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But of a random one: Does anyone know of any primary schools in the Horsham area that successfully encourage good behaviour without using the dreaded reward chart? I figured if anyone knows, it’ll be you guys!
Please delete if not appropriate. Free to anyone who's able to collect. Boxes a bit beaten up as they've been in the back of a cupboard! 22 storage bags left and 9 pads.
Hello all, can anyone recommend a good dentist in Southwater/Horsham? My dentist that I see where I am currently living in Bucks doesn't believe in breastfeeding after 6 months because of the 'dangerous sugars' in breast milk. TIA x
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Marthe Kvassheim
FREE 45min gentle sleep w/shop (preg couples start good sleep habits early) 31May www.uflourish.co.uk Sussex Pregnancy & Baby Fairs
Hi Stacey, I have just done the Dublin training and hope to get my classes up and going this week. I was hoping you might give my page a plug please.Many thanks,Lilian
Create the perfect gift this Mother's Day (March 15th) with a very special event in the studio at the end of February.

Is your child aged between 8 & 11 years?

Is your child in Year 6 and due to take thier SAT's in May & already feeling worried or anxious about them?

Would you like your child to be happy and confident?

Would you like your child to enjoy life, sleep better and have a more positive outlook?

If the answer is yes, Relax Kids Horsham can help & my new chill skills classes starting on February 24th will be a great session for them to attend!
Roll up, roll up! Spaces are filling up fast for my Relax Kids Horsham Magical Adventure classes starting on Friday 27th February 4-5pm at Roffey Millenium Hall, Horsham!

If your child is in reception or up to 7yrs of age, this is a great class to help develop their emotional resilience
Roll up, roll up! Spaces are filling up fast for my Relax Kids Horsham Magical Adventure classes starting on Friday 27th February 4-5pm at Roffey Millenium Hall, Horsham!

If your child is in reception or up to 7yrs of age, this is a great class to help develop their emotional resilience
Hi there. Please could I have some details about the Friday class for 2-4year olds in Horsham please. We are looking to come along this Friday.

We are here to support those interested in Attachment Parenting. Join us and spread the word about

Operating as usual


I know it’s been a super long time. This page has been inactive for the whole of 2020 up to now pretty much. If you’re interested in knowing what Attachment Parenting stands for, go to our website: https://attachmentparenting.co.uk
And if you’d like to meet up with like-minded people in Horsham this summer, we’re holding come casual meetings at Horsham Park soon.

Monday 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 August
Horsham Park (somewhere between the maze/cafe and Pavilions)
All are welcome!

Attachment Parenting UK - Trusting your instinct, trusting your child - Attachment Parenting UK expert advice, find an APUK group, coaching , online shop and more Trusting your instinct, trusting your child - Attachment Parenting UK expert advice, find an APUK group, coaching , online shop and more


When you see something unhelpful or unsafe PAUSE... Get curious and look for ways to help your child feel and do better.

Timeline photos 01/08/2020

This weekend is the Global Big Latch On! It’s all virtual this year and we have over 250 virtual events taking place across the world. You can visit our website - link in bio- to sign up to an event near you (or any choice of location with a time that suits you). Alternatively, you can add a photo of yourself with your latched child/children at 10.30am (local time to you) to your social media page and use the hashtag It’s going to be a wonderful thing to be part of. You can also email to [email protected]


A bit of positive encouragement if you’re still homeschooling and struggling...


😍 GET 85% OFF our accredited online POSITIVE DISCIPLINE COURSE;

>> LIFETIME ACCESS for only £14.95 ⭐️
+ FREE bonus 'Essential First Aid for Babies' online course worth £67
& accompanying podcasts with helpful refresher content on our non-punitive approach to positive discipline

WORTH 12 CPD points & accredited by Fedant.org

>>Modules feature reflection questions (for great conversations with a partner!) quizzes, videos, scenarios and a parenting style questionnaire - you can even do as little as 5 minutes a day 😍

*MODULE 1: The first module encourages you to explore your own perception of ‘discipline’ – what does it mean to you? We will also look at your discipline techniques and how effective you feel they are, as well as defining what Positive Discipline is (and isn’t!)

*MODULE 2: By the end of the second module, you’ll understand the relationship between Beliefs and Behaviours and complete a quiz to understand how they manifest in your own practice. You’ll also learn about Democratic, Autocratic, Permissive and Uninvolved parenting, enabling you to recognise these in practice both in yourself and others.

*MODULE 3: Module 3 explores the left and right hemispheres of the brain and how these vary during a child’s development. You’ll learn how to recognise right and left-brain scenarios and positive tools to deal with them. You’ll also gain an understanding of ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ brain activity, and how to use this knowledge to increase childrens’ innate well-being, emotional intelligence and common sense.

*MODULE 4: Module 4 explores best-practice for boundaries that are effective and feel safe for the child. You’ll learn to recognise firmness with kindness and without, and explore different scenarios involving threats and consequences.

*MODULE 5: Module 5 will give you the tools to help understand why tantrums and power struggles happen, and how to allow your child their experience without feeling it personally.

*MODULE 6: Understand the phenomenon of the ‘forbidden sleep zone’ and how the homeostatic sleep drive and the circadian alerting system impact on your child’s ability to fall asleep. This module will equip you with proven tools to de-stress night-times for both you and your child.

