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Approved NABAS Instructor, Liz teaches the essential courses for everyone in the balloon industry

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This course is the only Level 1 course backed by 36 years of experience of training by NABAS, the only trade association in the UK.   Liz is a NABAS approved instructor.

Essential for anyone starting a balloon business – it not only explains all about different balloons, inflation and equipment but also the way to price jobs for profit and market your business to generate customers.

Some of the topics covered include:  
• Explanation of different gases and equipment
• Safety and handling
• Principles and Elements of Design
• Marketing and Promotional advice
• Pricing for Profit and Job Costing
• Correct inflation of various types of balloons, sealing and tying, arranging into displays, arches and garlands
• Calculations of helium capacity used in balloons
• The science behind balloons and gases
• Effects of temperature and altitude on balloons
• Manufacturers and wholesalers
• History of NABAS and its place in the Balloon Industry
• Codes of Conduct
• Understanding business, overheads, expenses and insurances
• Plus much more including tips and techniques to help you troubleshoot and kick-start your business with confidence.

Also upon completion of the Level 1 course you not only get an industry recognised qualification and certificate, but also 10% off your first year membership to NABAS – The Balloon Association – which includes the most comprehensive liability insurance in the industry, access to a members-only business support, webinars and forms, quarterly trade magazine, access to our closed Facebook group and lots of other benefits – please see www.nabas.co.uk (https://www.nabas.co.uk/)

As part of the course you’ll also get me as your point of contact for any questions you may have in the future – I’m always here to support and help you with your journey.

The cost of the course is £250 or £230 if you join NABAS before taking part in the course.
Let me know if you would like
a booking form sent out.


This is my most saved pin on Pinterest. What is yours? What work are you most proud of?


🛡️ Protecting You Every Step of the Way 🤝 - NABAS' insurance scheme comes packed with comprehensive coverage:

🔹 Professional Indemnity: £100,000
🔹 Public Liability: £10,000,000
🔹 Employers Liability: £10,000,000
🔹 Products Liability: £10,000,000

We've got you covered, so you can focus on what you do best. Your success is our priority! 💼🌐


Copyright infringement and why it affects you!
Our amazing September 2023 edition of the NABAS magazine contained a really informative article relating to copyright. This is a subject that is important to bear in mind all year round, and with Christmas on the horizon, this is particularly relevant with the return of the festive Elves!

What is copyright?

Copyright basically allows the creator of an original piece of work the exclusive right to use and distribute it. This can include logos, images, characters, lyrics, slogans and even certain colour schemes which can only be used with written permission from the company who owns the intellectual property.

How could it affect me?

When you consider that companies spend a huge amount of time and money developing and promoting their brand, it is only natural that they want to ensure that others aren’t financially benefiting from their work and investment. Many huge companies have invested in Artificial Intelligence which is designed to trawl the internet looking for copyright infringement and once spotted they may contact you with a Cease and Desist letter requesting you to stop, get your social media platform(s) shut down (either temporarily or permanently) or even go as far as taking you to court which may result in a significant fine and / or the closure of your business.

What can I do to protect myself?

Within our industry specifically, all our reputable wholesalers go through a licensing process to gain permission to sell balloons and party products that feature certain characters, logos etc. Many products on sites such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon haven’t been through this process so this leaves you liable for copyright infringement. These products may not have been through our stringent UK product testing protocols which means that they won’t be covered by your insurance either.

If you have checked your UK wholesalers and can’t find a licensed product that meets your client’s request, don’t be afraid to explain that you can’t create something yourself if it is going to breach copyright. Just make sure you have some alternative ideas to offer them as this will make your client feel that you have still tried your hardest to meet their requirements and want to be able to create something just as amazing for them.

So how does this affect the Elves?

The Elf on the Shelf intellectual property is owned by The Lumistella Company, which is very proactive in protecting its assets. Many people are unaware that ‘Elf on the Shelf’ is under copyright so using this phrase or as a hashtag in your marketing without the correct licensing agreement in place can potentially cause you huge issues. Using hashtags such as , , can all get you in trouble – please note this is not an exhaustive list but just some examples and you should investigate this further.

