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Jules Yoga London


No matter whats going on, no matter how hectic or crazy my week is becoming... i can always rely on my Amazing yoga teacher Julie Vindis to bring me back to my centre.
Thanks for a brilliant yoga class and all the giggles Jules. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š πŸ’–
Getting ready to head off to a BWY full day workshop on Urdhva Dhanurasana in Cobham with David. This is one of those poses that has a magical technique which is eluding me. I hope I find it today. Take a look!

I teach Hatha and Yin yoga. Since March 2020 my classes are online only. Please visit my website for I am truly passionate about teaching beginner's yoga.

To see the students' faces when they realise that all they needed is the guidance of a teacher that cares to achieve a posture, is truly the yoga magic at work!

Operating as usual


May 2023 bring you laughter, sunshine, health, and peace. Oh and lots more yoga! Happy New Year! πŸͺ„πŸ₯³πŸ€—πŸ™ # # #


πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ I'm a HUGE fan of Marvel Agents of Shield. There's often an IG golden nugget in most episodes, but this one is really worth a mention.

When applying these steps to every aspect of your life, the first step is usually the toughest, and we know in our hearts that the second step will be a little easier and so on.

πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ Recently for me clipping both feet into my pedals has been a big step. I had a sideways fall a while back when the cleat in my shoe got stuck in the pedal and wouldn't release as I came to a stop.

Cycling inside on a static trainer is great, but the experience of cycling on the road requires 100% concentration, and reassurance that before you stop, you have a process as you approach the traffic lights and its done in the correct order:

πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ Release the foot cleated into the pedal ready to lower to the ground
πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ Lower the gears to make it easier to cycle away promptly
πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ Relax the body and breathe...
For regular outdoor cyclists, these points may seem so blooming obvious, but we all have to start with tiny steps to (re)build our confidence.

May you be inspired to take new steps in the right direction today.

With kindness and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ I'm talking about creating yoga inspiration.

If you're a teacher, what do you do to get the creative juices flowing again? Do you...

✨ Take a class with a senior teacher you admire who will challenge you?
✨ Review your deeply-researched posture profiles for a reminder of stages long forgotten?
✨ Think outside the posture stages box and focus on therapy easing - Sciatica for example?

We can get stuck in our own ways of teaching that are comfortable and do not challenge our mind or body, let alone our students!

As long as you can recognise the time when YOU need to be inspired, then you will continue to inspire your yogis.

Online teaching is great to work with a variety of teachers to learn new approaches. And I've been very lucky this year to meet up with senior teachers face-to-face which has given my teaching a spark of renewed creativity.

If you feel tired of your existing lesson plans and haven't altered your style of teaching for a while, then ask yourself the three questions above.

May you continue to inspire your yogis and keep them coming back for more.

With kindness, inspiration and love... Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


🐢 It all started about 30 years ago when Andrex had a coupon offer for their soft puppy dogs which I collected for our daughter Lauren who was then three years old.

Before long I had friends and family collecting their toilet roll coupons for me and we amassed many puppies in all sorts of form - pencil case, nightdress case, and of course pocket size.

I'm still not sure where the plastic glasses came from but they fitted this one and it's been with me ever since.

🐢 Coming back to the post, this puppy (Poppy BTW), is NOT a lucky mascot. I'm crazy in many ways but I do not believe that a mascot of any kind will help you achieve your goals. The danger of believing in a lucky mascot is what will happen to your skills, your mental state, or your life(!) if you lost it?

Poppy is a bit of fun and pocket-sized for a cuddle. Over the years, she's been freediving, strapped to handlebars on lengthy cycle rides, steady in Downward Facing Dog on a yoga mat (of course!), she's held up Pisa (yes we all take that photo!), and she's been a comfort to hold when away from home and loved ones.

🐢 The entire puppy collection has been reused by our two granddaughters 30 years later which brings me much joy.

Remember, you're never too old to hug a soft toy for a feel-good feeling! As long as it doesn't hold power over you that you couldn't achieve without it.

