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Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 23/02/2024

Atomy wonderwomen working hard to share Atomy💪 dedication & activation leads to productivity and results!!


For a comfortable day ❤️

Korean bellflower, pear, and quince
Only at the optimal ratio! 💙

A sharp and stuffy day, a day in need of a break
Take it anytime, anywhere!😊


✨Atomy Korean Pear & Quince 🍐

Formulated with Atomy's unique optimal ratio!

Bellflower 70% / Pear 15% / Quince 3%

Because we used 100% domestic bellflower seeds and pears, anyone can consume from children to the elderly!

You can eat deliciously without worry.

A sip for a refreshing and healthy throat "Atomy Quince & Pear" 🍐


Made with traditional oriental medicine in the form of a condensed high-dose stick
Anyone can easily and conveniently consume ‘Atomy Ener-Ginseng!’

✨Health information containing the wisdom of our ancestors✨

1️⃣Saengjihwang, which protects the blood of the heart and controls fever
2️⃣Ginseng helps digestion by boosting the vitality of the five intestines
3️⃣Baek Bok-ryeong to treat hyperhidrosis
4️⃣Seongmi that treats dryness and stops pain
5️⃣Traditional oriental medicine using traditional method as supplement
6️⃣5 days, 120 hours of fermentation!

👍 Atomy Ener-Ginseng! 👍


Atomy Ener-Ginseng that replenishes vitality with deep and rich energy!

🔋Atomy Ener-Ginseng🔋
✨Traditional ingredients containing saengjihwang juice, ginseng powder, bongmil, and baekbokryeong powder!

Hygienic manufacturing process with carefully selected domestic traditional ingredients!
It consists of 3 days of 1st water bath, 1 day of low-temperature aging, and 1 day of 2nd water bath.
120 hours of sincerity!

🏅 Contains Bellflower, rich in vitamins, minerals, and saponin!
🥛Dermal Extract, Bellflower Concentrate, Sasam Powder, Astragalus Powder, Crataegus Concentrate
👍Premium product with 5 supplementary ingredients added!

💯Atomy Ener-Ginseng


💎NEW Diamond Master💎

Congratulations to:
- Jessica Choi

On becoming Diamond & Auto Sales Master at the same time!!

You have worked very hard and are a true testament to auto income in Atomy!!💪

Well done Jessica!

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 11/07/2023

Congratulations to Sales Masters of June 2023!😇

- Ailyn Bocalan
- Alan Paganiban
- Dana Min

This is the result of your teamwork and commitment! 🥰

Let's go Global Happiness!

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 11/07/2023

Congratulations to Semi Sales Masters of June! 🥰

- Punam Gurung
- Eleanor & Winston Luza
- Pura & Norlito Solana
- Dulce & Sante Valmonte

Well done to reaching your 1st step in Success!🥳

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 03/07/2023

🌍UK One Day Seminar!🌍

Let's go Global Happiness 🫶
Growing stronger everyday together in Atomy!

This is your lifetime opportunity for :
-Time Wealth
-Financial Wealth
-Generational Wealth!

Join now to be part of the loving community 💙

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 03/07/2023

👨‍🍳Atomy Cooking Class👩‍🍳

🍳Become a master at Korean Cooking!!

Cold Korean Noodles~
Learn to cook every week with Global Happiness 💙

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 03/07/2023

💕Atomy Facial Party💕

Try it , Love it , Share it!


As of 2020, 4 out of 10 people visit the dentist! It is a shame that more than 41% of the population in their 60s suffer from periodontal disease!

If you're thinking 'I'm not', you're making a big mistake!

Everyone knows the importance of management, but it is so difficult to practice!

How to take care of your teeth that only I didn't know!

Atomy's New electric toothrush Dental Sonic, will teach you how to take care of your oral health in a simple and easy way.

✨ Atomy Dental Sonic! ✨
Make healthy teeth!

📌For oral health, the correct brushing method is more important than the number of times you brush your teeth. 📌Electric toothbrushes are effective in removing plaque.
📌Electric toothbrushes are necessary for those who lack strength in their wrists or are clumsy.
📌Microscopic air bubbles created by vibration remove plaque and germs.

