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Let's keep this short. 16/02/2024

How long is a long vowel sound?

Let's keep this short. English is often described as having "long" and "short" vowel sounds. This can be very helpful to break down a large group of monophthongs, but is it accurat...

Words of 2023 01/01/2024

Take the words of 2023 QUIZ!

Words of 2023 2023 - Words of the Year For the first time since COVID hit in 2020, this year's words of the year aren’t about the pandemic. Instead they are mainly concerned with a different kind of rapidly spreading phenomenon: Artificial Intelligence. In this article we'll go through 5 major English language ...

Very Tenable Spoonerisms 28/11/2023

With the passing of Very Tenables, I was reminded of the strange world of spoonerisms, and how they don't have anything to do with spoons.

Very Tenable Spoonerisms Very Tenables and the surreal world of Spoonerisms. I should start this piece by stating that spoonerisms have nothing whatsoever to do with spoons. So nir. Except of course, that both spoons and spoonerisms are pretty funny. And surreal. I was reminded of them yesterday when I saw this rather sad n...

The Phonetics Police 14/11/2023

Have you met the Phonetics Police?

The Phonetics Police The Phonetics Police In the world of written English, everybody knows about the grammar police. They pick at a piece of writing, not because of its language (the main element) but because of its punctuation. Well, in the world of English pronunciation, there’s a similar group: The Phonetics Police...

Matthew Perry's Sardonic Tone Unit 02/11/2023

Has any actor ever been so closely associated with an intonation pattern?

RIP Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry's Sardonic Tone Unit Matthew Perry’s Sardonic Tone Unit Earlier this week I noticed a spike in interest in an article I wrote years ago about Upspeak - rising intonation on a statement.I couldn’t work out why the sudden interest, but rereading it I saw that one of the examples in the article was Chandler Bing - Matt...

The UnhappY Vowel Sounds 25/10/2023

English weak forms are the topic on this week's blog:

The UnhappY Vowel Sounds ThE UnhappY Vowel Sounds The pronunciation of -Y endings is strange for 2 reasons: The mouth position has changed from in RP to in GB. Most dictionaries are using non-phonemic /i/ to represent them. This is the only non-phonemic sound that most publishers use in dictionaries. It seems that nobody is...

Should we teach ‘Hard Attack’? 11/10/2023

'Hard Attack' has got to be the most vivid term in English pronunciation!

It's when a glottal stop [ʔ] appears before a vowel sound and adds a bit of emphasis.

Should we teach this when we cover the glottal stop alongside its use as a /t/ allophone?

Should we teach ‘Hard Attack’? Should we teach 'Hard Attack'? The terminology around English phonetics can seem frustratingly vague or inprecise, particularly for those who want to use it purely as a learning tool rather than to make an academic study of the subject. Answers at the bottom of the article. But this isn't always the...


AXNting is our new video resource, featuring:

- Mouth movement
- Phonetics
- Diacritics
- Allophones
- Vowel grids
- Accent variations

It's all presented on whiteboards, here's an introduction.

10 Pronunciations of /t/ 05/07/2023

10 pronunciations of /t/ - take the quiz!

10 Pronunciations of /t/ 10 Pronunciations of Voiceless alveolar plosive sound /t/ may seem like one of the more straightforward English sounds. But in connected speech it changes more than any other consonant. In this lesson we look at 10 variations that commonly occur in modern British English. Somehow our late Queen got....

10 Pronunciations of /t/ 04/07/2023

Our latest video is all about /t/ - it has loads of variations in modern British English and we cover 10 of them here:

10 Pronunciations of /t/ /t/ is one of the sounds with the most variations in English pronunciation. In this video we explore 10 allophones that commonly appear in a modern British a...

Why are some ‘long’ vowels short? 09/06/2023

LOOSE is shorter than LOSE. Well, it is when you pronounce it (obviously it is longer written down). But why? It's all in our latest vid:

Why are some ‘long’ vowels short? Even though the word LOOSE looks longer than LOSE, its pronunciation is actually shorter. In this video lesson we explore why most English long vowels are sh...

So what is the difference between 'ship' and 'sheep'? 29/05/2023

Is SHEEP actually longer than SHIP?

So what is the difference between 'ship' and 'sheep'? So what is the difference between SHIIP and SHeeP? Last week I asked Pronunciation Studio's Instagram followers whether they consider SHIP or SHEEP to be longer, or whether they are roughly the same length. Here are the results: The answer I was hoping for was 3) Similar Length. In pronunciation tea...

/ɪ/ Vowel Sound - Lesson & Quiz 24/05/2023

Last week's new lesson [tʃɪːz]:

/ɪ/ Vowel Sound - Lesson & Quiz Vowel Sound Lesson /ɪ/ is normally a short vowel sound spelt with a single letter I. But there's much more to this sound: it can be both strong and weak with different spellings, and there's also a long version in modern GB English! VIDEO: 2 Minutes QUIZ:

King Charles III Coronation Quiz 06/05/2023

Do you know your sceptre from your orb? Your squid from your cod? And your MLE from your RP?

Time for the Coronation Quiz then:

King Charles III Coronation Quiz King Charles III Coronation Quiz VIDEO: 2 Minutes QUIZ: 5 Minutes This week's lesson is a royal affair... Quiz

King Charles' Accent - 5 Features 04/05/2023

With the coronation coming up, here's a short video on King Charles III's accent (not terribly serious):

King Charles' Accent - 5 Features King Charles has a Received Pronunciation (RP) accent firmly rooted in the last century, but his voice and delivery are very distinctive. With the coronation...

