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The storm in the tea cup is never what is seems…scratching the surface to discover what’s underneath.

Operating as usual



Anyone still drinking from the tap?



Here’s something they won’t tell you on the news & maybe prefer you didn’t hear about….

…Dr Azad breaks it down very quickly & simply…make note of dates & feel free to research dates for yourselves.

Let the truth be known & who the enemy is…



Here’s something you won’t hear on the MSM….

…I am sharing this on behalf of those that wish to dig deeper into the current narrative that’s being spilled all over every channel we view….

What do you think? All the information here can be searched & validated using accuarate sources….



Draw your own conclusions & please feel free to give opinions without heavy conviction….



Anyone else looked up the true history of how the Zionist movement developed & his behind the curtain tails of Judaism?

How such history connects with Israel & even Ukraine quite significantly….

…here’s a brief, but highly relevant snippet source from another platform we shall not name due to attempts on silencing the exposure of truth…

I do not own the content shown, nor have I made any contribution to it…but I do wish to open thoughts for people who may wish to know more of the source to the cause of such things occurring in the current moment….its not just about Palestine…

Epstein Victim Who Testified Against Ghislaine Maxwell Has Died—and Her Family Wants Answers 18/10/2023


On the other side of the news, one of the key witnesses that help get Ghislaine Maxwell charged in the Epstein case died earlier this year due to a drug overdose….

.an interesting article that raises some questions to her unfortunate death. RIP Carolyn Andriano 🙏🏼

Epstein Victim Who Testified Against Ghislaine Maxwell Has Died—and Her Family Wants Answers Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty/Courtesy of Dorothy GroenertCarolyn Andriano, a victim of s*x-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein whose testimony was crucial to putting away his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, has died.There was no obituary or funeral service after she died earlier t...



Let’s not consider facts for the moment….
…but here’s some questions to consider!

The truth is in plain sight….



The 2 scientists responsible for the research on the mRNA have received the highest award for the ‘ground-breaking’ work….so it seems…

…so, in the UK there is a ‘Yellow Card’ system, a site for reporting any adverse affects from receiving the vaccine….I have took the duty to calculate some relevant info for all to see (with link provided below) ;

This is the total reactions data report to date since roll-out :

Pfizer/BioNTech monovalent ;
Serious : 125350
Deaths : 893

Pfizer/BioNTech bivalent ;
Serious : 3897
Death : 44

AstraZeneca ;
Serious : 199550
Deaths : 1413

Moderna monovalent ;
Serious : 31124
Deaths : 91

Moderna bivalent ;
Serious : 3989
Deaths : 48

Unspecified brand ;
Serious : 1887
Deaths : 86

Novavax ;
Serious : 58
Deaths : 0

The total numbers for all of these vaccines amounted to 366055 SERIOUS reactions & 2575 DEATHS….

This doesn’t include any reactions not reported, or any progressing reactions from these initial reports (barring deceased, RIP).

Just wanted to share this information for all to see both sides of the valiant report by sky News & I will probably face implications for my honesty on this platform so please share with all that matters & make your own calculated decisions with engaging in any further medical requirements endorse by your beloved country leaders & media…..

…seek the truth always…🙏🏼



This one might land me another shadow ban, but here goes….some of us can’t seem to understand what a controlled opposition really means, so I’ve put this clip together from Fall Cabal, narrated by Janet Ossebaard…this is the documentary that put me down the rabbit hole….

Here are a couple examples of people that take action against some of the elites agenda WITHOUT permission…please try watch the whole of the short clip with open mind & remember, these are not claimed as fact, but questionable outcomes to apparent theories delivered to us by the mainstream narrative….
…RIP to the true heroes fighting for our children & future….& Sound of Freedom really isn’t what you think it is…



Check this alternative method of tax evasion by the big boys at Silicon Valley…not groundbreaking, but quite interesting clip for anyone looking to reduce their corporate tax…



One more time…with Tony Sayers dropping some truth bombs of reference…do not entertain the distractions..



