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Phillip & Holly Get Competitive Decorating Easter Eggs | This Morning 04/04/2021

Holly is dyslexic. In this clip she’s been asked to write a short message on an Easter egg. Under pressure (time and audience) she hesitates with 2 of the 3 words she needs to write.
We see her employ multiple strategies to help- she spells a word aloud, she considers alternative words she’s more confident spelling, she checks her spelling with someone else, she uses humour.
These are just a few of the strategies I encourage you to keep in your own toolkit.

Phillip & Holly Get Competitive Decorating Easter Eggs | This Morning It wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate, so who better to guide us through creating our very own Easter chocolate creations than Paul A Young! He’s live from...


The ABCs of growth mindset. It’s never too late to grow.


Just one of the many gifts of neurodiversity 🎁


Learning is not only about the academics. 💙


What’s your superpower? 🦸🏼‍♀️🦹🏻‍♀️🦸🏾‍♂️

Timeline photos 24/10/2020

Neurodiversity is a positive thing! The more of us who draw attention to that fact it is normal variation, the sooner we will have a society where more neurodiverse children can confidently share the way they see the world, their strengths (as well as challenges) and the way they learn.

It can be hard for children to open up about their struggles. We want to make sure that we live in a society that is dyslexia-friendly, making it easier for children to accept their dyslexia, ask for support, and reach their full potential. Who's with us?


Pumpkin topic for an vocabulary- demonstrating understanding by connecting words with pictures. Story map- demonstrating comprehension by locating character and setting and sequencing events.


Did you go RED for dyslexia awareness week? Have the gift of neurodiversity yourself? Shout it loud and show those around you what your unique strengths are! Have a dyslexic loved one? Tell them which of their strengths you admire most. 🔴



Happy Dyslexia Awareness Week!


Learning. Think outside the box.


If you are looking for a touch typing program for your child, I really cannot recommend TTRS highly enough. It’s a multi sensory system of teaching and can be tailored to the child in so many ways. Drop me a ✉️ if you have any questions.

Timeline photos 21/08/2020

I’m working with one of my learners on growth mindset. I love this colourful little poster from who suggest you read these words daily, as your mindset manifesto. We loved this idea but decided to write up our own. By using my learner’s own words she feels even more empowered by her words when she reads them aloud each session. 💪🏻

Photos from Allie Cat Tutoring's post 31/07/2020

👩🏼‍💻 Never stop learning 👩🏼‍💻
I am excited to announce that I am now a certified tutor for the award winning Touch Type Read & Spell program!

Designed with neurodiversity in mind, it explicitly teaches touch typing in a multi sensory format making it faster and easier for everyone to learn (and ideal for dyslexic and dyspraxic brains!) whilst also teaching spelling and literacy skills by stealth 🕵🏼‍♀️

If you have any questions about TTRS and how it can help your child, please ask!

Timeline photos 27/07/2020

My business cards are here! One small step for some, one giant leap for Allie Cat 🐈


This is true for ALL learners: younger, older, SEND or neurotypical. Achievable targets are motivating and build confidence.


🧠What is neurodiversity?🧠

🌟The term ‘neurodiversity’ was coined in 1998 by sociologist Judy Singer and journalist Harvey Blume as a term to explain that there are people whose brains are wired differently.

🌟Whether we have personal experience of them or not, we have all heard at least some of the terms Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia. Often the language used around these is negative.

🌟Neurodiversity is the concept that these neurological variations are not deficits, they are simply differences.

🌟The idea that humans are naturally diverse learners is important for kids with these learning and thinking differences.

🌟Celebrating these differences is important in reducing stigmas around these labels, as well as in nurturing resilience, confidence and self belief in these children.

