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Chris is a vocal expert who understands the demands on performers today, and the vital role voice training plays in developing and sustaining vocal range and strength, night after night. Manual therapy and massage techniques also help those hardworking or previous injured avoid getting stuck in a physical voice-block. He has helped thousands of vocalists to be the best possible version of themselv

Operating as usual


Singer Christmas Myth - “Stay out of the cold or you’ll get ill!”

As with all myths, they seem totally logical. While there is some truth to this, it ISN’T top of the list of reasons why people get ill in winter.

The biggest reason in the research, according to neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, is because we spend way more time indoors with other filthy humans. Coughing and spluttering everywhere.

If you’re a singer and you don’t want to get knocked off your perch during the business season, you are better off keeping your distance from crowds when indoors.

As far as being outside in winter…. as long as you aren’t getting cold at your core, you’re not more likely to pick up anything than being indoors. Less, in fact.

We should’ve all learned this from COVID, as outside was the only place you could meet for a while.

If you are also breathing through your nose pretty much all the time, you’ll have a barrier to becoming sick. You also won’t get a dry voice from mouth breathing… because really cold air is actually quite dry. As is artificially heated air in our homes. The combo of dry air, mouth breathing and people gathering is a perfect storm for transferring viruses etc.

If you are worried about getting ill during the busy periods, fortunately there’s a lot less stigma around wearing a face covering these days.

What are some of your tried and tested methods for avoiding sickness?


Last nights movement for voice workshop was a blast, with some amazing reports!!!

The numbers mentioned below aren't musical intervals.... They are scores out of 10 for how good the singing felt before and after!

Although I've been doing this stuff for around 7 years, I still learn a lot every group session I do with singers. The feedback is always so varied, and continually feeds into my understanding of it.

Obvs that helps me make it better in the future!

If you missed this class yesterday, there's another one on Tuesday morning. Go to the link in the bio for more info before it’s gone!


Jaw trouble in singing? It's very common, and it can be for a variety of reasons that often are NOT the jaw itself. Try this quick check-in below to see if you can find more freedom.

But, while you're figuring it out, you can reconnect to a feeling of easy opening and closing starting with this.

The image below is a shot from the upcoming 'Voice In Motion' downloadable exercise booklet. 80's kids (like me) will recognise the Reach toothpaste reference!

Essentially, in order to find a different openness to the jaw we can reverse the way we open it.

Instead of first dropping the jaw with gravity, and then the muscles under the chin/neck pulling the jaw open, we can leave the lower jaw in place and tip the head back instead. It's often good to gently hold the chin in place with your hands while you do it.

This can get to an open mouth WITHOUT the tenseness coming to the muscles under the chin.

Why's that important? For any anatomy nuts, those under-chin muscles can yank around on the voice box. So it's best they aren't tensed from the start!

Exploring this every day can remind us what it feels like to let the jaw open by relaxing off the bite! Many of us can forget what's that's like due to.... ummm... life!

After finding that way to open, and then going through the comfortable range of motion several times, the effect on voice can be really freeing.

Try it several times and tell me what you feel below. Can you reproduce the freedom of movement in the normal position now?

There's much more inside the upcoming workshops on using movement to make greater progress in your voice. If you'd like to get some info about it, just let me know and I'll fire it over to you.


Finalising the *funky😎* movement workshop next week. As you can see, this ain't a wall of text... it's 100% practical.
One of the first concepts we'll cover is how the ARMS AND SHOULDERS change the vocal outcome.

Arm positions and movements do so much, partly because reaching in different directions can easily affect your balance, which activates different posture/breathing combinations to experience.

Shoulder movement also leads to rib movement, and the arms can be used in a way to focus the mind, helping with performance anxiety (à la 'power pose', but less cliché!).

All of these things can directly affect your vocal tone, comfort and strain. In fact, that happens so often that the arms/shoulders are the biggest hitters for my clients. That's because they can help you discover new ways to encourage your body to work with your voice...

