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Gynocologist have wrecked my life. They are using too many devices and procedures in woman. They can't stop putting things into woman... fishie clips, mesh, Endometrial ablation, mesh, iud.
It is time it stopped. For the health and safety of all woman.
Most gynocologist only believe the sales representative information and are naive.
Please think holistically... it needs to change.
الجمعية العربية لأمراض النساء والتوليد والعقم
28th International Conference of
Arabic Society For Gynecology & Obstetrics
Gynecology & Obstetrics
10th – 11th February, 2021
Hilton Heliopolis Hotel, Cairo – Egypt
Please can you post this

“22q Deletion Syndrome - Why we should be screening in the UK. “

WEBINAR Tuesday 15th December.

Click on the link to register!

1. Patient and Family Perspective -- Speaker: Martin Kennedy, Max Appeal
2. Why Should We be Screening in the UK -- Speaker: Dr. Bryan Beattie, MD FRCOG, Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine
3. Genetics and Test Performance -- Speaker: Dr. Samantha Leonard, MBBS BSc (Hons) MA PhD MRCPCH, Senior Medical Director International at Natera, Inc.
4. Q&A

In our 40 minutes webinar, followed by a Q&A session, you will learn about:
• The impact of 22q11.2 deletion diagnosis on parents and families and how the Max Appeal Charity Organization can support.
• How to supportively counsel your patients regarding prenatal screening and diagnosis, key facts and clinical implications of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
• Genetics of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, clinical experience and prenatal screening.
Gynocologist have wrecked my life. They need to think holistically and not use all these devices and procedures. Particularly in the last 20 years it has got out of control.
Mesh, fishie clips, essure, iuds, ablations, depo shots m, bc pill... please stop!
2 Days Left! ⏳
For our unique Conference in the fertility & sterility society Field 🤝
The 26th Annual Inter. Conf. Of The Egyptian Fertility & Sterility Society (EFSS) 🌐
Be with us in our Live Virtual Conference 👌
🗓️ Conference Date: 26-27 Nov. 2020
Registration Link: 👇
Marketing Agency: Pure Spot Events Management.
What is your advice to those women who are pregnant at the moment, who have been told they could shield at 28 weeks but then with the change to then be told that they have to work during their 3rd trimester. Now with a 2nd lockdown and cases increasing in my local area and hearing reports that the number of pregnant ladies being admitted to hospital with COVID symptoms has increased. The mental state of probably a lot of women during this time has worsened and we think it’s acceptable to allow pregnant women to still work during their 3rd trimester with too much uncertainty. You may have studied this for 8 months of the affects it has on mother and baby but it’s not enough to be putting pregnant women’s anxieties at ease, more needs to be done not just to protect us physically but mentally also.
Egyptian Fertility and Sterility Society has the pleasure to inviting you to be part of it's Annual International Conference ( Virtual conference)
Nov 26-27, 2020
Registration Link: 👇
Marketing Agency
Pure Spot Events Management
Anas Al Ansary
[email protected]
Rcog guideline to manage post menopausal ovarian cyst
Will you be publishing any new guidance in light of the lockdown for pregnant teachers?
The Gathering Storm; worry, anxiety and fear in childbirth workshop.
Written and presented by The Royal College of Midwives president Kathryn Gutteridge.

Ideal for all student midwives, doulas, aspiring birth workers, midwives, anyone working in maternity.

Saturday 24th October 2020
10am to 12pm.

Certificate of attendance for this event.
Opportunity to ask Kathryn questions at the end too.
Kathryn is patron to Positive Birthing & Beyond
Hi RCOG community. I'm hoping for your help.
I'm trying to find out accurate figures on:

- how many women are in perimenopause in the UK
- how many of these are natural vs surgical perimenopause
- how many women in perimenopause are on HRT

There doesn't seem to be any latest stats published. The only figure online is 13m women are in perimenopause/post menopause but that comes from a Nuffield Study in 2014 and doesn't distinguish between the different stages. There are 7m women aged 40-55 years to give some context.

