Horsham Yoga

Horsham Yoga


Meditation groups for women. Safety, steadfastness, focus, vivacity and calm. Loving Compassion Masterclasses with Kathryn. Meditation beyond technique. All you need is willingness and curiosity to explore body, breath and earth and enjoy radiant rest. Next group June 26th 1115-1315.
MAY 16 Celebrating birth, enlightenment and passing of Lord Buddha
Weekly Yoga Classes to suit where you find yourself in your life right now. "It's about Touching your Heart, not touching your toes"
Take time to treasure the ease of relaxation, time, to mobilise with ease, expand awareness and connect with nature. Sunday 1115-1315, outdoors on a decking in a beautiful garden and indoors in a yurt. The Womens Group with Kathryn, Warnham.
An awakening to Yoga ....
Ease of movement, balance and breath in a body in nature with Qigong. The yurt is on standby should the weather take a turn.
All that is needed is curiosity ..

Radically Gentle, Accessible, Adaptive Yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra, Meditation
One to One Yoga Therapy

Offering radically gentle yoga and meditation to the community. Includes body sensing with yoga postures, breathing, deep relaxation with iRest yoga nidra, yoga philosophy spanning dualism to non-dual teachings. A discovery of what it means to be at ease to embrace more or your birthright, more of who you truly are. Yoga Elder registered with Independent Yoga Network
Kripalu Yoga Professional Leve

Operating as usual


THE CHAKRAS - a workshop, back by popular demand.
30 OCT 1815-1945 Tythe Barn RH12 5JF
The gears that mobilise the way we posture in life. An exploration of being in a body, from the ground upwards. Introducing different meditative forms of guidance, including colour, sound and in relation to the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.
Fee £18 in advance by BACS


QIGONG and YOGA workshop 1100-1230 OCT 30 The Yoga School Horsham RH13 5DZ. Fee £18 in advance.
Qiging offers a perspective on our relationship with nature, movement and the elements. Yoga offers a perspective of our relationship with our life and how we engage through the senses. There is much to explore and enjoy in this
relaxing session of infinite possibilities.


FEET FIRST a workshop 1100-1230 Tuesday OCT 3 - RH12 1SL
The feet are not only the foundation of the body but also of the psyche. How we think and feel is a reflection of how we balance on the earth.
We will explore our relationship with our own feet and how balance impacts not just physical comfort but also peaceful thinking.


AUG 22 THE CHAKRAS: 1100-1230 Friends Meeting House, Horsham Fee £18 please message Kathryn

An approach to entering and experiencing the gateway to your energy system known as The Chakras, introducing colour and using the sensations of each element to connect to the psycholgical aspect of being in a human body with a busy mind.
Suitable for all levels, No yoga experience


YOGA OF COMPASSION : AUG 14 Tythe Barn 1815-1945
Fee £18 in advance. Opening your heart to the element of Air. Welcoming new energy in tight, sad or awkward places with the support of soft balls. An extraordinary journey of freedom. All wrapped up in a deeply Restorative Nidra.


Qigong - qi means energy - gong means to cultivate. In Qigong all of our energy flows in synergy with all of the wonders and beauty of nature. Progressive weekly classes with Kathryn at The Yoga School Horsham.


JULY 18 Friends Meeting House Horsham 1100-1230 The Stillpoint. Time to kick back exploring the joys of stillness in movement and movement in stillness. Undoing tension in the connective tissue where compassion may enter tight spaces. A radically gentle approach to simply being awareness itself. Booking in advance, open now £17.


Want to try FREE no obligation Yoga? This may be what you need. Space available right now, Wed 1015-1115 and Sat 1115-1215 in Horsham. Suitable for all abilities. Please Message Kathryn using the What's App button below and following the link or send a message on this page.


Sometimes individual attention can better help guide a personal enquiry for a mind that is overloaded and a body that may need fresh choreography. Kathryn offers One to One listening at her private practice in Horsham.

Photo: Alex Eckermann, Unsplash


HAPPY NEW YEAR .. May you have a healthy, happy, peaceful and abundant 2023. May there be Peace for all Hearts the Planet and all Nations.
Anjali Mudra, prayer position, may be used alone in silence or along with a head bow sharing the sound Namaste, a Prayer of Respect.
I honour the place in you in which the whole universe resides.
I honour the place of love, light and peace.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me,
We are together as One.
Namaste 🙏


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas ..

Northen Lights, Norway 🇳🇴📍


Yoga is a ritual.
It's ground, your mat.
The altar is the vibrating silence of Awareness
and your offering,
the raw blossoming of your experience, moment by moment

~ Ellen Emmet ~


Happy Holidays .. all about the outfit ❤️


BKS Iyengar would be 104 today …


The teacher’s role is to be the agent for guiding the student to their own perception, thoughts, feelings, kinesthesia and insights

~ Donna Farhi ~


I think that all mind patternings are expressed in movement, through the body. And that all physically moving patterns have a mind. That’s what I work with.

~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen ~


Once you realise that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.

~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj ~


"The design of our bodies is perfect; the practice of it's use is flawed." NEW classes at Horsham Yoga with Kathryn WEDNESDAY 1015-1115 and THURSDAY 1800-1900. Explore the natural range of movement the body needs to stay easefully mobile. Challenge the default position of often sitting for long hours gazing at a screen and its long term effects on an ever changing bodymind. www.horshamyoga.com


The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand: if you want to see how the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand.

~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen ~


.. Yoga ..


Yoga is LIfe and Life is Yoga for there is no separation from the resent moment 🕉


For there is only ever the NOW moment ..


This magnificent stone Murti is in Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple, located at Horanadu, on the banks of River Bhadra in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Situated in the dense forest and valleys of the Western Ghats.

📷 :



Yoga shows the way ..


Slow it all down, take it easy, be quiet and witness the dawn of a change in perspective ..


Everytime this comes around, posting it amplifies awareness of Pure Being ... way beyond the confines of 'doing'


The highest spiritual practice is witness consciousness with compassion.
~Swami Kripalu ~

Photo: Bruno Aguirre (Unsplash)


When we give the world what we want the most
We heal the broken part
Inside each of us

~Eve Ensler ~

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Beginning is Everything

Sharing a 36 year practise Kathryn offers adaptive yoga classes, meditation, workshops retreats and Qigong to support health and create community.

“When I recognise that I am nothing, that is wisdom; when I recognise that I am everything, that is love – and between these two life flows” Nisargadatta

As a Yoga Elder Kathryn Premshakti shares her experience of Ageless, Timeless Yoga with restorative yoga practises and Free Motion Yoga Dance. The key in life is to realise how best to adapt to our own needs as they change from day to day or moment to moment. Noticing when we may need to take extra care of the breath or find support from the earth or a chair that may be close to hand.

Classes include body sensing with yoga postures, breathing, deep relaxation with iRest yoga nidra interwoven with yoga philosophy, mudra, mantra, chakra and meditation spanning dualism to non-dual teachings.

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