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Neurodiverse Learning
Hi there,

I do hope you don't mind me reaching out and posting here. As part of a work project, my team and I are conducting a survey on Inclusion & Diversity, with a specific focus on Neurodiversity. I'd be so grateful if you have time to complete this short and anonymous survey. And do feel free to share with anyone in your network also.


Many thanks
******* THANK YOU ******** 10 / 10

As a parent with a child who we knew needed support with their learning was a huge challenging thing to deal with. We just wanted to get it right for him. We started to notice his sensory and learning issues in reception year; and although doing as much as we could with him working with the school, the gap between his peers in his numeracy and literacy was increasing significantly. Now at mid year 1, we have a very good understanding of our child, thanks to Emma.

We have found that actually our little man is not at a disadvantage, he is at an advantage, He has a huge ability to learn, just not capable of learning within what is our current education system. Welcome to the world of Neurodiversity.

Emma spent 45 minutes assessing our boy, she then presented us with a report that she discussed in detail. I could have listened to Emma’s knowledge on this subject for hours, it was fascinating. Also, she was engaging and very articulate in getting across this complex subject in a way that I could understand. We learned more about our little man and how to aid him to learn in 2 hours than we did in the last year. It was like a eureka moment and also one of sadness thinking of all the other children who have missed out because most parents don’t know that they can get access to this too.
Emma's report will follow our boy throughout his school years and even into his career as a….. ‘if you want to get the best out of me; read this, it will tell you how my mind learns’

If you are concerned, unhappy, unsure about your child's progress, behaviour or sensory behaviour then I would suggest not to hesitate. Get in contact with Emma, It will save 2 years of waiting to find out something you thought you knew was always true.
What I would say is watch Made by Dyslexia on YouTube, absolutely rocked my thinking.

Emma, I can never thank you enough.

Dr. Michael Lewis, Child Development (Autism) expert at Rutgers University, will join Nish on March 10, 2:00 PM EST!

The session will be live on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Click the links below to join when it's time.



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Children in the U.K. who have Tourette’s fit into one of the following brackets:

1. struggling to get a diagnosis due to the lack of medical care available for tourettes

2. have a diagnosis of tourettes but are now left with no or minimal medical care

3. struggled for years to get a diagnosis and medical care for their Tourettes

Tourettes affects 1 in 100 children, similar numbers to autism, yet the funding and care differ dramatically! This is a U.K. wide issue, so we need to stand together and try to change things for children with all over the U.K.

Please sign this petition to help us improve the medical care available to children with Tourette’s in the U.K.

If you have already signed the petition, please can you share it and encourage friends, family, work colleagues and children’s teachers to also sign.

Tourettes Action Tictock Therapy TIC Hull & Yorkshire Ticcer's unite ADHD Foundation York Tourette Support Group Paul Stevenson The Foundation for Children with Neuroimmune Disorders Neurodiverse Learning
Hello boys and girls! It's me Titan! Happy dyslexia month! I have something important to share with you. In the past I was asked to write something for The Dyslexia Initiative to you that I think is important. thank you so much for asking me and letting me do it. Tthis took em a really long time to do and I hope you hit that like button and share because you don’t know who may need some help to remember we are more than dyslexia.

Nessy Neurodiverse LearningDyslexic Entrepreneurs & ProfessionalsYale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity Orton-Gillingham International Dyslexia Association
Interested in finding ways to remove the barriers to developing creativity and self-expression for those on the spectrum through creative writing? Really? Really. It’s fun, and it works. Join me for a 5 day email series. It’s risk free - we won’t sign you up for future emails. Just 5 days of encouragement that building creativity and self-expression is possible. Click to find out more.
Conversation from Neurodiverse Learning