The touch surface is soft and the vibration is strong!

Invest only 2 minutes twice a day with Atomy Dental Sonic, the health keeper in your family's mouth.

👉Atomy Dental Sonic is available now❤️


Easy coffee anytime, anywhere❤️ Magical moment when my home becomes a high-end cafe!

✨Premium Mix Coffee! Atomy Cafe Arabica Zero Sugar✨

👍 High quality Colombian Arabica 100% coffee beans!
Soft acidity and heavy body through Italian roasting.
The rich taste of the finest Supremo coffee beans, full of sweetness 🪄

✨Colombia Supremo Features✨
🌿Chocolate sweetness
🌿Wet processing method
🌿Colombian specialty coffee beans of the highest grade

✨Blessed natural environment✨
All year round 🌿Blessed with fresh and diverse coffees Environment Café de Colombia is grown on three steep mountain ranges that cross more than half of Colombia's northwest from north to south! 🌿

Meet Colombia's top-notch beans with unique flavor and sweet taste recognized worldwide with Atomy Arabica Zero Sugar!

A miracle that everyday becomes a cafe! Atomy Café Arabica Zero Sugar!

Makes life richer and more valuable♥

Contact us to get your hands on them!!


Looking for coffee without having to worry about diet? anytime, anywhere~ Enjoy Atomy Cafe 💕 Arabica Zero Sugar! ✨

How to enjoy Atomy Cafe Arabica Zero Sugar✨
STEP 01. Put a sachet of Atomy Cafe Arabica Zero Sugar in a cup.👌
STEP 02. Slowly pour 100ml of hot water.🎵
STEP 03. Stir to mix well. 👍
STEP 04. Enjoy the deep taste and aroma.

📌 Calorie-free, natural sweetener to help you lose weight!
📌contains Non-antibiotic raw milk and calcium-rich casein!
📌Green beans rich in chlorogenic acid that helps reduce body fat!

👍No Palm Oil, No Sugar, No Antibiotics, No Hormones How about a healthy cup of coffee with Atomy Cafe Arabica Zero Sugar? 💕

Atomy that you trust and use 🌿 Makes life rich and worthwhile♥


Prepare for summer with Atomy Essence Sunscreen with SPF 50!

Protect your skin at all costs🌞

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 03/06/2023

Aja Aja Aja! 💪

What a great One Day Seminar!
Look at all these happy faces from members! Travelling from all parts of UK to join and learn about Atomy!!

Happiness spreading the Love🫶

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 03/06/2023

Global Happiness Centre was aired live on Good Morning Atomy Korea show where many Atomians joined to watch this morning! 🫶🥳

Can you spot your partner & sponsors? 🤩


Members trying on Korean Hanbok at the centre!! #🇰🇷


🎊Congratulations to our Newest Sales Master of April 2023!!

SM Grace Chong

Grace is a testament to hard work and shows that you don't always need to know a lot of people!

She has worked very hard to achieve this title💪 going above and beyond for consumers & building a strong network!

Well done!!

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 01/04/2023

Congratulations, new Masters of March 2023 🥳🎊🎉

You have worked hard, and the results have shown!

We are adamant that your journey to success will continue until Imperial!

Aja Aja Aja!!


Let's go Global Happiness!!!


🙌 Congratulations Gladys! New Semi Sales Master in Ireland🇮🇪

First step to sucess!!


Global Happiness - growing in happiness everyday


Live Business Presentation!

Everybody is welcome🤗


Heres New Masters In Global Happiness in December🔥

Semi Sales Masters
Berna & Jonathan 🇮🇪

Sales Master
Sharon 🇬🇧

Big congratulations in getting closer to the Imperial Dream 🤩

We wish you all the best in Journey of Atomy with lots of success, love and achievements👏👏👏

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 19/12/2022



Happy Atomy Christmas in 🇮🇪

Photos from Atomy UK Global Happiness Centre - London's post 17/12/2022

Christmas with Global Happiness Atomians!!

We are family!!


Christmas with Global Happiness!!🌎🎄

Come join us in the best Atomy group!!! We are a community!!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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