Hands On Driving School

Hands On Driving School


Thank you hands on driving school for helping me pass my test first time best driving instructor around thank you Fiona!! (From Louis who passed yesterday 🎉 - He hasn’t got facebook)
Thanks Fiona for being the best driving instructor ever! We've had our fair share of trials and tribulations but always ended it with a smile on our face. Thanks for giving me the support and guidance I needed to pass my test. You'll be the first one to know when I get that new Mercedes 😉
Thank you Fiona for being the best driving instructor if you can teach me you can teach anyone.

Hands On Driving School is based in the Mitcham area and covers the surrounding areas.

Operating as usual

Photos from Personalised by Debbie's post 02/10/2023

Well done Sarmila on passing your test today which you really really deserved we worked so hard together to get the result we got it helped we got on so well even though you doubted yourself so much I’m really going to miss our banter and gossiping hope you rubbed it in your brothers face lol an guess what I forgot the ruddy mangos I was going to treat myself to when you passed all coz the mango man was not on your corner 😡


Another stupid o’clock 1st time pass well done Anas god knows how you pulled it off lol poor examiners ears sounds like you talked his ears off but I know how he felt you have been an annoying pleasure to teach but please don’t get any taller or you won’t fit in any car !gonna miss you buddy but I know your gonna stalk me and I can’t remember the last time someone picked me up and swung me around like you did today I went bloody dizzy lol x


Well done Monntel on passing your test today much deserved you can go on the road trips with the rest of the boys now look forward to seeing you on the road




Well done Cav passing your test today with only 1 driver fault you did us all proud and what a journey feels like I’ve know you all your life not that it’s been that long we even managed to spend Boxing Day together some how 🙈 but today you really pulled it off plenty to celebrate graduating on Monday passing your test Wednesday just hope your as good a doctor as you are a driver gonna miss you loads but I know I’m gonna see you on the road safe driving 😘xx


Well done Skyler my beautiful niece on passing your driving test with one of those stupid o’clock tests this morning you are now officially the family Chauffeur good luck I’m so proud you 😘


Well done Areej on passing your test you pulled it off and over come them nerves at least I can get rid of some of them cushions now titch

Photos from Hands On Driving School's post 22/05/2023

Alex a big well done today you achieved a big life skill and out of a lot of people I’ve taught you deserved it most (I still think the baby blue tracksuit swung it for you) you have been a dream to teach taking on board everything I said now you and the pups can visit all the parks in London p.s thanks for the flowers candels ect gonna miss our gossips though


So we got there in the end Kad covid ect grrrr but what a journey with me freezing to death coz you wouldn’t let me have the heating on to you asking the dumbest questions which I always say the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask we did it though Team work can’t wait to see you on the road but not to close though lol keep in touch pest


Well done Tharshika passing your test today even with our last minute panic getting that brake light fixed lol




Well done Reza with another stupid o’clock pass this morning not sure why you guys keep making me get up before even the birds are awake but it’s worth it to see that smile after the journey we have been on we got the result we worked so hard for well done mate


Well done Jaiden on passing your test today 1st time with hands on with a stupid o’clock test you really smashed it all your hard work paid off good luck with all your ventures


Well done Azmi on passing your driving test 1st time today told you 3rd time lucky after them cancelling on you twice coz of strikes and what nice feedback from the examiner about your smooth driving I’m looking forward to my meal at your cafe see you soon


Well done Mohammad on another stupid o’clock 1st time pass today you well smashed it you an the boys can go on a road trip now when you get your car back from Auntie lol good luck mate


Well done Aleesha on passing your test 1st time even at stupid o’clock well that’s the end of you guys all 3 girls mobile now bet mummy is super proud of her baby I know I am 😜


Well done Fatima on passing your test today nice start to the year bet mummy &daddy are so proud an thank you again for my lovely pillow one way of making sure I never forget you not like I would


Another 1st time pass at stupid o’clock today well done Mia to think you always said you would never drive while I was teaching your sisters &hubby you was always so negative but you smashed the theory 1st time now the practical as well now you’ve got nothing holding you back remember you can do anything you want with the right help congratulations gonna miss you lot


Well done Rumeshar my little princess your the end of a line that’s all 3 of you done now please don’t ask which 1 was my favourite you were all annoying 😎but all lovely to teach keep being a Diva an stay safe


Well done Ally passing today 1st time as well now you can be a proper stork delivering them babys you deserved it all your hard work paid off


Well done Zaheer on passing 1st time just hope when you get your car your heads not to big to fit in it lol examiners words not mine


Well done Ronak passing today told you things happen for a reason them cancelling last minute an getting short notice test today what a result looking forward to the pub crawl with you and your sis lol


Well done Fraz on passing your test about time to with all the hold ups we had but we got there mate


Well done Aliyah on passing your test today and with so few driving faults (was your examiner asleep) joking na you done good girl you are now offically the shauffeur for the whole family good luck


Well done Rebecca on passing your test today. Like we said you can now move on to the next chapter in your life bet mummy was well pleased good luck


Well done Jahiem passing your test today at last due to covid like so many others so what can I say ! Well I’m glad I got rid of you at last got bored of saying hands on the wheel don’t lean on the door lol and you got mum off your case at last but most Importantly we need to work out how your eyesight went from not being able to see a hand in front of your face to 20/20 vision if we can bottle that we are minted good luck and remember I live 2 streets away so will be watching you


Well done Farasat on passing your test today even if you did wake me at 6 o’clock to ask me if you can do a last minute test talk about last minute 4 hours notice lol still was worth it to see you pass well done 👍


Congratulations. Yahya passing today without to much trouble you deserved it at least I don’t have to hear yer but again lol safe driving and thanks for the fan will come in handy while the AC is out of order


Well done Morgan on passing your driving test today so much deserved one more hurdle you’ve got over in your life only another 2000000 to go lol na but really life will be plan sailing from now on good luck


Well done Imarni passing your test today 1st time. I can honestly say teaching you to drive has been a rollercoaster of emotions in over 20 years of teaching I’ve never told anyone to shut up as much as you 🤣 but you still was a pleasure to teach as annoying as you was well done


So from the little kid you was when we first met I’m sure you was 4foot nothing to the 6foot 4 you are now all through covid today was your day at last well done mate please don’t run me off the road when you see me 😫😫


Well done Jack on passing your test 1st time you were a pleasure to teach it’s always good to see someone prepared to put in the effort to get to there goal and you deffo achieved that 👍


Well done Abi on passing your driving test 1st time at stupid o’clock this morning but it was worth getting up before the birds to see that smile on your face stay safe


Congratulations Thivya on passing your driving test 1st time today no more duck pond for us on a Saturday afternoon keep me updated on the gossip please good luck


Congratulations Daniel on passing your driving test today 1st time


Well done Diago. On passing your driving test good luck with the football look forward to seeing you be comming a pro and playing for Man U lol


Well done Afrina on passing your driving test today so I suppose I have to forgive you for standing me up the other day as you could not get your butt out of bed and getting this test soooooo last minute another 1st time pass that’s 100% this year so far for hands on lol


Well done Abdur on passing your test today at stupid o’clock on this bank holiday we managed to blag it only kidding we managed to turn you into a safe considerate driver which is why you passed 1st time well done mate stay safe

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