Timeline photos 21/07/2020

💫 Only weeks in to committing full time to this chapter of my career in education- and tutoring is a joy 💫 I’m enjoying the diversity of teaching different ages 💫 the fulfilment of working with children with SEN- always my favourite thing 💫 I have the pleasure of being able to immediately meet each learner’s needs at each session 💫 AND today might just have been the start of an exciting collaboration with another passionate educator 💫

Timeline photos 20/07/2020

🍦it’s a good day for ice-cream 🍦 I had a fun session this morning with a new tutee who loved ‘playing’ with this super cute ice-cream themed times tables activity. He’s had me pinky-promise to bring them next week for different tables. Learning is easier when it’s fun, no matter how old you are!


👽 Stories for aliens? 👽

For children who struggle to add detail and depth to their creative writing, asking them to imagine an alien is reading their story can encourage them to include description they may not otherwise think of.
Children know that mummy and daddy understand what the beach is like.
Mr Ziccup from Planet Zork here, has never visited Earth. You need to describe everything you would see, smell and hear at the beach, what the sand and sea feel like to the touch.
Imagining an alien reader is a simple tool that helps children begin to understand the needs of a reader, to draw in more adjectives and to refer to sensory experience.
If you have a quiet day at home this summer you could try this as a family. Write your own stories for an intergalactic visitor and share them with each other.

Timeline photos 15/07/2020

You know what they say about all work and no play... since today was a free day for me, I chose to spend it with my sister and our kids (5 between us!). There was picnicking, swan feeding, tree climbing, rope swinging, giggling and cake. It was a good day. I hope you found some time to play too! 🐈

Timeline photos 14/07/2020

This was supposed to be my Tuesday morning planning session to prepare for my sessions next week. 🍎 Venus here seems to think that my time is better spent adoring her 🐈

Timeline photos 13/07/2020

“Play is the work of the child.” Maria Montessori.
What looks like a small child’s craft project is packed full of learning potential, spanning age groups.
👧🏽For a preschooler this might be focussing on real, relevant counting opportunities.
🧑🏼‍🦱A child in KS2 could time races, design a table to record scores, present their findings in a graph and make predictions based on their data.

Learning opportunities in the craft project:
🛠 Construction- planning, manipulation, shape & space, fine motor including scissor work...
🚗 Playing- counting, ordinal number, one to one correspondence, pattern making, prediction, estimation, different scoring methods, ways of representing scores, recording information in a variety of ways...
💫 And plenty more we can’t even guess at if we surrender to the power and importance of unstructured imaginative play.

Timeline photos 12/07/2020

☀️This parent & educator stole some alone time today. I strolled in the sunshine, I had a coffee in a cafe for the first time in more than 4 months, I read my book. How was your Sunday? ☀️

Timeline photos 10/07/2020

Teachers like to teach. We like to get to know the children in our care and work with their strengths, so they can improve in areas that challenge them. We like to find creative ways to revisit tricky areas in ways that suit the children we work with, we like to use our imaginations to engage with theirs. As the government plays with our education system, adding in more and more testing and scoring, the opportunities for creativity shrink ever more... As a teacher I was ever more frustrated... but a tutor still has that freedom. As a tutor I ✨CREATE✨ lessons just for your unique child.

Timeline photos 09/07/2020

🤫 I loathe spelling tests. 🤭 I did as a child at school and as an educator I still do. Children tend to learn them for the test and then forget them in a wider context.
So what can we instead? Make the words relevant and important- use a broad vocabulary that they can ask about and mirror. Show children how to engage with the words in multi sensory, fun ways- create your own sentences for the words, hunt them around the room, rainbow write them, illustrate the words, word bowling, body spelling... there are endless possibilities! 📝


📚 Learning in literacy is not a one trick pony! 🖊

There are so many elements which create a rich and varied approach to literacy across all age groups. Variation allows for multiple teaching and learning styles as well as keeping learners engaged and interested- which is when we all do our best work!

Photos from Allie Cat Tutoring's post 08/07/2020

This is what a personalised birthday curriculum looks like for a very special seven year old: science 💥 PE 🤸🏻 mindfulness 💭 DT ✂️ archery 🏹 and a bit of fun 👊🏻 ✏📝

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