🐢 Do you still have a soft toy that brings you comfort? Oh, I do hope so!

With kindness, joy, and love - always, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


What's your mindset like about preparing or being ready for opportunities as they arise and making your own luck?

In my 28-years as a PR & Marketing professional, my response to new opportunities was always an enthusiastic 'YES!'

In fact, it was saying yes to the question that started my career, "Would you be interested in a PR role?" I said yes and then called a friend to ask 'what is PR?' OK, I hadn't quite planned for this, but someone thought I could do it and then with a bit of planning I found I was rather good at getting IT stories in the press.

Why is my luggage weight so close to the allowance before we go on holiday? Because I prepare for most scenarios: needle and cotton, tweezers, magnifying glass - you might think it strange to take these items on a freediving trip, but they all came in use when a sea urchin spike broke off in a buddy's foot!

Gosh, that was lucky! Well yes, because I prepared for the scenario even though I had no experience of it happening before.

Being lucky is a mindset. I guess in my mind I have already prepared to be lucky and therefore see opportunities where others might pass them by.

Fun fact: I danced on the stage at the London Palladium with Leo Sayer when he was at the height of his career (BIG pop star in the mid-70s) as I happened to be dancing about near the front row, he put out his hand, I grabbed it and leapt on the stage and stayed to help him finish his song!

Some people may consider me overly anxious. I consider myself a planner for most eventualities. I see luck in my life every day. In fact, we have a framed card on our wall which says 'We just might be the luckiest people alive.'

May you prepare for and recognise opportunities then watch how luckier you become.

With kindness and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ€— Let's face it, if it was up to us we'd probably stay in our cosy/safe familiar life and poodle along at our own pace. Or would we?

🀨 What was your attitude towards change pre-pandemic? Are you an embracer, or do you fight against change until you have to give in?

😡 It's that seven-year cycle thing again. Our life choices lead us onto different paths, some of which we wholeheartedly throw ourselves into and, under the influence, become a new person. That's great if the new path is good for your health, body and mind!

😊 When I think back about what I've embraced and how easy the sport becomes your whole world, it makes me smile: Sailing (8 years), Pole fitness (3 years), Bikram yoga (3 years), Scuba diving (5 years), Freediving (5 years), and cycling (5 years and counting.)

πŸ™„ For me, as a new sport comes along, the old one fades into the background - something has to give!

πŸ₯° I've learned something new about my character along the way and built on each stage. All of the learning disciplines for the above sports have led me to become the patient, caring, enthusiastic yoga teacher I am today.

πŸ˜„ We are all capable of change, but never lose yourself along the way. Learn from your mistakes, build on your treasured memories of the people that you used to be, and who you have become.

With kindness and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


Durga is the Warrior Goddess of Protection and Inner Strength, she is the goddess that ignites me to make a change when I need it the most.

I first came across the supreme Hindu goddess in 2018 while reading Sally Kempton's highly informative book, Awakening Shakti, the transformative power of the goddesses of yoga. Shakti - is the primordial cosmic energy, and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the universe.

One would turn to Durga for guidance as a last resort as her transformative power only appears when she is asked for help. When 'enough is enough!' Or an unexpected setback stops you in your tracks and you can't see a way through, around or over the situation.

Durga manifests as a surge of courage, a "Yes, you can!" that forces you to stop and be inspired to take a new path.Β  You have asked for her help and you can learn to follow her lead and recognise the Shakti's agenda for your personal growth.

I felt a strong sense of connection to Durga when I visited sacred places in Kathmandu, Nepal during Durga puja (the annual nine-day festival) in October 2019, and even more so when embraced in a cave carved in stone dedicated to Durga in Mahabalipuram, South India in January 2020.

On the rare occasion when I need to ask for help, I feel the spiritual awakening of Durga igniting me into action and giving me the strength I need for the decision I have to make.

