Online Music Lessons: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Recorder, Voice. 9+ years professional experience prov Hi all,

My name is Niamh. Many Thanks, Niamh

I am a music teacher and I have just recently moved from Ireland to Richmond area. I am currently practicing as a trainee music therapist and working for a music school. I absolutely love teaching so I am continuing my one to one work, currently providing individual lessons in Richmond. I have been attending my own individual music lessons since the age of 7 and it has truly been one of the most r

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Get that rhythm going! Free Online Summer Drumming Workshops with Edison Carolino of OKMT, for children with additional needs and their siblings up to the age of 18. You'll need your own drums or saucepans and wooden spoons!

Dates: Friday 24th July, Friday 31st August, Friday 7th August, Friday 14th August. 2 groups on each date at 10am and 11am.

Many thanks to BBC Children in Need for funding these fun workshops.

To book a place email: [email protected]

The Amber Trust - Anaya's story - Audio Described 18/06/2020

The Amber Trust - Anaya's story - Audio Described

Its about following the students way of learning. There is no one book to follow, or one way to learn. Really nice to see other teachers following the child’s interests and developing them from there. 🤩


The Amber Trust - Anaya's story - Audio Described This film is about early piano lessons with a blind child. It features five-year-old Anaya, who is blind, her teacher Daniel, and Adam Ockelford, founder of ...

The Amber Trust - Introduction to Amber Sound Touch 15/06/2020

The Amber Trust - Introduction to Amber Sound Touch

Just attended webinar with and feeling inspired.

The Amber Trust now has another fantastic application available called ‘sound touch’ for visually impaired music students.

Supporting music teachers, or anyone working with individuals with visual impairments as well as other complex needs and neurodegenerative diseases by providing resources such as; videos, strategies, advice, and sounds of intent levels.

“Amber Sound Touch has four sections covering different areas of teaching.
Each of the teaching roles is split into two parts:

Children's stories
Here you will find films showing what visually impaired children can achieve and various teaching approaches in action. You will also find details of how to use the resources available elsewhere on The Amber Trust website.

Here you will find useful suggestions on how to approach teaching visually impaired children in and through music, and how to tackle issues that may arise.”

The Amber Trust - Introduction to Amber Sound Touch Website: Amber Sound Touch is The Amber Trust’s online resource for teaching music to blind and partially sighted childre...


My Children’s Music Therapy go to instruments. Always use these. (There’s some hanging chimes in there too, who doesn’t like hanging chimes😍🎶)



10 Truths about Children Learning a Musical Instrument. What All Parents Must Know!👀

1. Learning a musical instrument is a lifelong journey and a family commitment.👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
2. Learning a musical instrument prepares you for life’s challenges.💪🏾
3. Learning music is food for the brain and makes you smarter.🧠
4. Parents need to be patient, tolerant and provide continual support.👏🏽
5. Learning a musical instrument involves time and commitment.🕐🕘🕞🕙🕘
6. Get involved in your child’s music education both in the class and at home.👩‍👦
7. Make music an important family activity and foster an environment that
VALUES music education in the home.🎶🤩🎵😊👏🏽
8. Learning a musical instrument is one of the greatest life gifts a parent can give
to their child.🛍🎁🎉
9. Music lessons must develop a child’s love and interest for learning music.🎧😍🎼🥰🎹😍🥁
10.Music education is a self-regulated industry; anyone can claim to be an
instrumental music teacher. (Make sure to check the teachers qualifications and experience). 👨🏿‍🎓🪕🧑🏻‍🎓🎻🎓📜

By Capitanio Australia’s Most Innovative Music Education Expert.

Ask Nat ep. 03: "ทำไมต้องอ่านโน้ต?" // "Play by ear", Why reading? 18/05/2020

Ask Nat ep. 03: "ทำไมต้องอ่านโน้ต?" // "Play by ear", Why reading?

Why you need to learn to read music as well as learn by ear. Excellent explanation again from NAT studios. 🙂

Ask Nat ep. 03: "ทำไมต้องอ่านโน้ต?" // "Play by ear", Why reading? Ask Nat [click "CC" for English subtitle] ถามณัฐ ที่ ณัฐสตูดิโอ Ep.03: ทำไมต้องอ่านโน้ต? // "Play by ear", Why reading? เคยไหม หาคำตอบได้ไม่ชัดเจน...

