Process Work UK

The national forum and organizing body for Process Work in the United Kingdom. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1988.

RS POP UK, the Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology UK, is the national forum and organising body for Process Work in the United Kingdom. We now organize a full and exciting annual programme of workshops, classes, supervision, training and private therapy with teachers and therapists from the British and international Process Work Community.

As well as those formally t

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Andy Smith Trigger points as facilitation moments 15/01/2024

As Worldwork facilitators, we may find ourselves triggered by events within the groups we facilitate. In this video, Andy Smith delves into the possibilities of harnessing this awareness for transformative outcomes...

In February 2024, we are holding a Worldwork facilitation training - join us to practice these skills!

=> Learn more here:

Andy Smith Trigger points as facilitation moments Andy Smith, Processworkuk UK faculty, discusses the value of working with trigger points and hotspots and the richness they can bring us. In February 2024, w...

Andy Smith The facilitator's position v2 04/01/2024

Warm greetings to all as we enter this new year!

In February 2024 we are hosting a 5-day immersion into Worldwork facilitation in London, on climate justice.

In the following video, Andy Smith (Processwork UK faculty) shares insights to address complex issues. A small part of what we’ll cover during our upcoming training.

If you would like to join us you can find out more information linked in the comment below!

More videos from the team will be coming soon to explore the role of the facilitator and how unfolding the process behind difficulties and hotspots can help.

Andy Smith The facilitator's position v2


Our next Processwork UK training starting in January. Check for the earlybird payment deadline!


Yvonne Blake is one of our great speakers for the Forum this Monday 1st ..... they are co-founder of MORE (Migrants Organising for Rights and Employment)
a migrant-led grass roots organisation based in Glasgow where COP26 is taking place and campaigning for asylum seeking people's right to access employment, education, decent housing and dignity.

Read more here.....

Our Changing Climate and Colonisation 28/09/2021

Our second Open Forum exploring our changing climate … this one focuses on colonisation it’s legacy, impact and presence in how we approach the challenges emerging …tickets are available

Our Changing Climate and Colonisation An invitation to explore and relate to the roles and perspectives appearing for us in relation to our changing climate and colonisation


We have two places left on our Innerwork Retreat at Cae Mabon in August. We are keeping the group to 12 participants, and only accepting registrations from people who have received full vaccination and are willing to self-test three days before arrival, when we supply a second test. If you would like to find out more after reading the flyer, my email address is on the flyer. 💖


Processwork UK is looking for a part-time school manager. Find out more here:


Our beloved friend and colleague Sonia Slany passed on the 14th January 2021.
Sonia – was an amazing and beautiful person, loved and respected, with such deep presence and drive....a powerhouse of creativity, as a musician, composer, therapist, worldwork facilitator, friend, partner and mother.
Sonia constantly strived to take responsibility around gender and race issues especially amongst others in the music industry, in the Process Work community and in the wider field.
She had cancer for many years and many times her doctors had told her she would die soon, and she just kept growing and evolving in her individuation and her work in the world.
She was devoted to unfolding the deepest processes arising in her dreams and body experiences, staying close to her sentient awareness and her ancestors...
Many will know Sonia from different contexts, including Worldwork and other events as well as her work on creativity, her dedication to anti-racism and her championing of the inclusion of people with serious illness and those facing death.
And many of you have been present in one way or another during the last months of her journey, especially when she took care of us all in saying goodbye.
She was a well known, wonderful and respected arranger and composer and musician and contributed her creative energy spark and leadership into many areas of the creative arts, including film.

She first got excited about processwork as a way to help develop her own creativity. It is hard to put into words the impact Sonia has had and continues to have on so many of us.
Sonia, with deepest gratitude for your profound spirit in this life, and with love for your onward journey
Sonia Slany Foundation: Sonia wanted to set up a foundation to:
Support people in Processwork to use their training to address issues of racism.
Support people of colour who want to do a certain kind of training in the Processwork community even if that doesn't pertain to race.
Support students of Processwork and in particular people of colour to take Processwork out into the community on issues of race and diversity. Support any new Initiatives that are coming up around allyship and race.
The foundation is in the process of being created but you can donate here now.
Trustees including Lea Misan, Anup Karia, and Lane Arye will help administer the fund. For more information, please contact Lea mailto:[email protected]
Thank You
Andy and Iona for Processwork UK Faculty

Photos from Process Work UK's post 10/12/2020

We’re celebrating Jean Claude, co-founder of Processwork UK, our elder, teacher, colleague and friend… It’s hard to believe that JC is no longer with us in this realm - he passed away on October 27, yet everyday we’re feeling his spirit and dreaming beside us.

To his last days and moments here, JC lived as he always had, seamlessly aware of dreaming and the consensus reality world, with a spirit of play and possibility.

Many of us have been saying how JC would dive underneath the most complex problem and turn himself inside out, to discover a pathway forward, linking inner work and worldwork. He was devoted to us working together to process history, to create a future for the next generation. On his last day, he was continuing to speak about the work we all need to do to bring awareness to dynamics of structural racism and discrimination.

And on his last day, he said, “Listen - if I give you my hand, can you extend it for me - And you will include all of us.”

We are heart broken, and touched by the outpouring of messages for Jean-Claude, for Arlene and all of us at Processwork UK. We're feeling alongside Arlene, his partner in all things in their life and work together for 35 years, and we are holding in our hearts his children Lea and Andri.

Here’s a tribute on the Processwork UK website We’re gathering some of your messages, photos, memories for a memorial website. If you’d like to share something contact us on [email protected]

For now dear Jean-Claude, we send you our deepest love and gratitude and celebrate your presence in our lives.