If you are offering Elf designs, consider calling them something that is more generic. The word Elf pre-dates the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ but the context in which it is used is what defines whether it is infringing on copyright – it is definitely worth spending a bit of time researching this carefully first!

NABAS is proving to be a great place for interaction, ideas and useful tips and comments.

Membership of NABAS gives you credibility and wide-ranging promotion via the Find a Professional directory listing as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the NABAS magazine distributed to members free of charge.

SUP statement from EBPC - NABAS The Balloon and Party Professionals Association 09/10/2023

📢 Single Use Plastic Update - Direct from the European Balloon and Party Council (EBPC)

🌍 We are aware of confusion and misinformation regarding the Single Use Plastic ban that came into force on 1st October. So we asked extra questions of the European Balloon and Party Council (EBPC) who have provided us with some clarity on the ban, as well as the specific advice from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.🎈🔊

🌳To view the full response, click here. tinyurl.com/4cb4brtk 🎈

SUP statement from EBPC - NABAS The Balloon and Party Professionals Association We are aware of confusion and misinformation regarding the Single Use Plastic ban that came into force on 1st October. We have asked extra questions of the European Balloon and…

Go International | Wholesale Party Supplies - Balloon, Party and Novelties 09/10/2023

Wise words from one of the UK’s most knowledgable wholaesalers in our industry.

Dear Balloon & Party Innovators,

I was fortunate some years back to be introduced to the teachings of Jim Rohn, an influential entrepreneur and motivational speaker who mentored legends like Tony Robbins. One piece of advice that always stuck with me was that the real secret to life is working harder on yourself than your job or anything else. Because only then do you develop true value to share.

That’s why at a point when many would say I should be taking it easy, I recently completed an MBA and currently finishing a degree in Business Mentoring. It’s also why I make time to write newsletters - because every single day, I see the consequences of failing to invest in growth. As well as failing, because of who we allow to influence us!

In today's age, the focus of education has shifted from hard work to quick fixes like social media, YouTube tutorials or influencers. Our truth is no longer fact and what we learn through diligent effort, but whatever story we choose to believe. So what story are you choosing to believe about your future in this industry?

Are you aligned with words like dedication, quality, authenticity, creativity, passion, integrity? Or do terms like discount, cut-price, conformity, and apathy resonate more? Be honest, as both a buyer and as a seller, which mindset do you embody?

My point is this - if your buying signals centre around discounts and deals, your selling signals likely do too. This may work in a hungry market. But in a saturated or depressed marketplace, it's damaging to you and to our industry.

As a responsible wholesaler, our job shouldn't be just supplying products - it should be about providing knowledge and supporting your success. That requires leading by example. It's why for the past 35 years I've asked to be judged on what we at GO International actually do and not what others say! It's also why I've said time and time again, Not All Wholesalers Are The Same!

Recently, mounting administrations and bankruptcies reflect panic, not learning. When wholesalers can't sell at standard prices and rely on discounts, it screams an inability to compete on a level playing field. Slashing prices devalues the products and our industry. It also signals, that this is the norm if you can't figure out sales otherwise. As Jim Rohn said, "Unless you change how you are, you'll always have what you've got." So let's examine this in your context.

I challenge each of you reading this to take an honest look at whether your habits align with your aspirations in business and life. It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities without pausing to consider if these actions are taking you where you truly want to go.

Ongoing “quality” learning and growth is key to thriving in any industry today, especially with the rapid pace of change. But it requires dedicating time to personal development rather than solely working in the business. Follow the lead of top performers who devote resources to levelling up their abilities, instead of relying on past credentials or assumptions.

Make learning a lifelong habit. Set aside time each week to study your craft, take a course, attend seminars, experiment with new techniques. Read books and listen to podcasts from today's thought leaders. Surround yourself with others who inspire you to raise the bar. This commitment to continuous improvement and progress will set you apart.