.. and then without flinging your arms around ;)

To join us ONLINE on either the 7th @ 7pm or the 12th @ 10am, drop me a line below or reach out in some way and I'll send you something.

You WILL discover something new to stoke up your vocal progress!


Take a break from those VOCAL EXERCISES for a moment, and consider this! 🙇
I meet TONS of singers who feel a bit stagnant… then we look at movement and BANG! The ceiling feels lifted.

As social media was very interested in this last week, I’ve put something exciting together for you and scheduled it in 2 WEEKS!

It’ll be awesome, ridiculously practical and involve ZERO vocal exercises. You’ll discover new and exciting things about your voice through physical movement… things that singing scales can never give you.

Jump on it, as this will be a LIVE ONLY online workshop (no replay) and it’ll be here before you know it.

To thank you for being an early adopter, here’s a code to get 25% off an already accessible price: MOVE23

Here’s the link to find out more and register 👇🏼👇🏼 Copy/paste it or go to the link in my bio:

Go any q’s… hit me up below and I’ll happily answer them.
If not, I’ll look forward to showing you this highly useful and unique method.


Movement is easily the quickest way to find new and exciting things your voice can do, plus understand what's in your voice's way.
Drop me a line below to let me know you have an appetite for it.

If there is appetite, I'll get ON IT + give you a gift for your time!


SINGERS... I've got a new website after being offline for a while (don't ask). To celebrate being back online, you can get 35% OFF 1:1 sessions with the code NEWSITE.

Just go to the link in my bio, or check the comments, and whack it in at the checkout!

As standard with voice training, you get:
1) A personal online folder with your lesson recording
2) Support through WhatsApp for those times when you're stuck
3) A thorough plan that gets you closer to your goal without becoming a drag on your time!

Plus, use the code as many times as you like!


I’ll send you FREE TRAINING on MIX if you help me with these two questions (also check the short vid!):

1) What would be your major goal (or goals) in a 90day singing program?

2) Arguably more important… what do you think has been the reason for NOT achieving your goals with training you’ve done already?

Maybe the exercises didn’t work. Maybe there was no feedback. Maybe it worked to begin and then petered out. Maybe it asked for too much time.

Comment or DM your experiences and I’ll send you a FREE 1 hour training I did earlier this year called Unstick Your Mix Pt.1. It’s how to use movement to help discover mix and it’s super cool.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


What on earth is going on here singers?

No.. the song isn't 'We are sailing'.

It's a snippet all about movement I did for Singeo, and how it's a way to calm the mind for performance anxiety. Often more effective than thinking your way out of it. There's a full video in the comments to delve further!



Last minute, turns out I'll be coaching in London, only tomorrow, for the first time in YEARS!!

I'm in to see a client, but I'll have a couple hours around that. So if you'd like to come and see me then drop me a DM and I’ll send you a link to check the schedule or book a session. 15th June only.

I'll do the finger guns for free though...

Comment if you have any questions at all!



Last minute, turns out I'll be coaching in London, only tomorrow, for the first time in YEARS!!

I'm in to see a client, but I'll have a couple hours around that. So if you'd like to come and see me then check the comments for a link to check the schedule or book a session. 15th June only.

I'll do the finger guns for free though...

DM me if you have any questions at all.


Went to the first gig in ages last week to watch a client in a terrific show. Anyone know which town I was in from the pic?

Thanks to for making me look important and getting me on the guest list.

Photos from Chris Johnson Vocal Coach's post 13/04/2023

Had a really amazing day working with the artist development program at HQI in White City last week.

Movement was the first port of call, but embodying characters with an easy framework was what really got the excitement in room.

The vocal transformations that happened from just having the permission (and some inspiration!) to portray an unusual character made for some serious WOW moments.


Ballet cat


Get UNSTUCK in your vocal range!
There are LEGIONS OF PEOPLE who struggle with this and have to flip, strain or shout past that ceiling in their range.

