BrightStart Day Nurseries

BrightStart Day Nurseries


Last week we received some lovely news that 2 of our apprentices have received a Student Achievement Awards from their Training Provider Hull College.

Brooke from Bransholme - was nominated by her Early Years Skills Coach for staying motivated and engaged with her learning & development, despite delays & disruption, along with her positive attitude & attitude and commitment towards her Maths Functional Skills Class.

Beth from Dorchester - was nominated by her Maths Skills Coach for her attitude and commitment to her Functionals Skills Class.

From All at BrightStart we would like to say a massive well done.
Last week at Brightstart@Dorchester, the children had lots of fun :)

In preschool we looked at the book Allan's Big Scary Teeth and to link with this the children have being talking about looking after our teeth, visits to the dentist, false teeth and how our differences and individuality make us unique.

The children had fun using the resource box brought from the dental nurse and we have being practising brushing our teeth to make them sparkly like Allan's.

And in Babies we have being exploring the book ' Making faces' we have looked at different emotions and pulled faces in the mirrors and let the babies explore looking at themselves. The staff also tried to catch the babies whilst they was pulling some facial expressions of their own :)

We are all looking forward to another exciting week ahead.

Team Dorchester

Week commencing 2nd May 2022

This week at Thorpes, in the baby room we have enjoyed making our own sounds using the musical instruments, pots and pans and the singing spoons. We have become very vocal in the baby room, making our own babbling sounds and we have enjoyed listening to nursery rhymes. We have created our own cosy, sensory den within the room using soft furnishing, lights and different textures, we have enjoyed exploring the den and laying down and listening to stories and songs. we have loved this den!!

Within the Pre-school room we have been busy planting some plants in the outside planting area, we talked about how plants grow and what we need to do to help them grow. We used digging tools, buckets and watering cans to help Sarah plant the plants. We have also enjoyed talking about our feelings whilst looking at the colour monster book and resources. This extended to outside around the firepit where we sang songs, talked about what makes us happy and then we did a bit of calming yoga before dinner.

Within the construction area, we have used the large roads to create our own structures which led on to us learning about road safety and how we can be safe when walking, going in a car or on public transport. Also, within this area we have enjoyed exploring the houses, we have built our own houses using large scale loose parts, talked about our families and looked at some family photos we have brought in from home.

Within the home corner we have played with real food and pretended we was cooking food for our friends, using the scales to measure out the ingredients, looking at the numbers on the scales and talking about where different foods come from. Following on from this we made our own potato people, we explored different ways we could make arms, legs and other body parts.

What a fantastic start of the Summer Term, we welcomed back returning children and met some new friends who are really starting to settle in well into Parks.

We have been making some fantastic memories and following the children interest’s in exploring a wide range of ways to make marks using fruit printing, vehicles tracks and animal prints.

We made our own bakery at the playdough station and this extended to the children decorating their own biscuits for snack.

We have been exploring both wet and dry sand looking at the different impressions that we can make using different tools and our body which has been so much fun and made us giggle.

We have been enjoying time outside in the garden, developing our gross and fine motor skills and enhancing our hand eye coordination and balance.

We have started looking at how things grow and linked this to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children enjoyed retelling the story and trying a range of different fruits encouraged the children to talk about their favourite fruits and vegetables this was supported by the staff and they introduced the story ‘Oliver's Vegetables’. The children explored the smells, textures and size of the vegetables with some children extending this to make funny faces.

We continued looking at growing in the garden planting our own sunflower seeds. We really hope that they grow big and tall.

Can’t wait to see what fun we have next week.
This maybe helpful to support some
of our older siblings or Out of Schoolers ♥️

What a fantastic start to the Term at Thorpes we had last week.

We have been welcoming back the term time children and met some new friends who will be joining us this week and we have had so much fun.

The babies had so much fun exploring colour in a wide range of ways including building, mark-making and exploring coloured foam.