To quote Sally, "When you feel caught in one of those moments - when your personal will seems blocked by immovable objects or when you want to move in a new direction, but don't know how - consider that it might be a signal from the Shakti. Then consider sitting for a few minutes in meditation and using your imagination to bring yourself into the presence of Durga."

May you connect with a goddess that ignites your strength.Β  Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


In need of a mantra to get you out of bed each day? This is a great one, and oh so true.

I captured the quote from a t-shirt I saw in a shop window. Just reading the message made me smile.

Since David and I took early retirement on 6th September 2021, our 'projects' have significantly changed!

Gone are the deadline-driven projects which kept us occupied for 40 years, and in their place are lists of to-do's around the house - eek!

And then I read this t-shirt and thought, I AM the project!

I've now created a new project list where every to-do added is towards making me happy, calmer, and fitter.

I've still got to work through the other lists, but knowing that every day as I awake that I've got my greatest project to work on as well, life is looking up.

Wishing you kindness, love, and a list of new projects dedicated to making you happy... Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ•‰ You may have chanted OM and been fortunate enough to feel the vibrations of the universal sound resonate through your entire body and mind.

πŸ•‰ Why does this sound make you feel SO relaxed?

πŸ•‰ Chanting OM provides you with a mental reset. It's a mental reset with scientific backing. A study published in the International Journal of Yoga found that chanting OM reduced activity in the limbic system, the part of the brain associated with stress and emotions, and can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

πŸ•‰ OM is more than the start of our practice, more than an invitation to begin.

πŸ•‰ The symbol and word represent the divine thread that runs through the universe. It is a reflection of that energy, and by practising, repeating, and meditating on OM, we can begin to understand and connect with that divinity.

πŸ•‰ The symbol points us to 'the Highest' and its purpose is to move us closer to Life itself - to trust in and be supported by Life's currents.

πŸ•‰ Find a quiet space, inhale, and breathe out the sound OM. And repeat. Dedicate five minutes for seven days and see how you feel.

πŸ•‰ Through repeating the mantra OM, may you connect with your inner being and surrender to Life's currents.

With kindness, gratitude, and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ

PS: If you are looking for an online chanting class to start or widen your Sanskrit knowledge then I can highly recommend Vedic Chanting teacher Wendy Haring. I've enjoyed thought-provoking insights and discussions with Wendy since January 2020.


🧠 Ah now you've explained how easy it is to do, I can simply crack on and meditate!

Ah, if only it was THAT simple!

I recall saying to someone 20 years ago when I was a yoga newbie, 'oh how I wish I could meditate, but my mind is too busy!'

It took years to realise that you'll only benefit from meditation IF you have a busy mind to quieten down!

For my morning meditation I like to use the app InsightTimer - as of this morning I'm on Day 1274.

That's a lot of meditations!

They haven't always been deep and meaningful, but those that have been, have revealed clarity and a peaceful feeling throughout my mind and body.

As I publish this post I'll probably be meditating in a queue at Gatwick. I'm off on a yoga retreat to Palma, postponed from Sept 2020, with the BWY DCT Zoe Knott. Oh, I need this trip!

With patience, a peaceful mind, and love - always, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ

PS: I did my best to find the author of this quote, but I recall jotting it down while watching a British gangster movie! I didn't write down the movie.


πŸ‘ Self-confidence stems from the belief that we are valued for who we are. It does not depend on the good opinion of others and we can build it for ourselves.

Confidence is not fixed: it can desert us just when we seem to have everything going for us, and it can drive us when we've nothing left to lose.

If we're lucky, our parents will have helped to lay a foundation for confidence, but building and sustaining it is a lifelong project.

I didn't learn an optimistic attitude from my parents, they were born in the 1930s and had lived through a World War. Their mindset was to work hard for everything you want and you might get lucky along the way.

So, I had to develop self-confidence.

My tactic from secondary school age was to say 'yes' to an opportunity even if I didn't know where it might lead.

Of course, I had a few no so good experiences. But 95% of the time by calling on my courage and taking the risk, I took another step up on the ladder of life and my self-confidence improved.