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos 07/06/2020

In ProcessworkUK we stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and recognise racism as a highly corrosive and chronic dynamic in our societies.

The deep pain, rage and tragedy of the murder of so many people is not new and we understand the influence of systemic and relentless abuse of power through the UK’s colonial history which continues to inform the day to day experience of the BAME communities here in the UK and around the world.

We will continue (to seek) to address structural racism within our own organization, to inform and educate ourselves and to process unconscious bias, privilege, oppression and internalized oppression in the context of social justice and love, in all of our facilitation with individuals and communities.

We will be publishing more links and suggestions for education and action soon …

Also see this blog :

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos A Blog Post - Dr Dwight Turner I am black, and I am afraid. Like many of you reading this, as a black person these past few weeks have been especially painful, as I watch with ongoing rage the treatment of black people across the world.

Photos from CFOR Force for Change's post 14/02/2020

thanks to all the participants!!!!!! and to Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon and Gill Emslie, and to assistants, Eva Karia and Milan Bijelic ... and to the organizing team, Tajana Vlaisavljevic, Harriet Macey and Richard Palser... for the 2020 Intensive!

Photos from Process Work UK's post 20/09/2019
Photos from Process Work UK's post 20/09/2019

Such wonderful fun, huge energies emerging during this mini-intensive seminar in London last week, with Sonia Slany Andrew Smith unfolding the creative life force and source. In moments the group created spontaneous poems, songs, dance, stories, theatre and art work. A true joy, thanks to all who came and opened up and welcomed in the spirit of play and creativity. Feeling gratitude for the creative research and teaching of Arnold Mindell , Amy Mindell and Jean-Claude Audergon , Arlene Audergon. and the community of processworkers and artists worldwide

Photos from Process Work UK's post 17/09/2019

More information about Worldwork 2020 in Canada. Have a look and do join if you can.


"Steve Reich saved my life" set to music, written & composed by the facilitators of the upcoming seminar WHO IS DREAMING YOU? 5 days exploring creativity and processwork, in London Sept 12th- 16th. Email [email protected] to find out more.

"Steve Reich saved my life" 05/09/2019

A poem by Andy Smith "Steve Reich saved my life" set to music by Sonia Slany, with Electra Strings and Paul Clarvis
Spacious, symphonic, rhythmic, classical, drums and strings, with syncopated words and rhythms. It emerged during our preparations for the Who Is Dreaming You? Seminar !

"Steve Reich saved my life" A poem by Andy Smith "Steve Reich saved my life" set to music by Sonia Slany, with Electra Strings and Paul Clarvis Spacious, symphonic, rhythmic, classical, drums and strings, with syncopated words


Some deeply felt reflections on creativity and the profound and unpredictable and novel work that emerges when we can unfold and explore serious disturbances, with Sonia Slany and Andy Smith ..their seminar is also in London this September !!


Sonia Slany and Andy Smith in advance of next months seminar we in conversation about how disturbances like serious illness and creative blocks , can help grow the creative process !!


Are you fascinated by the joys, wonder and struggles of creativity? Sonia Slany and Andrew Smith talk about their motivation, passion and the essence behind the creative process and their seminar in London this September.


The world in the therapy room.
Talking to PWUK Diplomate Milan Bijelic, based in Sheffield. Reflecting on Process work’s strength to address the collective in an empowering way, Milan shared how he has been experiencing clients bringing in more collective issues into the therapy space. Brexit, the climate emergency, sexism- these issues are now being explicitly raised by people. Milan: “We need to differentiate experiences like depression more- an individual’s depression is also linked to collective apathy, depression and hopelessness. When we go into these moods and feelings of personal grief and disappointment invariably we touch on broader issues as well. I feel that the Process work paradigm helps us to engage deeply with how issues like Brexit for instance impact us personally. We treat the collective as one of several levels of our experience. Process Work helps us to know that we are not left at the mercy of the world. In the therapy space we address them. Through entering the disturbance and working with it on the deeper personal level we can harvest insights that we can incorporate in our personal life; and which in turn then empower us to bring these back into our families, community and the wider collective.”

Timeline photos 30/06/2019

I love this timeless image! We're excited about the new format for CFOR's 2020 Facilitation for Leaders Modular Course.

CFOR Facilitation for Leaders modular course stands on its own or can serve as a step into the Processwork UK Diploma programme.

Timeline photos 30/06/2019

‘The World Inside Out’, 2020 Processwork UK and CFOR Intensive! It’s a 9- day Intensive with time and space everyday for deep inner work and reflection, as pathway to large and small group worldwork facilitation.
The ‘early early-bird’ registration time is now!
Contact [email protected]
Here’s the flyer

Timeline photos 24/06/2019

We've just accepted our first group of applicants to CFOR's Facilitation for Leaders course! All dedicated practitioners linking inner work and worldwork.
The 2020 Worldwork Modular Training Programme begins with our 9 day Processwork Intensive.

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Our Story

RSPOPUK, the Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology UK, (we are now known as Process Work UK) is the national forum and organising body for Process Work in the United Kingdom. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1988. We now organize a full and exciting annual programme of workshops, classes, supervision, training and private therapy with teachers and therapists from the British and international Process Work Community.

As well as those formally training in Process Work, our members include people interested for personal or professional reasons. We enjoy our diversity of backgrounds - what draws us together is our common interest in Process Work and our aims, which are to

* Act as a network, keeping those interested in touch with what’s happening here
* Follow the spirit in individual and groups, and the spirit of the time
* Coordinate further training and research in Process Work in the UK




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