link. I put up bite-size lessons every day so your child can learn, revise, polish what they already know and grow in confidence. It is free to join.

-sizelessons lessons #

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Parenting ..sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong ! Mostly we do it just perfectly and no short of wonderful

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We have had enormous fun today at Kidslearnfast writing spooky stories and pumpkin drawing. Black cats and spiders came up in our poems as did Ronnie my beautiful French bulldog now no longer with us. Some people object to Halloween but children love it and it gives us all a chance to get spooky and use our imagination so I welcome this time of year

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Bye bye summer , hello winter ..its a different life for a while characterised by toasted marshmallows , hot chocolate , cozy reads by the fire and hearty meals. The clock goes round and round and we go along with nature and the changes it brings us …we get an extra hour in bed on Sunday …well some of us do! Kids have a built in alarm clock so it won’t make an iota of difference to them -back


Don’t forget to have a book O’Clock time in your house. Make it part of your routine and watch your child become a little genius


Make sure you spend time in nature. Encourage your children to use their imagination. Visit lake areas snd forests for example Sherwood Forest and bring Robin Hood into their lives. Discuss the names of trees and birds and counties. General knowledge in my opinion is the back bone of learning. Without it your child cannot be truly academic. Creative writing courses show me which children have played and developed a magical imagination and vocabulary. This is something you cannot buy it’s nurtured over time. Start now talk and laugh and sing. Make learning something special

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Hi I’m Elisa Gianoncelli the founder of kidslearnfast a London-based tutorial school. Since the Covid pandemic we now mostly teach online. This enables us to teach children all over the country and beyond with great success. We have got children to grammar schools in Birmingham / Sutton etc year after year. Plus London of course. I’m an ex-grammar school teacher and now a specialist tutor for the 11plus and especially the creative writing exam as I’m also a published author. We have helped children gain scholarships to some of the best independent schools in the country via their writing skills. I teach up to GCSE and totally adore my job. You can see me in action on YouTube and TikTok so should you want your child to be tutored by me or one of my team you will know you are in experienced safe hands. Not only do we support the child way beyond the lesson they pay for but we support the parent too. Visit us at where you can view our blogs and testimonials. Or google Elisa Gianoncelli and you will be directed to my Google business page and my other website. Education matters and when you start with us you will see what an impact we have on your child’s development and progress. One parent said we revolutionised the way her children thought and I think that comment sums us up perfectly.

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I am a lifestyle blogger as well as an educational one. I collect twitter / X posts as well as fb ones that explain or tell us about human behavior. Here are some amazing parent and child ones which in my opinion show how strong this bond/love is. We can clearly see it is an unbreakable one in most cases and one most people cherish. But we always have to remember not all children are so fortunate and in my teaching, I always show privileged children how difficult life was in the past for poor children with no support. I do this by reading to them extracts from The Little Match Girl and Oliver. You can see some of these videos on my TikTok. I also see underprivileged children quite often and for them I read success stories of how children from deprived backgrounds become some of the most powerful people on this planet. An educator should always lift the young up and raise their level of understanding so they can live their best possible life


I wanted to post this whilst seeing so many children suffering in the Arab world. Both Isreali and Palestinian children. It breaks my heart which totally cries out choose peace over war any day. But unfortunately some children don’t make it at all as the countless small body bags show .Let’s hope it all ends soon

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This week my goal is to encourage as many children as I can to read. Reading no doubts increases intelligence. It also encourages children to think about things more snd to make personal eloquent judgments. It also increases vocabulary and general knowledge. All parents should set up a book corner for their children or fill up a book case. So favourite books can be pulled out with ease and reread countless times

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As we get more into autumn and the nights draw in , make reading part of your home life. Read aloud with your child , one page each. Explore the people , the places and the vocabulary together. By the spring your child will have learnt so much. Read my blog for more tips at www.


This is the month where story writing at kidslearnfast turns to spooky houses, witches, wizards and magic. Such a wonderful month for exciting story writing. Do the same at home make it a month of magic


My sentiments entirely ! My whole school stands with this thought and wish. Let’s keep learning and enable our children to become articulate and knowledgeable adults


For us at kidslearnfast the learning does not stop with the lesson. We spend time both on the marking and giving feedback. All our programmes are personalised , bespoke and organised so we help that particular child achieve their goals. Find out more about us at www.


