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Great team meeting this morning!! Feeling inspired 👍
When 4 weeks into a programme your self esteem group suggest and lead a different way to do the mirror mirror activity. I wonder if confidence is improving.
Team Building.

Strengthening Minds offers fresh, interactive programmes that help engage, teach and develop young p


It’s fair to say that the boys at Harris Academy South Norwood enjoyed their first Strengthening Minds session! Looking forward to witnessing lots of positive progress being made in the weeks to come 🤝


This is what it is all about! This incredible young lady used to be a participant in the Strengthening Minds programme when she was a student. Fast forward 8 years… she has successfully completed a psychology degree at university and is now a Behaviour Mentor supporting others. 👏


All set for session 1 of the Positive Behaviour & Emotional Well-being Programme at Strood Academy. The start of a 10-week journey for the students. Let’s do this 💪


Our Year 7 ‘Transition Support’ prog is back! Over 5000 students nationwide benefited from this support across 40 schools last year. This resource is a must have to ensure year 7’s get off to the best possible start come September 👇…


It’s tough for young people at school, especially those in their final years preparing for exams and the big wide world.

Helping them to understand their purpose and use that to help them achieve their goals is vital.

It’s easy to be motivated when things are going well, but it’s the tough times where motivation matters most. A great session with brilliant young people 👊🏻


229 young people attended our summer holiday sessions last week!

Every single young person who attends is able to participate for FREE with a daily lunch provided!


A fantastic start to our summer programme across the Kent communities 😎

Over 100 young people have engaged with activities so far and there is plenty more fun to be had over the coming weeks 😊❤️

WOW! What a great start to the summer so far... with our Summer Sports Project and the Holiday Activities Programme, across the & community hubs, we have delivered activities to 113 children - IN ONE WEEK!

The fun continues throughout August... get in touch for more info!

Moat Homes The Gillingham Street Angels Gary the Trainer Olympia Boxing CIC Active Community Solutions


What an academic year it has been! Despite the challenges faced, the team has simply not stopped throughout!

Virtual well-being sessions ✅
✅ Endless Zoom/Teams meetings
Recruitment of new staff ✅
✅ Management of 4 community hubs
Supporting holiday hunger & food distribution ✅
✅ Weekly check-ins for vulnerable service users
Brand new programmes created ✅
✅Programmes established in close to 100 schools nationwide
Staff recognised for their hard work and commitment ✅

The work doesn’t stop, our amazing community team will be supporting hundreds of young people through our summer programmes 😎

Wishing all the amazing school staff, families and most importantly, children a very well-deserved summer break ❤️


Transition Support Programme

Delighted to already have a number of signed up to take forward our Transiton Support Programme!

The programme is full of great resources that will positively support students in making a successful start to secondary

The programme can be delivered as part of or through structured PSHE lessons/ tutor time throughout the autumn term!

Check out some of our amazing resources for yourself 👇

⭐️ ⭐️

Transition Support | mysite 09/05/2021

Transition Support | mysite

With just a day away, we are incredibly proud to launch information of our new Transition Support Programme. The programme will help children transitioning from primary to secondary education in September.

Who does the programme support?

🔵 SHOOLS who want to implement a structured and meaningful approach to supporting transitional well-being of students

🔴 ORGANISATIONS who are seeking to build links with the local community through ‘sponsoring a school’ to participate

🟢PARENTS/CARERS who would like to access support in developing meaningful conversation with their child about starting secondary school

How does it work? Why not find see for yourself. Click the link below to access our brilliant resources for session 1, for FREE!

⭐️ ⭐️

Transition Support | mysite Our Transition Support Programme is an effective and engaging solution to the challenges year 7 transition can bring. Packed with exciting activities and meaningful tasks, our Transition Support Programme gives every year 7 student starting in September access to vital wellbeing support that enriche...


A great morning in Bristol, training staff from the Yate Academy to implement our support programmes across their school.

We now work with over 60 schools nationwide in ensuring effective provisions are in place to support mental health & wellbeing.

To find out more about our programmes and the impact they have, visit 👇

❤️Helping People Grow❤️


Another successful 10-week Positive Behaviour & Emotional Well-being programme delivered. These amazing young people have made some incredible progress throughout the course!

It’s a privilege to do this job ❤️


Our amazing Community Team and Moat Homes have distributed over 150 food parcels to vulnerable residents across our four Kent communities since the start of the year.

Our Food Banks will continue to operate until the end of March, before looking at other ways we can continue to support residents in need during these difficult times.

