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Dot to Dot Productions are currently searching for children in London aged 8-12 who are passionate and enthusiastic about arts and crafts to take part in a brand new art show for CITV called Makeaway Takeaway. Throughout the series a selection of kids will get the chance to make some amazing pieces of art with presenter, comedian and artist extraordinaire, Bec Hill.

This is a fantastic opportunity for children who love art! Filming will take place in London. Parents, please send any questions and your videos to [email protected] no later than 9th October 2020.

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Hi there, my name is Will and I'm from a company called Together Films. We are releasing a family-friendly climate change film for children called '2040'. I'm sure that the followers of White Rabbit Drama Club would love it! I was wondering if you could share some promotional information through your network?

2040 is an Australian documentary that takes a solutions-based approach to how we can, using the technology we already have, mitigate the enormous global issues we currently face. The main themes/solutions looked at in the film are around: empowerment of women and girls; marine regeneration; regenerative agriculture; renewable energy; and circular economy. It's a story of hope, and a powerful tool to encourage people to take action.

We’ve got loads of London Screenings here: https://togetherfilms.org/2040-screenings
I think that you would be specifically interested in the screening at

Odeon Richmond at 15:00 on Sun 19th January. That's:

Venue: Odeon Richmond
Date: Sun 19th January
Time: 15:00
Tickets Here: https://mobi.odeon.co.uk/booking/init/RDQwRTEwMDAwMjNXV09DV1ZCIzEyMSMxODg1OQ==/


Odeon Wimbledon at 15:00 on Sun 19th January. That's:

Venue: Odeon Wimbledon
Date: Sun 19th January
Time: 15:00
Tickets Here: https://mobi.odeon.co.uk/booking/init/OUFDNjMwMDAwMjNRQllFSVlBIzE0MiMxODg1OQ==/

The film is in cinemas NOW. You can find the full list of screenings across your region, the UK, and Ireland here (https://togetherfilms.org/2040-screenings).

Please like and share the film's social media pages.
On Facebook:

Thank you so much! We really think that the followers of White Rabbit Drama Club would love this film based around kids' and the planet's futures.
Cannot say enough good things about the work that WRDC do. We had tried a well known drama brand but rather than build her confidence it seemed to undermine her and she resented having to go. With WRDC she is quite the opposite; anticipating and enthusing, coming home chatting and keen to share. All good signs. Then we went to the show. Wow. I have never seen a bunch of kids perform with such confidence and glee. They had been asked to channel their super heroes before stepping on stage and they were SUPER. The magic bit is that they have created the stories themselves. Just fantastic.
Highly recommend this game (they also have little red riding hood) for anyone wanting to do activities to accompany their Bunnies and Rabbits drama class 😀
We had a great time, this morning, at our free trial of the White Rabbit Drama Class. My 3yr old said she wanted to go every day as it was so good. 😀
We will definitely be returning and recommending.
Thanks Ladies. You rock 😘

Fun & engaging drama club for children & young people in Central Twickenham. Acting, devising & imp

Operating as usual


Trust and support were the buzz words this week and what fun we had!

Week two of a fresh drama year is the time to get people mixing and friendships forged. We could be heard across Twickenham calling out our favourite lines…
“into groups…
…bonus points if it’s someone you haven’t worked with before…
…bonus bonus points if they’re a different school or year group to you…
…bonus bonus bonus points if you’d never met before drama!”

Our bags were bursting with blindfolds, bells, scarves and trust building activities but what made our hearts burst with pride & joy were the glimmer moments like these. ✨

Learning to work effectively with new people, raise each other up and genuinely support and cheer for them in their successes are invaluable skills to carry throughout life. When it clicks at this young age miracles really can happen and the future is bright.


Flashback to 2017. Our first year of White Rabbit where plans and dreams were laid out over many playdates with our girls.

and I had no funds and no connections at the time, but between us we had work/life experience plus degrees in psychology and Acting, and an overwhelming urge to create the type of Drama club we felt our children needed and deserved.

We used to phone the library in Twickenham EVERY week to book our room as we couldn’t afford to confirm even half a term and our little year 1 club could only be confirmed with the very understanding school once parents had paid for their spaces.