A kidslearnfast thing ! For us
kindness and behaving properly towards others is just as important as our academic teaching. It’s an important part of our focus and is as important as our academic programme . Mindfulness is something we offer and parents comment on it. Our children have a high self esteem and a good moral compass that’s just part of our programme. Visit our website for more details


This is something I believe is very important. I’m an academic tutor and year after year I get children into extremely academic schools like Westminster School for boys for example , which is where I did my training. However splendid that school is I know not every child is going to suit that environment. Some are happier when expressing themselves creatively and can show they are super talented in art , sculpture and carpentry etc. Let you child shine as they are meant to.

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As an educator I recommend hundreds of books to all children from 2 to 16. One of my favourites for all ages , both children and adults is Winnie the Pooh. Not only because of the characters and the style of writing but because of the poignant pieces that give us the best quotes full of meaning and old fashioned principles this world seems to be losing.


My kids are amazing ..never let me down … kidslearnfast is the bomb…no nerves with the next one ! # 11plus


Another wonderful review for Kidslearnfast. The creative writing group was a wonderful experience for myself and the children and I saw a massive change in them and their skills. More groups to come


Two more fab book reviews for Tredicino and the Medalion keeper. If your child is talking the 11plus this year make sure they read this book as the vocabulary helps with it all


The best teachers teach for the outcome ..full stop! Kidslearnfast has the best tutors go to our website for details or ring 0956868119 #


For mums everywhere … the way we are much to do feed them , keep them clean , make sure they get enough sleep and give them confidence. So importantly too is making sure they learn and get the support they need. Making sure they get to the best school possible. Yours is the most important job in the world. Full stop ! We can help you … visit us at experttuition


School life funny .. . It’s good to see the funny side .. keep on learning everyone


For all children starting school this week … little school or big school … fly high ! Believe in yourself and enjoy the journey. # newschool

Photos from Kids Learn Fast's post 05/09/2023

Kidslearnfast has posted two new blogs today .. ..both include important tips for you as parents.So go to our website to the 11 plus category and find out how best to start off the new term. Also we tell you how important creative writing is to your child and how good grammar schools are now adding it to the exam making sure pupils of a higher calibre enter # onlinetuition


Matt the cartoonist can always be relied on to keep up with the times ! Good old Matt … if you are not going back because of the state of your school building remember what’s central to education is reading and researching general knowledge. Keep on learning


It’s back to school today for many … it’s back to reality. Reading makes for the fastest development in a child. It improves vocabulary , writing skills , general knowledge and grammar. Make sure you read one book per week or month. Start with my book ‘ Tredicino and the Medallion Keeper ‘ available on Amazon and from good book shops. Link in bio


I love waking up to my Tredicino messages. We are working on book 2
It’s nearly there ! Website coming soon too


Nearly there … new shoes , crisp uniform , new satchel and lunchbox … so exciting. Make the most of this new school year children and achieve your goals. Mums encourage reading and creative writing. My new creative writing blog will be posted this week , it really is so important a subject to master. In the meantime hold onto those new shoes. Best wishes Elisa from kidslearnfast

Photos from Kids Learn Fast's post 31/08/2023

Six week course on creative writing now complete. What a transformation in quality of work .. and in the children themselves. One child when we begun hardly spoke and today she was putting her hand up to contribute. This is what I call happy learning , productive learning and a journey well worth undertaking. If you would like to join our next creative writing group contact me . We have many levels and if you prefer a 121 contact me also via Kidslearnfast on 07956868119. Education is the best gift you can give your child and joining forces with a creativewritingexpert gives your child that extra necessary boost in the 11 plus exam


A firmly held belief at kidslearnfast …just emphasising it


When I saw this I immediately wanted to share it because it says it all ! I would probably change the word desire to want but regardless the sentiment is the same … stop everything and listen to them ..these are the moments they will remember


A great activity this summer is to collect pebbles on the beach and then decorate them when you get home .. make the most of summer before it goes again. Kindness matters is our new catch phrase at kidslearnfast. Read my blog on our website for educational tips you can use at home www.

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