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Just going to leave this here 😂


They look the same but they're not!

Confusing right? So please read below to understand 😎

Chickenpox is NOT Smallpox.

We also need to know the difference between Human Smallpox (more serious) and Monkeypox (milder).

The disease that is having an outbreak here in the UK 🇬🇧 as well as in several other countries is MONKEYPOX.

🦠 Chickenpox, is an infectious and highly contagious disease caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus, from the Herpetoviridae family. It is quite common in children under 15 years old.

🦠 Human Smallpox is by Orthopoxvirus variolae and causes a very serious disease and eradicated thanks to vaccination resulting from a major WHO campaign.

🦠 Monkeypox, like smallpox, is a member of the orthopoxvirus group. Experts point out that it is much milder and less contagious than the human version of the disease.

BUT… we are still waiting for more information to know if there has been any change in the virus to try to understand the reason for an unusual outbreak.

Until then… let's take care of ourselves. No desperation, no exaggeration.

Masks once again being our ally. Hygiene and education on the topic is crucial.

🚨 Please don't kill or mistreat the monkeys!!! Despite the name, monkeys are not reservoirs of the smallpox virus. Although the reservoir is unknown, the main candidates are small rodents. Monkeys suffer from the disease just like us! Killing them won't help! 🚨

Thank you

Priscila Currie - Paramedic


Saving lives matter! Learning from 999 Paramedics matter!


What do u reckon?


What's going on here? 😰

1. Is this proper approach to BLS ?
2. Or is this assault ?
3. Is this awake CPR ?

CPR-induced consciousness (CPRIC) was described in Lewinter’s 1989 case report out of Henry Ford Hospital; the authors were more concerned with competing models of chest compression physiology and venoarterial carbon dioxide gradients but report that “forward blood flow produced was sufficient to maintain consciousness.”  CPRIC was more explicitly addressed in 1994 by Quinn and his colleagues at the University of Ottawa who were studying an active compression-decompression device but conclude with a question -->“Is it inhumane to do CPR without sedation or analgesia"? 

2% of cardiac arrest survivors in the subtly-named AWARE study described visual awareness during cardiac arrest. 

Most CPRIC authors recommend intra-arrest sedation with midazolam or ketamine; one group proposes a CPRIC sedation protocol.

NOTE: in regards to the video, I highly doubt this is conscious CPR... just bad bystander primary survey and assessment skills.

Source: emupdates.com/cpric
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True that! I hope you are all well!!! In June we will resume out first aid classes!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Photos from Yay First Aid's post 25/02/2021

Working with our lovely colleagues from the London Fire Brigade! We are all so glad for your help during the pandemic! We also have police officers helping us drive the ambulances!

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Choking!!!! Would you know what to do? 🤔 We use a choking simulator vest so our students get to practice many times!

1st - Ask the person to cough as hard as they possibly can!

2nd - Support the casualty and ask them to lean forwards and then perform 5 strong back slaps in between the shoulder blades. Looking after each one to see if they are still choking.

3rd - Perform abdominal thrusts by standing behind the casualty, lean them forwards, place one fist in the stomach and the other cupping that fists then pull really fast and hard until the person is able to breath agias!

4th- if unsuccessful the casualty will go in to cardiac arrest so be prepared to start CPR!


Yay!!!! Another successful course!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!


Cough cough!


SOLD OUT! Course on the 7th of March! SOLD OUT! Contact us now to register your interest for the next Emergency First Aid by 999 Paramedics!!! 🇬🇧 @ Yay First Aid


Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis usually develops suddenly and gets worse very quickly.

The symptoms include:

🚨feeling lightheaded or faint
🚨breathing difficulties – such as
🚨fast, shallow breathing
🚨a fast heartbeat
🚨clammy skin
🚨confusion and anxiety
🚨collapsing or losing consciousness

There may also be other allergy symptoms, including an itchy, raised rash (hives); feeling or being sick; swelling (angioedema) or stomach pain. If someone has symptoms of anaphylaxis, you should:

🔥Use an adrenaline auto-injector if the person has one – but make sure you know how to use it correctly first.