Also stats say 1m women are currently on HRT but again these are out of date studies. Any answers to help me on article I'm writing for Menopause Awareness Day would be gratefully received.

With 16,000 members worldwide, the RCOG works to transform women’s health and reproductive care. Our telephone number is +44 (0)20 7772 6200.

To get in touch with the College, please use the Contact Us page at The college is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Operating as usual


The MRCOG is a long and challenging yet ultimately highly rewarding journey. Discover why thousands of doctors globally pursue this prestigious qualification through our bite-sized video series:


Make a difference in the Specialty Education Programme by applying for the rewarding role of chair on our Specialty Education Advisory Committee. Apply by Wednesday 15 November:


Join us for this popular one-day course on managing massive obstetric haemorrhage (MOH).

Explore the latest advancements:

> The vital role of tranexamic acid

> Cutting-edge imaging modalities for placenta disorders

> Hands-on workshops for uterine compression sutures, devascularisation and balloon tamponade

Register today:


The deadline to apply for the 2024 MTI scheme is Monday 20 November 2023

This scheme allows international medical graduates to come to the UK for a maximum of two years to train in the NHS.

Find out more:


Volunteering with the RCOG is a rich and rewarding experience which offers a range of professional and personal benefits. Find out more why to get involved with our work:


The RCOG strongly believes there should be equal access to fertility treatment for everyone. Recent law changes will mean that female same-sex couples will no longer be required to pay for expensive screening for infectious diseases before reciprocal IVF, while couples with undetectable HIV will no longer be banned from having babies via IVF.

These changes are an important step to addressing inequities in access to fertility treatment, and we hope that work continues to tackle the obstacles faced by LGBTQ+ people and couples in particular.

During , we’re highlighting Katie’s experience of fertility treatment and the barriers she and her wife faced when trying to conceive.

Read her blog:


Join us for the Management of Multiple Pregnancy event on Friday 10 November 2023 chaired by Professor Asma Khalil, RCOG VP for Academia and Strategy and founder of the UK's first national registry for complicated multiple pregnancies.

Key reasons to attend:

- Understand rising multiple pregnancy rates

- Improve skills in managing complexities

- Close your knowledge gaps in guidelines

Register now:


The new issue of TOG is out now and includes articles on vulval disorders, ECMO in pregnant and postpartum women, and information sharing when caring for large-for-gestational age babies. Read the full issue:


Registration for the January 2024 MRCOG exam opens on Tuesday 14 November for eligible candidates

The MRCOG is a long and challenging, but ultimately highly rewarding, journey. Find out why thousands of doctors globally sit this prestigious qualification by watching our new bite-size video series:


As Black History Month comes to an end, it’s important to think about how we can continue to promote and celebrate diversity within the O&G specialty.

Having an open and honest discussion about the racism and bias that has been evidenced in maternity services and the profession is important for the College.

This is expanded on in RCOG’s Tackling Racism eLearning course. The six modules cover topics including differential attainment, the impacts of racism on lived experience and opportunities and what we can do together to tackle racism.

Access the course for free on RCOG Learning:


This week is National Fertility Awareness Week.

According to Fertility Network UK, 1 in 6 people in the UK experience fertility problems.

We strongly believe that there should be equal access to fertility treatment for everyone. However, in many areas of England and across Northern Ireland and Wales, people still cannot access three full NHS-funded cycles of IVF.

The UK Government recently launched a tool to increase transparency to help people find information about NHS-funded IVF treatment in their area.

Find out more:


This hybrid event is an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals with an interest in urogynaecology to improve their skills, hear current practice dilemmas and gain insights into managing patients with urogynaecological conditions.