The greatest risk is not failing to try something new, but failing to outpace your current self. I know each of you has untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. Keep growing, and you will find yourself rising higher than imagined. There is always more we can master, new wisdom to take in. Your goals wait on the other side of embracing a learning lifestyle.

As always, I value your feedback and comments, so please let me know what you think. Until next time, I wish you health, happiness and success in all you do

George Oustayiannis
Director, GO International
Provider of Solutions and Support!

Go International | Wholesale Party Supplies - Balloon, Party and Novelties Go International - Suppliers of a wide range of party supplies in the UK. From fancy dress costumes, birthday party supplies to wholesale party favours, balloons & decorations.


😍 Are you ready to join the UK’s ONLY trade association for balloon and party professionals? Run by members, for members. Join today for less than 50p per day. 💰🎈

🥳 Member benefits include wholesaler discounts, ambassador support, skills hub, closed Facebook community, discounted training, and the BEST insurance cover in the industry. NABAS provides unrivalled support and training. 📕

We provide cover for anyone from balloon artists, event decorators, face painters, jugglers, magicians…the list is endless and no company is too big or too small!!! 🤹

To find out more click on the link. bit.ly/3vc7pT5 ⭐



The countdown is on for today’s first ever Online Convention!!!

FREE to NABAS members and with a spooky halloween theme it’s bound to lift the spirits and stir the cauldron of creativity 🧹👻

There will be cackles of laughter and fun all the way as we’re joined by our instructors - Paula Ardron-Gemmell supported by Grabo, much-loved NABAS instructor - Liz Milligan, and the freakishly amazing Julie Dunham on behalf of Qualatex.

So, if you haven’t already, book now via the Events section on the NABAS website.



This is going to be epic. Free to NABAS Members.


Posted • 1-week to go till the launch of our first ever FREE Online Member Convention on 12th September ⭐Book Now⭐

It’s going to be a spooktakular day as our coven of super talented instructors share their tricks and treats for creating ghoulish Halloween decor and designs, all supported by the biggest and best suppliers and you don’t even need to travel!

We’ve got Paula Ardron-Gemmell supported by Grabo, much-loved NABAS instructor Liz Milligan, and the amazing Julie Dunham on behalf of Qualatex.

FREE to all members, our online conventions are a not-to-be missed opportunity to work and learn from the best, all in the comfort of your own surroundings, giving you the freedom to dip in and out when needed so you can still respond to any client calls and enquiries.

To secure your place, head over to the Events page on the NABAS website.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Pink Tree Training .balloons


🎈🎉 **Attention Balloon and Party Professionals!** 🎉🎈

Are you ready to take your balloon and party business to new heights? Look no further! NABAS, The Balloon and Party Professionals Association, is your go-to destination for all things related to balloons and parties! 🌟

🎁 **Discover the Benefits of NABAS Membership:** 🎁

**1️⃣ Networking:** Connect with a community of passionate professionals, build valuable relationships, and expand your network across the industry! 🤝

**2️⃣ Exclusive Resources:** Gain access to a wealth of resources, from the latest industry trends to business support materials and creative design inspiration! 💼🎨

**3️⃣ Training & Education:** Elevate your skills and knowledge with workshops, webinars, and training sessions to stay at the forefront of the industry! 📚✨

**4️⃣ Recognition:** Showcase your talent and accomplishments through our prestigious awards and recognition programs! 🏆🎖️

Whether you're a balloon artist, party planner, event professional, or anyone passionate about creating magical experiences, NABAS is here to support you every step of the way. 🎈🌈


45p a day is all it costs for you to become part of our friendly creative community.

You’ll be invited to regular training events, where you’ll learn and make friends with your fellow balloonies and you’ll also unlock a treasure trove of member benefits, including:

Gold standard insurance
Supplier Discounts
Free Member Listing
Independent Certified
Ambassador Support
National Promotional Campaigns
Skills Hub
Free Digital Resources
Quarterly Magazine featuring member designs
Photo competition

To join NABAS today just click here. bit.ly/3vc7pT5



💻 Lunch & Learn – ‘Boost your Business with Facebook & Instagram’, 3rd July

Facebook and Instagram are among the hottest social media platforms across the globe, with 2.32 billion and 1 billion monthly active users respectively.