“Good news son, you get to go back to school!”
“Oh great, so the germs are gone?”
“Ummmm yeah, pretty much... I mean technically there’s more deaths per day than there was when they closed the school... but I’m sure it’s fine.”
“I can’t wait to play with my friends!”
“Well yeah, you might see some of your friends, but you won’t be able to touch them or play with them.”
“Because of the germs.”
“But there aren’t any germs now?!”
“Right....but there might be... so you can’t go close to your friends.”
“Oh well, at least I’ll see them.”
“Well, you might not see them all because you might not all be in the same classroom.”
“Oh, but I’ll be in my classroom though right?”
“Well you might not be because you’ll have to spread out a bit.”
“Spread out to where?”
“To the other classrooms.”
“But won’t the other classes be in their rooms?”
“No the other classes won’t be there.”
“Because of the germs.”
“But why am I the only one going back?”
“Ummm..... because you’re small and you can spread out more?... because you don’t take up so much space?!?.... honestly no one knows mate.”
“Oh well, at least I’ll see my teacher... but wait...Mum how will my teacher be in all the classrooms at once?”
“Well, you might not have your teacher.”
“Who will I have?”
“I don’t know...”
“Oh.... if I’m going back to school can we go and get my new school shoes? Remember you said I would have to get new shoes because my feet have grown?!”
“Right... yeah... it’s not safe to open the shops so we can’t get shoes.”
“But it is safe for me to go to school?”
“Yep, maybe... unless there’s a spike in the virus, then we might have to stay home again.”
“How will they know if there’s a spike in the virus though Mum?”
“Hospital admissions... and number of deaths.”
“But what if I’ve already got it by then, from going to school?”
“Well you probably won’t die because you’re young.”
“Do children not die then?”
“Most of them don’t.”
“But grownups do?”
“Some, yes.”
“So what about my teacher?”
“Mum is it ok if I don’t go back to school? It doesn’t sound like it’s the right time yet”
“Yes mate that’s fine, you’re right, let’s stay home”

Me :)

I think the politicians have forgotten (or don't care) about the psychological impact of children going back to their-school-that-no-longer-exists.

School, as they knew it, has ended and a new 'school' is beginning and we're not sure what that will look like or how they will feel not being able to play with their friends or sit next to them or be in the same classroom. But the government wants to send them back, just the same.

But then why am I surprised?

This is the government that's happy to move curriculums down a whole year in order to drive up (children's mental health problems) standards. This is the government that doesn't care when those with SEND need support just to access the education that the government say they legally have to have.

It doesn't matter if our children don't have PPA protective kit on -right?

Oh, but it's fine because they're in school getting the education that's stressing them out and isn't suitable for them.

It doesn't matter that for the whole of their school day they will not be allowed less than 2m away from another human?

It's fine when their beloved teacher (most children love their teachers x) doesn't come in one day because they've got 'the germ' and they then worry that they will see them again.

It doesn't matter if our children don't have PPA protective kit on -right? doesn't come in one day because they've got 'the germ' and they then worry that they will see them again.

Oh, but it's fine becasue they're in school getting the education that's stresses them out and isn't suitable for them.

Can you tell I'm angry at the children going back to school?

Bu**er angry, I'm livid...
Hi there! My family's little publishing house - Wondertale Press - has a creative writing resource (A Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar of Story). We have been surprised and blessed to find out that A Pirate’s Guide resonated and was effective with autistic students who would typically struggle with creative expression. We wanted to spend some time testing the material out specifically with families with students who are neurodiverse, to see how and when this material can be a positive part of these kids’ education. I am looking for 10-20 families who would be willing to receive a free workbook (and email consultation) in exchange for spending the next few weeks/months going through the workbook with their student and providing us with some honest feedback. If you are interested, please PM me. During this unusual "lockdown" season, this resource helps everyone (parents included, if they like), with humor, creativity, and finding healthy and creative ways of expressing themselves - not to mention good storytelling foundations. For more info on the workbook itself, check out and then PM me! Thanks!

SpLD specialist diagnostic assessor and SEND Consultant, Emma Mahon

Operating as usual


For anyone looking for a fantastic and friendly tutor, get in touch with Mike! Mike is a current independent school teacher with over 20 years experience. In person (Cheshire) and virtual tutoring available. Details of age ranges and subjects offered are on Mike's page. 👍🌟👨‍🏫📈📚


Incredible work from the lovely Laura at PAST - Positive Assessments Support and Training 📚📖🧠

I can’t believe it’s two weeks since the book launch! The time has flown and been an absolute blur! And it’s still a Best Seller on Amazon! 😊🎉

I cannot express how happy and grateful I am that “The Educator’s Experience” has been so well supported and received.

Publishing a book is scary stuff, especially when you have crushing RSD and Imposter Syndrome.

So thank you again, from the bottom of my heart 💛

Missing The Mark x


Love NeuroWild ❤️🧠❤️

It fills me with frustration and sadness when I hear teachers say ‘I can’t do something different for ONE student’.

I’m sorry- why can’t you?

