EF High School Exchange Year UK

EF High School Exchange Year UK


At Helping Hills Sri Lanka, we understand how competitive and challenging it can be gaining exceptional primary teaching work experience -this is where Helping Hills Sri Lanka can assist.

We focus on delivering exceptional learning experiences to create memorable once in a life time experiences for students. We run primary teaching work experience volunteering programs in Sri Lanka. Visit us for more information:

A new English book, “Basic English Conversation for Beginners”, is available on Kindle now. Please check it out!!!


This book is intended for students who are learning English as a second language. It is for students who wish to improve their English and so be able to function in an English-speaking country. It is not intended to be a grammar book but of course there are important points of grammar to help students. The book focuses on topics which students will encounter when they visit English-speaking countries.
I thought I would welcome you new Host parents to EF Highschool Exchange 2018 – 2019.
Sadly my experience with EF last year was not the best that anyone could have wished for. Without going into detail I would encourage you new parents to make sure that you use the EF Reps in whatever problems you have - and keep on at them - until you have it resolved. Sadly the Reps and Staff administration supporting my students and myself last year, was nil to minus – indeed appalling.
I have been assured by Christian Geelan Head of UK and Ireland EF Hosting that improvements have been put in place and additional, competent staff has been appointed. After my 5 page complaint letter was sent to him in December nothing much changed up to the end of the year. I would suggest that you keep his email address and use it if you have to. [email protected]. If you would like to ask me anything about my experience I would will be pleased to explain in more detail. [email protected]
Your students have paid and enormous amount of money for this experience and deserve a high standard from the company but, more important is YOU, you are not being paid for the JOB ( and we all understood that we wouldn’t be ) but need the support - sadly something I and my students did not receive throughout the whole of last year, although we were guaranteed we would be receiving it at the beginning.
One last thing, my students had to sit exams in approx 13 subjects when they returned home, before they could be recommended onto their next year. Italy and Slovakia.
Good luck Host Parents and I hope your journey with your students is an enjoyable, free from unnecessary problems on the side of EF Highschool Exchange 2018 - 2019.

Among all the different divisions of EF Education First, the world's largest private educational inst

Operating as usual

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 13/01/2023

Can you picture yourself at these iconic London locations? Then let’s make it a reality!

Don’t miss your chance to book your spot on our EF Discovery Tour to London during the February half term! Join our UK and Irish students for a stay in the centre of London and excursions to every major attraction. From riding the London Eye to cruising the Thames, you’ll experience it all! But hurry and sign up - the deadline to book is Monday, January 16th!


We loved meeting up with students in Southampton to try Hotpot - the perfect meal for colder months! What EF Regional Meet-ups are you looking most forward to this winter?!


New year, new… city?!?! 🛤🏙🧳

What is your ?! New sights and cities? New activities and hobbies?? Whether it’s traveling the UK or trying something new or anything in between, we want to hear about it! Share below 👇

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 09/01/2023

Welcome to the UK! 🇬🇧😍

This weekend we welcomed almost 50 students who will spend the next five months with host families around the UK! We are so excited for these incredible students to be part of the UK EF Class of 23!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 23/12/2022

“Rocking around the Christmas tree” 🎶🎶

Merry Christmas to all of our host families, students, schools, parents, and colleagues abroad from all of us at the EF HSEY UK Team! 🎅🏻🎄

See you all in 2023💫✨


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… No matter the season a sunrise sea swim is always an amazing way to start the day! Would you be brave enough to go for it with your host family like Giulia from Italy?!


Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 02/11/2022

We LOVE seeing our students trying new things around their community - especially when it’s .izdski crushing the Lincoln 10k! Way to go!

How are you getting outside your comfort zone on exchange?!


The clocks have turned back and the nights are earlier, but the fun doesn’t have to stop… this cozy Autumn weather is perfect for a game night at home with your host family!

What are your favourite games to play with your EF friends and family?!


Happy Halloween to all of our students and families!

Pumpkin carving, fancy dress, trick or treating… how are you celebrating Halloween with your UK friends and families? Tag us and share with !

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 17/10/2022

Last week we welcomed recruitment staff from Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, and Taiwan for a to experience the UK like a local.

The staff were able to visit where we host and each summer as well as two colleges and many students who have recently begun their

A big thank you to and for your hospitality and showing our teams just how incredible UK colleges are.

