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Happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you!

I’m offering some 1:1 sessions over the Half term break. These will be £25 each and will be REMOTE ONLY. I can cover anything you and your child likes during these sessions so if it’s Kent Test material or general maths or english- just let me know ☺️.

Sessions are:

Monday 30th May

Tuesday 31st May

Wednesday 1st June

Just drop me a message to book some sessions and to discuss what you would like me to cover.

Thank you!
I’m now taking bookings for my hugely popular Summer School!
If your child is in Year 5 and will be sitting the Kent Test this September, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or to book your child some sessions.
NB: all sessions are remote via Zoom.
🐣 ‘Hoppy’ Easter! 🐣

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and your baskets are overflowing with chocolatey treats!
So, quiet Saturday night in and what do you do? Watch a quiz! 🙌🏻The hubbie and I watched the first episode of The 1% Club and it was FAB! FULL of questions and logic problems very similar to those found in the Verbal Reasoning element of the Kent Test.

NB I beat the hubbie and got down to the 10% question- not that we’re competitive! 🤓😂

Here’s a nosey little owl to brighten your day!
Day 28 of 31 ✅
Week 4 ✅

This week, I’ve walked a total of 74,835 steps, which is 56.12km. Not quite as far- I’ve not been on as many long walks but I’ve been mindful of staying really active all week to get my 10,000 steps in each day.

In total, I’ve walked 345,466 steps, which is equivalent to about 255 KM!

With 3 days to go of my challenge, there’s still time to donate!

Just follow the link below ⬇️ and click on ‘donate’.

Thank you so much! 💚
Good morning everyone!

I’m offering some 1:1 sessions over the Easter holidays. These will be £25 each and will be REMOTE ONLY. I can cover anything you and your child likes during these sessions so if it’s Kent Test material or general maths or english- just let me know ☺️.

Sessions are:
Mon 4th April:

Tue 5th April:

Wed 6th April:

Thur 7th April:

Fri 8th April:

Mon 11th April:

Tue 12th April:

Thur 14th April:

Please message me to reserve any sessions that you would like.

Thank you!
Well this made my day! A surprise visit from one of my students Joshua, who wanted to say thank you. 🥰💕
Day 14 of 31 ✅
Two weeks in and still going strong! Today, I spent the day with my big sister, who rowed beside me while I walked.

This week, I’ve walked a total of 93,124 steps- that’s about 69.46KM.

In total, I’ve clocked up 188,123 steps, which is 138.26KM. From Herne Bay, that takes me to Norwich if I were to walk North; Reading if I were to head West; Abbeville in France 🇫🇷 if I were to take a swim South or Oostende in Belgium 🇧🇪 if I travelled East.

I’ve still got a LONG way to go and there’s still LOADS of time to donate. I’ve SMASHED my original target of £500 by raising £1075. I’d now LOVE to get to £1500.

So please, take 3 minutes, (it’s that simple and quick) dig deep and donate by clicking on the link below ⬇️. £1, £10 or £100 it ALL makes a HUGE difference.

Thank you! 💚
This might be a good one to take young pharoahs to! 🇪🇬🐍
This is Brian the Bear. Today, Brian is heading off on a BIG adventure; he is going to hopefully make a young Ukrainian boy or girl smile and perhaps give them a little comfort amongst the turmoil, chaos and uncertainty in their lives at the moment.

LOTS of Kent schools- both primary and secondary- have now joined the Kent Association of Headteachers (KAH) Ukrainian appeal and have set up collection points for items desperately needed to help the Ukrainian refugees.

Here is the link to Herne Bay High’s website giving you information of items needed but the information is the same for every school taking part in the appeal.


If your child would benefit from some extra support, then get in touch! 🦉 Hello! I was also a Leading Literacy teacher for the county. Michelle

My name's Michelle and I'm an outstanding primary school teacher with over 20 years experience teaching KS1 and KS2 children. I graduated in 2002 with BA(hons)QTS and since then, I've taught in a variety of schools across Kent- latterly in years 5 and 6. A little more about me: I'm a mum to my teenage son, Charlie, and we live with my husband, two cats and our sausage dog by the sea in Herne Bay.

Operating as usual

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 04/10/2023

Eric the cat was watching Jack intently, while he solved addition and subtraction reasoning problems. ☺️


Isaac worked SO hard to perfect the bus stop method of division today! Well done Isaac! 🌟


I have some 1:1 availability on Friday 13th October.

If you would like to book a session, get in touch! ☺️

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 02/10/2023

Emily wanted to practise long division today so what better way than through Snakes and Ladders?! 🐍🪜🎲

We also looked at turning remainders into fractions and decimals.

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 02/10/2023

More tables practice this afternoon with Gabe- this time playing Top Trumps! 😁


Monty came for his lesson really fired up and excited yesterday and asked if we could write a story for the BBC’s 500 word competition.

OF COURSE!! Was my reply!

We spent some time looking at the website, reading some examples of past winner’s stories and listening to some helpful storywriting tips from well know authors such as Malorie Blackman.

We discussed a few ideas and drafted a plan. I can’t wait to get started on our first draft next week!

