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The aim of this page is to help Algerian students coming to the UK. It is free of charge and can pro

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A great opportunity has arisen for a fully funded PhD studentship looking at "A Circular Approach to Manufacturing Sustainable Powertrains for Wind Turbines". This is a 3-year PhD position, with funding available for international students.

Contact me for leads.


Retail Sales Assistant in Stratford, East London (E15) | Job Board Direct 26/10/2023

Staff wanted at Boots

Various Locations availble across London

£12.25 per hour

To apply

Retail Sales Assistant in Stratford, East London (E15) | Job Board Direct View details and apply for this retail sales assistant job in Stratford, East London (E15) with Job Board Direct on Totaljobs. Retail Sales Assistant London We are on the hunt for fragrance consultants in London over this festive period.


This should be the biggest march for the year. Last week, the number has doubled from the week before. Can we reach 600,000!


شكون يجي؟
مسيرة يوم السبت على 12 قدام مركز BBC
Post code: W1A


For those who has settlement or British papers

You can do a free apprenticeship up to £14,000 paid by apprenticeship levy which the company tax that you work for. You need your employer’s approval and you can start the course.

The arrangement is to study part-time around 6h a week and you work the rest of the time. The available apprenticeships can be found in the different universities website

Best of luck


نهدر معاكم سيريوا
ميساج لرجال القاريين وقاعدين فدزاير بلا خدمة
بركا ماتضيع في وقتك وتحوس على المبررات
خليها تسنا عام ولا عامين، وأرواح
لازملك جيب Ielts بسكور مليح و ابدأ الإجراءات الانغلترا.
تقولي غالية، نقولك سلف دراهم وارواح، دراهمك راح ترجعهم اذا كنت خدام سيريوا
القراية هنا ساهلة والخدمة كاينة، عام ولا عامين تعاود ترجع كامل واش صرفت، لازملك برك تخدم وتتعب.
راح طور نفسك بزاف و تحسن الإنجليزية تاعك
المهم، فيزا ساهلة و مظمونة .
توكل على الله وأبدآ


👋 Hey Applicants! We have some more live Q&A sessions coming up next week. So, if you have questions about your Chevening Application, join us on the following channels 👇

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In the meantime, you might find the answers you're looking for in our FAQs:


Those with student or graduate visas and you have your partner and/or your kids in Algeria.

You have to start the process to bring them to the UK asap, Because the UK home office are changing the law. After 2024, you wont be able to do so.

Rankings and other information | Discover Uni 23/09/2023

Slm, for those looking for courses and wondering which university to choose!

Don’t follow the marketing of the university in their websites, every university says it is the best so I did my research and find out this credible government website.

If you have any other genuine source of university rankings, please share it in the comments below.

Rankings and other information | Discover Uni On this page we consider some of the other information that you might come across or be interested in when choosing your course, including league tables and rankings.


Chevening scholarship is open now!

Applications to study in the UK on a fully funded Chevening Scholarship are now open!

Choose the master’s course and UK university that’s right for you, embark on a tailored scholarship experience, and join a global leadership network for life.

This is your sign to begin your Chevening Journey…good luck!

Apply by 7 November:


in the UK
Content will cover a wide array of things for you to understand the basics of pharmacy careers, professing them and post graduate qualifications.
The most common question I get is "will independent prescribing be discussed" and the answer is YES!

Link to subscribe:


I haven’t mentioned this before.
Some universities in the UK have a massive reputation hence the tuition fees are high.
I am noticing that Algerian agencies work with average universities which have low tuition fees. They make their lives easier because they accept students without restrictions.
Example: Nottingham Trent University easy to be accepted. Vs University of Nottingham hard to get a place

Example 2: Huddersfield university easy accessible compared with University of Sheffield…etc

Obtaining a PhD in some specialities will somehow guarantee you a job. You just need to position yourself in the edge of technology. Examples of captivating fields: additive manufacturing, power electronics, software integration, digital twin, control engineering, artificial intelligence and ML, software development….etc

Some other fields are highly rewarding but require more work
Ex: medical sciences, dentistry and pharmacy. / Law LLB
Those jobs are everywhere in the UK with mainly NHS and private firms


To everyone:

- Avoid doing a pre-master or preparation year.

- It is a waste of money and time.

