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100%😂 too quiet for too long Will leave you very confused

Photos from NRSRY's post 25/07/2022

Toddler expressive arts and design Photo dump 🤍

Photos from NRSRY's post 18/07/2022

We then played with lentils, rice and chickpeas with cars.

We developed in the following areas
Expressive arts and design 🫶🏽

Photos from NRSRY's post 15/07/2022

On the (08.07.22) we enjoyed making Eid cards. We used our glue sticks to spread the glue onto the card then we attempted to stick our pictures on the front of the card. We then used pencils to mark make on the inside of the card to create a picture.🫶🏽

Photos from NRSRY's post 14/07/2022

Today at Nrsry we had loads of fun playing with crushed up cereal and cars. Having good hand control to push the car backwards and forewords in the cereal and listening to the noise of the cereal being broken by the car.

We also spent the afternoon in the garden playing with water in the little paddling pools and had tea outside.

We developed in the following areas

Physical development

Showing and having good hand control to push the car backwards and forewords
Enjoying the texture of the cereal and squeezing it in their hands
Splashing in the paddling pools using our hands and feet.

Personal social and emotional

Being able to take part in a group activity
Sharing and taking turns with friends

Understanding the world: technology

To be able to pull back on a friction car.

Photos from NRSRY's post 12/07/2022

The toddlers are in love with the kitchen and love to play with it🍽 it teaches the children about all different types of food and teaches the children sharing🤍


Monday fun fact 👍

Photos from NRSRY's post 08/07/2022

at Nrsry we had loads of fun decorating butterflies with different coloured paints using a paint brush and our hands/fingers.

We developed in the following areas

Physical development
Developing our fine motor skills by using paint brushes and our hands, the children used their whole hand grasps and pincer grips. 💕

Photos from NRSRY's post 07/07/2022

Yesterday we played with wooden blocks to encourage building towers by placing them on top of each other to make a tower and we looked at the different colours of the blocks.👶

Photos from NRSRY's post 06/07/2022

at nrsry we enjoyed doing a art activity where the babies used star stamps, dipped them into paint and placed them onto a piece of paper to print the star shapes. We then used glue and glue sticks to spread glue onto paper then stuck on different coloured pieces of paper ( red, white and blue). This activity was to celebrate the 4th of july!🎆


Are children love when the Sun is out 🌤 This is a place where they learn about Sharing and get to have fun at the nursing ☀️

Photos from NRSRY's post 01/07/2022

Today at nrsry we had loads of fun playing in the sand with animals and spades, we enjoyed using the spades to pick up the sand, hiding the animals in the sand then finding/looking for the animals, listening/ learning the sounds that the animals makes by singing old McDonald had a farm. We also liked sitting with our friends having a nice lunch together using our spoons/fingers ( finger feeding) to eat our lunch with.

We developed in the following areas

Physical development

Moving and handling

Enjoys playing with damp sand experiencing how it feels.
Using our fine motor skills to hold the spade in their hands to scoop up the sand.

Health and self care

Grasps finger foods and brings the food to their mouth
Being able to use a spoon and feed themselves independently
Attempting to use a spoon and guide towards mouth but often food falls of the spoon.

Communication and language

Listening and attention

Enjoys listening to nursery rhymes when being sang
Moving their bodies with the singing

Understanding the world: the world

Being able to watch toys being hidden And then trying to find the hidden toy.

Expressive arts and design: exploring and using media and materials

Moving their whole bodies to sounds they enjoy such as music or a nursery rhyme 👍


Today at nrsry we enjoyed washing the babies In soapy water using cloths
We had fun using the cloths to wash the babies, running our hands through the water, splashing the water. To encourage learning how to clean our faces.

We then built towers using the mega blocks and looking at the different colours

We developed in the following areas

Physical development

Being able to sit on the floor unsupported
When sitting can lead forward to pick up a toy
Being able to connect pieces together to build a small tower
Squats with steadiness to play with resources On the floor then being able to rise to their feet. 🫶

Photos from NRSRY's post 29/06/2022

Today at nrsry we enjoyed getting messy with mark making, gluing and sticking using a variety of mark making resources such as coloured pencils, crayons, glue sticks, different coloured glitter. We enjoyed drawing a picture, spreading glue on the paper then adding glitter to our drawings.

We developed in the following areas

Physical development: moving and handling

Being able to hold mark making resources using whole hand ( palmer grasp) And make random marks with different strokes.
Enjoys the sensory experience of making marks Using crayons and glue

Personal social and emotional: making relationships

Being able to take part in a group activity
Playing alongside others
Building friendships with others ❤️

Photos from NRSRY's post 29/06/2022

“There is a leader in all of us”.

Photos from NRSRY's post 27/06/2022

Spaghetti fun!

A similar colour and sorting activity to build on physical developmsnt, maths and communication skills.

Photos from NRSRY's post 24/06/2022

Today at nrsry we enjoyed reading and listen to stories and looking at the pictures in the book. We also played with transport toys attempting to drive the cars back and forth and around the car mat.