Jack Johnson & Paula Fuga - "Country Road and Give Voice" Kokua Festival 2020 Live From Home 13/05/2020

Jack Johnson & Paula Fuga - "Country Road and Give Voice" Kokua Festival 2020 Live From Home

Bedtime Tunes 🛏 💤 😴

I haven’t listened to Jack Johnson in so long, but I am really enjoying so many of these ‘quarantine concerts’.
He has such a laid back approach, there is nothing ‘fancy’ about his music, its no frills, simple and super chilled.
Also Paula’s voice 👌🏼 “give voice” 💓

Jack Johnson & Paula Fuga - "Country Road and Give Voice" Kokua Festival 2020 Live From Home Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga performing "Country Road" and "Give Voice" from Kōkua Festival 2020 - Live from Home this past Saturday. The festival is a fundra...



🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶


I have had a good few people asking about what my available times are. I am on so many platforms at this stage its sometimes hard to keep track to be honest.
Planning on staying in Vietnam until August and then I will return home in September so times will change again.
I do feel very fortunate that online platforms have allowed me to teach people from around the world though and I genuinely look forward to keeping this up.
If your interested in online music lessons you can PM me with any questions.
😊 🎹 🎸 🎤 😊



🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎹 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 🎹 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶

1. Do NOT wait for inspiration to occur.
This is the biggest trap you can fall for. I don’t know any musician who always feels inspired to practise. It takes dedication and discipline to master any craft. If you are waiting for inspiration to occur, you might be waiting a very long time. 🕰

2. Plan
Carve out a dedicated time to practise, as well as play the instrument for fun (set a timer). ⏰ Discuss their schedule with them, and invite them to think about when would be the best time to practice. This gives them autonomy and provides the opportunity for self-discipline. Agree upon a weekly fixed schedule and put this up on a board, or on the fridge where its clear for them to see. Choose days where there is more time available. (Do not choose a day when they already have swimming and dance class). Have a box available for them to tick. ✅ Ticking a box motivates you! It provides you with both a physical act and visual reference which verifies YOU did this, this gives you a sense of pride, and it feels good. 😊

3. How often should they practise?
Ok I always get asked this question. It’s a difficult one to answer, because it depends on the age of your child, how many other extra curricular activities they already have, their level/grade, and most importantly how much they currently practice. If the answer is….not at all. Well then you start with once a week and you build it from there. Once a week is an improvement from not at all. Its an achievable expectation and its motivating. Telling someone who doesn’t practise at all that they suddenly have to practise everyday is overwhelming and frankly has the opposite affect to motivating them. 😔 In an ideal world its short but regular in frequency. I.e. everyday day for 10 minutes; beginners, everyday for 30 minutes grade 5/6. (at-least 3 times a week)

4. Sleep on it.
We’ve probably all been told at some point ‘just sleep on it’. Well this phrase has the stats to back it up. Sleeping on it actually helps our brains to reconcile and sort through the information taken in during the day. 😴 If your child is ‘hitting a wall’ with practise, reassure them it will be better tomorrow, after they sleep.
Studies have shown that practising a piece and sleeping on it, can improve your memory and playing by approximately 20 percent. This is why regular practise is so important. Think of it like compounding interest, imagine making investments with 20 percent returns each day! 💰 💰 💰
Quality sleep is what we are talking about though, this is what will help you to make sense of a problem. I have been so shocked in the last few years with the amount of students telling me they are tired because they are having sleepless/restless nights, overwhelmed with the demands of school and extra curricular activities. I see this with the 11+ children in particular. Keep this in mind. Sleep deprivation affects: mood, cognitive functioning, memory recall, consolidation and general health and immune system. Set them up for success with balance and appropriate expectations. ⚖️ This leads me to the next point.

5. Set appropriate expectations
Learning an instrument is difficult. As a music lover it can be so hard to listen to your own mistakes. We want to create beautiful pieces; how we have heard them, or imagine them in our heads. 💭Unfortunately this is not how practise works, a piece usually has lots of stops and starts, bumps and falls. Don’t worry if this is the case-which it will be. Guide them in working on small sections- ‘lets work on the first verse/ the first 4 bars’. This will be more achievable and will ensure they don’t become disheartened as a result of rushing through a piece multiple times, only to end up with the same results. Also maintain hope and faith yourself. This honestly has a huge impact. Often my students don’t even realise what they can achieve, and they don’t believe they will ever be able to play a particular piece (only to be able to play it a few weeks later). I know what their potential is and I maintain that hope for them even when they don’t have it themselves. I also make sure to reflect on their progress every few weeks to give them further perspective and encouragement.