This support is available in and If you know anyone that may benefit from this service please ask them to follow the relevant community pages below for more information 👇

Gravesend Community Hub
Stanhope Community Hub
Gillingham Community Hub
Sittingbourne Community Hub

Proud to support such a brilliant initiative ❤️


Jaydens Story | mysite

The wellbeing of young people continues to be our number one priority. Over 4000 young people each year access our programmes of support and we are extremely proud of every single one of them!

Never underestimate the positive impact that support can have on our young people. Lead by example, be kind, and always find time to talk about mental health.

Below is a short story of how our support has helped one of our amazing young people. Read Jayden’s story below👇

Jaydens Story | mysite Jayden had always been an extremely intelligent, likeable and enthusiastic young person. Unfortunately, these positive qualities were unable to blossom for many years as a result of a low sense of self-esteem. Rather than embrace his creative side and sociable nature, he allowed feelings of self-dou...

Photos from Strengthening Minds Ltd's post 04/12/2020

🎄Christmas is fast approaching across the Moat Homes Kent community hubs. Together, we have put in place a brilliant programme of activities for families across our Community Hubs to enjoy.

Our timetable of support can be found below, along with further information about each activity.

If you know anyone living across the areas outlined please do spread the word so that as many people as possible have access to these FREE activities.

Thank you as always for your support.

The Strengthening Minds (Community Team) 🎄


As always, any support in spreading the word is appreciated. It is important that people who may need to access this support are aware that it’s there.


As part of our continued commitment to support the Gravesend community through the Moat Homes community project, we will be teaming up with the brilliant The Gillingham Street Angels in providing a Community Kitchen once a week, throughout the next month.

If you know anyone that may need to access a food parcel, simply let them know to turn up at the Gravesend Community Hub this coming Monday (9th November) between 11.30am-1.30pm.

We are here to support where we can. No questions asked. Full details below👇


What a week it was across the Moat Homes community hubs. 87 young people accessed the Fit & Fed programme with the brilliant Olympia Boxing CIC and a further 188 young people were able to access a FREE packed lunch.

A huge thank you to everyone for sharing and raising awareness across the communities. We will continue to do all we can to support local people through these challenging times.

A special shout out to our hub worker Louise, she has gone above and beyond to ensure no one missed out on our half term support.


Photos from Sittingbourne Community Hub's post 28/10/2020



Please spread the message. The least we can do is let people know of the support that is available 🙏🏻

A reminder that we will be offering a FREE packed lunch for any young person under the age of 16 at the Sittingbourne Community Hub TODAY.

Simply turn up to 33 Cavell Way ME10 1BL between 1pm-2.15pm to collect this. No questions asked.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this, please pass this on.

Thank you 😊


Another great day, this time at the Stanhope (Ashford) Community Hub. 25 young people were Fit & Fed with the brilliant Olympia Boxing CIC and a further 24 young people were able to access a FREE packed lunch 👍

Tomorrow we will be in Sittingbourne ensuring many more young people are fed this half term ❤️


Our FREE packed lunch initiative will be in Ashford (Stanhope) today. This is a completely new area for us, any support in spreading the word will be greatly appreciated.

Any young person under the age of 16 that might benefit from this can simply turn up to the Stanhope Community Hub- 67 Otterden Avenue, Ashford, TN23 5TH between 1pm-2.15pm to access their free packed lunch.

Photos from Gravesend Community Hub's post 26/10/2020

What a start to the week! Thank you to everyone for their support in spreading the word.

Tomorrow the team will be at the Stanhope Community Hub in Ashford providing a FREE packed lunch to anyone in need!

67 Otterden Close, Ashford, TN23 5TH


A busy start to the day at the Moat Homes Gravesend Community Hub We have the amazing Olympia Boxing CIC here keeping our young people ‘Fit & Fed’ this half term.

In addition, we are supporting a FREE lunch will be provided to ALL young people under the age of 16 who might need to access this. 7 Warrior Avenue, Gravesend, DA12 5NA 1pm-2.15pm

A big thank you to The Gillingham Street Angels and Morrisons Gravesend who have supplied us with the food to support the community.


During half term Strengthening Minds will be providing a FREE packed lunch for any young person under the age of 16 across the Kent community hubs that we support across

Whilst we may not be able to do much, we will always do what we can!

Please share the information below to ensure as many young people as possible are given the opportunity to receive a Free packed lunch this half term.

Full details below👇🏻


The response to our ‘Life After Lockdown’ programme has been incredible. As it stands, over 10,000 young people will benefit from this support when they return to school in September.

We are looking for organisations with a passion for working with their local community to join our ‘Support a Local School’ initiative.

Not only is this a great opportunity to support the wellbeing of a generation, but also a chance to access the fantastic benefits of becoming a Strengthening Minds supporter.