In the Preschool room went on a treasure hunt following the children’s interest which lead to us to looking under the sea and exploring what lives within the sea. We even tried a little bit of fishing.

We enjoyed our new resources of the wooden roads and this developed this into road safety and how we cross the road and who helps us.

We talked about our families and have tried really hard to write them letters and draw pictures of our family.

We have enjoyed the sunshine in the garden developing our gross motor skills, turn taking and had so much fun counting when playing ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’.

We continued developing our tooth brushing skills to support our independence.

We can’t wait to see what this week brings.
Last Week - Children from Compass went out into our community to help tidy up the planet by picking up the litter.

The Children were very skilled at using the litter pickers when they were shown how to use them, we were able to take it in turns to gather up the rubbish in the bag and to put it in the bin!!

Well done everyone!!

In order to thank the staff from Dorchester for all their hard work, commitment and for supporting each other through over 2 years of Covid restrictions we sent them all for a day out to Alton Towers. Everyone had a blast!!!!

Thank you Team Dorchester for everything you do to support your children and families x

We have had a lovely Easter @ Thorpes, We have done many activities which support the celebration of Easter.

The children loved going on a Easter egg hunt around the garden, the children worked with their peers and used their investigation skills to find the eggs. We got very excited when we found the eggs! We then took it in turns for each child to hide the eggs around the garden.

Within the creative area we used our imaginations to make our own buns, we talked about textures, size, measure and how we stay safe when cooking. The children loved to mix the ingredients together and then poured the mixture into the cases. Following on from this we made chocolate cornflake buns, which we loved having for our snack!!

Within the 0-2 room we explored different sized tubes to post our eggs down, we enjoyed the sensory experience of feeling the sand through our fingers and toes, then finding our eggs within the tubes. We also had a "Thats not my bunny" tuff tray, we used our senses to explore this tuff tray, then snuggled up for a cuddle and enjoyed reading the short story.

Part of Hull & Grimsbys largest nursery group (incorporating Aspiring Minds, Leap Ahead & Tallulah B

Operating as usual

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We've had a busy week at K3, Reading our Book of the month 'The Gruffalo' and singing our songs 'Hickory Dickory dock' & '5 cheeky monkeys'. The children have created their own clocks and acted out the actions to the song as well as finding monkeys around the nursery and adapting the song from jumping on the bed to swinging in the tree.

The children have also extended their mathematical language and knowledge, pouring and emptying pasta on the weighing scales to make the scales balance, talking about which side is heavier and which is the lightest.

We have also been supporting our children with their feelings this week and talking about our different emotions using books and resources to express and recognise these.

The babies have enjoyed a variety of sensory play from gloop, playdough and crazy soap, moulding it into shapes with their friends and getting messy.

We've also explored the outdoor area, making our own mud pies in our mud kitchen and adding in water to make it super gooey and mixing it up with the utensils. And also playing with dinosaurs stuck in gloop.

Another great week at K3. To all our families have a lovely weekend and stay safe in the sunshine from all at K3.

For all enquiries please call 01482 421495

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Compass - Pre-school

We have talked alot about School, we have decorated leavers t-shirts together & talked about all the fun times we have at nursery and the children are getting excited about our end of term celebrations!

We have really enjoyed mark making - we have been pretending we are teachers & we have been teaching each other - we have wrote stories, shopping lists & letters, we have drawn our friends & gifted the drawing to them!

We have used vehicles to make marks in a range of ways & also cleaned them off after wards.

We have enjoyed shopping & cooking for each other, and singing sweet melodies!

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We have been exploring bubbles, we used different items within the nursery to create our own bubbles, one of our favourite items to make bubbles was string & straws tide together.

We dipped our string into the bubble mixture, then carefully lifted it out, then we stretched out the string & blew our bubbles. This made very BIG bubbles!!
We loved cheering on our peers when they made a very big bubble, we watched the bubbles float away.