🔥 Call 999 for an ambulance immediately (even if they start to feel better) – mention that you think the person has anaphylaxis.

🔥 Remove any trigger if possible – for example, carefully remove any stinger stuck in the skin.

🔥 Lie the person down flat – unless they're unconscious, pregnant or having breathing difficulties.

🔥 Give another injection after 5 to 15 minutes if the symptoms do not improve and a second auto-injector is available.

🔥 If you're having an anaphylactic reaction, you can follow these steps yourself if you feel able to.

*Copy by NHS website.


Because stopping unnecessary deaths SHOULD be everyone’s responsibility!

Course by 999 Paramedics! 7th of March! Only a few places left! £160 per person with free interest instalments available!

Learn how to save lives and gain an accredited qualification level 3! Helps you find employment by improving your CV! Contact us now! [email protected]


Watch this awesome interview!!! Lewis Bloor talks to a 999 Paramedic aka me!!!! Lots of interesting topics! The link to it will be posted in the comments for this post!!! @ Yay First Aid


#008 - Priscilla Currie - First Aid Responder

So I was interviewed by Lewis Bloor for his awesome podcast Game Changers! We talk about my Paramedic life in London and some interesting topics! Unmissable!!!! Let me know your thoughts! https://youtu.be/MH_nMdEGNMk

Priscilla discusses life on the front line as a first responder paramedic. She discussed life & death as part of her day to day working routine. Priscilla al...


Who is in the mood to learn how to save lives and earn a beautiful accredited certificate??? Oh yeah!!! Our next course is on the 7th of March but we also teach privately! Contact us now! @ Yay First Aid


Why is it that most people when they find out I am a 999 Paramedic they ask “what’s the worse thing you have seen and dealt with???” The truth is if I tell you....you probably won’t sleep tonight. And nope this picture is not mine and yes I have seen horrible things that not even horror movies thought about it! I don’t particularly want to recall that and share it with you? So rather than asking this rather insensitive question how about “whats your happiest Paramedic memory? You will end up hearing some amazing life saving true story 🥰 🇬🇧


There is no blood or gore in this video don’t worry! I am a biker so I am not here to bad mouth bikers... I am here to raise awareness of stupidity! Stunts like this should NEVER be performed in public roads! I don’t know if the rider survived this... I hope nobody else got hurt, he could have killed an innocent person! Speeds are for track days only! Stunts like this should only be attempted in a proper location with safety measures in place! If you know bikers share this with them! Awareness save lives!


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So I leave my office for a few minutes and when get back this is what I see! Unbelievable! Anyone has any tips in how to handle this?! Naughty!!!


🚑🚑🚑Who can tell me where is this hospital??? I need to refer a few patients 😂


This is our super Yay First Aid vehicle! This ensures we can take our courses to your chosen location! We teach families in the comfort of their home! We go to businesses! At the moment only catering to London and Essex. Prices vary according to the number of students and duration of the course! We are fully booked for February but we still have some available dates in March! You can have a Paramedic in your home teaching your family how to save lives!!! How cool is that?! 🇬🇧


🚑 🚨 999 what’s your emergency??? “Ermmm ....I woke up with an identity crises like I’ve never experienced before...I feel like I am a dog, please help” I have to say absolutely one of my favourite patients! Hahaha


"If your child starts choking, swallows medication or sustains a minor burn should you provide first aid, call triple 999, or rush them straight to the emergency room? A new poll shows that an alarming number of parents aren't sure how to respond to these various scenarios, unintentionally placing their kids at risk."
"When young children experience urgent medical situations, parents have to make decisions about whether to administer first aid at home, call for advice or seek emergency care," says Gary Freed, who co-directed the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital survey. "Our report suggests that some parents may be using the A&E for common situations that could be handled at home."
So Yay First Aid asks you...
What kind of parent are you?
Do you freak out or are you trained in quality First Aid and can save your children??? @ London, United Kingdom


The question for you is... IF YOUR FAVOURITE PERSON COLLAPSES AND STOPS BREATHING.... would you know what to do? Are you confident about that??? If not come to our course on the 7th of March! Learn from 999 Paramedics and Doctors!!! Why would you learn from anyone else???