For you, I have created a very practical 3-part workshop to give you the quick wins and the tools to figure it out. I'll share with you the most awesome voice training exercises AND I’ll show you exactly how to do them so that you can build a bigger, easier and stronger vocal range.

You're going to love it, and if you don't I'll refund your money. Speaking of money, register before Monday 13th and receive a generous discount!

To find out more or register, click the link below now!

Message me if you have any questions


It was my little lads 2nd birthday this weekend.

I have been amazed at how quickly his rhythm and melody skills come forward with each day.

It's just a shame that it's on Baby Shark (waaaaaaaaa).


The release date for my online singing workshop on mix, UNSTICK YOUR MIX, is coming soon.

I asked my followers what they wanted to learn and this was the most popular topic. Whether you're a beginner or pro, this workshop and the principles in it work for the full range of voice user to approach the elusive 'mixed voice'.

Plus, there may be some special bonuses around the other workshops in the survey if you decide to join us for UNSTICK YOUR MIX.

Comment below if you're interested and I'll send you the link with all of the info and booking details.



SINGERS... TRY THIS and let me know what happens below.

These are very usual suspects when it comes to vocal trouble, and save you from banging away at vocal exercises!

Also, DM me if you want to explore how those strange little improvements can be made permanent.


Best buds… most of the time…


Nebulisers vs. Steamers - FIGHT!

This article, which I wrote years ago, is still really popular because voice care is a growing business!

There’s tons of stuff in the full blog, but a few main points why a nebuliser can be better than steaming are:
1) Nebulising with isotonic saline (highly recommended) rehydrates better and quicker than anything else, as it can pass into the mucosal membrane easiest.
2) The large droplet size of steam means much of it condenses in the mouth/throat before it reaches the larynx, which is much less likely with the tiny droplets from a nebuliser.
3) The high heat of steam may not be good for certain vocal conditions.

I think every busy voice user could benefit from having a nebuliser in their gig bag. Teachers included, and especially when the schedule is heavy.

After all, you do get through a lot of breath when speaking and singing, which can inevitably leave your vocal folds dryer. And you can bet your bottom dollar that dry folds need considerably more ‘pushing’ to vibrate, which can lead to big risks to your vocal health.

If you’ve been considering a hydration helper for you or your clients, hop on this article (link in bio) and see what’s what.


It’s our mission to help teachers overcome the ever present imposter syndrome by empowering them with the tools and the knowledge to approach ANY vocal problem confidently.

In this snippet, one of our ‘Evolve’ course members briefly shares what this course has allowed her to do and the effect it’s had on her students with the lesson.

Annette felt she was “faffing around” before she eventually took the plunge, but after taking the Evolve course she has said “it’s the best thing I have ever done”. Students are leaving after an hour having achieved what they came in to do, and the sometimes hazy way forward with a singer is now clear!

Message us to receive a free consultation call and start your transformation!


This weekend I satisfied a long term interest in and his method.

It was an awesome intro hosted by instructor in the picturesque South Downs.

I mean, the first 30 seconds of the ice bath was certainly memorable 🤪 Ducky read 1 degree.

However, the deep breathing was the most revelatory. Not only did 40mins pass in a blink, but being able to easily do a breath hold for 2 minutes was wild.

Also, I felt so damn warm the next day that I kept having to take layers off when everyone else was putting them on! I guess that’s the cold exposure doing its job.

Highly recommend it if you’re intrigued. Thanks to for the birthday present!


Last reminder for anyone who has this on their radar...

My 4-part ACOUSTICS & RESONANCE FOR VOICE TEACHERS online class starts TOMORROW 8pm UK, and closes in 24hrs!

If you'd like more details, a course summary, or to sign up, DM me and I'll fire it over to you ASAP!


A beautiful morning to get out on the water. I am now officially an SUP’er!

Singing Anxiety SOLVED - How to sound (and feel) BETTER when you're scared. 12/09/2022

Recently I teamed up with Singeo to create an accessible short course for singers to use the body to improve their voice.