Register for an in-person or virtual place here:


There are a variety of rewarding ways to get involved, from long-term roles on committees and working groups to contributing to important consultations and surveys. Find out more about how you can get involved with our work:


The incidence of multiple pregnancy is rising, secondary to the use of assisted reproductive techniques. This popular one-day course will provide a comprehensive update on the management of multiple pregnancy including new advances in prenatal diagnosis.

Book now:


Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination exist in every modern society - causing avoidable disease and premature death among groups who are often already disadvantaged. One way to address the health harms is to recognise and examine why this occurs.

This Black History Month, Mr Samuel Yosef from King’s College London explains his doctoral project which explores the influence of colonialism on obstetrics and gynaecology speciality training in the UK.

The project will bring together partners and an advisory group, to analyse GMC guidance for postgraduate specialty curricula, the O&G core curriculum and related guidance as well as interviewing stakeholders to understand how they experience and perceive the manifestations of colonialism in O&G training. It will then produce recommendations on what changes need to be made to address this issue and ultimately lead to more equitable care for patients.

Read the full blog:


On Thursday 30 November, the RCOG will be holding a unique in-person event, in collaboration with MedFest Egypt, to showcase a series of critically acclaimed short films that shed light on important women's health issues.

Led by RCOG Senior and Global Health Vice President, Professor Hassan Shehata, interactive sessions will provide a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing personal experiences and exploring potential solutions to issues raised in the films.

If you would like to contribute to a collective effort in addressing women's health challenges and promoting meaningful change, register now:

Please note: Films shown at this event will contain scenes and cover topics that some viewers may find upsetting.


The deadline to apply for the 2024 MTI scheme is Monday 20 November 2023

This scheme allows international medical graduates to come to the UK to train in the NHS.

Eligible candidates must have passed the MRCOG Part 1 exam.

Find out more:


Register for our free webinar on early pregnancy loss. Through sessions with expert speakers, we'll explore the psychological and physical aspects, delve into the role of male factors in miscarriage and discuss the latest research on recurrent pregnancy loss. Register now:


Registration for the January 2024 MRCOG Part 1 and 2 opens in three weeks

The MRCOG is internationally recognised as the gold standard qualification in O&G and opens up opportunities for global career and professional development.

Find out more:


Are you interested in research in the field of O&G? We have two prestigious roles open for applications on our Research Committee and Academic Board. Apply by Friday 17 November:


The Annual Academic Meeting abstract deadline has been extended to 9.00am on Monday 13 November

Successful authors will be offered the opportunity to present their work as part of the meeting.

Enter here:


One of Ranee Thakar’s priorities as RCOG President is to continue the progress made by the College towards achieving racial equity within the O&G specialty. This includes initiatives like our coaching skills training, which was launched last year with the aim of tackling barrriers to career progression and ensuring greater representation of minoritised doctors in the workforce.

This Black History Month, RCOG Clinical Fellow Dr Farah Siddiqui looks back on her experience as a coach on the programme, and discusses on the transformative potential of coaching in addressing the distinctive challenges encountered by medical professionals from underrepresented backgrounds.

Read the blog:


The abstract deadline for the Annual Gynaecology and Imaging Meeting has been extended to Friday 27 October at 9.00am GMT

Submit your abstract today to get an opportunity to present your research at the meeting.

Learn more:


To mark Black History Month, the staircase at our Union Street building is being lit up red, yellow and green throughout October.

In her latest blog, RCOG President Dr Ranee Thakar re-states her commitment to tackling the racial and ethnic inequities that persist in our specialty, as well as in women’s health outcomes and experiences of care.

Find out more:


We want to ensure our members’ voices are represented in everything we do. Your expertise and insight are crucial in informing our decision making. Find out more about opportunities to get involved:


MTI application closes on Monday 20 November 2023

Our Medical Training Initiative scheme allows international medical graduates to come to the UK for a maximum of two years to train within the NHS.

International graduates will benefit greatly from the knowledge, skills and techniques learned in the NHS and can use them to improve the level of patient care in their home country on their return.

Find out more:


Today is World Menopause Day.