You have to believe deep down in your heart that if you commit to doing something positive for yourself you will create self-confidence.Β 

Sometimes, when my confidence is wavering, I slap on some lippy, take big deep breaths, and leap into the situation. It's not let me down yet.

With kindness, self-confidence and love... Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ€— Has your kindness level changed during the last 18 months?

🧑 I know that mine has improved as I've become calmer and more patient. I WANT to be kind.

πŸ€— I love this quote from Scott Adams in that even the smallest act of kindness creates a ripple with others that can go on forever.

😊 It's great to see a smile when holding a door open for someone (just remember to pass the door holding on eventually!) You have to face it that sometimes kindness can work against you, for example when you let a car out of a junction into a gap you left for them. Because you can put money on it that they'll let someone in, and then that person will too!

πŸ‘€ But think about the car example, you can actually see your kindness at work as the ripple effect takes place before your eyes! Wow, how powerful is that?!

πŸ’œ May you be kind to all, teach children to be kind, and remain kind even if that person doesn't smile back!

With kindness and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


🍰 Do you give yourself allowances when you take a break away from the norm?

😲 Believe it or not I've only eaten one waffle in my life and that was many years ago! They are always advertised with a pile of 'naughty' stuff on top, so all I've ever seen is the calorie intake and how much I would have to work my body to lose those calories.

🎒 If you've ever been to a theme park you'll know the limited space that they dedicate to healthy food. While I was at Alton Towers a few weeks ago, I'd seen this poster at least three times before I said - sod it, that waffle is mine!

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ What's this got to do with yoga? You'll be delighted to hear that I ate the whole thing in silence. I found a quiet place to sit down on the grass (lost a marshmallow in the process) and literally made a meal of the waffle, strawberries, and marshmallows in slow, focused mouthfuls.

πŸ˜‹ OMG! I didn't care how many calories, the taste and whole experience was worth every bite.

You'll never find waffles in my freezer. But the next time I'm tempted, I'm going to go for it. What is life without a few guilty pleasures once in a while?

May you enjoy your next 'naughty' nibble in silence with a focused mind = meditation!

With kindness and love - always, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ•‰ How's your optimism lately? I'm probably like you, my level of optimism can change depending on the weather!

πŸ“Œ Notice how much happier you feel when you can sense the sun shining on your face

πŸ“Œ Notice how much happier you feel when you can see your hopes becoming a reality

πŸ“Œ Notice how much happier you feel when your dreams start to come true.Β Β 

I have always been an optimist. Even in the darkest of times, I have believed that something positive will come from the experience.

May you be optimistic even on those days when it's cloudy or raining, and see the positivity for the future.

With kindness, love, and optimism, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ‘£ Walking slowly and consciously with every step are the two key factors to your walking meditation.

πŸ‘£ Perhaps if you're on your way to the park, you might like to walk mindfully to your destination, identify a patch of grass, take your shoes off and wiggle your toes to feel the grass beneath your feet.

πŸ‘£ Relax your arms at your sides and move freely, coordinating your inhale and exhale with your steps - that'll slow your stride down a little more.

πŸ‘£ The destination, distance, and pace are all incidental, as each step is your single-pointed focus is on what you are doing.

πŸ‘£ Let your heel touch down lightly, roll through the foot to your toes, and repeat with the other foot. Does one side feel lighter/heavier than the other? What can do you to equal both sides?

If you're in a safe and private place, perhaps you'd like to close your eyes as you walk. How does that feel?

πŸ– You don't have to go to the beach to walk in the sand, earlier in the year we bought our granddaughters a sandpit and although it's a short walk(!), the sensation of toes in the sand is almost like being by the sea!

May you find peace and contentment with the ground beneath your feet, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ I was recently on a short retreat with the highly sought after yoga teacher Zoe Knott.