Watch this clip & take heed of what is real, relevant & important to what we are currently facing on a global scale…
.Russell Brand is an appointed controlled opposition & merely under instruction after his necessary ‘guidance’ to those that seek truth….yet, what else has he provided? No solutions, no outcomes to escape from certain tyrannic topics….

Keep your eyes on the prize, things are looming under the surface…do not feed into the MSM manipulation…

Stay focused..🌏🙏🏼🧿



Take what you see on this clip gently as I do not wish to scaremonger anyone with the content I share….but this one will sound alarming….BUT!! Be aware there are solutions within our own hands to counteract these issues….being a former specialist of telecommunications & how the frequencies travel at what bandwidth etc, I have extensive information on not only the masts that are being used, but to what frequencies are being pushed into our air & the foods necessary to protect & detox our bodies form radiation.

Please do not listen to any content screaming about non-ionising radiation, everyone is reading off text books without any prior test or experiments on humans…as they have never been carried out…

The mobile industry is equally detrimental to humans as the cancer industry, we all know these are 2 of the biggest businesses on this planet….but we can all do things to help ourselves & our children….start eating more clean vegetables, stop using phones in your ears & especially, lower the use of any Bluetooth ear pods (MOST FOR CHILDREN)….

…if that’s not sufficient, invest in a EMF reader, test the radiation coming off your mobile, home internet router & your Bluetooth devices….

I can’t stress enough the importance of the advice I’ve written here, I have an oath to my fellow humans in this time where we are about to hit stage 2 of this world domination of the human race….

Let’s see all will stand up for what’s truly right!



On this day we remember the innocent lives taken & many more shattered by the incidents which occurred at the World Trade Centre in 2001..

.a witness account that may have not been seen by some…

We share for truth, not for dispute…RIP to all the fallen victims 🙏🏼




Whilst everyone gets distracted by the narrative of Covid again on mainstream, do not look away from other pressing concerns of carbon taxing coming in under the disguise of ULEZ & 15 minute cities….read up the goals of agenda 2030, which is in full operation as we speak….the financial crash will also be part of it, but this video needs to be listened to & noted for future developments….by 2030, each individual will be only granted one air fair every 2 years to a certain distance….

…all in the name of climate change, which is being controlled since the late 1940s, & if you don’t want to believe that, then feel free to search up the patents for weather control, which is borderline weaponised population control if Turkey & Morocco isn’t something to go by, along with tsunamis & tornadoes…..

…do your own research, don’t question the truth, question the narrative…the exposure is necessary to build awareness & bring strength to the innocent of the population…..not the world leaders…



Kary Mullis, inventor of the test kit that had more use case than the pregnancy test, since 2020, subsequently (or conveniently) died August 2019, of pneumonia…God rest his soul.
But power of internet allows us to recap some of his own words regarding his invention…& quality of video cannot be AI-generated for false information….
…just be mindful before considering the positive use of the PCR test….i personally have not taken a single test since the masquerade was put in place…

Comments & views are welcome for open discussion, as Christmas 2023 is looking like another disruption with lockdown…

Trust your instincts, know your own body & do not throw faith in any mainstream fabrication of the dots ain’t lining up & the math isn’t mathing….

It’s going to be a long flu season by the peak of things so far…


Apologies for any inconvenience, but whilst this new strain is doing rounds with the narrative, I’ll be hanging around to drop some truth bombs…stay vigilant people & f*** the MSM!


ANOTHER ONE : Europe Under Crisis

Another delicately placed opposition who is revealing some more truth of undiscussed proportions….

…& while I have your attention, I am looking for any awake truth seekers who wish to inherit this page as I am being run too ragged with several social accounts as well as business commitments to continue this page….anyone wishing to be handed the baton is welcome to DM me for their brief aptitude test in order to complete the adoption….

…keep your eyes peeled, as are coming to the closing section of 2023, there’s a lot to be aware of & prepared for….stay safe & blessed! 💪🏼✨🧿



So as variants are re-doing the rounds through Canada it looks like grooming is starting again….& who better than our much loved controlled opp. Alex Jones….he clearly knows the crack as he’s in the pay role, the people’s choice, the trusted one…

…maybe take a little Google search on the Boston Uni that took the Omicron strain & mixed it with the original variant of Covid & made one with 80% mortality rate back in October 2022….