Within the nursery we made bubble pictures, we blew into a straw to make lots of tiny bubbles, then when the bubbles were ready we put a piece of paper on top of them, then we looked at patterns it made on the paper.

We have enjoyed singing "Hickory, Dickory, Dock", looking at the different resources to support our learning. We talked about the numbers we could see on the clock, we counted up to 12 and spoke about certain times of the day, for example dinner time.

Leading on from this we have enjoyed looking at numbers & how we can measure different items within the nursery. We have used rulers, tape measures & sticks to measure. One of our favourite activities was looking at how tall we are & who is the tallest, we laid down on a piece of paper and marked off where we were, we then compared our heights to different animals, items, and even the staff.

Within baby room we have loved exploring different sensory materials, mixing, pouring, scooping & transporting.

Following the babies interests of mark making we have made a variety of different marks using different instruments, for example brushes, sponges, combs & utensils.
Some of us have also enjoyed our transition visits into the Pre-school, where we have explored all of the different activities, resources & we are beginning to make relationships with our new peers.

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Its has been another super busy fun filled week for us here at Dorchester.

With the continuation of the warm weather, we set out a paddling pool & filled it with creatures you might find in the sea, however it was decided that the bugs wanted to cool down too & they were added them to the pool to join in too!

We have looked again at letters & letter formation, using foam & glue spreaders to write some of the letters of our names, this helps children to develop their early literacy skills.

We have also been practicing our pencil control & learning how to use the tripod grip.

We made our very own pirate ship on the carpet, where the children 'walked the plank', they had to be very careful though as the hungry crocodile was waiting below!!

The babies got a little noisy this week while they explored sounds, songs & instruments, using various resources around the setting & listening to the sounds that they make.

They also enjoyed continuing to explore farm animals, looking at what they eat & where they live.

Team Dorchester

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Compass - Babyroom

We have explored boxes, we have used them to pack our toys in, as well as seeing if we can fit into them too! We have used them as drums, to make music and filled them up to the top & tipped them out again.

We have looked at making marks with water & of course getting wet too!

We have enjoyed reading books with each other & our babies, we always look after our babies in baby room!

We decided that burying the Tiger in the sand - among other things, would be a REALLY good idea!

And built plenty of towers all shapes and sizes!

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 07/07/2023


We have had lots of fun playing in the garden, we have continued to enjoy pouring the water down the tubes in the garden taking in turns with our friends & working well together to fill up the larger containers with the water.

We have also been playing some group garden games such as bowling & cheering when our friends knocked the pins over and then we worked together to count how many pin were left stood up.

Some of us have also enjoyed role playing been witches using the caldrons & mixing the materials together to create our own potions.

To Introduce our 'Book of the Month' to the children we set up a messy tuff tray with all the characters from the book & their houses, we have read the story together and found the characters & the places where they live.

There has also been lots of hard work going on to work on our fine motor skills this week, we have been trying to thread the hoops onto the spaghetti stuck in the playdough, we all concentrated really hard doing this, well done everyone!!!


Following on from our K3 post below, here is Lauren and Danielle singing 3 Little Monkeys' Swinging in a Tree'

The children where super excited to see the visitors

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 07/07/2023


Yesterday afternoon, we spotted some special visitors in the tree in our garden.

3 Little Monkeys' had come to play.

We started singing '3 Little Monkeys' Swinging in a Tree'


Following on from our 'Song of the Month' for July '5 Little Monkeys' Jumping on the Bed'.

Did you know that East Park Animal Education Centre, became the home of 4 Squirrel Monkey's earlier this year?

The Animal Education Centre is free to visit, and you can find more information about their opening times on either the Hull City Council web page or the Love Parks page.

Have you met our latest residents at the Animal Education Centre?
Our squirrel monkeys have settled in nicely and are enjoying their new environment.
Come along today to the Animal Education Centre and say hello to them!