I had quit my job with a 6 month window to get White Rabbit off the ground and every decision was fuelled by the knowledge that we could not fail (like we don’t put enough pressure on ourselves as parents already)!

Each club was run by Katie and I, and we would devour the advice of the Globe & Unicorn Theatre trainings and prep, plan and run sessions in the hope to just break even, sometimes coming away with enough money to buy a banana at the end. But we laughed and our children laughed and we created stories and adventures and more children joined us and the banana turned into a coffee and the coffee turned into actually being paid for doing something we love.

We still run sessions at the Library and St Mary’s and have been enveloped in the world of who have become another constant source of support and encouragement, especially when it comes to Showcase time. We’ve been joined by .pears and so many wonderful professionals and assistants over the years, and we continue to love what we do.

This is a nostalgic post but fitting after a day at the theatre with our, now much older, children who continue to play and grow together in a beautifully creative world. Life isn’t always easy or perfect and we worry about survival as much as any other independent business, but we wouldn’t change a single thing about the path we chose when our girls were teeny tiny and playing ‘dens’ in the sunshine.🌞❤️


Another fab visit today with our White Rabbit families.

Katie and I have been arranging trips to this very special theatre for roughly 6 years now. A place where productions are created specifically for young audiences and every detail, down to the number of seats in each theatre (capped to ensure that EVERY seat has a great view for small people) is tailored to them. What they also offer is invaluable for a not-for-profit club like ours; flexibility when booking, understanding box office and ushers, education packs and training days linked to the work and the highest quality productions presented by talented professionals at prices our families can afford. All in all they are such a gift to the creative community and to anyone working with children and young people. 🙌🏼🌟

Photos from Unicorn Theatre's post 22/09/2023

We’re feeling warm & fuzzy inside after a fabulous and fun filled week that saw 160 young people enter the rabbit hole and 100% sign up rate for free trials! We are beyond thrilled and very grateful to our talented team of lead facilitators and assistants, most of whom have been with us for between 3-7 years (some who began as White Rabbits themselves many moons ago)!

With sessions at Prospect House and St Mary’s C of E before, during AND after school, aswell as Twickenham Library & The Exchange Twickenham, we’re reaching more children than ever before with confidence-building Drama sessions created & tailored to each individual group.

Next up is our Saturday theatre trip at the Unicorn Theatre (see link here for the wonder of this - we’re so excited!) followed by the return of Twickenham Youth Theatre and Katie’s Art & Props lunchtime clubs at St Mary’s school.

Looking forward to more fun next week and, of course, the cherry on the cake that is tomorrow’s theatre trip! Thank you as ever for your support!❤️🌟❤️

Timeline photos 14/01/2023


So true! 🙌

Photos from National Youth Theatre's post 12/01/2023
Timeline photos 21/11/2022

Glorious! If you missed Theatre Club last week don’t worry! There’s still time to catch this Unicorn Theatre … a must see for families this Christmas🎄🌟

Reviews are in! Pinocchio gets four stars ★★★★
"A bold and mature production.'
★★★★ The Guardian
"Just the right mix of charm and bite"
★★★★ Time Out London

Read more and book - https://bit.ly/PinocchioUnicorn

Timeline photos 20/11/2022

For anyone wondering why we love theatre trips, explorative drama and the world of stories! Just magical❤️

"For a child sitting in a theatre, watching a show, sometimes for the very first time, there is the potential to completely transform their lives."

Our wonderful Head of Creative Learning Polly Simmonds spoke to Official London Theatre about her role with us, and the importance of live theatre for children’s mental health.

Read the interview here >> https://bit.ly/3UziOpZ

Photos from Unicorn Theatre's post 09/11/2022

Just 3 more days until our next Theatre Club. Can’t wait!


Theatre club is BACK this November and with almost 40 White Rabbit tickets booked already, we’re in for a busy & fun afternoon. We can’t wait!

Photos from White Rabbit Drama Club's post 31/05/2022

Join us for a summer of adventure!

Booking for our 2022 Holiday Workshop is now OPEN and we can’t wait to welcome members old and new!🌟

Rec - Y3: Monday 25th - Tuesday 26th July

7-11yrs: Wednesday 27th July - Friday 29th July

See flyer for venue, times and prices☝🏼🌟

Photos from White Rabbit Drama Club's post 25/05/2022

So excited for this! Enjoy the half term break and we’ll see you all in June for tech rehearsals 🌟

With no more than 25 performers for each event and 250 available seats in the theatre, this should mean everyone has the chance to bring as many friends and family as they like and guess what….

