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How have IntoUniversity’s changing demographics affected our progression rate? 📊

Since 2015 and as we’ve grown our network, the proportion of our school leavers who come from outside of London has grown from 21% to 51%. The proportion of our school leavers who started working with us pre-16 has also increased from 32% to 71%.

What does this mean? 🤔

Students from outside London are much less likely to go to university than those living in London. Students who join us post-16 have already chosen options that may lead to university. Nationally, the university progression rate for such students is much higher than for the broader group of students we work with pre-16.

Largely as a result of these changes, more recent school leavers have a lower background chance of going to university. This is why our progression rate seems to be falling every year, but our uplift on the background rate has remained consistent, though with a notable drop in the last two years.

If you are interested in more information about our progression rate and why our uplift has dropped over the last two years, download our 2023 Impact Report here:


With the release of our latest Impact Report, you may hear us talking about our "progression rate" and "tailored benchmark", but what does this mean and how are they effective measures showing the impact of IntoUniversity's programmes?

Adam, our Data and Impact Manager, explains our 2023 progression rate and how we calculate our tailored benchmark 🔽

For more information, download our latest Impact Report here:



We are looking for people to take up an important role in our safeguarding team as a Safeguarding Manager. This role will be crucial in supporting our delivery team to safeguard the young people we work with and help ensure that IntoUniversity provides a safe environment for all of our young people at all times.

🕐 Part-time, permanent
📍 Multiple locations
⏰ Apply by 10am, 14th December 2023

For more information and how to apply, visit our website here:


Applications are now open for our TENTH Big City Bright Future internship!

This annual 3-week paid internship, provides opportunities within global firms for Year 13/S6 IntoUniversity students and aims to accelerate career paths across a variety of industries, including Law, Finance, Technology, Consultancy, and more.

Applications close on 3rd January 2024. Find out more about how to apply here:



Below, Alex, our Head of Data & Impact, rounds up our latest blog where he unpicks the implications of IntoUniversity’s latest impact data, which demonstrates a slight dip in university progression amid a challenging post-COVID context.

Read the blog here:

Download our 2023 Impact Report here:


Our 2023 Impact Report is out today!

It’s a challenging time for young people making decisions about their future. The long-term impacts of the pandemic, in particular on those from the least advantaged backgrounds, are becoming increasingly clear and it’s more important than ever that we can be confident our work is having a positive impact on the young people we support.

Our 2023 Impact Report is packed full of data and information on the effectiveness of the IntoUniversity programme.

Read and download the report here:


🌟2023-24 D&I Forum 🌟

Our 2023-24 D&I Forum met for the first time yesterday to welcome new members and discuss the the first year of the strategy and the actions for this year, recruitment review timeline and the staff networks role in recruitment and the employee engagement survey. We're looking forward to seeing how they drive forward our D&I strategy over the next year!

Some of our new (or returning!) members of the forum shared why they decided to join the D&I Forum below 👇

⭐“Due to my identity and academic background, I have a genuine interest and passion for D&I. I have gained a lot of experience and confidence since I was in the forum two years ago and hope to develop this further by re-joining. I’m also involved in the D&I in recruitment and D&I in Corporate Volunteering working groups, so I thought joining the forum would be useful to gain insight that I can apply to volunteering.”

⭐“I am passionate about working towards a more equitable distribution of resources, power, and opportunities. I would like to support IntoUniversity’s continuous efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive organisation. I believe that by providing our young people with a model of diversity and inclusion, we empower them to make meaningful changes towards a society where all individuals can thrive regardless of their background or circumstances.”

⭐“I’ve joined the D&I Forum to contribute towards driving important change within the organisation. Working at IntoUniversity for nearly 4 years across different regions, I’ve had the privilege of learning from hundreds of young people and adults - I aim to support individuals to champion their identities and the forum widens the scope of this. My lived experience drives my passion to make our classrooms and offices inclusive. In particular, for staff to flourish through having the support they need and adjustments in place.”