Stay alert people…the media is going to play a good number on us this time if this falls true by Jones…



It seems just so convenient that this topic is another narrative that floods every media crack & hole for all to see all much as possible, to trigger conversation & more attention….distraction much…or is it to have the elites expose what’s been going on for years & to show us all, knowing we will do nothing about it.

Along with so much controversy & ‘conspiracy’ in the last few years…it seems the new normal is to tell us blatantly “oh hey, we are just here, ruining your lives, compromising your health, stealing your hard earned money from your measly pay checks…you WILL do nothing about it”

This kind of video makes me think about Nikoo Tesla’s files that were taking by CIA & lead my Trumps uncle at the time of his passing….

These ‘distractions/exposures’ could be just their way of preventing more karmic retribution or merely testing us to see what will do….

Trust nothing & question everything…



For those seeking solutions to some problems….avoid without conviction to the below considerations & you’re golden….

Credit to Jon Em




Worried about the meat shortage or lab-engineered-products…?

Threat not….

…but be warned!!

This is not a conspiracy & is available now…& no!

I do not know what recipes there are for entertaining a party of 6..💀



I’m just going to put this one here & see how it resonates with the audience….

…stay vigilant blessed peoples!


This may sound like a contradiction, but soon as a topic goes viral AKA “Sound of Freedom” we know the elite is involved…exposing the truth yet no one is doing anything about it! 🤐



The beautiful design of such a Holy place….

…surely all is just a coincidence….

Anyone have any suggestions?



Discover the truth about sun protection! ☀️🔍

Learn expert tips, SPF myths debunked, and best practices for keeping your skin safe and glowing.

Don't miss this essential guide!

If in doubt, please always read what is says on the tin…do your research & protect your health….

Happy Summer Holidays to all 🌞🌊



Now I’m not saying the earth is flat, but, this video exposes a lot of “evidence”, not theory, on how it is….& I agree with it….

Anyone to feel triggered is welcome to deliver their own diagnosis…

…a very watch-worthy clip…


As good as it is for the minute, let’s not forget the biggest violation of human kind that was put upon us….
…repercussions occurring daily without no mention on mainstream media….

Stay focused & stay safe!



The Federal Reserve launches FedNow today…on Independence Day (of all days) with a very convenient payment platform….which, in time, will actually compromise the users of their independence of spending their own money…..

…if you think this is another conspiracy then please look up CBDC, start holding your cash, rather than spending it & be prepared for an imminent banking crash in the coming few years….

We don’t sensationalise, we expose the truth….



Admiral Richard E Byrd, first man to fly over North Pole…
….anyone questioning the flat earth theory need not look here…

Interesting & authentic content….



Moving with the prime topic of the imploded Titanic sub, it must be remembered, when mainstream are all publishing the same topic effortless to the masses then there’s going to be a narrative involved for something else….

…can you guess what it is?

Some very interesting & undisclosed information that MSM don’t plan to expose to you….



Now I’m not saying anything deliberately convicting here, but if you wanted to find the most disliked individuals of the human race, this is the place to find them…..

…& if you thought Bill Gates was the worst on the planet….alone came Scwarb…

…factual viewing of the biggest threat to humans since the false advertising campaign of covid….




Another reminder of how the Fed Reserve managed to be legalised through the voyage of Titanic….with the back story, in brief, to coincide with it

…some would reject such story especially when Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio is involved…



This video here has to be the most comprehensive break down of how the narrative is operated & to why by who….

…if yourself or anyone you know is still questioning what’s the meaning to all that’s been happening since start of this decade, please observe this perfectly explained walk through….the clip is longer than my usual, but has to be viewed in one bite….

…please share this with those that are still yet to be ‘awakened’ (not woke, there’s a big difference) & spread the awareness….

…I have been given a 90 day shadow ban for a couple of my posts so I may not be reaching the audience worthy of this content….

…stay safe & stay true to yourselves! 🙏🏼🧿



You think that 15 minute cities were going to be a problem….now UK is trialing the Universal Basic Income, which will be the accompanying the Central Bank Digital Currency implementation….