The RCOG is committed to increasing understanding of menopause and taking action to ensure that everyone going through the menopause is supported. That is why we continue to support Wellbeing of Women’s .

Anyone looking for information about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can now go to the new dedicated women’s health pages on the NHS website.

The new NHS HRT pages include information about the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the different types of HRT, as well as alternative treatments to help with symptoms of menopause. Find out more:


RCOG Guidelines are world-wide recognised resources for healthcare professionals. Apply to join the Committee as member representative or shadow chair by Thursday 2 November 2023:


Plans for the UK’s first menopause education programme were recently announced by University College London, supported by the RCOG, to ensure that all women have access to reliable and accurate information.

Find out more:


MRCOG exam registration for January 2024 opens on Tuesday 14 November.

The MRCOG is internationally recognised as the gold standard qualification in O&G. It opens up opportunities for career and professional development and the virtual exam is now more accessible to O&G doctors globally.

Find out more:


This event will combine the latest updates and innovations in current and emerging issues in urogynaecology, with the chance to network with global colleagues and share ideas on how to advance the field.

Secure your place:


Led by the RCOG Senior and Global Health Vice President, Professor Hassan Shehata, our upcoming event, ‘Women’s global health in film’, will showcase a series of critically acclaimed and thought-provoking short films that shed light on important women's health issues.

Held in collaboration with MedFest Egypt at our Union Street headquarters, we hope to bring together an audience of healthcare professionals, advocates, scholars and the wider community to spark meaningful conversations around women’s health and wellbeing.

All proceeds will support the RCOG’s Global Health activities. Find out more and book your place:

Please note: Films shown at this event will contain scenes and cover topics that some viewers may find upsetting.


Every year on 15 October, the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week is marked by a global Wave of Light. This is an opportunity for people across the world come together and light a candle at 7pm local time to commemorate all babies who sadly died too soon.

To show the College’s support for Baby Loss Awareness Week, and all parents who have lost a much wanted pregnancy, Ranee and Kate, our President and CEO, are lighting their own candle for this year’s Wave of Light.

If you need support after a loss, there are many organisations that can help. Find out more:


The MRCOG Part 1 and Part 2 exams are now computer-based in state-of-the-art test centres across the world, making them more accessible than ever.

Watch this video for insight into what you can expect from one of our global Pearson VUE test centres on the day of your exam:


Volunteering with the RCOG is rewarding, supports career development, puts you at the forefront of vital work to improve women’s global healthcare and health rights and allows you to help shape future College priorities. Find out more:


Regardless of the stage of pregnancy or the number of losses, miscarriage can profoundly affect mental wellbeing. Many experience a range of emotions: grief, anxiety, fear, guilt, self-blame, isolation, or depression. Although these feelings are widely recognised, they are unfortunately seldom addressed.

Dr Nora Aniko Kiss from Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust explains her latest project on the psychological impact of recurrent miscarriage and aims to explore the reasons underlying its isolating nature.

Read more here:


This Baby Loss Awareness Week, we’d like to highlight one of our programmes.

The RCOG and RCM’s Tommy’s National Centre for Maternity Improvement are piloting a new digital tool to identify and support women with higher risk pregnancies.

The tool is able to identify early in pregnancy a woman’s chance of preterm birth or of developing problems with the placenta that may lead to stillbirth and provides decision support by offering care recommendations aligned to national guidance.

Find out more about the tool:


Successful authors will be offered the opportunity to present their work at the RCOG Annual Academic Meeting as part of the Annual Blair Bell Research Society Competition.

Find out more:

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Registration for the January 2024 MRCOG exam opens on Tuesday 14 November for eligible candidatesThe MRCOG is a long and...
Are you interested in research in the field of O&G? We have two prestigious roles open for applications on our Research ...
RCOG | Wave of Light 2023
The MRCOG Part 1 and Part 2 exams are now computer-based in state-of-the-art test centres across the world, making them ...
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