#999 ! 🚨 Can you save a life in an emergency????
Taught by 999 Paramedics! Much more than just a simple first aid course! We teach more, we teach better!

Very limited spaces and we are normally sold out weeks before the course date!

1 day course from 9:30 until 19:00 SATURDAY 7th of March.

We offer super flexible payment options INTEREST FREE!

Full price: £160 per person.

£50 deposit necessary to guarantee your spot the remaining can be paid in instalments as you wish!

This is an accredited course Level 3 and you will be awarded a highly recognised certificate valid for 3 years.

You will also receive an ID card with your name and First Aider registration number plus another certificate stating that you have learnt extra subjects and was assessed by 999 Paramedics.

If you have any questions after reading below please INBOX us! [email protected]

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Anyone 14 years and above is welcome!

Emergency First Aid at Work with extra subjects and extra practice!


Learning First Aid from 999 Paramedics ensures you don't end up acting like this...

This lovely illustration by Danny Casale talks about the importance of learning things from trusted sources... Just because a course is fun it does not mean is teaching you the correct stuff! I am so tired of seeing "first aiders" saying or doing the wrong thing because they selected the wrong First Aid course to attend... The cheap can cost lives! We are 999 Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses so our courses are garanteed to teach you the correct information. Join us on our next course and learn how to truly save lives! We walk our talk!


London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Fancy becoming a Paramedic like myself??? I absolutely love it!

On Day we pay tribute to all the women in our team - including those who chose medicine and paramedic science as a career and make huge differences
every day to the lives of our patients.

Find out more about science degrees:


Yay! First Aid Registration Form

The more people that learn from experts the less unnecessary deaths will happen!


We normally run out of places so in order to secure your place please complete the below application form.

Payment methods are very flexible so anyone is able to afford the course.

As Paramedics our passion is to save lives and being able to do that through our students is amazing!

If you have any questions please reply to this message and it will be a pleasure to answer any queries and help whenever possible.

You are one step closer to learning how to save babies, children and adults from the most common emergencies! Yay!

Plus our courses are super fun and engaging!

Hopefully see you soon!

Warm regards

Your 999 Paramedic


docs.google.com Taught by 999 Paramedics! Much more than just a simple first aid course! We teach more, we teach better! Very limited spaces and we are normally sold out weeks before the course date! To enroll please complete the questions below. 1 day course from 9:30 until 19:00 Saturday 7th of March Full price:....

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You should know how to save lives!

After years experiencing first hand how the lack of First Aid knowledge can costs lives Priscila Currie who is an experienced London 999 Paramedic, decided to start teaching unique First Aid courses that are much more in depth than any other courses in the market.

There are plenty of companies teaching First Aid but is very hard to find one that teaches properly and efficiently.

Yay First Aid courses are only taught by experienced Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses. The courses are very interactive and all participants learn while having fun!

Yay First Aid is unique and absolutely the best in what they do. If you really want to learn how to save lives, look no further.

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What's going on here? 😰1. Is this proper approach to BLS ?2. Or is this assault ?3. Is this awake CPR ?CPR-induced consc...
Yay!!!! Another successful course!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!
Learning First Aid from 999 Paramedics ensures you don't end up acting like this...
7th of March 2020 SATURDAY!!!Full price: £160 per person.£50 deposit necessary to guarantee your spot the remaining can ...
Taught by 999 Paramedics! 20th of October!Very limited spaces and we are normally sold out weeks before the course date!...
If you are stressed... anxious.... scared.... Watch this video and instantly relax knowing that you are not going throug...
Paramedic day off = doggy spa day! #lovemydog #yayfirstaid #learnfrom999paramedics
Remember what true beauty really means! And stay healthy as well of course 🙂 Happy women’s day!!!!Learn how to save live...
Raising awareness!!! Coughing does not stop a heart attack!
I am talking about DNR ‘DO NOT RESUSCITATE’ or ‘DNAR’  DO NOT ATTEMPT RESUSCITATION (they are both the same thing)...Ver...
1st prize winner to win a FREE First Aid Course is Gabrielly Oliveira!!!!! Well done!!!!! The 2nd  prize winner winning ...




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