Up to 6 tickets per performer are FREE!

We have some inspiring, uplifting stories to share, costumes and props created by the pupils themselves, the usual brand of colour & music and a sprinkle of comedy gold.

Let’s make this the most inclusive and enjoyable event yet!


These are the days!

1st place in SO1 Y4 and under for J and a merit for our youngest entrant, who was determined to shine, even with a broken ankle. We’re so proud of you both🌟🌟

Thank you to our White Rabbits, who took the leap today and gave it their all with solo pieces as part of the Richmond Upon Thames Performing Arts Festival.

And a huge ‘thank you’ to Emma T for being Section Secretary extraordinaire and .pears and for your help and support!


These are the days!

1st place in SO1 Y4 and under for J and a merit for our youngest entrant, who was determined to shine, even with her broken ankle. We’re so proud of you both🌟🌟

Thank you to our White Rabbits, who took the leap today and gave it their all with solo pieces as part of the Richmond Upon Thames Performing Arts Festival. We hope you had lots of fun and left feeling full of confidence and pride🥰

And thank you to .pears and for your help and support!


Well done to Art & Props club over at Junior Site St Mary’s. Our Year 4 - Year 6 clubs excelled themselves in creating this enormous dragon and completing a super speedy puppetry training. Great work, so incredibly proud of all involved!

Photos from White Rabbit Drama Club's post 03/04/2022

Headshot day!

We’re incredibly proud to be supported by such a positive, reliable & talented team and are so happy to finally have everyone together for headshots and to share stories of our adventures. 💖🙌🏼🌟

Henika Photography and Katherine May Kean thank you for making this possible!


And so concludes 2 weeks of sharing with parents for our Showcase clubs!

Thank you for joining us for our ‘Work in Progress’ workshops and for giving us a small taste of how it feels to have an audience in, ahead of our theatre term.

Next week is one of my favourites (and it’s the first time we’ve been able to do this since 2019)! The week where we identify the feelings we felt with an audience in the room (what did you feel and where did you feel it? - butterflies in the tummy eg?) and then look at some fun techniques and activies that help to turn any nerves into helpful friends that fuel our performance. And GAMES. So many GAMES!

We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the unique and diverse worlds being created by each individual group.

Showcase week will take place 14th - 17th June with 2 new clubs performing every evening, each presenting a brand new devised play. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Thank you wonderful team! .pears

Photos from Unicorn Theatre's post 16/03/2022

Saturday 26th White Rabbit Theatre Club is BACK! So excited for this and with almost 40 people joining us (including Anna’s Mum 🥰) we’re in for a great day!


Throwback to pancake day, where each group worked as a team to raise a real life pancake as high into the air as possible using a 12ft parachute! (Don’t worry…the pancakes were made by myself and therefore confirmed as ‘completely inedible’ by the children😂). So much fun but WOW are these teamwork skills coming into force as we prep our devised characters and scenes to share for audience next week!

Nb: for those who’ve spotted the yellow ring, we can confirm that the pancake reached these heights (in fact our lovely team at St Mary’s rescued it later in the day as it actually got stuck up there…whoops)! Creativity os a risky business people!


The Director looks on. Final prep before we open the doors to parents. Don’t worry, we won’t give too much away before the theatre showcase😅🙌🏼❤️


Over the next 2 weeks we’re so excited to be welcoming families in to share in our ‘work in progress’. We’re introducing some new character and scene ideas in preparation for our big theatre showcase in June🌟

We hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into our devising world!


Showcase characters are beginning to form and we’re so excited to introduce them to you with a sneak peek into the new worlds we’re creating this March!


How to make us ‘happy cry’ with an email! 🥰

We’ve been teaching this wonderful White Rabbit since pre-school in 2019 and she’s continued to go from strength to strength on Zoom AND in the room over the years! So proud of how far she and her peers have come and it’s been lovely to share their work with you this week🌟

“I remember taking her to lessons at the Twickenham library and her being shy and some days would say close to no words at all.