- If your academic Ielts score is below 6.5, take Ielts courses in Algeria. Get a better score before coming here.

- Dont apply for English courses with British universities before your master or bachelor degree. It costs much more than developing yourself in Algeria.

Good luck.


This need to be shared everywhere.
I personally cannot agree more.


Obtaining permanent residency and sponsorship for work are getting harder and complex due to a recent increase in the salaries’ requirements.


Just heard of this.
Entrepreneur visa is no longer existing. Now, even with money, it is hard to settle in the UK.


Lloyds bank offer for students:

Enjoy £100 on us and free everyday banking with our Student Current Account. Simply open the account and deposit £500 by 31 October and you’ll get £100 to spend your way by the end of November 2023.
Overdrafts are subject to approval and repayable on demand. You must be over 18 to apply.


Reminder to prospective Algerian Cheveners

opportunities to ask questions about the 🇬🇧's scholarships this week.👇

Applications will open on the 12th September, so start preparing now!

👋 Hey future !

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People have different perspectives. Everyone defines success differently, I have got multiple discussions with students in the UK. The majority didn’t find a job in the UK and they are young. One thing that bothered me, is: listen carefully, they think they knocked all doors. They feel like they have tried everything.

This is wrong, in the UK, there are plenty of opportunities after graduation, graduate visa will give you enough time to sort yourself out. You should not stop applying for jobs until you get one. You should never stop learning from those who got a job here, ask them questions, learn from their experiences, develop your soft skills, …etc

I swear that it’s not easy to get a job here, it’s competitive and require a lot of efforts. But if you hang around the barber enough, sooner or later you will have a haircut. To be fair, it requires you to work hard, push yourself to the limit, cry at night, pray sincerely, scream to release stress, be fearless..
You will ultimately succeed at the end.

First step is to get an interview, this can be done by making your CV stand out even if you lie! Second, interview or assessment day is your day. No stress and no fear, have faith and demonstrate your capabilities. Learn how you sell yourself. Convince your recruiter that his company needs you more than you need him. All of this comes with preparation. If you didn’t fail at least 100 times, you haven’t done anything. Apply to 300-500 companies, get at least 10-15 interviews . And you must win one.

“Failing to prepare is the preparation for failure!”

Last but not least, destiny will define where u gonna be in the future. Stay attached to Allah swt. If your Rizq is not here, Allah swt is the most knowledgeable and didn’t give u the job for a reason. Go somewhere else and keep trying.

“You will fail when you stop trying!”

Good luck everyone

Timeline photos 03/06/2023

Scholarships in one of the cheapest city in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Our scholarships for the next academic year are officially open for applications! 🎉

Check out our new blog post for everything you need to know, from what can give your application the edge to why you should apply in the first place 👉


Regarding payment of the British visa application fees:

Please ensure that you enter the billing address of the card holder when making payment on the WorldPay page. This can be different to your address as applicant, especially when payment is being made by a third party.

فيما يتعلق بدفع رسوم طلب التأشيرة البريطانية:

يرجى التأكد من إدخال عنوان إرسال الفواتير الخاص بصاحب البطاقة عند إجراء الدفع على صفحة WorldPay. قد يكون هذا مختلفًا عن عنوانك كمقدم طلب، خاصةً عندما يتم الدفع بواسطة طرف ثالث.


What you do if your student visa gets to expire soon and you haven’t yet find a sponsorship job?

Graduate visa will give u 2 years, use that time wisely and save money as much as u can.
Now, if you dont find a job, you can buy a health care visa to work as healthcare personal assistant. Terrible job but it can let you stay in the UK until you get your permanent residency.
Another better alternative, is to approach small companies CEOs and offer your help for a sponsorship visa. Define your salary and job title from the minimum wages of the UK government. And promise your dedication to follow this route until you obtain your permanent residency.
Up to this stage, I am leaving marriage as the last option, because most Algerian girls wont feel comfortable helping a follow Algerian man here for paper even if he is serious about marriage. Most Algerians dont use good intentions in marriage especially if she finds out, you dont have a proper job…etc
Partial funded PhD is also an option, u can work part time during your PhD and the university will cover half of your tuition fees. It might also give u a salary. Those opportunities are within professors in mainly big universities. There are Algerians professors willing to help if you show them your seriousness and discipline.
Another alternative is through a startup route and being an entrepreneur. This can be easily if you team up with the university as it can endorse you to get this visa.