⭐ Why is she highly sought after? It's because her classes and workshops often take you on a journey towards a peak posture which you don't always see coming! Her classes are usually filled with teachers keen to hear a golden nugget of a cue to use with their students.

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Over the years I've heard many 'Zoe-isms', and this one came when 20 of us were in Bridge Pose. As the minutes ticked by, I wondered if Zoe had forgotten about the pose while she told us a short story. After what felt like FIVE minutes, I whispered to a nearby yogi 'was she still in the room?' Zoe then quipped "Know that very soon you'll be releasing the pose, hold for two more of MY breaths!" The room erupted with laughter and yes of course we all held the pose right to the end.

😲 My face in the photo was taken last week at Alton Towers with my daughter Lauren and granddaughter Aurora. I was on the ride called Thirteen - lots of loops, into a black tunnel, dropped 12 feet, and then out of the tunnel BACKWARDS!

πŸ˜‚ When I saw the photo I laughed out loud because this was exactly how my brain felt when Zoe said "Hold for two more of my breaths!"

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ May you be blessed with a yoga teacher that challenges, and gives you as much joy, as Zoe does. Yes of course I now use this line in my classes, and now you can too!

Wishing you kindness, new challenges, and love... Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


🧠 That's a tough question, as sometimes I can be in all three places within the same minute!

Since March 2020 we've had plenty of time to reflect on the PAST, of our freedom to go anywhere we could afford, and be with friends and family without having to wear a face mask.

Perhaps it's been too uncomfortable or fills you with anxiety to be focused on the PRESENT time.

But as our lives begin to return to a new normal, we can look to the FUTURE with hope make positive changes to how we live.

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ From a yoga perspective, I enjoy reflecting on the PAST when it comes to the knowledge I have gained over the years, both mentally and physically.Β 

And being in the PRESENT when I'm learning, teaching, or preparing lesson plans to teach!

As for the FUTURE, I'm not making any changes yet from teaching online vs going back to a hall. I may reconsider in 2022 but for now, for me in answer to the question, the PRESENT is the place where my mind mostly sits.

Living in the PRESENT, focusing on the people that you love and those that love you has to be the best place to bring you the biggest smile.

May you be blessed with happy, present times.

With kindness and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


✨What I love most about teaching yoga is watching yogis progress and gaining their trust.

What I mean about 'trust' is that I know when the time is right for a yogi to develop a posture to the next stage, and they trust me to guide them. Fiona has been attending my classes for almost four years and recently kindly gave my teaching a 5 🌟 Google review... 

✨ "I very much look forward to my online class with Jules - her caring and professional teaching beams out of my laptop at me while I do my best with the poses and movements. Jules is highly inclusive of all levels of ability and always has alternatives so that I do not feel left behind."

😊 I replied... "Thank you Fiona for your continued support since September 2017 (I can't believe it's been that long!) I'm thrilled that you've kept up with your yoga classes online, as I see your progress with your balance and sequences on the mat.

I think of you when planning a class and like to include a sequence of hip openers as I know that you're so flexible in that area - your face lights up when you ease into either a half or full Lotus position as your choice of 'comfortable seated posture'! You're always a pleasure to guide. Much love, Jules x

🧑 Nurture, encourage and keep your creative classes inspiring. As a teacher, it's the best that we can do.

With gratitude, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸŽ₯ I'm having a little chat with the camera - turn on the sound!

β›Ί We recently bought a new tent on the basis that our early retirement begins on * Friday 3rd September 2021*, and we plan to take regular camping and cycling trips to beautiful places around the UK and Europe.

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ My regular yogis were aghast at the prospect of my early retirement. However, you could see a big sigh of relief at being assured that whenever we're off camping, their classes will still continue as scheduled.

β›Ί The last thing we did before packing down the tent from our recent trip to Salisbury was to squeeze in a quick Sun Salutation, with a few modifications to the sequence to fit in the space. Forgive the noisy breathing, I do that when teaching to guide yogis - I can't stop it now.

😲 But did we buy a tent big enough for a Sun Salutation? Only just!