Our second 'Song of the Month' for July Hickory Dickory Dock sung by Lauren & Danielle at K3, on Clough Road


Our first 'Song of the Month' 5 Little Monkey's Jumping on a Bed.

Sung by Aimee from Compass

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Parks - End of Term Celebrations

Wednesday the 19th of July 9.30am-11am

We would like to invite you to our Hawaiian themed End of Term Party!

We'll have Tropical fruits & drinks for you to enjoy whilst you relax on the beach, along with games such as pineapple bowling & pass the coconut.

We will be spending some of our time in the coming weeks getting ready for the BIG event making party decorations and garlands!

And we would love you all to attend in your brightest coloured summer clothing!

If this is not your Child's normal session, please speak to a staff if you would like to attend or email us [email protected]

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Dorchester - End of Term Carnival Celebration!!!!

Please join us for a End of Term Celebration on

Tuesday 18th July 2023


Please note if your child does not attend this session you are more welcome to come along to join us for a fun filled morning!!

We will be having lots of Carnival style games & activities plus a VERY special guest visiting😁

We would like to invite children to come in there best & brightest coloured clothes to link with our theme - lets see a rainbow of colour in the setting.

If you would like to join us please let a member of the staff team know or email us on [email protected]

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Compass - End of Term Celebrations – Stay & plays – w/c 17th July

Tuesday 9:30am-10:30am

Wednesday 1:30pm-2:30pm

Thursday 1:30pm-2:30pm

To celebrate the end of the term and for some the end of their time here at Compass we are having a week of Stay & Play sessions, Parents are welcome to join us at our Stay & Plays for the last time this term – come and enjoy some summer fun, with ice cream & face painting and a VERY special visitor.

Please book in a session with staff or Email us on [email protected]

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Here at K3 we are going to celebrate by having an 'End of FIRST term celebration' for all parents and children.

We will be holding 2 stay and play celebration sessions on Friday 21st July

9.30-11am and 1.30-3pm

We will be re visiting some of our most loved activities and stories and looking back over the last term

Please speak to a member of staff If you are wanting to attend.


Thorpe's - End of Term Celebration

Our End of Term Summer Bonanza Celebration will take place on

Tuesday 18th July 9.30am - 11 am

We have planned a Beach Party themed morning, full of fun & hopefully lots of laughter!

We would love it if you could attend, everyone is welcome, even if it is not your child's normal day, please speak with a staff member to book in or email us on [email protected]

It would be great if all children attending that day, please bring a change of clothes & a towel!

'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside'


Bransholme - End of Term Celebration


For all of our children leaving us to go to school we would like to say a massive goodbye and good luck in style!

We will be having an afternoon of fun & games to create those last special memories with our nursery friends. If your child is heading to school & the session is not your usual day, please let us know so we can find you a slot in our VIP section & any parents who wish to join us, please let a member of the team know!

Our funded session for this day will differ slightly & all funded children who usually attend on this day will be asked to attend the party 12:30pm-2:30pm instead of the usual 8/8:30 start times. We hope you understand we want it to be a really special day & need time to get prepped & ready!

Can't wait to see you all there, with your festival vibe!


Our 'Book of the Month' this month is a favourite of many here is The Gruffalo read by Danielle from our K3 Nursery on Clough Road.

Please remember copies of all of our 'Books of the Month' are available to borrow from each of our nurseries, please just ask a staff member.


It's almost the end of term!!! Wow already.... We aim to have a fun last few weeks with the friends who will be leaving to go to school.

We are celebrating with reading one of our favourite books & having a special end of term celebration. Each setting has their own plans & theme for the party so please just ask.

We will be posting our return date for Term Time funded children shortly. We hope you have a great summer (dont' forget to send us postcard if you visit anywhere nice.)

For the rest of us its business as usual !!!!

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Bransholme - Last week

In Pre-school, we had lots of fun learning all about bees, we had a look at pictures of beehives & spoke about how they are made, then shared lots of fun facts about our new fuzzy friends, the children were then able to try some honey which went down a treat.

