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Have you joined the UK Nanny Club? This is a club for Professional Nannies to enhance their CPD journey by attending workshops, trainings and conferences. The cost is £25 per year. We have teamed up with Morton Michel The Early Years Collective Way2paye plus many more.
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Join the amazing Cheryl Bedding as she shares her unique perspective on parenting a child with autism and how she's managed at a time of unpredictability to provide stability and structure. This talk will enable you to reflect on the environments within your own childcare settings.

Cheryl has 26 years’ experience within the Early Years Sector in a variety of roles. However, she is now a director of The Early Years Collective, a new training and coaching platform that empowers parents and early years educators to navigate the journey of a child from pre-conception to school.

Don't miss this special talk at our Childcare & Education Virtual Summit on the 27th November 2021, book here >
Join Kim Esnard from the The Early Years Collective as she takes us on a journey to wellness for all early years practitioners! This fun & thought-provoking seminar will also walk you through the EYFS as it relates to the individual providing some strategies and ideas on regaining perspective, vision and purpose for our health and wellbeing!

Join us at Midlands for this amazing seminar, click here to book 👉

Empowering parents and educators to navigate the journey of a child. From pre conception to school t

Operating as usual


Rest as a whole body sensory experience ❤️

Timeline photos 01/04/2022

Wonderful starting points ❤️

"Joy is a powerful tool for solving childhood challenges and promoting brain health. Yet in our culture of doing, teaching, treating and pathologizing, too often we forget that when a child needs help, the first thing we should increase is joy."
— Mona Delahooke, Ph.D.

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Meet the 'latte pappas': Stay-at-home dads in Sweden 06/02/2022

“It’s good for individuals and it’s good for society”.

Meet the 'latte pappas': Stay-at-home dads in Sweden Forget ladies who lunch, meet the latte dads. The early years of parenthood are a burden which falls mainly on mums. But one Nordic country has shown that


🌟 Calling all UKNanny members 🌟

We are hosting a meet and greet online on Wednesday evening. A chance to meet with us, hear all about what we do and how we are working together with UK Nanny to provide quality training to all its members

Photos from The Early Years Collective's post 11/01/2022

We are so excited, honoured and privileged to have been asked to speak again

But the best bit is that we get to do it together this time 😊

We can’t wait to see you all there.


We are absolutely delighted and so excited to be working with UK Nanny.

Lots to look forward too for 2022 and we can’t wait to get started.

Keep an eye out for future posts with lots of information on what we will be offering UK Nanny members

Announcing our new Partnership for 2022 The Early Years Collective. We are so excited to bring you new CPD training.
Cheryl and Kim will be talking Childcare Expo London 2022 and will be available to chat on The Nanny Hub stand.


We are delighted to be asked back to Expo next year and this time we’re heading to London

But more excitingly we get to train together 😊

We’d love to see as many of you there in March as possible, come and say hi 👋🏻

The link below enables you to register for free

Childcare & Education Expo

Autism Spectrum Disorder | Neuspurt 16/12/2021

We are really pleased to of been asked to be part of this webinar and panel discussion.

Spreading the word on the potential indicators of ASD and how early intervention can ensure the right support is offered to children and their families

Autism Spectrum Disorder | Neuspurt Have you heard about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? NeuSpurt is inviting all young parents or parents-to-be to hear from the experts on how early recognition and intervention for ASD ensures that children can receive appropriate support for learning and development


A great reminder from

Our neurodivergent children can struggle this time of year. Increased stressors, increased expectations, increased stimulus. All of which can impact their responses to the world around them

Try to remove as many stressors as you can, aim to support them in creating a calm nervous system.


Monday Motivation 🎉🎉

Be awesome and inspire and support those around you to be awesome too.


How lucky are we to work in early years?

Yes it has its struggles, yes it’s long days, yes it is at the sharp end and full on every single day .

But ……… our role is so important, our role is shaping the future of the planet, our role plays a part in creating strong, independent, successful, happy individuals. What a job 😊

This is your Monday Morning reminder that you’re amazing, what you are doing is amazing and we thank you.


Happy Friday.

Allowing yourself to be in the moment with children can enable you to appreciate magic and beauty in the here and now in only way they can show you. It’s amazing where it could take you.

Enjoy those moments, appreciate those moments, learn from those moments.


Spoon theory

If you add on top of a child’s low level of mental energy, a lack of sleep, hunger or a stressful journey on the way to the early years setting, this has the potential to result in huge patterns of dysregulation.

The more energy out the less spoons we have in the drawer = the more energy we have the more spoons we have in the drawer.

How can we ensure the child is starting their day with a drawer full of spoons?

* Know the child, understand their dysregulation triggers

* Provide a quiet space for them to start the day in, a space to climatise to the environment

* Ensure you offer flexibility of routine to meet the needs of the child

* Ensure the child is at the centre of all you do

* Keep an eye on the child’s mental energy throughout the day (know how many spoons they have)

* Don’t add extra stressors

* Build your toolbox of strategies - time in with a considered, nurturing, understanding adult, quiet time outside, visuals to enable them to share their thoughts and feelings without the pressure to talk, calming resources to help focus help them to regulate


All children need attachment figures, children with additional needs may also require that attachment figure to be their advocate.

That one person that will ensure their additional needs are met and understood. Someone who is flexible and creative enough to think outside the box, to see the wider picture in order for the unseen impacts on their needs to be seen and supported.

Are you a SEN champion? We’d love to hear your story 💙


This is an extract from the poem that Cheryl’s son read at Expo this year, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was so powerful to hear what it’s like having autism as part of your life and others perceptions of you.

Take a look at the poem by Kay Winters


***** Launching our new training *****

Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing some of our new training content.

We’d love to come and share these with you .