So, join us at our next Lunch & Learn session on 3rd July, where we’ll show you how to harness the power of Facebook and Instagram to grow your business and share your creativity far and wide.

You’ll learn:

📱 How to create engaging content to increase your reach on Facebook and Instagram
📱 When to use the different formats on Facebook and Instagram to maximize your content's impact
📱 How to measure and understand the results so you can do more of what’s working, and less of what’s not.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical advice from Emma Goode, Lead Trainer for Facebook & Instagram. Reserve your spot today. bit.ly/3JpFyFl



Thought about taking the leap, and turning your balloon business from a side hustle into your full-time focus? Then sign up now for a NABAS membership.

We are the UK’s largest trade association for the balloon and party industry and for less than 50p per day our fabulous balloon community, will provide you with the support you need to see your business grow and thrive.

NABAS members benefit from:

⭐ Gold standard insurance
⭐ Independent training
⭐ Support webinars
⭐ Marketing support
⭐ Support from regional ambassadors
⭐ Dedicated skills hub
⭐ Digital resources and supplier discounts

To join today, click here. bit.ly/3vc7pT5 We can’t wait to welcome you!


As an association we pride ourselves on offering high quality, accessible training courses across the UK and have done for over 30 years. With a host of specialist, fully qualified instructors, we offer personalised training tailored to help balloon professionals develop in the areas they need to, while providing the best value for money. NABAS training covers everything from the creative, through to ex*****on, marketing business and beyond. Our friendly approach and small class sizes mean that our courses are in high demand. ⭐️

Want to be part of a friendly, supportive balloon and party professional community? Be part of your industry’s trade association for less than 50p per day. Join today via the link in our bio.


What can you expect from a NABAS training day?

Your NABAS instructor will be your mentor and advise you of where the training is and what you need to take. It’s a full day course and includes a glossy full-colour manual, certificate and all the stock for use on the day. You also get to take home everything you create on the Level 1 course and some of the creations from Level 2, so come with an empty car!

All NABAS courses and instructors are assessed and approved to ensure you’re getting the best experience on a training day.

NABAS is the only UK Trade Association, run by the members, for the members. It’s a not-for-profit company designed to unite and support every element of our industry from big multinational manufacturers to sole traders working part time at home.

To find training in your area, click here. bit.ly/3FQfzE1

Not a member? Join today for less than 50p per day via our website. bit.ly/3vc7pT5


Timeline photos 02/04/2023

🎈⭐NABAS Member Discount Alert!⭐🎈

uk are one of the amazing suppliers offering exclusive discounts to NABAS members with 10% off and free delivery for orders over £90+VAT!!!

To access your exclusive member discounts, all you need to do is log in to the Member Area of the NABAS website, where you’ll find even more incredible offers. 🎈

NABAS members receive exclusive discounts and offers from supplier members all year round, so if you’re not a member already, join now. bit.ly/3vc7pT5 💻


Why book a NABAS Training course?

Lots of reasons really!

The course has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

There's so much to learn not only about balloons, but
- [ ] marketing & promotional advice
- [ ] pricing for profit
- [ ] correct inflation of various types of balloons, sealing & tying, arranging into displays
- [ ] creating arches and garlands and learning formulas to calculate how many balloons to use
- [ ] the science behind balloons and gases
- [ ] elements and principles of design
- [ ] The history of NABAS and its place in the industry
- [ ] calculations of helium capacity used in balloons / costing helium
- [ ] manufacturers & wholesalers
- [ ] Lots of tips and techniques and much, much more to help you kick-start and troubleshoot your business with confidence.

Liz is a NABAS approved instructor who teaches courses in Scotland and Newcastle.

Timeline photos 08/03/2023

Why become a NABAS member, you might ask? As a champion of best practice and with over 36 years representing the needs of balloon and party professionals there couldn’t be a better time to join NABAS.
NABAS provides its members with unrivalled benefits, support and services.

