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RP vs SSB vs GB - what's the difference? 08/03/2024

RP, SSB, GB - what's the difference?

RP vs SSB vs GB - what's the difference? Pronunciation learners often ask why some courses offer 'Modern RP', others 'SSB' (Standard Southern British) and others 'GB' (General British). It's confusi...

Words of 2023 01/01/2024

Words of 2023 QUIZ:

Words of 2023 2023 - Words of the Year For the first time since COVID hit in 2020, this year's words of the year aren’t about the pandemic. Instead they are mainly concerned with a different kind of rapidly spreading phenomenon: Artificial Intelligence. In this article we'll go through 5 major English language ...

5 Words of 2023 (and how to pronounce them) 31/12/2023

Words of 2023!

5 Words of 2023 (and how to pronounce them) This year's main focus has shifted from pandemic to Artificial Intelligence. In this video we look at words of the year from:Merriam Webster (authentic)Colli...

10 Pronunciations of /t/ 05/07/2023

Take the T quiz:

10 Pronunciations of /t/ 10 Pronunciations of Voiceless alveolar plosive sound /t/ may seem like one of the more straightforward English sounds. But in connected speech it changes more than any other consonant. In this lesson we look at 10 variations that commonly occur in modern British English. Somehow our late Queen got....

Why are some ‘long’ vowels short? 09/06/2023

Latest video from Pronunciation Studio:

Why are some ‘long’ vowels short? Even though the word LOOSE looks longer than LOSE, its pronunciation is actually shorter. In this video lesson we explore why most English long vowels are sh...

King Charles' Accent - 5 Features 07/05/2023

A short video on Pronunciation Studio's Youtube channel about recently crowned King Charles III's accent:

King Charles' Accent - 5 Features King Charles has a Received Pronunciation (RP) accent firmly rooted in the last century, but his voice and delivery are very distinctive. With the coronation...

British English IPA Variations Explained 01/04/2023

British English IPA variations explained:

British English IPA Variations Explained British English phonemic alphabets vary in some sounds. Why does this happen? And do the different phonemic transcriptions mean different pronunciations?In t...

/ʌ/ (UH) Vowel Pronunciation Lesson 22/03/2023

This week's Pronunciation Studio lesson:

/ʌ/ (UH) Vowel Pronunciation Lesson Vowel Sound Lesson VIDEO: 2 Minutes QUIZ: 5-10 Minutes Learn how to pronounce open-mid slightly back vowel sound /ʌ/ and how it is spelt in written English. We also see how it varies in accents throughout the UK and Ireland, and how it doesn't feature in northern

/p/ Aspiration Lesson 07/03/2023

This week we're talking about /p/:

/p/ Aspiration Lesson Aspiration Lesson & Quiz Learn how to pronounce /p/ and when it is aspirated with a small puff of air - a really important feature of British English pronunciation. After the 2 minute video take the quiz below: Quiz 10 questions on

Glottal Stop Quiz 24/02/2023

Glottal stop quiz!

Glottal Stop Quiz Glottal Stop Quiz Learn how to pronounce the glottal stop and when it is used in British English in the video lesson (2 minutes). Then take the 10 question quiz below to test your skills. Quiz 10 questions on the glottal stop

Schwa Quiz 09/02/2023

Take the schwa quiz:

Schwa Quiz Schwa Sound Quiz How much do you know about the schwa sound /ə/? Watch the lesson and scroll down for the quiz to test your knowledge: Quiz 10 questions on the schwa follow, you can refer to the video to revise at any time.

Intonation Basics Quiz 26/01/2023

Intonation is this week's theme:

Intonation Basics Quiz Intonation Basics Quiz In this lesson we learn how to say a simple 4 word sentence in 12 different ways by playing with the basic elements of intonation: stress and pitch movements (intonation patterns). Watch the video and complete the quiz below: Quiz 10

/h/ & H Dropping - Lesson & Quiz 19/01/2023

This week’s Pronunciation Studio lesson is all about /h/:

/h/ & H Dropping - Lesson & Quiz /h/ & H Dropping Quiz Watch the 2 minute lesson on when, how, and when not to say /h/, then take the H dropping quiz below! Quiz 10 questions on /h/ and H dropping follow, you can refer back to the video at any

Glottal Stop [ʔ] - Pronunciation Guide 07/12/2022

Our latest video:

Glottal Stop [ʔ] - Pronunciation Guide The glottal stop is widely used throughout the English speaking world, but it doesn't appear in phonemic charts of English. This pronunciation guide covers t...

/ə/ - Schwa Sound Pronunciation Guide 22/11/2022

Pronunciation Studio video on the schwa sound /ə/:

/ə/ - Schwa Sound Pronunciation Guide The sound /ə/ is called a 'schwa' and it is the most common vowel sound in the majority of English accents. In this video we'll learn how to pronounce it, h...

NG Sound in British English 14/11/2022

The /ŋ/ sound is normally found in words with or . In this video we look at its pronunciation and how it appears in different accents and word positions.

NG Sound in British English Learn the pronunciation and spellings of the NG sound /ŋ/ and how it changes in different accents in the UK and Ireland. Also we cover -ING endings and 'G Dr...

kyivnotkiev 28/02/2022

The invasion of Ukraine has taught many English speakers how to pronounce its capital:

kyivnotkiev The recent invasion of Ukraine has brought pronunciation of its capital city into the English speaking world's spotlight.

What is Accent Reduction? 12/09/2016

The 4 areas of 'Accent Reduction' explored in this new Pronunciation Studio article:

vowel sounds
consonant sounds

What is Accent Reduction? What is ‘Accent Reduction’? It's designed to make second language speakers’ English clearer and reduce the influence of a mother tongue, but what does Accent Reduction actually involve and why is it called ‘reduction’? 4 Areas of Study Studying accent reduction involves learning the sounds and inton...

Silent ‘l’ - The Sound of English 22/07/2016

'l' is a funny letter, isn't it? Sometimes it's definitely silent like in 'would' and 'calm', sometimes it's definitely pronounced, like in 'felt' and sometimes it can be either silent or pronounced, like in 'although'.

Phew! Here's a lesson to help with the confusion, alright?

Silent ‘l’ - The Sound of English When is an 'l' pronounced and when is it silent in English? Learn the rules and words in this lesson with audio.

How to pronounce -erer & -ered endings 19/07/2016

The endings '-erer' and '-ered' often cause pronunciation students problems, probably because they look so long.

'ered' is pronounced just as /əd/
'erer' is pronounced /ərə/

This lesson has lots of examples and an exercise to practise:

How to pronounce -erer & -ered endings Words ending -ered and -erer like MURDERED and MURDERER can be confusing in pronunciation. This article is the simple pronunciation rule for GB English.

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