General advices: keep contacts, grow your network, use LinkedIn, learn and ask other people, be open minded and never compromise your religion, meet other people from different cultures and backgrounds. Don’t hang out with only Algerians all the time. Go to incubators, team up for startups, avoid staying at home on weekends, use English and stop speaking in Derga. Dont be afraid to ask for help/advices/guidance from successful people.

Rabi ywafe9 (dont let the title goes) lol


Information required to either opt in for an MBA in the UK or elsewhere. Anyone can advise on this please?
Fees are roughly £25k/year


في الجزائر فقط؟!
تحس الشعب فارغ شغل. مرة ضوضاء على زكاة الفطر و قبلها على موضوع السيارات و البصل و ….الخ
شعب يهتم بصغائر الأمور وينسى الكبائر!

Studentships - Jobs at the University of Nottingham 05/04/2023

Saha ftourekom
A number of PhD scholarships have been published by the university of Nottingham. You can find those in the link below:

Studentships - Jobs at the University of Nottingham PhD Studentship- Development of new machine learning methods and algorithms for the integration of omics and environmental data to quantify the role of the soil microbiome in carbon sequestration Closing Date: 07 April 2023


Research institute : Sheffield Hallam University
Department : Materials and Engineering Research Institute

PhD1 : An Expert System for Self-Configurable Energy Systems in Electric Vehicles

PhD2 : Neutron Spectrometry for Nuclear Fusion Environments

PhD3: Preventing erosion-corrosion loss of Ta-W spallation neutron source target material

Link to apply :

Fully Funded PhD Projects | Sheffield Hallam University MERI currently has two fully funded PhD project available for applicants to start in May 2019.


See it with a pinch of salt!
I didn’t watch it fully! For those interested on funded scholarships to study in the USA 🇺🇸

PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Design and Manufacture of Modular Electrical Machines at Newcastle University on 24/02/2023

Another PhD funded with monthly salary for 3.5 years at Newcastle University. Top facilities in the world and you will be involved in Future Electrical Machine manufacturing group in the UK. It is a world class opportunity and you can be an expert in the field given the contacts that you will build.
I know the mentor personality, so reach out for recommendations.

Regarding the cost:
The studentship covers fees at the Home rate (UK and EU applicants with pre-settled/settled status and meet the residency criteria). International applicants are welcome to apply but will be required to cover the difference between Home and International fees.

Applicants whose first language is not English require an IELTS score of 6.5 overall with a minimum of 5.5 in all sub-skills.

PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Design and Manufacture of Modular Electrical Machines at Newcastle University on PhD Project - PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Design and Manufacture of Modular Electrical Machines at Newcastle University, listed on


Guys, we can’t establish a start up unless we have permanent residency. For those who have business ideas and want to start a business. Share ur ideas with us.
I wonder if companies in the UK, allow employees to work part time in another business.

Below a letter from the home office explaining the rights of a skilled worker who got CoS from a British company

PhD Programmes, Research Projects & Studentships in the UK & Europe 16/02/2023

One of my professional contacts is sharing this PhD opportunity. The link is below to find other fully funded PhDs. Have a look 👀

“I'm happy to announce that a 3-year fully funded PhD position is available for the design and optimisation of a new wave energy converter in the School of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment at Edinburgh Napier University. Under the umbrella of the Scottish Government, the Energy Technology Partnership, "ETP", has accepted our application for their Industry Doctorate Programme. We will be collaborating with Prof. Erkan Oterkus at the University of Strathclyde and Pentland Materials Supply Ltd., which is our main industrial sponsor. If you have any questions please contact me directly. For further details, please see the following link,

Energy Conversion from Sea Waves: Analysis, Development and Optimisation of a New Wave Energy Device at Edinburgh Napier University on”

PhD Programmes, Research Projects & Studentships in the UK & Europe FindAPhD is a comprehensive guide to PhD studentships and postgraduate research degrees


Hamdullah, Another successful story from one of our followers. We have provided free support and guidance to obtain the student visa.
If you have any specific questions during your visa application, feel free to get in touch.
we have experience and willing to give free advice. We just need your Dua.
Good luck

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