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ I am SO excited at the prospect of being able to live my dream and teach yoga from a place wherever we camp (dependent on a good connection of course.) I'll have to quieten my voice for the 7.30 am class - that's for certain!

✨ Whether your life-long dream is weeks, months, or years away, keep your dream alive and plan for the day you can say goodbye to the daily grind, and a big hello to the new chapter.

With kindness and love, and wishing you many happy adventures, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


A line inspired by the Dan Zadra quote, but actually told to me first by my dear friend Rina.
I bet you have a friend that when you tell them something you are worried about, they do their utmost to offer ways on how to sort it. Crumbs, I think I'm describing me doing that too!
Often, it's through speaking about a worry to a trusted friend do you see a variety of solutions that just might work.
For almost 50 years my friend has shared my worries and remembered them long after I've forgotten them. She cares that much.
When she recently spoke this line to me, I could almost see the weight lifting from her shoulders, as if her worries had been lifted along with the words.
🧑 First, I hope that you have a friend with whom you can share your worries and they with you.

πŸ’œ Second, I hope as the sun rises on a new day, it brings you new hope and ideas to solve your worrying situation.

🧑 Third, I hope that your worries diminish.

With kindness, patience, and love... Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


You've heard it said that all you have to do is believe that you already have abundance, and trust in the Universe for it to reveal itself.
The truth is that you first have to believe that you are able to attract abundance and that requires an "abundance mindset." This was the term that Stephen Covey, author of the 1989 bestseller The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He defined the term simply as "a concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and successes to share with others."
He contrasts it with the "scarcity mindset" (i.e. destructive and unnecessary competition), which is founded on the idea that, if someone else wins or is successful in a situation, that means you lose; not considering the possibility of all parties winning (in some way or another) in a given situation.
I almost didn't join the BWY Teacher Training in 2015 because I was thinking with a scarcity mindset. I thought that there were already so many good yoga teachers in my area, that I didn't stand a chance of making my yoga business a success.
It took a nudge from people I respected who believed in my ambitions for me to find my abundance mindset and then I signed up. I knew that if I worked hard to market my style that like-minded yogis would come to classes, they would notice the new abundance of energy in their lives and keep coming back. Which they did.
There is much truth in this quote by Dr Wayne Dyer, international author of 40 books and speaker in the field of self-development; "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."
Think about the positive abundance mindset you already have within. Soon you'll notice a change in your outlook on life.
You are now tuned in.

With gratitude, and an abundance of love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


🐯 A few years ago I had the rare privilege of going behind the scenes at Regent's Park London Zoo to feed the tigers!

😨 Were you scared? Of course, I was scared! And even though they were safely behind a cage, my hand was still shaking when the big cat took the meat off the fork!

πŸ˜ƒ Did I want to do it again afterwards? ABSOLUTELY! I was happy to take the bucket of food and feed him all afternoon.

❓ Seeing these photos in my Facebook feed recently had me thinking about other things I've been scared of, asked 'what if?' and thankfully talking myself out of the negative mindset in time to experience a treasured memory which, in turn, changed the direction of my life.

Not all experiences have been as memorable as this one, but when I think of what I would have missed out on if I had stopped at the first obstacle:

🀿 SCUBA diving (pre-Freediving) - in the training I couldn't put my head under the water with a mask on, open my eyes and breathe through a regulator. It took 2 hours before I could do it!
πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ Cycling - I've had a few falls and scrapes over the years. I still have sweaty hands scared of going downhill fast. But at least I don't sit on my brakes as much as I used to.
πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Yoga - I was so nervous teaching my first class in 2016, my sweaty hands shook and I had to constantly refer to my notes. Once the first class was over, I knew this is what I wanted to do.

❓ If you're deliberating overdoing something and the negative voice in your head says 'Ah but what if...?' Think about what you might miss out on by not going for it. That ought to change your thought process!