6. Host a performance once a week
Ask them about what is new, and if they can teach you a few notes of what they have learnt? This shows them you care, and you are interested in what they are learning. It is also a much better alternative to ‘have you done your practise yet?’ (which can often follow with an argument). This also gives you an opportunity to monitor their practise in a more motivating way. Make sure to also check the teachers notes here, this will aid their progress and keep them on track. Note: Not all tasks need to be completed in one day, and don’t chastise them for showing you something outside of the teachers notes; listen and encourage them, then ask them if they can show you something from the teachers notes. Set them a goal of hosting a performance online when the piece is almost complete (the home stretch), encourage them to record themselves first on the phone or iPad. This can be an excellent learning tool for them and also a great rehearsal for the actual performance. If they are happy to then share these recordings or perform online for family members; this can be extremely motivating. Children love to make their family members proud!

If these 6 steps are in place, your child will discover inspiration does occur. Your job is to set up the conditions. If there is a plan which works, where regular practise can occur, your child is having great sleep and a balanced lifestyle with appropriate expectations, and goals such as performances are in place, you will find they begin to play past the practise timer. The more they practise, the more they will enjoy the practise, because they will improve and it will sound better, more like how they imagined it.

Image by Kelly Sikkema



Giving my old recorder the long overdue ‘spotlight’.

This instrument gets such a bad rap because of improper technique and negative associations from primary school; 30 recorders screeching at the same time. However, I was one of those teachers who had to teach the 30 and I was determined to teach proper technique, breath control and understanding of the mechanics. Results; sweet sounds.

The recorder is one of the most affordable, accessible and portable instruments around. This recorder has been all over the world with me. So I am giving it its moment in the ‘spotlight’ now.


Lockdown is over where I am so I am glad I have more freedom to go outside and play.
If your still in lockdown and have some outdoor space why don’t you take your instrument outside and play. Or send the kids out.
This time of year when the sun is out, it can be hard for students to focus. When teaching in London I would often take the instruments to the back garden for a lesson. That way it didn’t feel like I was the teacher coming along to steal from their outside playtime. Instead we got to play outside. 🙂


A great book for a small fee. I actually got a few ebooks for free when I signed up to amazons free-kindle app.

This is a great book for ages (4-7). It imparts the message of when you help others amazing things can flourish from this. I think it also demonstrates how jealously and resentment can actually inhibit your own development and progress. This is an important lesson for both young and older musicians alike. Celebrate each other’s achievements and see how this impacts on each-other’s success.

Photos from Niamh4Music's post 04/05/2020

MUSICAL PANCAKES 😂 Trying to think of fun creative ways for my students to practice their music literacy and writing over the weekend. I thought making musical pancakes would be fun. It turned out to be SO much fun and challenging, and delicious! I managed to teach my cooking partner all the note names through the activity so it's definitely effective too.
This was my first time making pancakes so I will learn how to funnel pancake mix properly because I will defo be trying again soon 😊❤️🥞🎵🎶

Ask Nat ep.01: How long do I need to practice? / ซ้อมเปียโนนานเท่าไหร่ดี? 02/05/2020

Ask Nat ep.01: How long do I need to practice? / ซ้อมเปียโนนานเท่าไหร่ดี?

How long do I need to practice?
Select ‘CC’ for translation. 🙂
This school was my first stop in Asia and boy do they know their stuff. Amazing school, concert hall for performers, and musicians themselves 🙂

Ask Nat ep.01: How long do I need to practice? / ซ้อมเปียโนนานเท่าไหร่ดี? Ask Nat / ถามณัฐ / ที่ ณัฐสตูดิโอ ใครมีคำถามอะไรที่อยากถาม อ.ณัฐ เกี่ยวกับดนตรี comment มาข้างล่างนี้ได้เลยนะคะ แล้...

Anytune Music Slow Downer Home Page 30/04/2020

Anytune Music Slow Downer Home Page

Ever listened to a song and tried to play along, only to constantly fall behind?
It can be SO frustrating. I found this app ‘anytune’ a few years ago that allows you to slow down the recording at your pace.
This means you can play along to ‘anytune’ and gradually speed up the tempo.
Pretty handy!:)

Anytune Music Slow Downer Home Page Slow down music, choose the perfect pitch and learn to play by ear! Anytune (FREE)

Free “Piano by Ear” and sheet music piano lessons & videos 29/04/2020

Free “Piano by Ear” and sheet music piano lessons & videos

If you’re on the fence 😕 about taking piano lessons, but you have access to an old keyboard or piano this website gives you 4 free lessons with great explanations!
If you just haven’t played in a while and need a refresh you can also sign up for 4 free recorded lessons.
You can even choose the style you would like to work on, pretty sweet! 🙂

Free “Piano by Ear” and sheet music piano lessons & videos This is the web site of Hear and Play Music. Our postal address is 22521 Avenida Empresa Suite 113 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 We can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] For each visitor to our Web page, our […]

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