The trip was topped off by a coastal walk along the and a student meet up which included some , many laughs, and of course shared.


Ever heard some Celtic music⁉️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Earlier in September got the chance to experience a barn dance afternoon with her host family💃🏽🎶


There’s many paths you can take to begin your exchange! ✨🇬🇧

Emily arrived to the UK in style, with time to get this magical photo at the iconic King Cross Station in 📸


Our in the UK has been in full swing with lots of learning, laughs, and of course today’s day trip to !

managed to get THE shot in front of - did you get a classic London photo?! Tag us!!!


Our EF Summer Ambassadors are ready to welcome our amazing UK campers tomorrow! Who is excited to meet everyone, see the campus, and take the very first steps of their exchange?!?!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 16/08/2022

Today we’re thrilled to introduce you to , one of our amazing Summer Ambassadors from Norway who spent her exchange in the UK! Check out what she has to say about life on exchange in England…

Q. What is your favourite memory from your exchange?
That’s a hard question but I think my answer is gonna be all the trips around in England and Ireland. It was amazing to discover new places with new friends!

Q. What was then most surprising thing about life in the UK?
A. The most surprising thing was probably the difference in culture. I expected it to be quite similar to the Norwegian culture, but it was a big difference in form of how the brits talk, dress, act and basically how they live their life! And the weather wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

Q. What is the thing you’re most proud of from your exchange?
A. I’d say the thing I’m most proud off from my exchange is that I learned that going out of your comfort zone gives you more advantages than disadvantages. This has helped me so much after my year abroad!

Q. Who is then person you are most happy you met during your exchange?
A. It’s impossible to choose one person as the most important from my exchange year! I got lucky enough to meet so many people from different countries, and I’m even luckier to get to call them my friends today! My host family was absolutely lovely and I’m still in contact with them every week!

Q. What is your #1 advice for future students?
A. My number one advice is to just go for it! Don’t be scared, say yes to (almost) everything! You don’t wanna look back at it and wish you did something else! Make memories!!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 15/08/2022

With the start of in the UK in just a week, we wanted to take some time to introduce you to our amazing summer ambassadors!

joins us at Camp and Welcome Days after spending her year with us and the . Check out her Q&A below!

Q. What is your favourite memory from exchange?
A. Definitely trips! I had the chance to travel a lot during my exchange year. Travelling helps to strengthen bonds and create a lot of fun memories that will put a smile on your face. The trip to London for my birthday might be my favourite one, all of my friends were there to celebrate me!

Q. What was the most surprising thing for you about life in the UK?
A. A lot of things surprised me. One was for sure queueing! In my country no one really does it or takes it seriously so I was shocked when I saw everyone standing in a perfect line waiting for the bus. Moreover, the British really DO love their tea. They drink it excessively!

Q. What are you most proud of from your exchange?
A. I’ve grown so much during my exchange year, I’ve met people with a different point of view than mine and that lived a completely different life. This helped me to open my mind and let go of my comfort zone.

Q. Who is the person you were most happy to have met during your exchange?
A. There’s not one single person to mention here. I met a very special group of people during my exchange year and now we’re like brothers and sisters, we still talk, see each other and go on holidays together. They’re my rock. Our bond is for life.

Q. What is the #1 piece of advice you would tell future students?
A. Don’t be afraid to TRY and say YES, go out there, forget the prejudices and create your best memories. You’ll meet people that will leave a mark on your life so don’t be shy!

Follow Greta to see all the exciting happenings at Camp and Welcome Days in the UK and stay tuned for more ambassador spotlights!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 24/06/2022

Yesterday we had the privilege of honouring with the Global Excellence Education Award - as a token of recognition for their commitment to cultural exchange. 🌍🎖🇬🇧

We were joined by recruitment staff from Europe and Asia who were able to experience how our students live. Everyone was so impressed!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 01/06/2022

Over the last few days our and our UK team gathered all together to celebrate the exchange of these amazing students and all they have accomplished while in the UK! After four days of games, roller coasters, football, competitions, speeches, dances, and more, we can sign off on one of our favourite EF Farewell Days - and exchange years - ever! Thank you to everyone who joined as part of this special weekend!


Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye, but definitely made it memorable! Thank you to Weymouth for the chance to celebrate our EF students and all their accomplishments this year with a fun international barbecue! Congratulations everyone - y’all should be so proud!


