Orphanaid is a Scottish Charitable organisation founded to educate poor orphans, abandoned & neglected children through child sponsorship.

Orphanaid is a Scottish registered charitable organisation founded to educate poor orphans, neglected and abandoned children in rural Zimbabwe. It also educates children from deprived family backgrounds who face the same fate of being expelled from schools due to lack of school fees. The charity also provides school uniforms and school stationery to all these children in both primary and secondary schools.

Operating as usual


Good morning to you all.
This is a charity that helps children in Zimbabwe through child sponsorship. We assist children by paying for their school fees or university fees. These are academically gifted children who are orphans or those from poor family backgrounds.
If you would like to help out, please contact us here and make your own difference in the lives of such children.
We believe in child education and strongly feel every child should be given opportunity to go to school regardless of their family backgrounds or loss of parents.
I am an orphan and today I am, because of the help by my father and others.
Thank you


Greetings good people
The students are now back to school so we are kindly asking all those sponsoring children here to kindly pay for the annual sponsorship so that we are able to pay for their fees.
To those paying by DD, you don't need to do anything.
Thank you so much


Orphanaid would like to wish all those connected with this charity a very happy Christmas and indeed a very prosperous new year.
You are such special people and your love is giving children education. Children who might have been out of school had you not sponsored them.
Thank you so much.
May God richly bless you more.


Greetings good people.
We are now at the end of the year.
We appeal to you all to kindly pay your annual sponsorship so that we are able to pay school fees for January 2024.
Thank you so much good people


Child sponsorship
We have so many students desperate for university study. They have no one to pay for their studies into tertiary education. They can't work and study.
Please contact us and help just one student study for 4 years at university.
Contact us please if you would like to help a student graduate at university
Thank you


Child sponsorship.
Love is given
Sometimes you are the only one who is kind.
Thank you


Greetings good people.
Schools fees have dramatically risen in Zimbabwe since the last 3 years , more so post COVID and in line with global rise in cost of living.
More and more poor children and those from poor families face daily drop outs from primary and secondary schools and tertiary education as a result.
In response to this catastrophe for poor children, Orphanaid now offers dual or more sponsorships per child in order to reduce cost of sponsorship to our very kind sponsors.
This also enables everyone to sponsor a child if they so wish.
Everybody feels happy to help or when we help, and child sponsorship is definitely one way to make a child smile and stay in school.
Their success will be yours and ours too. It will make us feel happy.l even in our sad moments.
So if you would like to sponsor a secondary school boy or girl, please contact us here.
We have been offering child sponsorship for 12 years now. Thank you


Greetings good people. Thank you so much for your kind sponsorship. Your love will live in the lives of these children for life.


Orphanaid now focuses more on tertiary education. As more and more students from poor family background find themselves unable to enter tertiary education.
It is our goal to support such students for 3- 4 years and then see them graduate.
The selection process is stringent, so that only the deserving students get the vital support.
Thank you so much to all those who have supported many students from primary, secondary and now universities. We really appreciate your help.


The charity is going through operational transformation and all those sponsoring children through this charity will be notified individually by the end of June.
Thank you so much for your kindness.


Child sponsorship
There are now more students from poor backgrounds who are desperate for sponsorship into university as more and more parents and families fail to raise the required tuition fees.
It's our goal to support brilliant students into such institutions so that they support their families tomorrow.
Love never fails


Greetings good people. Hope you are all well and looking forward to a beautiful summer finally.
The charity is going through some adjustments and modernisation and we will soon contact all those sponsoring children about our new operation.
The schools have just opened in Zimbabwe and we are in touch with some of the pupils and schools.
Thank you all

Photos from Orphanaid's post 23/03/2023

Operation done🙏
On the 16th of this month, I posted an appeal for donation towards eye operation for one of the students sponsored through Orphanaid .
Today we let everyone know the operation was done successfully yesterday.
Huge thank you from the pupil and her mother. And massive thank you from our charity, Orphanaid for your kindness.
Love never fails, you have given this pupil her confidence, her beauty and her eye sight again.
Thank you


Happy mother's day to all those mothers and ladies sponsoring children in Zimbabwe with school fees.
You are true mothers to the world. We salute you and give you a big thank you


Appealing for generous donations
I am humbly appealing for a US$380 ( £330) donation to get one of our 2nd year student operated her eye which has grown horrendous growths inside.
This has made her start to dislike attending school due to bullying by other pupils at school. Her eye sight has been severely affected due to tears and discharges as a result.
She is one of the pupils sponsored through Orphanaid.
Please kindly get in touch if you would like to help out. More information will be available to those who are kindly donating towards this cause.
Having heard the plight of this student, I visited this pupil at her home and saw it all with my eyes. It's sad to see.
Please kindly contact me if you would like to help. Thank you


We want to raise ambitious young people. Successful businessman, businesswomen, academics, leaders, speakers and powerful individuals who positively influence their families, their communities and their nation at large. Be confident,work hard, make wise decisions and wise choices. Use your brains at all times. Alcohol and drugs will ruin the brains you need, the focus you need to be successful and achieve the above
Be wise, walk with the wise


Welcome to school
Schools opened yesterday in Zimbabwe, starting the new school year and every secondary school welcomed their first year pupils from primary schools.
It's a nerve racking experience for most young boys and girls. All wondering what to expect in their new schools. Most of them will be in brand new school uniforms while others don't have any or are in handed down uniforms,too big or too small.
It's this impression they will give forever to the school mates. Poor children will be noted right from day one and next week, those who have not paid school fees will be asked to pack and go back home till fees are paid.
To those who have kindly paid for 2023 ,your pupil will be staying in school, thank you.
And those who have not managed or not yet paid, your sponsored pupil will be sadly expelled from school.
Thank you for your support.


