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We're excited to see you all tomorrow for the conference - it's time to reach for the stars! ✨

This year, you can expect to hear from inspirational key speakers and get the chance to meet with some leading companies in the industry πŸš€

Exhibitors include Morris & Simmons Education Ltd, Ten Town, Schofield & Sims, TG Escapes Eco-Buildings, Community Playthings UK, Innermedia Limited, Think Equal, C-learning, Hemispheres Movement For Learning Ltd,, Crown House Publishing, Mighty Writer, Anspear, apetito AG
Are you attending the conference next week? πŸš€

This year, you can expect to hear from inspiring leaders, meet exhibitors who are sector experts, as well as a chance to attend meticulously developed seminars providing effective strategies worth implementing 🀩

Community Playthings UK Hemispheres Movement For Learning Ltd Innermedia Limited Mighty Writer Morris & Simmons Education Ltd Ten Town C-learning Schofield & Sims Think Equal and TG Escapes Coventry

Early Years specialists sharing our cracking ideas, experiences and opinions to make your life early

We provide high quality and affordable professional development, resources and consultancy for Early Years practitioners & settings. We are the authors of 'Planning For Learning in Early Years'. We passionately believe in making learning fun and exciting for both adults and children. We thrive on sharing our expertise with others and relish finding solutions to difficult challenges. By drawing on

Operating as usual


Love this idea πŸ’œ

Great idea!

Source: unknown

What to expect on a primary deep dive – some guidance for subject leaders - Ofsted: schools, early years, further education and skills 07/02/2022

What to expect on a primary deep dive – some guidance for subject leaders - Ofsted: schools, early years, further education and skills

Definitely worth sharing with all your subject leaders..........

What to expect on a primary deep dive – some guidance for subject leaders - Ofsted: schools, early years, further education and skills News and updates on education inspection

Timeline photos 05/02/2022

Beautiful πŸ’œ

I opened a book...



Dear Tired Teachers,
When the pressures from above are getting you down, don't forget that because of you someone can write their name and read their favourite book πŸ™‚
Keep smiling, you are all outstanding ❀
- The Teacher Traveller


Great post for a start Monday πŸ’œ

Happy Monday everyone.


Love this πŸ’œ


via Child

Timeline photos 16/09/2021

Just lovely πŸ’œ
Our favourite: Who made you laugh today? πŸ’œ

Things to ask instead of β€œHow was school”
Try these to get your child talking about their day.


What a fab idea! And could work with any number πŸ˜πŸ’œ

⬇️⬇️❀️What a fantastic example of perceptual variation ❀️⬇️⬇️

This is the kind of display that you can build up over the days/weeks asking the children for suggestions and exploring the concept of 10 with each different item before adding it to the collection.

There’s plenty more you could add...

πŸ’‘A tens frame or Numicon or base 10
πŸ’‘A 10 on a bus to explore the nominal vale of 10
πŸ’‘A number line or 100 square to show ordinal value.
πŸ’‘10p piece
❓ Any other suggestions❓

It’s the display that just keeps giving!

Saw this on Twitter but did not capture the author to give credit.

Heart of a Teacher 06/09/2021

Heart of a Teacher

As a new Autumn term begins just a small piece of inspiration that resonates so much with us πŸ’œ
We hope you all have the best year and whatever challenges it brings your determination, resilience and perseverance will always shine through πŸ’œ
Nicky & Ginny

Heart of a Teacher "Teachers inspire the smallest hearts to grow big enough to change the world." - Paula Fox Whether you have children in school now or you're a…


This is us most days!!! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’œ

Happy Monday. Have an amazing first full week back everyone.


Just beautiful… πŸ’œ

Good luck to the new starters!! ❀️


Think this is pretty accurate!! 🀣 particularly over the past two years!!! 🀣

Accurate. πŸ’―

Foundation Years vodcast: Implementing the new EYFS in primary schools 30/07/2021

Foundation Years vodcast: Implementing the new EYFS in primary schools

This is a useful video with information for the DfE and Early Adopter schools about the new EYFS framework.

Key messages...

**Have confidence in the depth of knowledge you have about your children
**Review and reflect on what you currently do and be brave enough to let some things go!

Foundation Years vodcast: Implementing the new EYFS in primary schools This vodcast will take you through some of the key messages from DfE on implementing the new early years foundation stage (EYFS) in primary schools. You’ll a...

Photos from Naturally Creative Early Years Consultancy's post 29/07/2021

Some beautiful ideas on here πŸ’œ great provocations for your environment in September πŸ’œ


We had some lovely feedback from our training today πŸ’œ
We are very grateful for the kind words given to us by so many people. πŸ’œ Thank you πŸ’œ

'Dear Nicky and Ginny
This is just to say thank you for the assessment course this afternoon. It made so much sense and I think that spending more time with the children and not being a slave to evidence is exactly what Early Years should be about.'