Surely it’s important that each kid has their individual needs met. And it’s obviously nonsense to think that all kids need the same thing.

To give all kids the exact same thing, to expect them to learn the same way, to think the same, to demonstrate understanding the same, to BE the same- is setting our neurodivergent kids up to fail at school. This isn’t speculation. This is happening widely.

‘But if I do that for him then everyone else will want that too. The rest of the class won’t understand.’

Hmm. The class also doesn’t understand fractions yet and I know that you’re going to spend a whole lot of time teaching that. Let me tell you, ‘everyone is different and has different needs’ will be a much quicker lesson.

‘The behaviour system works well for the majority. We can’t just not use it for these two kids. EVERYONE uses it.’

The behaviour chart rewards neurotypical behaviour. Our kids should not have to go to school everyday and spend all their energy pretending to be neurotypical. It teaches us that we’re not good enough as we are, and that does so much damage. Also, are you happy to stand up and advertise that you are actively ignoring the needs of minority students in your school?

Teachers have such an opportunity to teach their class that difference is good. That individuals all have differences, and it is these differences that make you special. Our neurodivergent kids would be so much happier and comfortable in a classroom where this was the culture. It wouldn’t be hard to do. I know that there are teachers out there getting it done.

When an autistic student is Stimming in class, and a peer asks ‘why are they doing that?’, the simple answer is ‘they concentrate best when their body moves around. Everyone has different brains and different ways of learning. I bet there are more of you who concentrate well when you’re moving!’

It’s not ‘oh, just ignore him.’
It’s not ‘ugh, I know. I’ll tell him to stop.’

It’s simply embracing difference.
It’s talking about it in a positive light.
It’s not that hard.
And it will save lives.

Em 🌈🌻❤️

Timeline photos 08/05/2023

Thinking of all those involved in SATS week this week. ❤️

In the build-up to , children can feel stressed or anxious. Test anxiety can be harmful to children's so it's important that we that we do all we can to support and reassure children before they take their exams.

In this infographic, BelievePerform has included some strategies that can help children to feel calm and less anxious on exam day. 💭📄


Sam Thompson shares his diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. 🧠 Looking forward to watching this, but also hoping they bring light to the incredible barriers to diagnosis that females face, how significantly under-diagnosed ADHD is in the female population and how differently ADHD can present in females.


Geldards SEN always have great advice around SEND and EHCPs 👍⚖️👩‍⚖️🎙️

🎙️ SEN Talks season two starts today!

In episode 10, Adam and Salise discuss what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence as a local authority SEN lawyer.

Salise talks about her experience and explains the appeal and tribunal processes from the LA point of view.

🎧 Listen on Amazon, Apple, Google and Spotify - just search ‘SEN Talks’.


A really useful graphic for better understanding different presentations of dyslexia. 🧠👍🕵️‍♀️

Nurture all strengths. Support all areas of need.



CBBC's 'A Kind of Spark' reminds young people that they have the power to make amazing change, just the way they are! Episodes are on BBC iPlayer. ✨

Timeline photos 08/04/2023

Amazing freebies from Nessy! 💚

Learn letter sounds like a pro with the Hairy Phonics Apps - now free until 11th April


⚖️👨‍⚖️ Huge congratulations Adam Geldards SEN! 🎉🎉🎉 So highly deserved! 👏👏👏

Congratulations to our Partner, Adam Friel, on being named ND Legal Professional of the Year at the Neurodiverse Lawyer Project NDLP Awards!

Timeline photos 28/02/2023

A shining light in the world of SpLDs, always advocating for early assessment and early intervention and a fierce campaigner for better support in schools. Rest in peace Sir Jim Rose. ♥️

We were very sad to hear of the recent death of Sir Jim Rose. Read our tribute to him here:

Cambridge University's Jason Arday becomes youngest black professor 24/02/2023

Amazing! What an inspiration! 👏 'Diagnosed with autism and global development delay in his early years, Jason Arday was unable to speak until he was 11 years old and could not read or write until he was 18. Now aged 37, he is about to become the youngest black person ever appointed to a professorship at the University of Cambridge.' 🏆🌟

Cambridge University's Jason Arday becomes youngest black professor Sociologist Prof Jason Arday trained as a PE teacher before turning to academia.