Today at the show B was outstanding. She delivered lines I couldn’t have imagined she was ready for. What she performed on stage is the B I know, the cheeky little actress.

I’m so happy to see WR has helped her embrace this part of her and given her a safe space to do what she loves, the way she feels comfortable"

Thank you .pears


It’s all about working with new people and learning to trust and be trusted this week. Key skills for any budding actor (actually…key skills for everyone!)

Thank you for your support 🌟🙌🏼🌟


So excited for this! Our LM has been working hard to create something truly special with her talented and commited cast of young actors over at RSS. Head over to their website to book tickets (grown ups only!) and we’ll see you there! 🙌🏼❤️

Introducing the chorus - an integral part in the story telling!

Come and see them move this story along in our RSS Young Actors Company production. You don’t want to miss it!

Book your tickets now: http://bit.do/RSSHolloway

7.45pm - 17/18/19 February
3pm - 20 February

Photo credit: Simone Germaine


Art class for Reception +

We hope you enjoy this little gift for those isolating or looking for a weekend activity!

Throwback Thursday, to Spring 2021, when Katie ran bonus art sessions for our locked down White Rabbits. Children voted for their favourite animals to draw and unsurprisingly rabbits were a favourite!🙌🏼🌟


That feeling when you KNOW you blew your friends away with your epic, improvised tale of escaping from slime aliens, defeating evil scientists and travelling through fierce storms to reach the safety of the first ever tree🍃 What. A. Journey!!!

We love how diverse pupils stories can be when given the same stimulus for devising. Just a few weeks in and we’re flying high with ideas and inspiration!

Photos from White Rabbit Drama Club's post 03/02/2022

The many faces of returning to Zoom drama 😅

Thank you for helping a new ‘normal’ to bloom and grow as we adjust to this ever changing landscape together🌻

Zoom sessions for Level Up clubs…

It’s really important for us that everyone’s voice can be heard during these early stages of showcase devising and we’re so lucky to have such a keen group of young actors who are happy to jump on Zoom to develop their characters and story whilst isolating. These sessions have really brightened our weeks and helped to keep the studio work flowing nicely. It’s amazing to know that covid or other illnesses don’t have to mean missing out on this all important process or break our connection to the work.

We know Zoom isn’t for everyone and for all Reception - Year 2 pupils and those Level Up clubbers who can’t make it online, we’re offering catch ups throughout Feb-March at any of our Twickenham sessions.

Just send me an email at [email protected] if you’d like to book a slot and i’ll be happy to help! 🌟

Thank you as ever for bringing sunshine to my day🌞 Anna xx


Meet the latest member of the team!

🌟Rachel Levell🌟

Rachel is currently assisting Anna at Tuesday Level Up club, but will soon be touring the classes and meeting White Rabbits of all ages. 💖🌟💖

Certificates: Cert HE, Italia Conti. Enhanced DBS.

A graduate of Italia Conti (Cert HE) and LIPA Sixth Form College, Rachel first stepped foot in a youth theatre at the age of 5 and has been acting ever since!

During the pandemic, she kept her creativity flowing, helping children to grow & stay connected with Zoom drama sessions. Now hoping to further her knowledge & experience of the Arts, Rachel is currently applying to train towards Ba Hons Acting at one of the leading accredited drama schools.

Both LIPA and Italia Conti have given Rachel fantastic grounding in devising and a playful, imaginative approach to her work. She believes that drama can help all children to expand their imaginations, express themselves and to think critically and freely...education that is vital to the world we live in today. She loves to see what pupils can create when working together and is constantly inspired by them to be more childlike and playful in her own acting and outlook on life.

Welcome to the team!


Words can’t express how lucky we feel to be part of this community🌟

❤️Thank you for believing in us and this holistic approach to drama.
❤️Thank you for sticking with us over the past few years and helping us to grow.
❤️Thank you for your support and help with sharing weeks, showcases and festivals.
❤️And THANK YOU for nominating us for this award for a 2nd year.

Hopping into the weekend with joy and a big, full, grateful heart!💖🙌🏼🌟💖


‘Mr Shuffle’ is a favourite at every club we run! Introduced by the legend that is , so many key drama skills are hit with this playground style game that boosts the energy levels of any group🌟

🌟Choral speaking
🌟Spacial awareness
🌟Movement control

Thank you for gifting us this gem LM!