We then worked hard painting our own interpretations of bees to help make a giant beehive & worked together to make mini bee hotels for our garden to allow us to observe the bees during our time outside.

We also looked at different types of fruit tea, learning about where tea comes from & using our senses to smell & feel the different tea leaves, then we were able to pour ourselves a cup of tea from the tea pot to try.

In the Pod, we enjoyed exploring lots of fun sensory activities and particularly enjoyed playing in our flavoured tea & jelly waterplay filling & emptying different sized containers, we also enjoyed turning a giant cardboard box into lots of interesting things, even when the box sadly broke the we still enjoyed using it as a car track.

In Babyroom, we had fun stacking items to make our own towers, reading books and splishing & splashing in water, taking a bath with some dinosaurs.

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 30/06/2023


This week the children in pre-school have very much led their own learning, from using chalk in the water outside to draw fish and singing '1,2,3,4,5 once i caught a fish alive' to building structures, walking along planks with our peers. Pouring and emptying containers, measuring dinosaur bones and comparing sizes. We also had some beautiful dresses brought in for us that the children enjoyed wearing and matching their handbags.

The babies have enjoyed developing this fine motor skills, playing with and manipulating the playdough, rolling cars down planks watching how fast and slow they can go.

What a lovely week at K3. Have a great weekend from all at K3

For all enquiries please call 01482 421495

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It has been a very creative week at Dorchester, our preschool children have enjoyed experimenting with paint, we've used trains to make tracks on paper, letters to print with and also made bubble pictures using straws & watery paint, it was very exciting watching the bubbles fill up the bowls!

We used a variety of different play doughs to create our own 'ice-creams', including different coloured doughs, doughs with raisins, doughs with herbs & different smelling doughs! These sparkes lots of conversations around textures, what we can feel & what we could smell.

Some of our older children helped their younger peers to make 'ice-creams too', well done guys!

The babies have been exploring water & waterplay, filling & emptying containers, then deciding the animals needed a wash too! Filling & emptying helps our babies develop their gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination & of course is lots of fun!

We hope our children and families have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing everyone next week for lots more fun!

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 30/06/2023

Compass - Babyroom

We have enjoyed playing with new toys that were delivered this week, we have shared a game of skittles, loved the flashing ball & get very excited, we try sooooo hard to stand the pins back up & loved trying to fit the shapes in to the shape sorter & the jigsaw!

We have loved sharing stories, using teddies & figures to act them out, making music with the instruments, while singing songs from the song books together.

We have splashed about while making Tea for the Tiger & each other in the tuff tray & we have investigated filling & emptying in the sand!

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 30/06/2023


We have had an exciting visit from the Police, we have been talking about people who help us & this visit supported our learning further. We talked about what we do during an emergency, we tried on jackets & hats, talked through the walkie talkies and went outside & explored the Police car!

We all loved sitting in the driving seat & pretending to drive. We talked about what we could see in the car, colours & numbers, and what sound the car makes when it is attending an emergency, we all got very excited when we got to listen to the sirens, they were very loud, but very exciting.

In Pre-school room we have shown an interest in the book "Room on a Broom", we have read this book in small groups, one on one, and in larger groups. To support our learning we made our own broom sticks out of twigs & sticks, we used our imaginations to create our own brooms, then went outside into the garden & rode around on our brooms like witch does in the book.

We have made our own potions within the water tray, mixing colours, using pipits, and showing very good hand-eye coordination skills.

Outside in the garden we did 'Room on a Broom' Yoga, which was very fun, we moved our bodies in different ways & practiced our balancing skills.

Within our 0-2's room, we have enjoyed exploring under the sea activities, we have shown an interest in the water & adding sea creatures into our play. We have used our creative skills to make a large underwater themed picture and from this we decorated our own sea creatures.