Do you want to double the impact of your donation to IntoUniversity and help more young people succeed? ⭐

Set a reminder for next week when we will be participating in the 's Christmas Challenge 📅

Donations via the link below will be matched between 28th November – 5th December 2023. Click here to find out more:


From crucial financial support to inspiring volunteers and eye-opening trips, our university partnerships are essential to our work in local communities across England and Scotland.

For our 20th Anniversary Report, Pete Bruce, Head of Student Recruitment Outreach at the University of Nottingham, reflected on the successes of our long-running collaboration in Nottingham, where our three centres have supported over 17,000 young people in the city so far.

Read the blog here:


Wishing all of our staff, volunteers, supporters, students and their families a very happy Diwali! 🎇


"By 2027, we are aiming to operate 50 learning centres across the UK, serving thousands more young people and communities in need. At this scale we aim to be supporting at least 60,000 young people across our network each year."

In case you missed it, in this article from our 20th Anniversary Report, John Bleasdale, IntoUniversity's Director of Development, looks ahead to the future of the charity.

Read the article here:


"What’s been most obvious to me has been the strength of the partnerships and community engagement, without which none of our work would be possible. Our collaboration with the University of Glasgow and The University of Edinburgh across all three centres has been absolutely vital."

In our latest blog, Daisy Rae, our Head of Operations in Scotland, reflects on the first few years of our work in Scotland and the importance of collaboration in ensuring success.

Read the blog here:

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 01/11/2023

Sustainability! 🌱 Journalism! 📰 Zoology! 🐒

Over half term, young people across our network have been learning about lots of different topics through our Holiday FOCUS programme and have taken part in many fun activities, from visiting the Guardian to make their own front page news stories to field research trips to London Zoo to a "Trashion" Runway challenge!

“It was fantastic to build a valuable relationship with a young person and to have an impact on their life.” 27/10/2023

In case you missed it the first time, this , we thought we would re-share this fantastic blog written by Nazgol, former IntoUniversity mentor from the University of Nottingham and current IntoUniversity staff member, about her experience as a mentor.

Read the blog here:

If you are interested in becoming a university student mentor at one of our centres today, visit our website here to find out more:

“It was fantastic to build a valuable relationship with a young person and to have an impact on their life.” Nazgol became a mentor at IntoUniversity Nottingham West in 2018. Now, working as an Education Worker, she reflects on her mentoring journey.


It's National Mentoring Day!

A huge thank you to the thousands of mentors across our network who volunteer their time to support and inspire our young people, we are so grateful for your support 👏 👏

If you are interested in becoming a mentor at one of our centres and changing a young person's life, please visit our website here to find out more:

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 26/10/2023

This , Secondary students across our network have been learning about Black women who have made important contributions to the world throughout history and celebrating them through poetry!

See below for just some of the fantastic poetry that has been created 📝👇


"Some wrote about how the research projects they had completed as part of the programme had developed their skills and knowledge. Some wrote about how their experiences of homelessness or immigration prompted their initial interest in subjects like Economics and Law. Seeing my students’ insight into their subject, and their resilience in the face of challenges, is one of my favourite aspects of this job. Sometimes, I learn just as much from them as they do from me."

As the early UCAS deadline passes for another year, Amber-Page, our Oxbridge Programme Manager, reflects on the last two years of our Explore Oxbridge programme, our long-term holistic approach to supporting our students who want to apply to Oxbridge.

Read our latest blog here:

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 23/10/2023

It's been a busy start to the academic year! Since the beginning of September, across our network, we have:

🎓 taken students on 117 trips to a university
📝 delivered 339 workshops in Secondary schools
✏️ supported 3903 students at our after-school Academic Support sessions

A huge thank you to all of our staff who work incredibly hard everyday to support our young people reach their potential and to our partners whose support makes this all possible!


Do you want to help change a local young person’s life? Become a University Student Mentor at one of our centres today!

For 5 reasons why you should, watch our video below 👇

For more information and how to apply visit:

University of Nottingham University of Bristol University of Exeter University of Bath University of Leeds University of Oxford Christ Church, Oxford University of Southampton Anglia Ruskin University University of Liverpool University of Warwick The University of Manchester Birmingham City University King's College London King's College London Widening Participation Christ's College, Cambridge Pembroke College Cambridge Trinity College, Cambridge University of East Anglia (UEA) University of York University of Hull The University of Salford Newcastle University Northumbria University Queens' College, Cambridge The University of Edinburgh University of Glasgow University of Leicester De Montfort University


IntoUniversity Govan kick started this October with an ⚙️Engineering⚙️ FOCUS Week hosting St Saviour's Primary School's P6 class!

