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Time for some summer craft ☀️

Watermelon Paper plate fan 🍉

You will need:
• Paper plate
• Paint: red, green, white and black
• Paintbrushes: thin and thick
• Jumbo lolly sticks
• Double-sided sticky tape
• Paint palette

Comment below with “Watermelon” will dm the pdf on how to make one.

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Day 26 of why should I Homeschool my child?

▶️To prioritise physical education.

Your child can move, play outside, spend extra time on things like gymnastics and football, connect with nature , move while learning and gain confidence with time for skills excellence.

Homeschooling also allows your child and yourself to get more sleep and wake up naturally.

You can plan sleep schedule around their learning time and activities.

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🗓 Day 24 of why should I Homeschool?

Increased opportunities ☀️

🌍 With online learning, the world is at your fingertips. Home educated students can explore interests in more detail.
They can master in different fields at the same time, learn different languages, attend various workshops, improve their networking and excel themselves earlier than the rest alhamdulillah 💎

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We’re excited to announce that the registrations for the upcoming academic year, September 2024/2025, are now open on our website. This is a fantastic chance for students and parents alike to become part of our nurturing online learning community, where you’ll discover a broad array of programs all accessible from the warmth and comfort of your own home 🏡

Considering joining the BOS family? We encourage you to register soon to secure your place 📝

If you have any questions or require guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team is on hand to assist you through the registration process or to discuss what you can expect in the coming year 🗓️

We look forward to welcoming new students and reuniting with returning ones. Together, we will make the 2024/2025 academic year a remarkable journey of discovery and learning 💫

Ready to make the leap? Secure your place at BOS today!

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Day 23 of why should I Homeschool?

Appreciate your children ⭐️

When children go to school, many parents sign them up for many after-school activities, frankly because they just are not used to being with their children.

When you homeschool, parents would rather be with their children than without them.

Homeschooling allows more family time:)


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Day 22 of why should I Homeschool

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📅 Day 21 of why should I Homeschool?

☀️ Every weekday morning, children are up about 7:00 am in the morning, this is a scene mirrored in the homes of young children all around the world.
The difference is that while other children and parents are frantically trying to make it to school on time, some children stay at home 🏡

Their school commute is from kitchen to living room or anywhere else in the house where lessons start at 10:00 Thday includes writing , maths games,foreign language and creative activities.

Their School : BOS Homeschooling 🙂

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Day 20 of why should I Homeschool?💜

Different Social Patterns 🔍

✅A child who receives their education at home will have the benefit of socialisation based on interests and community rather than merely age, which most schools are organized around.🌍

Instead most home schooled children meet friends in extra curricular activities, who have the same interests, or home school support groups who are experiencing the same education system, rather than being restricted by the age organization of schools🏫.

To know more about bos Homeschooling - an online school focusing on supporting homeschoolers just drop us a dm ✉️


🌍What is so special at BOS? 🌍

🏫 British Online School follows the Cambridge international curriculum and is inspired by the finnish education system - which has proven to be the best in the world.

🔗Our Classes are 45 mins
🔗15 mins Brain break for Students and Teachers
🔗Students have 3-4 lessons a day
🔗Relaxed classes with NO Stress and NO Pressure

Dm us for more information ℹ️
Follow for more

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Day 19 of why should I Homeschool?

School Vs Unschool

🎈Mainstream schooling is still popular option when it comes to educating children.

⭐️But it doesn’t have to be, with the dramatic rise of in school bullying, in- school violence, the questionable education system, Homeschooling has not become a secondary option but a key consideration in keeping children safe while preparing them for successful future In which they can thrive as happy members of society 🌍

To know more about boshomeschooling just drop us a Dm ✉️

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Day 18 of why should I Homeschool 🏠

Instil Self Confidence 🤝

🌱Moving away from authorization way of teaching and allowing your children to express themselves.🎉
🎖While taking an active part in their own learning will validate your children helping them to feel confident and empowered.

👌Responsibility and trust are central motivators for self confidence and these are easy to instill in the homeschool environment.🌏

Learn more about us at

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Day 📅 of why should I Homeschool?

Another bonus of homeschooling is that your child is not going to get every bug, cold or flu that goes around.

They will be able to remain relatively healthy and well while remaining in the homeschooling environment, furthermore if they do get sick, they can still study as they will be at home anyway!!

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Day 1️⃣6️⃣ of why should I homeschool?

More Family time ☀️

Instead of spending the majority of the day in school being taught by relative strangers, homeschooled children spend far more time with their parents and sometimes siblings too.

Many homeschooling families say this promotes family relationships and a unique sense of family togetherness.

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☀️ Day 15 of why should Homeschool?
To bring creativity and imagination 💛

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☀️DAY 14 of why should I Homeschool?

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It’s time for Day 13!

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🔗Why do parents prefer to homeschool their children?

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🌍 DAY 12 of why should I Homeschool.

Homeschooling gives a wider learning experience

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Day 13 of Why should I Homeschool my child?
Application of learning in everyday life 📚

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Day 11 of why should we homeschool it children!
They have the freedom to follow the child’s natural interests.


REGISTRATIONS OPEN FOR 2023-2024 at the British Online School

🏫 Bring your school to home and register your child today!

The Muslim British Online School, also known as BOS, is a Cambridge Accredited school with qualified and expert teachers, We offer education from Reception up to Year 11.

📌For registrations log on to

📌Join our Telegram channel:

📌Follow us on our Instagram page:

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9 life skills to teach your kids now!

Dm to receive worksheets to develop each skills!

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9 essential skills to teach your kids🔥

✉️ DM us to receive a worksheet to develop each skill mentioned.

Source: twinkl

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Why should I Homeschool my child?
📌To Stay away from bullying!

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Day 9️⃣ of why should I Homeschool my child.

🔅Integrating learning into your natural environment.

Swipe to see more ➡️

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Day 8️⃣ of why should I Homeschool my child!
🔆 Not old enough to enter school.

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Day 7️⃣ of why should I homeschool my child?

For independent 🔆🔆

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DAY 7️⃣ of why should I homeschool my child?

For Independence 🔆


DAY 6️⃣ of why should I Homeschool my child.
For a better learning environment!


DAY 5️⃣ of why should I Homeschool my child.

For Freedom and Flexibilty!

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