We’re so very proud of our students who celebrated completing their A levels and graduating this past week! It’s amazing to have the chance to watch our students grow and learn over two years and seeing them accomplish so much!

Would you consider doing two full years of A levels in the UK?! Which courses would you try? Tell us below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


Nothing wrong with having fun getting a little muddy! We love seeing our students and host families join in together at annual events like local mud runs! Would you try it with your host family?!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 09/05/2022

Who else has supporting their local football club on the bucket list?!

For our EF Class of 22, there is no time like these last few weeks to knock out these special moments!

For our EF Class of 23, I hope you’re looking forward to cheering on your club from the stands!


What’s our favourite thing about the Easter holidays? Definitely Seeing students from past years visiting their host families during the school breaks, like these students Frido, Ilaria and Emma from the Class of 19 and 20! The exchange may only be during one year, but the connections last a lifetime!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 12/04/2022

Calling all UK creators! We’re looking to all our student experts in the UK who are eager to create something new, interesting, and fun to help future students! During the month of April we’d like you to film yourself answering 5 questions about your UK exchange life. The chosen videos will feature on EF’s new UK information series/web page. Please share your videos by April 30th!

You can find out more about how to share your content here: https://join.efhighschool.com/ambassador/creator/exchange-life-uk/


And they’re off! The first of our to Scotland has begun and it’s already been a blast! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Are you on the tour and sharing your own awesome photos and stories? Tag your handle below so everyone can see what we’re up to in Scotland!👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


Who was lucky enough to see these views of London with our Student Success Advisor (and .mise) during our last Big meet up?! Looking forward to the next event!!!


Happy Mother’s Day to all of our incredible host mums! We hope you’re being spoiled nicely with sweets, treats, flowers and more!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 22/03/2022

We’re getting pumped for our upcoming to and kept help but reminisce over these awesome moments from our past trips… there are only a few spots left on both tours. Have you booked yours yet?!


We’re wishing all of our students, families and friends a fun filled St. Patrick’s Day! Are you celebrating with something green?! Tag us in your photos so we can share! 🍀🌈💖


Are the breathtaking views from calling your name? This incredible World Heritage Site and more amazing bucket list items are awaiting you on our to Northern Ireland and Scotland! Which one are you signing up for?!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 07/03/2022

From checking out the Thames by speedboat in London, ti touring Etihad stadium in Manchester, and practicing our escape room skills in Cardiff, we’ve had no shortage of sun, smiles and fun at our EF meet ups in the UK last month! What exciting things would you like to try with your EF friends in the UK?!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 23/02/2022

We were very lucky in the last week to have colleagues from around the world come visit and meet in person with our students, schools and host families to learn even more and experience for themselves a bit of the UK exchange! Thank you to those families and schools who welcomed us with open arms, and to all of our amazing students that met us for a fun night of bowling and to answer questions about your exchange year!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 17/02/2022

What makes Emma’s host family special?

“My host family are very special for me because they always want to make this experience as great as possible, they always ask if I’m feeling okey and, I can really see that they care about me as much as I care about them.”

We LOVE hearing such wonderful stories and celebrating our host families for Host family appreciation week! What’s your host family story?!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 15/02/2022

It’s host family appreciation week at and we’re asking our students what makes their host families special!

“I love them they are the perfect family for me. They are funny, always available, they care a lot of my emotions, my health and if I'm good. We have a lot of fun together, we play a lot and they are present when I'm little sad or I'm not well.”

Thank you to Marta for sharing and thank you even more to her host family and all host families for making such magical moments as this for our students!


and her friends are all sunshine and smiles over here in England!
Who is looking forward to an exchange year filled with beautiful days like this?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 02/02/2022

Has anyone else been so lucky to see a rugby match live while on exchange? I know what I’m putting on my bucket list…


“I’m looking forward to do everything I want to do - every week I’m doing something new! Last week I went to Southsea with my host sister and I saw the seafront. I ate Chinese food in a very good restaurant with my host family and I dreamed in English one night!”

We LOVE to see a bucket list filled with dreams get checked off with so much enthusiasm! Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures with us!!!

Photos from EF High School Exchange Year UK's post 28/01/2022

Nothing like getting together with your EF friends for a few games. From bowling to arcades, it’s always a good time!

What activities would you like to try at the next EF meet up?!


It’s not just Fish & Chips and Sunday Roasts in London - you can try all kinds of foods and sweets! What’s on your food tasting bucket list for your next day in London?!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

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