We have also explored edible paint, which was yummy, we made this out of yoghurt & food colouring, very easy to make and enjoy at home. We used our hands to explore, we squashed it in our palms & used our fingers to make marks with.
We love this activity & we love getting very messy.

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It was Charlie's birthday on Tuesday so we all worked together on Monday to surprise her with a cake we all tried to guess how old she would be on her birthday, and the resounding consensus was that she was turning 6!

Happy 6th Birthday Charlie!

We continued our filling & emptying, from last week and we added in tiger coloured rice along with props from our 'Book of the Month' 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' this prompted lots of discussions over what happened in the story.

One child started to transfer water from the water tray into a container, so we decided to work together to use the tubes tied up to fill a tuff tray, we all enjoyed this & loved watching the water come out the other side of the tube.

We've also continued to practice our cutting skills using spaghetti & scissors, some of us just enjoyed exploring how it feels in our hands.

Flowers & leaves were added to the water as we pretended to make potions & perfumes we extended this by having the flowers in ice we observed the ice melt & change to water over time & spoke about how the ice felt.

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 30/06/2023

Compass - Pre-school

We have enjoyed our new dinosaurs, we have used them in all areas and have been learning their different names & talking about what makes them different.

We have had Jelly Dino play - and the volcano's were exploding Jelly everywhere,

We have had some Gloopy dino play, this was very messy! We could mix the colours & make Dino prints - We then actually painted the dino's & had to give them a bath to clean them off!

We have been painting with the dinosaurs, copying their shapes & their footprints on the mirror board, we have drawn our own & made their bones with the pasta, along with finding their buried bones in the sand.

We have also been looking after our babies & giving them a bubble bath.

Because we had all enjoyed a very sensory play week - we decided to end our week with some surprise sensory boxes. We had to put in our hands, to have a feel and guess what was inside them!


Want to go back to work or take on more hours but are worried about the cost of childcare? Universal Credit childcare payments have now increased from £646 up to £951 per month for one child, and from £1,108 up to £1,630 for two or more children. You could also be eligible to receive an initial upfront payment.

Find out more:

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Compass Pre-school

We have looked at our 'Book of the Month' 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' an invitation was set up to support the children with learning about the story, this sparked lots of interest & conversations around shopping for food, so we gathered our baskets and introduced tinned & boxed food, we used bags to pack our food items & started to draw shopping lists, money and shopping labels.

Our interest moved on to our babies(dolls) and feeding them food, we then introduced other items that allowed the children to care for the babies, such as sponges to wash them & various items of clothing & nappies to dress them & get them ready for bed, whilst we did this we talked about the houses we live in.

The children were also supper excited about a parcel brought by the postman, it contained some new dinosaurs, this started a prehistoric movement, were we looked at different dinosaurs, what they were called, played with their bones and talked about what they ate & where they lived, we then decided to build them their own houses & dens to live in which started a whole city of dinosaurs!

There has been lots of drawing this week, which lead us to using clipboards to write lists and also on to drawing each other & our families. We talked about what we look like & how we are different - this changed into writing letter & looking at our names, which we then explored using flour to make marks & played a game of scrabble with the older children.

Like many we have loved water to keep cool & have splashed around all week, we have painted in the rain making watercolours on the pavement & we have enjoyed some ice pops which then made us freeze water to play with in the tuff tray!!

Gosh what a busy week!!!!

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This week we have given the children lots of 'cold' experiences following on from last week, using ice cubes, to then jelly ice cubes and talking about them melting in the garden and what they feel like. Using jelly and whip for the children to again explore different cold textures and of course lots of water play, pouring, filing and emptying.

We have also had a keen interest in making marks this week, from truck in the flour, to using the clipboards and moving around the room using different mark making tools and producing our own pictures. One child found a spider in the nursery and quickly went on to draw and talk about the spider he had found.