….but of course, some will say this is crazy, but if you’re not still paying attention, in March, SWIFT has begun its global adoption of the ISO20022 cross border payment system, which will be working through blockchain (crypto), next month the Federal Reserve will introduce its FedNow, digital payment service…..

…so CBDC is happening, plus there’s an ‘assumed’ pandemic in the pipeline for 2025, which is the same year the ISO20022 global adoption is finalised & the worlds banking system is expected to crash to allow the monetary system to rid of fist money & replace with digital currency….

…agenda or conspiracy?

I’ll leave that for all you to decide…I just want the truth, not made up facts…



Child s*x trafficking has to be the single worst crime in this world….without any doubt…..

….if you need a wake up coffee to how deep in goes & the money/power behind it, here it is, in a nutshell….

….all those hints & signs of celebrities, politicians & people in positions of power who have been connected to certain acts, there’s no coincidence, no one was wrong coz no one has come out & spoke about it… many people spoke about Epstein & we have clear legal & public flight logs available..

….but ones like Epstein, Saville, Weinstein, MJ & Schofield….they’re just smoke screen distractions from the real powerful monsters….

…look up Hillary Clinton, ask about why Kevin Spacey was banned from Epstein’s island…..

…BUT again, the real reason to this continuing is due to the purpose of the higher order of sacrifice & ensuring power for the evil upon this earth….

…boycott those with any connection, do not discuss them online, don’t give them traction even by negative comments, for any attention is still attention…..companies like Disney who’ve had multiple stories linked to the owner & the compound integrity, music artists & film stars….we all know the names by now, don’t watch their films or play their music, it funds the narrative….


Hail King Mel for this forthcoming documentary & just look out for any headlines we may see on him…

…pray for this man & all the children around the world 🙏🏼✨💖🧿


Be on the alert for possible media hate campaign against Mel Gibson…
.if unaware, let me know & I can show you why..



Here’s something you don’t hear on the mainstream……

….full credit to Dr Umar Johnson for digging out such information I wasn’t even aware of…..

…& remember folks, if you join illuminati, then you can only leave when they tell you to leave…..& they chose your exit strategy….



Anyone that’s followed this page from early on will be aware that this topic is the origins of the term “conspiracy theory”, if not aware, please look it up & as to why it was generated into common use….

….the video may be disturbing to some, but truth usually can be harmful, but living lies are far worse…

I know it’s old news, but actions (if true) in this video, along with other incidents such as 911, covid & false causes to create war, continue to be orchestrated on lies against other country leaders & high profile individuals, then what would that mean for us regular folk…?

This post will most likely get flagged & possibly removed….I may even get struck off the site….but my purpose is to make everyone & anyone aware of such heinous acts against humanity….I’ve never click-bated anyone or begged for likes & follows….

…just stand up for yourselves, against what’s wrong, protect your children & live a path of truth….



A fitting topic to par with ‘Pride Month’ (respectfully)…..could the lack of testosterone & higher levels of oestrogen have some probably cause to the increase of less masculinity in men?

Of course not, aside from the foods, water & media re-configuration of TV content, promoting endless topics on LGBTQ & women’s right (which seem to be dominate by trans!?) along with key actors such as Andrew Tate, who ‘illuminates’ the topic of masculinity, which in turn, delivers the key phrases of ‘toxic masculinity’ & ‘misogyny’…..

…a closer look, outside of direct influence makes more sense to those compelled to analyse such liberal agenda tactics….

….but who am I to question such things, aside from growing up in the era of such movie figures of Arnie, Stallone, Willis & Van Damme….

…we was raised to idolise such strong heroes, not for violence, but to defend ourselves against injustice & the bad guys….

…who are the real men of the modern society now, without conviction?



One of the current topics of distractions aside from Philip Schofield is this chap Mizzy…

…without agreeing on the behaviour he chooses to gain traction on his Tik Tok profile, what he states on this talk is exactly what has become of social media & the currency consensus for youngsters to claim fame & attention on social media..

…it is worth a listen…

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