*MODULE 7: This module takes an in-depth look at the cultures of praise and encouragement, the difference between the two and how they impact on you and your child. You’ll learn the key types of praise and encouragement, and the potential for improving your child’s learning and happiness index.

*MODULE 8: In the 8th module you’ll gain an understanding of the role of rewards and punishment, and examine your own perceptions of the ‘carrot and stick of discipline’ and how you might be using subtle punishments even when you think you’re not.

*MODULE 9: At the end of this module, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the psychology behind a child’s impulsive aggressive behaviours, as well as your own reaction to them. Children hitting, biting and kicking can be one of the greatest challenges to a parent or carer – it can also be seen as an opportunity to show your child how to be calm, kind and firm in an emotional situation.

*MODULE 10: Learn how comparisons, roles and labels can impact on your child, and how to maintain positive parenting practices when children are arguing with each other.

⭐️ ENROL HERE: https://attachmentparenting.co.uk/positive-discipline-online/

Photos from Atelier 21 Future School's post 17/02/2020
Timeline photos 28/10/2019

This is so eloquently said and it’s why we created our online accredited Positive Discipline Course ❤️


Thank you all so much for joining us today! Do not worry if you missed us; we’ll probably bring back the family picnics next summer. Stay tuned for what we have planned this coming term. X


Last summer family picnic tomorrow at 12 pm at Borde Hill Garden. See you there! X


Horsham Park Picnic 🧺 tomorrow at 11 am. I won’t be there myself but Emma and Dom will be there by the swings. Have fun!


Warnham Reserve Picnic 🧺 tomorrow at 11 am for anyone who’s interested. We’ll just go in for a walk and then have a bite to eat. X


Listening to my angry child was one of the biggest challenges I have faced as a mother. And I mean listening without judgement and waiting for the storm to pass.

And yet when I managed to listen and stay (relatively) calm, she recovered quicker, and she reconnected with me in the sweetest way.

When the storm had passed, for her it was out of sight and of mind. There was no shame and no guilt on her part, that seemed to be all on my side!

It has taken me time to focus on my ‘listening muscle’ and to change my reactions. I still get triggered but now I have a real choice to stop and listen to my child, now my teenager

It’s like a soothing balm for her fiery temper. And it makes parenting a whole lot easier 🙏

In fact I’m so good at it now that it showed up in IKEA yesterday! I was waiting for hours while they sorted out my items. I was completely fine, although hunger pains started kicking in after 3 hours! The attendant kept thanking me for my patience and finally asked me what my work was. I was thinking: ‘This is a walk in the park compared to listening to an angry child.’

Are you fed up with reacting to your child and you want to make a change?

Would you like to learn about your Listening Muscle and the incredible benefits of listening to your child?

Would you like to get some genuine support?

If this is you, then you are welcome
to join me in this small group of mothers

Register your interest here


I will be offering these groups both online and offline starting in September

Please let me know if you’re interested or if you fancy a chat about how this will help you. I’m a good listener
Laura x


So sorry to let you know that our picnic tomorrow at Leonardslee Gardens will have to be cancelled. See you next week!


Love this!


Nymans Picnic 🧺 tomorrow! We’ll be at reception till 11.15 and then head in. Check here tomorrow for exact location. See you!


What thoughts come to mind for you?


Southwater Park Picnic tomorrow 🧺. We’ll set up by the lake 💦 . See you at 11 am to melt in the sun ☀️ ! X


For those who would love to come to the summer picnics but can’t, perhaps you can join us for the summer drinks! A super casual ‘me-time’ ado where we always end up talking about babies, kids and parenting, lol. But with a drink in hand and no interruptions so at least there’s that! All welcome. If you think you’ll come, please comment below to keep track of numbers. X


Cot bumpers can pose the risk of an accident to your baby once they begin to roll and move about the cot. We know that some infants have become entangled in the ties and material, or fallen whilst pulling themselves up on the bumpers.

A clear cot is a safer cot: lullabytrust.org.uk/safer-sleep-advice/clear-cot/


Hi all! Get your diaries out. We’ve decided to plan a series of picnics for the rest of the summer for anyone who’s desperate to meet up! Sometimes it may just be a couple of us, some other times all of us...whatever! Now let’s hope the lovely weather lasts for at least a month.


When we tell children “you can have some chocolate/ice cream/cake IF you eat up all your dinner”, what we’re actually doing is encouraging them to overeat and making sweet food seem like a treat, which also encourages the child to over-indulge in them when they finally get to eat them.

Check out my Gentle Eating Book if you’d like to learn how to break your eating demons and subconscious beliefs so that you don’t pass them on to your children!


via Kristin Wiens ( - Twitter)


Just because we can sleep train our babies and create independence from a very young age (it's not rocket science, anybody can do it, there is no secret or magic trick to conventional sleep training!) - does it mean we should? Are there repercussions for going against nature?


It's our children's job to test their leaders' conviction. 🤨

Timeline photos 01/06/2019

Some of us attend this wonderful group. Would be great to meet some new faces! X

Responsive Bottle-Feeding - Attachment Parenting UK 28/05/2019

A very supportive article on Bottle Feeding.

Responsive Bottle-Feeding - Attachment Parenting UK Responsive bottle-feeding by Emma Pickett We know breastfeeding is about the milk inside the container but it’s also about a process – of holding the baby in a particular way; of feeding in response to cues; of encouraging certain oral skills; of focusing on the relationship between baby and mot...


👍 🙌👏👊

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