Monday: Students learnt about civil, aerospace, automotive and electrical engineering 🛠
Tuesday: Teams completed ☝️Secret Mission 1☝️ and had an exciting workshop provided by the University of Glasgow where they got to build spaghetti towers🗼
Wednesday: Students learnt more about university and thought about their future aspirations and completed ☝️Secret Mission 2☝️ ahead of their graduation💭
Thursday: Went on a trip to Fairfield Heritage - the story of Glasgow's greatest shipyard where students got to learn about Govan's shipbuilding history 🚢
Friday: Took a trip over to the University of Glasgow for a campus tour and a formal graduation to celebrate the class' hard work! 👩‍🎓

🌟Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, trip providers, teachers and students, the week was a great success!🌟

Not just dots on a map: The key to getting place-based interventions right 05/10/2023

“Data is crucial in helping us to narrow down where we are most needed, but it can only tell us so much. IntoUniversity works in communities with rich and unique histories and cultures. While they are all facing similar barriers to education, it is important for us to understand the local context so that we can best serve the community when setting up a new centre.”

In our latest blog, Alex Bowes, our Set-up and Facilities Manager, talks about the importance of community consultation in helping us to understand a community’s specific needs when we set up a new IntoUniversity centre.

Read here:

Not just dots on a map: The key to getting place-based interventions right Data is crucial in helping us to narrow down where we are most needed, but it can only tell us so much.


We're currently recruiting for Centre Leader roles in , and !

As Centre Leader, you will have responsibility for running your IntoUniversity centre, including:

📆 Planning and delivering the programme to young people
👬 Managing your centre team
🤝 Liaising with external stakeholders
⭐ Meeting the centre's targets for delivery

Find out more about how to apply here:

For more reasons why you should apply, check out our video below 🔽

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 02/10/2023

It's Black History Month!

This year the theme is and, at our centres, we will be taking this opportunity to celebrate the talents, achievements and contributions of Black women throughout history.

Students at both Primary and Secondary Academic Support will be learning and researching about the lives of well-known Black women/inspirational Black women in their own lives and creating artwork and writing poetry to celebrate their talents! Watch this space for their creations 🎨 ✏️

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 29/09/2023

This , it has been great to reflect on what actions we can take as an organisation to make an impact.

See below for a brief snapshot of some of the things we have done over the last few months to promote inclusivity at IntoUniversity.


Moving away from home for the first time can be overwhelming, even if you are excited about starting your degree. It is completely normal to feel nervous or homesick, the most important thing is that you are taking care of yourself and are accessing support when you need it.

See below for some practical advice on how to settle in and feel at home at university 🔽

☕Create a comfortable environment

Hang up posters. Display photos of family and friends. Listen to your favourite music. Make a cup of tea. Creating a comfortable and familiar room environment can help you feel more at home.

🗺️Explore your surroundings

Go for a walk around campus and work out where your nearest amenities are - as well as being on the lookout for places to go in your free time. If you’re new to the area, ask for recommendations!

🎾Join a club or society

Universities have hundreds of clubs and societies to get involved in - whether you want to continue an existing hobby or learn a new skill! They are also a great way to make new friends outside of your accommodation and course.

👫Stay in touch with friends and family

If you are struggling with homesickness, it’s a good idea to talk to someone close to you to remind yourself that they aren’t more than a phone call away!

📞Reach out for support if you need it

Most universities have student wellbeing officers who are able to support you if you need help - whether that’s with your workload, accommodation or general worries. You can contact your student union to find out more about the specific services they offer.

For more advice on settling in, check out the links below:

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 27/09/2023

Beyond your studies and making new friends, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with at university!