The children worked well together to build their own construction buildings, taking turns to put the brick on making the structure taller and taller.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend from all at K3

For all enquiries please call 01482 421495

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Thorpes - Babyroom

We have been enjoying lots of time in the garden during cooler periods of the day and we have especially enjoyed exploring water with a wide range of materials & resources although their favourite resource seemed to be themselves, this has been a very positive experience.

Some of the older babies have been enjoying their transition visits to the 2-5 room doing lots of singing & dancing and large scale mark making

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 23/06/2023


This week we've all had fun exploring books, stories & rhyming words. We have set up cosy reading areas in the garden with story themed props, which we have used to act out the stories as well as make up their own.

Reading the story 'Handa's Surprise" led to us extending into fruit tasting activities, mango was a favorite of the children, avocado was not as popular!

Our children's interest in cars & vehicles, led us in to setting up our very car wash, safe to say our cars are looking very sparkly & clean! This also led to conversations about what we use to clean our cars, why we clean them & what other things we keep clean day to day.

With the continuation of the warm weather, we have again enjoyed lots of outdoor play with water, sand & lots of physical activities, encouraging us to stay healthy & active and of course hydrated with lots of drink and ice pop breaks!

Team Dorchester

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Compass - Babyroom

We have been exploring pretend play - we have looked after the babies & put them to bed & reading them stories. We have had a Tiger round for tea too, we used all of the food to set out a extravagant feed for the Tiger & looked at what happens in the book!

We have had fun exploring our physical movement - using the tools to fix things & rolling & cutting dough, making our own cakes & shapes, along with learning how to jump & slide!!!

We have enjoyed filling & emptying - sharing out the eggs into containers, along exploring shapes & how they fit into different spaces!

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 23/06/2023


This week we have continued to enjoy water play in the hot weather and were very keen to bath our babies in the garden again getting our babies nice & clean, after they joined in with a messy play activity.

We've had different fruits in the water sniffing & smelling the scents, 'making' our friends refreshing drinks in the hot weather, and making our own potions & perfumes for our friends filling & emptying containers.

We've worked hard practicing our cutting skills, cutting out patterns on card, been very careful & concentrating while we had the scissors in our hands. We then used all the shapes and bits of paper and card that we had cut out to create our own pictures gluing & sticking them on our paper to create our own masterpieces.

Whilst playing in the sand one of the children said they wanted to make sandcastles, like when you go to the beach, so we added some water to the sand & then we all went off and found various containers to fill to create our sandcastles, we all really enjoyed this & wanted to make the biggest sandcastle.

Photos from BrightStart Day Nurseries's post 23/06/2023


We have had lots of fun experimenting with different materials to see what floats & what sinks, the children learnt that an orange with skin on will float, but without its skin it sinks, because of a layer of air trapped inside, the children then enjoyed placing lots more objects into the water to see what would happen, they particularly enjoyed the bricks as they made the biggest splash, which caught them in their face which they loved.

Following on from our floating & sinking experiment some of the children created their own boats out of various junk modelling materials which they then set sail in the water, using their mouths they blew air on to the sails to help their boats to move, the children were able to observe that the boats made from the cardboard slowly started to sink whilst the plastic boats stayed afloat.

In our Home corner this week we have created a lovely tea shop for the children to explore fitting in with our 'Book of the Month “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”, the children have enjoyed pretending to be waiters & waitresses serving lots of tea & cooking up some delicious cakes, we also had a tiger jewellery workshop happening down at the tea shop this week, the children loved making their own bracelets and necklaces and some even made their own headbands.

On Thursday the Preschool children discovered a bumble bee who was struggling to fly, we all gathered around & spoke about how bees need energy to fly & that this little bee had maybe ran out of energy, we made some sugar water & the children watched as the bee started to drink up the liquid, this sparked lots of conversations about bees, we spoke about how important bees are & why we need to look after them, the different coloured flowers we can grow in our gardens to help give the bees the energy they need to pollinate the flowers and make lots of yummy honey.

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