Orphanaid and all the children would like to wish all our sponsors a very happy and blessed New year 2023♥️🙏
And thank you so much for sponsorship


Orphanaid would like to sincerely thank each one of you for generously sponsoring children in Zimbabwe. It's only special people,special individuals and special families who can do what you are doing and at this special time of Christmas, we reflect and give you a very special thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. Your love is life giving. Many girls are still in school because of you.
We would like to wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas with your families.
And a very prosperous 2023 filled with good health and love.
Siyabonga, Tatenda, Thank you.


After our appeal for working mobile phones and laptops to donate to our sponsored pupils in secondary schools and those in universities who have none of these gadgets, we would like to let you know we received these.
They will soon be heading to Zimbabwe to be donated to the children.
Thank you so much to all those who kindly donated the mobile phones, the iPad and the laptops. In your names, they will bless children in Zimbabwe.
Thank you


Greetings good people
This is our call again to those very few sponsors who have not yet paid the annual sponsorship for next year.
The kids are very happy and grateful to you all for your kind sponsorship. They look forward to starting the next year 2023 in a higher grade, some heading to secondary schools.
They have dreams.
Your annual sponsorship enables each one of them to proceed with education.
Thanks to all those who have already paid following our previous appeals.
Good evening ♥️


Throughout the years, our aid was centred on putting girl child and orphans on equal academic footing with every other child in the society.
I grew up in a society where it was always the girl child taken out of school when a family had no enough money for school fees for both boy and girl child. When there was no one to look after the fields from baboons, it was always the girl child to stay at home and miss out on school that day.
Education for girls was meant to enable her to write her name and be able to read a letter then get married. Not for degrees.
Orphanaid has been and is still fighting to turn mind sets, to change the status quo and give that girl child opportunities through education.
We give thanks to our sponsors for their kindness and thoughtfulness. We are changing attitudes of decades and decades. Girls are now getting to secondary schools and even to universities.
When we educate a girl child, we educate a family, a community and a nation.
Thank you so much for your love🙏


We may be a small charity but we have big people with amazing hearts.
Thank you so much for the child you are sponsoring.
You are changing his/ her life for good, forever.
Love never fails
Sponsor a secondary school pupil.
It's fulfilling 📚


Child sponsorship is hard. It is only done by people with extremely kind hearts, not necessarily rich, but just ordinary individuals with extraordinary kind hearts and minds.
So those kind women and men sponsoring children in Zimbabwe through our Orphanaid charity, we have great admiration and respect for such thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you so much indeed.
The children are happy and in school, because of you. Thank you


Schools open next week.
All our sponsored pupils and students return to school next week and we will be sending their school fees.
Hopefully they all had a good school holiday.
Thank you to all those who have paid their annual fees for 2023.
We really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness , giving these marginalised students a chance to learn.


Good morning good people.
We are appealing for sponsorship for a university student who has not been able to start university for past 2 years due to lack of money.
This student is a female, offered a place at one of the universities in Zimbabwe and failed to enroll.
She is desperate to start university next year.
Her tuition is US$ 310 per semester and there are 2 semesters per year. Her social work degree is for 3 years.
Details and pictures will be given to those who would like to kindly sponsor her.
I am looking for 2- 3 people so that the cost is split into 3.
Please respond to your heart and let's sponsor this girl.
And if you would like to help her, please contact me here or in my in box and I will write to you.
Thank you


No joy outweighs the joy of serving others.
Orphanaid would like to sincerely thank all those who, even at this time when many are burdened by rising cost of living, are still committed to sponsoring a child. Giving the child the very important gift she needs from us all at this time- education !
Today the challenge is provision of laptops. All is now mostly e-learning. A laptop costs on average US$435
We can't bless everyone in the world but we can bless someone in the world. It all start from our hearts. Then we bless someone.
Thank you all


The charity is doing well. Most of our sponsored children are in school and doing well. Thank you all for your kindest support, despite the hardships we go through with a global rise in cost of living.
This is inversely affecting many poorer families and children we sponsor especially those without parents at all and living with guardians.
Their only hope to be in school is in your sponsorship. Their only hope to go to university lies in your generosity and thoughtfulness. So thank you so much for being there for them. For being the answer to their daily prayers.
And thank you for paying for their annual sponsorship ♥️ Love never fails

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Our Story

Orphanaid is a Scottish registered charitable organisation founded to educate poor orphans, neglected and abandoned children (primary and secondary school children) in rural Zimbabwe,through child sponsorships. It also educates children from deprived family backgrounds who face the same fate of being expelled from schools due to lack of school fees. The charity also provides school uniforms and school stationery to these children in both primary and secondary schools when the budget allows.

Of late the charity extended this mission to include college students who are also dropping out of colleges due to unaffordable cost of college fees. The charity also financially supports sick and poor widows who are not able to feed and clothe their children due to their illnesses.

Every child matters and deserves some education, food, clothes, a safe home and love from us all. This is one of our guiding principles in our efforts to make life better for children and families in need. We also draw our guidance, strength and inspiration from the teachings of The Holy Bible which teachers us to love others as we do to ourselves. We will give free love without judging, prejudice or discrimination.

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Scramble for pens
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Thank you
Bringing disadvantaged children to the table.
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