Get in touch today to book your session

[email protected]



Photos from The Early Years Collective's post 02/10/2021

What a great day 🎉

A room filled with passionate, professional and engaging nannies. It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to speak

Nannies offer so much value, support, care and early education and are often ‘missed’ when discussing our early years sector.

great connections made

Thank you for having us


During Cheryl’s seminar today she referred the the news DFE publication written by Pen Green. The link is below

Photos from The Early Years Collective's post 25/09/2021

Spreading the word today. Thanks so much to expo for having us

Photos from The Early Years Collective's post 24/09/2021

So good to be here today. Caught up with so many people including those met online during lockdown. It’s amazing to see how tall people really are 🤣

Kim Esnard and I have made it into the brochure for the event and are really looking forward to sharing our message tomorrow

Childcare & Education Expo


Really looking forward to catching up and networking tomorrow.

Real people, at a real event and a real opportunity for connection, inspiration and empowerment

See you there


Happy Nanny recognition week. 🎉🎉

Nannies are often forgotten about when discussing childcare and early years and they play a huge role in the sector in offering parents choice for their childcare arrangements.

Our director Cheryl began her early years career as a nanny and influenced by Mary Poppins that’s all she wanted to be growing up.

Cheryl will also be speaking at this years UK Nanny conference and is really looking forward to it.

The relationships, the connections, the experiences that nannies offer children is wonderful and at EYC we want appreciate all you do.

Thank you


Another day, another training conversation.

Such a great, connected, supportive, encouraging and inspiring nursery team in Wandsworth, SW London today.

A half day inset and a time for the team to come together to reflect, discuss and learn.

The Empowered Practitioner.
The Empowered Child.

Have an amazing weekend


We are the architects supporting the foundations that everything else is built upon.

Empower our children to ask questions and be curious


An amazingly beautiful sunny ☀️ day and we’re off on another training day.

Today is another full staff training day, this time for a wonderful nursery in London, with a focus on SEND and Self Regulation.

Our aim as always, to enrich, equip and empower educators to be the best they can be for the children they care for


First day at school. Good luck to all the children starting their first day at school today, and lots of luck and best wishes to all the parents having to let go too.

I wonder what you’re doing right now and if everyone is treating you kind.

I hope there is a special person, a nice friend that you can find.

I wonder if the teacher know just how special you are to me.
And if the brightness of your heart is something she can see.

I wonder if you are thinking about me and if you need a hug.
I already miss the sound of your voice and how you give my leg a tug.

I wonder if you could possibly understand how hard it is for me to let you grow.

On this day know that my heart breaks, for this is the first step in letting my baby go.

© Wendy Silva



“A dramatic change results when we start to think in terms of behaviour as a reflection of self-regulation in response to stress, arousal and energy levels, rather than in terms of self-control and compliance” Stuart Shanker

What are our children telling us through their behaviour? Are they hungry, tired, feeling overwhelmed, over stimulated?

All behaviour is a form of communication, we need to be available to ‘listen’ rather than seek to react to what’s in front of us.


After a great day for EYC yesterday, the only plan for today is to reflect, relax and smile.

Happy Sunday.

Photos from The Early Years Collective's post 21/08/2021

Such an amazing day.

A full on training day with Vicky and her fabulous team at Daisy Nursery today.

The Early Years Collective sharing their passion, knowledge and skills with staff to empower and equip them with tools to make change, embed outstanding practice and deliver high quality care and education to all children


We are all busy getting ready for a big event on Saturday and we can’t wait.

Being able to share our passion and commitment to early years care and education to over 80 managers and educators in Hampshire is very exciting 😊

We have 10 training conversations taking place over the course of the day from risky play, to self regulation and baby brain to developing outstanding practice and the revised EYFS.

This is a snippet from our self regulation session, an opportunity to discuss the need for educators to have their own tools and strategies for their own regulation before they can help and support children through co-regulation.

Our training conversations aim to enrich, equip and empower all that attend


We are really concerned about how our children will transition back into school in 3 weeks time 🤣

Anyone else’s food bill increased massively over the holidays?


Childcare & Education Expo is getting closer 😊

The Early Years Collective don’t just have one director speaking this year, we have two!

Cheryl will be sharing her personal experiences of parenting a child on the autistic spectrum during lock down, the highs, the lows, the uncertainties, the strategies that worked but also those that were massive fails!

Enabling you to learn from her unique lockdown journey and how we can reflect on our environments and strategies when supporting children who require that little bit more consistency and predictability in a very unpredictable world.


Come and see us a Childcare Expo this year.

Kim will be delivering a dynamic, thought provoking session to leaders and practitioners. Focussing on rebuilding our power, purpose and passion, you will leave connected, calm and capable as she takes a fun walk through the EYFS for you.


Contact us for details on training available from September.

Our training and support will be written to meet your needs and the needs and requirements of your team.

Our training is action driven and with the overall aim to engage, enrich, equip and empower all early years educators.

Photos from The Early Years Collective's post 27/07/2021

So two days into the holidays, how’s it going for you??

Many parents talk about surviving the holidays, which for a lot of parents, including some of us here, that’s how it can feel. But we’ve managed 2 lockdowns, we’ve come out the other side, 6 weeks should be a breeze right???

What strategies are you adopting in order for you to take control, do what needs to be done and to keep smiling?

🗣Have the conversation with your employer, be honest, ask if you can take on flexible working hours to take away some of the pressure.

🚸 can you schedule time for them to have play dates, now we are able to mix, this is a lot easier to try to arrange

⏱ set your alarm early. There is so much you can get done in a quiet house! 🤫

🗓make a visual plan. Children will always ask, when are we going out, when is lunch? By making a timetable visible, it’s clear and takes away the constant questions

🌳 Get outside as much as you can and remember there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing 😊

Remember you are not on your own

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