Timeline photos 01/07/2021

For anyone who needs this today πŸ’œ

Sure can

Timeline photos 25/06/2021

Core and upper body strength is such an important pre-requisite for those important writing skills. Educating parents on its importance and providing quality time for it in your provision is crucial.
Don’t underestimate how important it is to invest in gross motor development - do that and the writing skills will come πŸ’œ

Want to know more? Take a look at our Let’s Get Physical and Ready to Write resources on our website πŸ’œ


Absolutely love this πŸ’œ one small steady step at a time and you will get there πŸ’œ so relevant for all aspects of life πŸ’œ

So important for all learners! 😍❀️

Preparing for the revised Early Years Foundation Stage: questions and thoughts 13/05/2021

Preparing for the revised Early Years Foundation Stage: questions and thoughts

Julian Grenier has written a new Blog about the new EYFS Statutory changes with particular reference to assessment. It is well worth a read and matches all the messages that we have been given at our training.
Assessment is the area that requires the biggest mind shift and at MSE we have development a succinct and manageable approach to help you make the transition.
If you want to find out more then drop us an email to find out the dates of our training sessions.
[email protected]

Preparing for the revised Early Years Foundation Stage: questions and thoughts β€˜How am I going to track children’s progress?’ β€˜How do I check children against age-related expectations?’ β€˜How am I going to create baselin...

Timeline photos 12/05/2021

For those of you who have been on our Moving Forwards in Early Years training about the new EYFS Statutory Framework and if you use a Tapestry you might find this webinar useful πŸ’œ

Save the date! Ben and Stephen, from our Education Team, will be running a free webinar on the new EYFS framework on Tapestry. It will be streamed from our page and our YouTube account. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have. More details on how to join and the webinar agenda to follow.


Such a brilliant idea! πŸ’œ

Love it! Has anyone done this or something similar?

Photos from Little sprouts family daycare's post 27/04/2021

Simple πŸ’œ Adaptable πŸ’œ Motivating
Great for language development and reading! Why not let them create their own too! πŸ’œ

Sunflowers 08/04/2021


Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee and relax reading our new Sunflower blog. Some great ideas to help you with planning in the summer term πŸ’œ

🌼Sunflower yellow, sunflower bright,
Stretching your head towards the light.
You started as a seed tiny and small,
Now look at you growing so very tall.🌼
Ginny Morris
Picture by Bronwen πŸ’œ

Sunflowers Sunflowers Investigating and learning about Sunflowers is a great way to teach your children about growth and change. These bright and colourful flowers are easy and quick to grow and provide a huge amount of learning that will last all through the summer into the Autumn. Getting Started Show your c...


πŸ₯🌼We hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend 🌼πŸ₯
This is what we looked like at the end of ours!! 🀣
How much chocolate did you eat?

All our membership should now have received our April Newsletter, please check your junk box if you can't see it. If you aren't part of our membership then its really easy just sign up on our website! It's worth it as you get a FREE resource audit tool! πŸ’œ


You made it! πŸ‘
You did it! πŸŽ‰
Hooray it's the end of a very long term! πŸ™Œ

Rest 🌺 relax 🌼 and recharge 🌸 over the next couple of weeks.
Enjoy catching some spring sunshine β˜€οΈand eating plenty of chocolate! πŸ₯🍫πŸ₯
Keep an eye out for exciting news from us coming very soon πŸ˜±πŸ’œ



The final EYFS Statutory Framework for 1st September has now been published. Just in time for an Easter read! 🀣

We will ensure that we highlight any significant changes from the Early Adopter version so why not sign up on our website so that you get our monthly newsletter with any updates. πŸ’œ


🌺 After the longest and most challenging term WE ARE NEARLY THERE!!!🍷

β€˜Lighter touch’ school inspections to take place in summer term, Ofsted says 30/03/2021

β€˜Lighter touch’ school inspections to take place in summer term, Ofsted says


OFSTED will resume light touch inspections on 4th May 2021. They will NOT be making judgements but might trigger a full inspection if the school is doing better or not as well as their current judgement. They will focus on how well pupils are catching up!
It is anticipated that full inspections with 'graded assessments' will resume in the Autumn.

β€˜Lighter touch’ school inspections to take place in summer term, Ofsted says The education watchdog confirmed that graded inspections are expected from September.


🌱🌼 Looking for a simple activity for the end of term? 🌱🌼

Why not go on a Spring Walk 🌺

Ginny has been letting her creative juices are flow and has written a lovely catchy poem that you could use with your children when you take them on a Spring Hunt 🌼

Resources 23/03/2021


*********** HIGH PRAISE **********
We have had some amazing feedback about our new resources - Intent, Implementation and Impact and our revised Planning for Learning in the Early Years. Both documents match the new statutory guidance being implemented September 2021.

πŸ’œ"I am so happy with the resources that I ordered. So clear and to the point. The resources will save me hours and hours of paperwork and I am eternally grateful for that."πŸ’œ

Visit to download your copies - you won't be sorry!

Resources Our invaluable and affordable resources have been developed with the busy teacher in mind. They are all full

Photos from Morris & Simmons Education Ltd's post 21/03/2021

πŸ’œOur Favourite Easter BooksπŸ’œ

Here are our top 5 books to fit with Easter πŸ₯

* An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston
* The Story of Easter by Fiona Boone
* Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones: by Ruth Heller
* The Good Egg by Jory John
* Princess Henny and Wonky Eggs by Sarah Innins



Just too cute not to share πŸ₯🐣πŸ₯


Nature Easter eggs

A lovely activity to do as you get near the end of term 😍 simple to set up and so effective πŸ’œ


Animal Exercises for Kids

This would make a fun activity and great for developing gross motor skills πŸ’œ
Think I might struggle with the crouching tiger though!😱🀣

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