With patience, determination, and love - always, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


πŸ•‰ I'm a keen fan of DailyOm. They provide thought-provoking topics and offer bite-sized yoga practices (I've done quite a few.) This post is inspired by 'Honouring day life' published on 7th April 2021 and here's why it resonates with me.

β˜• The article focuses on what we save for 'best' including wedding gifts of plates, cups and saucers, eating in the dining room usually saved for guests, drinking from crystal glasses, and 'treating' ourselves to use other items that we already own but don't use, for example, 'save for best' clothes and shoes.

πŸ›‹I recall as a child that my friends' parents kept the showroom plastic on their furniture so it wouldn't spoil, and put the 3-piece suite in a room they didn't use except for visitors! Yes, the '60's was a different time, and our parents wanted to keep everything for best. But how much did they actually get from owning these items if they never used them?

πŸ₯‚ About 15 years ago David and I made the decision to use our wedding china every day. Once a month, we set the dining room table for a romantic dinner and dress up as if we were eating out.

πŸ“Œ An excerpt from the article, "There is something uplifting about treating ourselves to the finest of what we have. It is as if we rise to the occasion... we are more mindful where we place things, what we are eating, and who is with us."

🧑 We have all learned that we cannot take time for granted and today is all that matters.

β˜• The article concludes, "So use your best china, take your favourite things out of their hiding places and put them to use tonight just because you are alive now to enjoy them, and that's a great cause for celebration."

With kindness and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ


I've read Psychologies magazine since it launched in the UK in 2005, it's an excellent magazine for thought-provoking issues. A while back, the magazine appointed scientist and author David R Hamilton as their 'Kindness Tsar'. Check him out

This short post is from his column in the September 2021 issue...

🧠 "Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Harvard Medical School compared the brain of a Tibetan Buddhist monk with people in the general population and found that the monk's brain was ageing at a significantly slower rate.*

They concluded that the reason for the slower ageing was his intensive meditation practice, which involved both mindfulness and loving-kindness.

🧠 Scientists imaged his brain four times over a 14-year period and compared his scans with those of 105 non-meditating people aged between 25 and 66. Using machine learning data analysis to accurately compute the rate of brain ageing, they discovered that at the age of 41, the effective biological age of the monk's brain was only 33."

Not that you needed a reason to meditate today, but if you did, this is one of the best I've ever heard.

With kindness and love, Jules 🧑xπŸ’œ

*N. Adluru et al. Brainage and Regional Volumetric analysis of a Buddhist monk: A Longitudinal MRI case study. 'Neurocase', 2020.

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πŸ€— Has your kindness level changed during the last 18 months?🧑 I know that mine has improved as I've become calmer and mo...
🍰 Do you give yourself allowances when you take a break away from the norm?😲 Believe it or not I've only eaten one waffl...
✨What I love most about teaching yoga is watching yogis progress and gaining their trust. What I mean about 'trust' is t...
πŸŽ₯ I'm having a little chat with the camera - turn on the sound!β›Ί We recently bought a new tent on the basis that our ear...
You've heard it said that all you have to do is believe that you already have abundance, and trust in the Universe for i...
πŸ•‰ I'm a keen fan of DailyOm. They provide thought-provoking topics and offer bite-sized yoga practices (I've done quite ...
I've read Psychologies magazine since it launched in the UK in 2005, it's an excellent magazine for thought-provoking is...
🍾 You may think that this post has nothing to do with yoga, but you would be mistaken there.✨ I'd all but given up on fi...






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North-West London's Street-style dance specialists

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Sarah Tyler-Walters Sarah Tyler-Walters
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Trance Medium - Overcoming fear, confusion and emotional pain. Giving clarity and direction through

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Gable House, 18-24, Turnham Green Terrace
London, W41QP

The Coaching Academy is the world's largest training organisation for life coaching.

Yoga with Seema Yoga with Seema

"The mind is everything; what you think, you become." -Buddha www.yogawithseema.co.uk

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Established in 1977, Britain's leading private tutoring service helps students of all ages, backgrou

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