We developed in the following areas

Physical development

Being able to use our hands to drive the cars around the car mat.
Being able to hold a book correctly and to turn the pages correctly

Communication and language

Being able to sit nicely and listen to the book being read
Making sounds when driving the cars ( brmm)


Handles Books with interest
Show interest when looking and listening to stories being read💕

Photos from NRSRY's post 22/06/2022

Tea time !

Photos from NRSRY's post 22/06/2022

Yesterday at Nrsry we enjoyed looking/reading and listening to the books being read. We also had loads of fun in the garden playing with bouncy balls, big car, push along toys, sand play, kitchen area and having a splash in the small paddling pool.

We developed in the following areas:

Physical development

Being able to hold a book correctly and turn pages in a book.
Using our gross motor skills for outdoor play .

Communication and language by listening to the books and attempting to copy the words. 🤍

Photos from NRSRY's post 17/06/2022

Today a nrsry we had so much in the garden today enjoying the lovely weather, we cooled down and splashed around in the paddling pools, using the water squirter, catching the bubbles. Big cars, ride along toys. Then all had a nice cold ice pole to cool us down.

We developed in the following areas

Physical development

Children developed their gross motor skills by climbing in and out of the paddling pools, driving the big car and the push along toys.

Using our hands to splash and run our hands through the water. Bouncing the big bouncy balls.

Personal social and emotional development

Children were socialising with their friends in the garden all playing nicely together, having their food together.

Understanding the world

By being outside children understood about the weather and why we need to wear sun lotion 🫶

Photos from NRSRY's post 17/06/2022

This week we came to nrsry dressed as hero’s in celebrations to our fathers and father figures.

My Dad is very funny, he’s also crazy.
He loves me so much and I love him too.

He makes me laugh and giggle, he makes me feel just fine.

But the best thing about my Dad is that he is all mine.

Happy Father’s Day

Photos from NRSRY's post 16/06/2022

Yesterday at NRSRY we have enjoyed pretend play. We were cooking food together for everyone. We also had fun making art work to celebrate Father’s Day.

We developed the following areas:

* communicate and language- By listening the story, it helped to develop the children’s listening skills as well as good sitting skills around the circle area.

*personal social & emotional- By pretending to cook, the children used their imagination to developed their emotions. It also give the children opportunities to being independent and help our family at home.

Physical- By using cooking dishes and cutlery, the children developed their fine motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination.

Photos from NRSRY's post 15/06/2022

Today at nrsry we had loads of fun playing with connective blocks building towers and then played with soapy blue water with sea animals, enjoyed running our hands through the bubbles and water, splashing the water and using our hands to make the sea animals swim through the water.

We developed in the following areas

Physical development

By connecting the pieces together to make a tower with more then one piece, banging two pieces together.

Using our hands to feel how the water splashes against different objects

Understanding the world

to show that we can differentiate between playing with water and drinking water 💕🫶


We like to keep our children educated and engaged in whatever activity their doing🤩 in this mathematics activity they have to count the mini people and pit them to the correct colour bean bag 👍🏾


This is our baby room where we care for our children and allow there imagination to run wild 👶🏽❤️ CHECK OUT OUR TIKTOK for a detailed room tour 🫶🏽


Happy pride month This is one of the ways we celebrated our pride month🏳️‍🌈 thank you to all the parents that showed up and support us a a nursery 🥰🤍


Kids that play together stay together🫶🏽our children love our out door area it’s somewhere were we allow them to roam freely and with our out door toys the seriously love it ❤️


Letter painting🎨🖌 this helps our kids understand the balance between fun and learning we also verbally assist as well so the children understand what they are doing and why ❣️

Photos from NRSRY's post 30/05/2022

At our nursery we love for our kids to read and comprehend 📚we sometimes do this by using physical activity (as shown ) or by explaining verbally 🥰


✨SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ✨ at our nursery we’ve included a book club so children are allowed to bring books home and parents have to sign and fill in the reading records this helps the children bring apart of the nursery home while doing something productive with parents ❤️


Letting a child’s creativity roam free is the best thing you can do. At our nursery we give kids options and allow their type of creativity to flow and letting them express themselves through art ❤️


Not every activity has to be a sitdown one. In our nursery we love for the kids to have fun and learn teamwork skills as well as have life skills and knowledge that they take with them outside of the nursery😀


Our pre-schooler’s love to write as we teach them in a fun and effective way to help them get ready for their next steps in their education✏️📃


How are you feeling today ? This activity is used so our children can explain and express the mood and or emotions they are feeling 🙂

Photos from NRSRY's post 21/04/2022

Guesss the activity❓


This is what we’re gonna be telling our kids all of 2022😂😂

Photos from NRSRY's post 17/04/2022

Happy Easter 🐣whose got their Easter eggs comment below ?


Exactly 👏 many parents are not going to be sitting comfortably tomorrow as its gonna be EASTER 🐣


It’s good FRIDAY 😆let’s was our hands an enjoy the day 🧼

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