For further information and to find out how you can be a part of this fantastic programme of support, please visit 👇


‘Life After Lockdown’ Wellbeing Support Programme

We are delighted to introduce our ‘Life After Lockdown’ wellbeing support programme for schools.

The programme can support young people from Year 4 - Post 16 in successfully transitioning back to school in September post lockdown.

We have no doubt that the past 3-months will have been extremely difficult for our young people. The ‘Life After Lockdown’ programme aims to help them explore their feelings in relation to these unprecedented times, explore strategies of support, and increase self-confidence & motivation.

If you work in a school or know someone who does, and feel this programme could benefit your students- please see the link below to find out more👇🏻

We have numerous FREE ‘virtual’ taster sessions taking place over the coming months. To register your interest please email [email protected]

In addition, if you are parent concerned about how your child will adapt to the wider school community returning in September, please do share our information with your school.

Thank you as always for your support ❤️

Photos from Strengthening Minds Ltd's post 20/04/2020

A brilliant day delivering wellbeing packages to the young people who attend our youth sessions. Whilst they can’t come to the hub right now, it’s important they still know we care. Lots of brilliant activities to keep them and the family entertained. Second round of deliveries happening tomorrow. A big thank you to the team for their help with this 💪🏻❤️


A huge thank you to everyone for sharing our resource. Really pleased that people are finding this helpful.

Looking for a meaningful writing activity to do with the children today? We think now is a great time to start putting letters of support and appreciation together for the key workers who are working tirelessly to keep us safe. NHS workers, school staff, essential services, vulnerable neighbours! We want to get as many letters as possible so that we can share these and let people know how much we appreciate them. If we get enough response we will read some of our favourites out live. Please get involved ❤️ You have until 12pm Friday to send these through to [email protected] we will ensure all letters are shared! Let’s do this 💪🏻❤️💪🏻


With many of us set to spend long periods of time at home, let’s take a breath and do it in style. We hope you find our ‘Guide To Staying At Home...In Style’ useful. Lots of activities for children, teens and the family as a whole. Tips on how to stay calm, healthy and happy during what is an extremely difficult time for us all. The full interactive booklet can be found at:


Photos from Strengthening Minds Ltd's post 20/12/2019

What an incredible year it has been. We now have over 50 schools delivering our emotional wellbeing programmes, 80 Strengthening Minds Facilitators and most importantly, thousands of young people have benefitted from our support.

We continue to grow, a full time member of staff will be in place to deliver programmes across our new schools in Manchester and Leeds in the new year.

We also set up Strengthening Minds UK C.I.C which focuses solely on supporting local communities to thrive. In 3-months we have already worked directly with over 200 residents.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support and for the believe in what we do.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas ❤️


Please share with anyone living in or around the Sittingbourne Community 😀

A reminder that our Community Christmas Celebrations take place at the Sittingbourne Community Hub tomorrow! Lots of fun and free activities on offer. Children can visit Santa’s Grotto, parents can grab a bite to eat and most importantly, it’s a great opportunity to meet members of the local community. Hope to see as many people attending as possible. Please share so that no one misses out on this brilliant event. 🎅🏼😊


What an amazing evening! A huge thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate with us ❤️

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our Community Christmas party! It was lovely to meet so many people from the local community and share the festive celebrations with you all! Please do get in touch if you would like more information about all the brilliant work that takes place within the hub. Thank you all again, we look forward to working with you more moving forward. Steve (Strengthening Minds) 😀


Please share to support this brilliant event! Lots happening and most importantly everything is FREE!

Santa’s Grotto ✅
Food and Drink ✅
Prize Draw ✅
Bauble Making ✅
Party Games ✅

Come along to find out more about what’s coming up in the New Year to support the local community! ❤️

A reminder that tomorrow is our Christmas Community Party at the Gravesend Hub. Lots of fun and FREE activities taking place. Lots of prizes to be won and great fun to be had! Everyone welcome, please share with anyone that could be interested. Any questions please email [email protected]



The Gillingham Community Hub, Christmas party was a huge success! A massive thank you to everyone who came along, and of course, to the amazing Strengthening Minds team for all of their hard work in making it happen! One down and two to go 💪🏻❤️


Really looking forward to our Community Christmas event at the Gillingham Hub this afternoon. Please share with anyone you know, who might be interested in popping along!

Today is the day for our Community Christmas Get Together at the Gillingham Community Hub. Lots of FREE and fantastic activities on offer! Hope to see as many local residents join us as possible! Don't forget your Christmas Jumper

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Transition Support Programme
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