That is due out very soon on their platform, but we did also discuss lots of other topics in our time together. One of which is how you practice to reduce anxiety and why our voice might struggle when we are in 'fight or flight'.

Here's a free useful snippet for you:

Singing Anxiety SOLVED - How to sound (and feel) BETTER when you're scared. The best tool to deal with singing anxiety is movement. That's why we flew Chris Johnson across the Atlantic to teach you how to unlock the power of your sin...


Sad day for Britain and surreal to see.
Reminded me of this picture where the Queen photobombed MY picture in her own backyard.


Are one2one's hard to make work in your budget?

Currently I’m asking my email list if something that I used to do, group singing technique sessions, would help facilitate training during these times.

Group sessions present an opportunity to learn and interact with me if one to one session aren’t financially easy.

The gist?

We will be sure to carve out goals, understand how to apply vocal technique and boost learning, practice like a pro, and get to take simple but effective plans home that I use in my studio every day… every hour.

I look at singers as entire system and people, so we will approach the parts of technique that help you to get over your personal bugbears, and discover even more skill by delving into areas that you may have never breached before!

It’ll be fun, exciting, supportive, various and valuable. You’ll also be in a group of like-minded people that you can interact with inside and outside of the sessions.

When & Where?

They would be an hour, held LIVE on Zoom (most likely a Tuesday or Thursday early evening) and span around 10 weeks. Each session will cover its own focussed area of vocal technique, with exercises for you to experiment with and spend time with between sessions.

What do I need you to do? Well, first, be sure to tell me that you’re interested by registering your name your contact details. Just click this link:

If it seems like something my sphere would find helpful, I’ll cement times/dates/fees and contact you directly to offer you one of the very limited places.


Online class (Zoom) Wednesday 21/9/22, 8pm UK.
*Follows on every Wednesday at the same time for 4 weeks. Sign up here:

This 4-part class is designed for all levels of coach and teacher, with the aim to approach resonance and acoustics in a way that is easy to understand. After all, most teachers give up on the technical or dry texts that are available on these subjects, which means they miss out on the huge benefits of understanding the principles!

However, with ourselves and with our students, the best approach is to feel and play with the vocal activities long before too much information comes at you. That’s where we speak the language of learning skills in the body - EXPERIENCE.

That is, rather than lots of information. That's because words often serve to muddy the experience, so if we approach our lessons with this simple adjustment our singers can learn A LOT quicker.

Across the series, we will tie together the concepts of vowels, voice placement, vocal registers, exercise choice and even belting with tools that have a foundation in logic. Why? So we can take some of the guess work out of it, helping you to be able to pinpoint the right approach to help that singer.

Peppered in there, I will also help you to demystify the ideas of resonances and harmonics (still with me *wink face*?) and why they can be useful to understand.

It is officially a live class on Zoom, where the last 30mins will give you the opportunity to ask questions or experience the tools with my guidance. In my long experience of training teachers, live feedback is crucial to making new education a greater success in your studio. If you can't make it and absolutely have to catch it on recording, that will be available to you the following day on the dashboard, but I highly recommend you make a short term diary adjustment so you can attend live and direct!

What you'll get:
- Applicable tools for training resonance
- A much clearer understanding of vocal acoustics
- Assisting and discovering registers through vowel acoustics
- Q&A and live interaction

Sign up here:

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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I’ll send you FREE TRAINING on MIX if you help me with these two questions (also check the short vid!):1) What would be ...
I’ll send you free training on MIX if you help me with these two questions:1) What would be your major goal (or goals) i...
What on earth is going on here singers? No.. the song isn't 'We are sailing'. It's a snippet all about movement I did fo...
Get UNSTUCK in your vocal range!There are LEGIONS OF PEOPLE who struggle with this and have  to flip, strain or shout pa...
Acoustics & Resonance For Voice Teachers
Are one2one's hard to make work in your budget?Currently I’m asking my email list if something that I used to do, group ...
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