Anyone else not like the term “reluctant”? The definition of reluctant is “unwilling”, but how many people do you know that were labeled “reluctant reader”, who are actually unwilling to read. Perhaps they’re struggling to read perhaps they haven’t been given the right tools to read, but how many are truly unwilling to read? 
A simple change in wording can make the difference.
Screen readers
Image has a chalkboard with the wording “I hate the term reluctant readers” next to the chalkboard is a school desk and on the other side an oversized pink pencil.


One of my faves from Connor DeWolfe 😆👌


More brilliant insights from my colleagues at The Rooms of Knutsford 🧠


The comments on this thread are absolute gold. 🌟😆 You win the internet for today Joe James The Autistic Photographer 🏆 Happy Friday folks! 😁


So proud to work with this fantastic team at The Rooms of Knutsford. Being a team member who isn't from a background working in mental health, I'm constantly inspired by their expertise in this area, especially the work that they do with children and young people.


Such important work being explored here by The Rooms of Knutsford and Enigma Wellness. After a career in the education system, I have seen first hand the drastic decline in mental health of both staff and pupils, in particular neurodivergent pupils. Education staff are desperate to support young people with their mental health and support their colleagues. It's fantastic that schools have this opportunity to access support from experts in this field. 👏



📣New poster alert! Craig has produced a fantastic new technology checklist for your dyslexia-friendly classroom. Really useful reminders of what can make a big difference. 👇


What if I asked you?
You, The Adult.

To hold down a job where you are expected to take regular testing to ensure you're up for the job. Where your anxiety and fear breeds from the very thought of going there, so much so, you're vomiting, screaming and begging. Where you actually dont know whats expected of you or how to do that job but you must still go.

What if I asked you to go, even though you spent most of your days there alone, afraid, confused, distressed, panicked. You just know its not the job for you. But everyone is intent on making you the job for it.

What if I asked you to move past your panic attack and go there every single day even when you tell me your mental health is slipping away from you.

If I asked you to just try harder to mix with your colleagues, even though they've been freezing you out for 4 years and the cold just wont thaw.

Can I ask you, that when you cry, to explain to me why you are crying. Can I ask you to repeat that because it makes no sense to me.

And can I ask you, when it still makes no sense to me, and you're getting angry because I dont get it, that you go to a room alone. And think about how you've got angry.

What if I asked you, The Adult, that despite the way your boss talks to you with a patronising, dismissive attitude, you must still respect them, listen to them and be guided by them.

What if every attempt you had made to fit into that job, didnt work out because the colleagues, the boss, the work and the hours had exhausted every corner of your spirit. And what if I told you, you didnt try enough. And then I asked you to sit in front of a psychiatrist to be diagnosed with a mental disorder because you just wont go to work.

What if your next attempt to try at that job caused you so much distress, that you became suidicial.

And Still

The psychiatrist
The boss
The others

All convinced you that its because you need to work through your resistance to go to work.

I think I'd never ask that of you, though.

Photos from NeuroWild 's post 09/01/2023

More brilliant resources from NeuroWild 👌

Photos from Made By Dyslexia's post 09/01/2023



Really proud to have been awarded the 'gold standard' certification in SpLD diagnostic work today, along with membership to the Dyslexia Guild with Dyslexia Action Training. 🎉

Any enquiries for SpLD assessment, Autism/ADHD assessment or SEND/EHCP consultancy should be directed to The Rooms of Knutsford. 👍📞📧

Photos from The Neurodivergent Teacher's post 30/12/2022

Love this from The Neurodivergent Teacher 👌



Via Thejustgirlproject


Yes Moonbeams Play with Jacqui Shankly ! 🙌🙌🙌

Yes we do xx
As adults in the relationship it is always our responsibility to model to children how to regulate emotions, behaviour and feelings.

It is our responsibility to understand that ruptures are an inevitable part of healthy relationships, spot if there has been a rupture and to work out how to repair it, including apologising.

Children are watching and learning from us all the time. Be the bigger person - literally and figuratively xx

Photos from NeuroWild 's post 30/12/2022

Excellent work from NeuroWild 👌👌👌

Photos from Made By Dyslexia's post 18/04/2022

Made By Dyslexia 👌🎉👌🎉



Timeline photos 17/04/2022

From the


Very bright people can struggle to show their talents and gifts if learning differences are overlooked. We wonder how many kids get labeled with terms such as "anxiety " when they never received adequate help for executive function struggles, sensory processing, slow processing , post-concussion needs, dyslexia or any other related needs. We also believe in proper supports for all mental health needs, regulation and resiliency skills.

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