Extended FREE TRIALS for Tuesday Reception class! We’re building this from the ground up and are so happy to have Laura-May and Nicola leading these playful story & adventure sessions.

With just 4 places left, this is a great time for your child to hop in and join the fun!

Contact Anna: [email protected]


Art and Prop Design | WHITE RABBIT DRAMA CLUB 21/01/2022

Ever wondered what goes on in our unique Art & Props sessions?

Check out our updated web page for a glimpse into the world of Katherine May Kean and Thea Collins

Currently running from St Mary’s C of E School, but we’d love to hear from others who’d like to add these creative art sessions to their school calendar!🌟


Art and Prop Design | WHITE RABBIT DRAMA CLUB A collaborative club with 'Prop Remedies' launched in 2018 and running from St Mary's C of E School, Twickenham. Katie is joined by Thea Collins in bringing a unique art experience to pupils in fun and engaging weekly classes.

Meet the Team | White Rabbit Drama Club 21/01/2022

Meet the team!

Katie and I are very lucky to have had Gioia & Thea by our side since the beginning. Laura-May joined in 2019, swiftly followed by Sam and we’re so lucky to now have Nicola, Daisy & Rachel to help us leap forward into the next adventure. The time is flying by but my oh my it’s fun😀🌟🙌🏼💖


Meet the Team | White Rabbit Drama Club Meet the team! We are proud of the dedicated & passionate facilitators and creatives working with us and would love to share their experience with you!


Setting off on a blindfold challenge. This week Year 2 - Year 3 have been busy exploring the dark with:
🌑Blindfold challenges
🌑Yes/No scales
🌑Fierce debate with a King
🌑Thought tunnel creations

It’s been action packed and a whole lot of fun, with the Royal advisors bouncing between agreeing with the King to (in some cases) overthrowing him completely! We’ve giggled, we’ve listened, we’ve debated and now we hand it over to the King himself. Only he can decide what will happen next…find out in next week’s instalment!


Photos from White Rabbit Drama Club's post 08/01/2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us today!

Our 1st outing and almost 30 members and families made it, which is just phenomenal given the current climate and so wonderful to see. was incredible and we were blown away by the seats (photo here). Rows E-G in the stalls? Yes please!

We hope you’re now fired up, inspired and ready to jump back into the theatre next week…see you there!


Photos from White Rabbit Drama Club's post 06/01/2022

Words can’t express how proud we are to hear that Evie has been accepted into ArtsEd!

This superstar spent a bumpy drama year thanks to Covid; navigating online sessions, creating new work between lockdowns, readjusting to life in the studio and having to join the tech rehearsal of our first showcase in 2 years via Zoom due to isolation. After all of this she rocked the show, presenting a fully rounded character in a play devised with her peers. She went on to begin work on audition pieces for drama school with Gioia and her hard work has well and truly paid off with a swift acceptance and a beautiful adventure about to begin.

We dearly wish that our young people didn’t need to be such great improvisers or so resilient in life, but our heart sings to see them face up to these challenges and overcome them with such good grace and with their passion for performing still intact.

Well done on your success. Enjoy this moment and never stop reaching for the stars!


Merry Christmas from all of us at White Rabbit!

Thank you for your support and for the incredible kindness & sense of community that’s kept us hopping happily into the drama room this year. Wishing you all the happiest of days and a positive, healthy start to 2022🌟🎄🌟💖💖

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Welcome to White Rabbit!

White Rabbit is a fun and engaging drama club, where children can gain confidence and explore their creativity through games, improvisation, devising and art & prop design.

Anna & Katie founded the club in January 2017, with the aim to provide high quality, affordable drama for children from ages 3-12 years and we are so proud of our growing band of White Rabbits.

We believe that all children are wonderfully unique and keep our weekly class sizes small, with content tailored to each individual group. With improvised adventures, well loved stories and devising techniques influenced by leaders in children’s theatre education, we aim to offer an experience as unique and special as the children we teach!

Find us at: Twickenham Library, The Exchange and St Mary’s C of E School (all sites)

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Rabbit Drawing Class for 4-12yrs🐰
Voice Acting Masterclass inspiration 1🌟
Voive Acting Masterclass inspiration





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