Former IntoUniversity students, Ishmatu and Rhys, share their advice for students on how to make the most of what university has to offer 🔽


“I strongly believe that intentionally carving out safe spaces where people of similar experiences can come together and listen and talk to each other - and build friendships and support each other - and realise a sense of belonging is core part of what IntoUniversity is about”

For UK National Inclusion Week, Hannah Padfield, our Head of People and Culture, has written about the importance of staff networks in fostering an inclusive work environment.

Read our latest blog here:


G’mar chatima tova to all our staff, volunteers, supporters, students and their families observing Yom Kippur today!


🌟Our January grad scheme is now open! 🌟

We are looking for people who will thrive in a fast-paced, rewarding role helping to change the lives of young people in Clacton-on-Sea, Coventry, Hull, Leeds, London, Peterborough and Weston-super-Mare.

Find out more about our grad scheme below and apply here:

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 20/09/2023

For many students, going to university means moving away from home for the first time - sometimes all the way across the country!

Former IntoUniversity students, Rhys and Ben, share their advice for students moving away from home for the first time 🔽


Starting university this week? Worried about having to budget for the first time? Check out some top tips for budgeting at university below 🔽

💷Work out your monthly income

Whether this comes from savings, student loans or a part-time job, make sure you have a clear idea of how much will be coming in each month.

📝Make a list of your expenses

Create a separate list of all of your expenses from the big ones like rent and utilities to streaming subscriptions and laundry. This will help you understand how much money you have available.

🏧Get the right student bank account

Student bank accounts will often have incentives to get you to sign up. Work out what features are important to you – paying particular attention to monthly fees and overdraft charges - as well as extras like free railcards.

🏷️Sign up for student discounts

Many different retailers will offer student discounts! Sign up to UniDays and Student Beans to see their list of discounts, and if you live in Scotland, sign up for a free Young Scot card for free bus travel and discounted train travel.

📞Ask for help if you need it

Talk to your bank or a student advisor if you are struggling to cover your bills - it’s important to get help as soon as possible!

For more advice on budgeting and student finance, check out the links below:

Student Finance

Additional Funding Resources

Budgeting Tips and Discounts

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 18/09/2023

Socialising and making new friends can be one of the biggest parts of the university experience - but it can also be challenging, particularly if you aren’t living in student accommodation.

Former IntoUniversity students, Imaan and Ishmatu, share their advice about getting out of your comfort zone in those first few weeks 🔽


Shana Tova! Wishing all our staff, volunteers, supporters, students and their families who are celebrating a happy Rosh Hashanah!

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 15/09/2023

Congratulations to our incredible Life at AJ Bell Great North Run runners!

Thank you Luke, Jessie, Michael, Helen and Katie - we are so grateful for your support, especially on such a warm weekend! If you would like to support any of our runners, you can find all of their fundraising pages below:

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 14/09/2023

The transition from school or college to university, particularly the increased emphasis on personal responsibility, can be a difficult adjustment for students at the beginning of their higher education journey.

Former IntoUniversity students from East Ham share their advice about how to adapt 🔽

Photos from IntoUniversity's post 12/09/2023

Starting university is an exciting time in a young person’s life, but it can also feel quite daunting, particularly if you don’t know a lot of people who have been to university.

Throughout September, we’ll be sharing advice for students about to start university from former IntoUniversity students, like Ben and Fatima, who have just finished their first year of university 🔽.

Katie Shaw's fundraising 08/09/2023

Good luck to Luke, Jessie, Michael, Helen and Katie who are participating in the Life at AJ Bell Great North Run this weekend for IntoUniversity!

Live coverage is available on BBC One on Sunday so tune in to cheer them on 🎉

You can support all of our runners through their fundraising pages below:

Katie Shaw's fundraising In September 2023, I will be taking part in the AJ Bell great North Run, to raise money for IntoUniversity. IntoUniversity provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve. A


"In the same spirit of social entrepreneurship that has taken IntoUniversity so far, we are focused on seizing the next opportunity – to serve a generation who have been left damaged by the pandemic and are further at risk from rising costs, economic hardship and a job market demanding ever greater skills."

In our 20th Anniversary Report, IntoUniversity's Director of Development, John Bleasdale, looks ahead to the next 20 years of the charity:

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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