Benefits include:

🎈Gold Standard Insurance
🎈Supplier Discounts
🎈Free Member Listing
🎈Independent Certified Training
🎈Ambassador Support
🎈National Promotional Campaigns
🎈Skills Hub
🎈Free Digital Resources
🎈Quarterly Magazine featuring member designs
🎈Photo Competition

Join your industry’s trade association for less than 50p per day via our website. bit.ly/3vc7pT5

Run by members, NABAS is a non-profit trade association for balloon and party professionals, run by a dedicated committee of volunteers, with all profits invested back into the association for the benefit of all as it seeks to support an industry that brings positivity and celebration.

Photos from Claire Carney Floral and Balloon Designs's post 04/03/2023
Timeline photos 27/02/2023

NABAS Lunch & Learn – 1 week to go!

Calling all NABAS members, there’s only a week to go until the first event in our ‘Lunch & Learn Series’ – 6th March.

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn from our industry expert about the importance of your Google reviews and how they can help increase your business visibility and sales.

This event is exclusive to NABAS members, so to book your place, email: [email protected].

Not a NABAS member and want to gain access to member only events like these, as well as the other fantastic benefits associated with a NABAS membership; gold standard insurance, independent training, support webinars, and a dedicated skills hub, then join now by emailing the team on: [email protected] or online here. bit.ly/3vc7pT5

Balloon Training & Insurance on Instagram: "Learning is a journey that never ends…Let us guide you down the right path for your successful business🎈 Are you looking to start your ballooning journey? In this video, NABAS instructor... 27/01/2023

Why choose NABAS as your training provider?

Balloon Training & Insurance on Instagram: "Learning is a journey that never ends…Let us guide you down the right path for your successful business🎈 Are you looking to start your ballooning journey? In this video, NABAS instructor... 20 Likes, 0 Comments - Balloon Training & Insurance () on Instagram: "Learning is a journey that never ends…Let us guide you down the right path for your successful business🎈 Are you looking to start your ballooning journey? In this video, NABAS instructor explains how ...


Thank you to everyone who did NABAS training with me this year.
I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope to see you in 2023.


What makes a good training course?

The most important thing is “the training provider should be COMPETENT, PROFESSIONAL, and EXPERIENCED WITHIN THE SPECIFIED FIELD”.

NABAS are the only Trade Association in the UK balloon industry, backed by 35 years of training experience.

The feedback from our students demonstrate that as an approved instructor for NABAS, Liz demonstrates those attributes in each and every course she delivers.

If you’re looking to start your journey into the amazing and rewarding world of balloon artistry, have a look at the courses starting in January 2023. These are held in Kilmarnock, Edinburgh and Newcastle but we have instructors through the UK.

If you’re looking for a gift, you can purchase a gift certificate towards partial of full cost of the course.

You will receive support after your course from your instructor and as a member, NABAS have a wealth of benefits, including public liability and indemnity insurance. Check it out at www.Nabas.co.uk

You don’t have to be a member to attend any of our courses and as a Trade Association we will use products from many suppliers.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Liz.


Save the date. Balloon Training Courses. Scotland and Newcastle.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Kilmarnock?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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This course is the only Level 1 course backed by 36 years of experience of training by NABAS, the only trade association...
This course is the only Level 1 course backed by 36 years of experience of training by NABAS, the only trade association...
#executiveballoonstraining #balloontrainingscotland #balloontrainingnewcastle #balloontraining #nabastraining #nabasinst...
Why book a NABAS Training course?Lots of reasons really!The course has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.There's so much to...
Why book a NABAS Training course?Lots of reasons really!The course has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.There's so much to...
Learn the next progression in balloon training -  Level 2 - with the only Trade Association in the UK (with 35 years of ...
Angry Bird Wearables
Merry Christmas to all my students who came on a NABAS course.  Look forward to supporting you in 2022. Have a lovely br...
Wearable panda





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