/ʃ/ - SH Sound Pronunciation Lesson 27/04/2023

This week's lesson and quiz is all about /ʃ/:

/ʃ/ - SH Sound Pronunciation Lesson Consonant Sound Lesson VIDEO: 2 Minutes QUIZ: 5-10 Minutes Learn how to pronounce /ʃ/ and how its spelt in written English. We also learn how it is used more in modern English accents. 10 question quiz follows to test your skills.

British English IPA Variations Explained 31/03/2023

What's the difference between these phonemic symbols?

/e/ vs /ɛ/
/ɜː/ vs /əː/
/æ/ vs /a/
/aɪ/ vs /ʌɪ/
/eə/ vs /ɛː/

British English IPA Variations Explained British English phonemic alphabets vary in some sounds. Why does this happen? And do the different phonemic transcriptions mean different pronunciations?In t...

/ʌ/ (UH) Vowel Pronunciation Lesson 22/03/2023

/ʌ/ changes an awful lot in different English accents!

/ʌ/ (UH) Vowel Pronunciation Lesson Vowel Sound Lesson VIDEO: 2 Minutes QUIZ: 5-10 Minutes Learn how to pronounce open-mid slightly back vowel sound /ʌ/ and how it is spelt in written English. We also see how it varies in accents throughout the UK and Ireland, and how it doesn't feature in northern

Intensive Pronunciation Courses 14/03/2023

This year's 2 day intensive courses are Pronunciation (Level 1) and Intonation (Level 2). The dates in central London are:

29-30 April (Pronunciation)
27-28 May (Pronunciation)
17-18 June (Pronunciation & Intonation)
8-9 July (Pronunciation)
29-30 July (Pronunciation)
12-13 August (Pronunciation & Intonation)

10% early bird discount off bookings made by 30th April.

Intensive Pronunciation Courses Learn English sounds and intonation in a small, fun, group setting in central London. Learn English sounds and intonation in a small, fun, group setting in central London. 2 Days (Weekend) Saturday & Sunday 10:00-17:00 (1 hr lunch break) The Sound of English

/p/ Aspiration Lesson 07/03/2023

This week's lesson and quiz focuses on the difference between aspirated and unaspirated /p/:

/p/ Aspiration Lesson Aspiration Lesson & Quiz Learn how to pronounce /p/ and when it is aspirated with a small puff of air - a really important feature of British English pronunciation. After the 2 minute video take the quiz below: Quiz 10 questions on

Glottal Stop Quiz 24/02/2023

This week's quiz:

Glottal Stop Quiz Glottal Stop Quiz Learn how to pronounce the glottal stop and when it is used in British English in the video lesson (2 minutes). Then take the 10 question quiz below to test your skills. Quiz 10 questions on the glottal stop

/ɑː/ Vowel Sound - Lesson & Quiz 15/02/2023

This week's lesson and quiz are all about the long /ɑː/ vowel:

/ɑː/ Vowel Sound - Lesson & Quiz Lesson & Quiz This week's pronunciation class is all about the most open vowel sound in English. Watch the 2 minute video and take the quiz below: Quiz 10 questions on /ɑː/ follow, you can refer back to the video lesson at any time:


The 20 English vowel sounds in under 40 seconds!

✅Mouth positions
✅IPA (and variations)
✅Example words

Schwa Quiz 09/02/2023

This week's pronunciation lesson and quiz is all about the schwa /ə/:

Schwa Quiz Schwa Sound Quiz How much do you know about the schwa sound /ə/? Watch the lesson and scroll down for the quiz to test your knowledge: Quiz 10 questions on the schwa follow, you can refer to the video to revise at any time.

TH Sounds Quiz 02/02/2023

Do you know your /θ/ from your /ð/? Can you spot th fronting? Find out in this week’s quiz:

TH Sounds Quiz th Sounds Quiz In this lesson we learn how to pronounce the two dental fricative sounds: /θ/ and /ð/. We also discover how they vary in accents throughout the UK and Ireland. After the 2 minute video, scroll down for the quiz! Quiz 10

Intonation Basics Quiz 26/01/2023

This week's lesson and quiz are all about intonation and stress.

We discover how to say a 4 word sentence in 12 different ways!

Intonation Basics Quiz Intonation Basics Quiz In this lesson we learn how to say a simple 4 word sentence in 12 different ways by playing with the basic elements of intonation: stress and pitch movements (intonation patterns). Watch the video and complete the quiz below: Quiz 10

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We teach advanced learners of English how to use the full range of sounds and intonation in their speech. Our approach is highly practical, taking learners step by step to fluency in their new skills. The model we use is standard (GB) English, and the aim is clear speech and confidence.

Since 2008 we’ve helped over 15,000 learners from more than a hundred countries in groups, individually and online. Everything we use in class was produced and published in-house, including our main course book ‘The Sound of English’.

Our team of teachers are IPA certified (by the International Phonetic Association) and have over 10 years of classroom experience each. We release new articles every month so that our learners and visitors can continue to practise and learn before and after courses.

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[ɱ] - Labiodental Nasal Sound#phonetics
What's Santa saying?#pronunciation #santaclaus #englishquiz
Ejective sounds [p',t',k'] are made by pushing out air that is trapped above the glottis. They are never obligatory, but...
A quick (38 second) tour of the 24 English consonant phonemes. #pronunciation #phonemicalphabet #phonetics
Why you shouldn't say [ʔ] in BOTTLE 😂#pronunciation #phonetics #glottalstop
We are often asked about the difference between /a/ and /æ/. Well, here's the answer. #pronunciation #phonetics
Matthew Perry's distinctive rising intonation unit. #Matthewperry #chandlerbingRIP Matthew Perry
The /uː/ sound has changed considerably over the last 50 years in standard English. As explained by somebody who said it...
AXNting Introduction
The word BARBIE said in a few accents from the UK and Ireland.
Do you know the difference between Shakespeare and Bard?




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