If your child would like to enter, here are all the details:

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 28/09/2023

Evie and I had a great time this afternoon playing Hit The Button to practise her times tables and related division facts. 😁

Hit the Button is a fantastic interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. The activities have various levels so can be matched to appropriate mathematical ability.

It can be found here:

OR it’s also available as an app for ios or android.

This is an ESPECIALLY useful app for any children in Year 4, who will sit an on-screen check, consisting of 25 random times table questions in June.

More information on the multiplication check can be found here:


Is your child in Year 5?
Are you considering the Kent Test in 2024?

The beginning of Year 5 is the PERFECT time to start preparing for the Kent Test allowing you and your child a year to become familiar with the process, the questions themselves and exam techniques and strategies.

They are more than welcome to join my Kent Test Club, which currently runs on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6-7pm and Saturday mornings 9.30-10.30am.

Weekly, remote hour long online sessions via Zoom where your child will:

🌟Become familiar and confident with each of the elements included in the test,
🌟Share hints, tips and strategies to tackle even the trickiest of problems,
🌟Become used to working under pressure in a fun, interactive way,
🌟Develop their reasoning skills,

By the time the day of the test rolls round, you and your child will be fully prepared and feeling confident ☺️.

Just £20 per session.

Herne Bay

Contact me to register your interest and book your child a place.

☎️ 07919 532 949

Take a look at my page for more details and to read my 5🌟 reviews!



Due to popular demand, I’ve opened up some more 1:1 sessions over the October half term ☺️.
These sessions can be online or face to face and can cover anything your child needs.
If your child has struggled with something this term, if you’d like me to pre-teach a topic ready for next term or if it’s extra Kent Test preparation just get in touch ☺️.

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 27/09/2023

Ben (year 5) had an AMAZING session today and totally mastered rounding numbers up to 1,000,000 to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000!

We started with a quick times table game using a bubble pop fidget toy (The texture and sound is SO satisfying!) Then we had a quiz and finally put everything we had learnt into practice by playing the Rounding Rabbits Race . 🐰🎲


What a lovely email to receive from one of my Kent Test Club parents this evening ☺️. I endeavour to make each session as fun and relaxed as possible while at the same time teaching key exam techniques and Kent Test knowledge.

Thank you so much Aysha! ☺️


Just look at the concentration on Amelia’s face! Today, we were focussing on the split digraphs o-e and e-e. Her task at home is to learn the words that she’s been given as well as investigate any other words with the same spelling patterns. 🕵🏻🔍

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 26/09/2023

What should have been a quick game to begin our lesson lasted for an hour! This game of Connect Four was a great way to refresh Isaac’s memory on the column method for multiplication and the bus stop method for division. 🟡🟡🟡🟡

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 26/09/2023

Let’s hear it for Hatty and Zayn, two more Wise Owls of the Week, who both showed HUGE resilience last week with some TOUGH Non Verbal Reasoning tasks 👊🏻. Well done you two! 🌟


I know that school visits are now in full swing so here are a few things you might want to consider when looking round. ☺️

Choosing the right secondary school for your child can be an overwhelming experience. Not only is there A LOT of information to digest in a relatively short space of time but it’s a HUGE responsibility!

So to try and help you to see the wood for the trees, here are my top tips when looking at schools:

1. Be prepared. Consider what your child is interested in. Make a list of what is important to you and your child, whether that’s sports, drama, technology or traditional academic subjects. What ticks your boxes?

2. Take the most important person with you. After all, your child will spend a lot of time there over the next 5 years (or even more). Discuss the visit with them. How did they feel about the school, what did they like or not like and why? Consider making a list of ‘my favourite things were…’ and ‘I wasn’t sure about…’ as this might help you understand their anxieties and to find out more about some aspects of the school that you as the parent or carer hadn’t even considered to be an issue.

3. Try to avoid small distractions. Lovely as they are, if possible, leave much younger siblings with a friend, relative or sitter so you can concentrate fully on the school visit!

4. Go armed with questions- write them
down if you need to and make them hard! Teaching staff will be all too happy to answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to grill the staff, it’s important to ask those tricky questions and the answers might surprise you! If something is important to you and your child, ask it - and if you forget to ask, email it!

5. Beware the hype! Most schools will produce a lovely glossy brochure and the headteacher will talk to parents and carers about why their school is simply THE best choice. When you get out into the corridors, speak to the student guides about their school. They tend to be incredibly honest! And, if you are feeling super sneaky, try to look in some of the classrooms that aren’t part of the tour. Are they the same standard as the other areas, or is there a reason why they have not been included? Ask why certain departments are not on the tour route.

6. How did you feel about the teachers? Are they friendly, approachable and engaging? Are they knowledgeable? Do they seem proud of the school and engaged in the open day? How do they engage with the students? Did they talk to you, your child or both?

7. What’s the food like? The school canteen/eating areas are the social hubs of the school so are super important for students, but are often overlooked on open days. Take time out to check out these facilities and you might even get to try some of the food on offer - often better than you might remember!

8. What are the toilets like? I know this sounds odd but it can be ‘enlightening’! Some schools are very reticent about letting you see the state of them and others are happy to let you and this tells you a lot about 'behind the scenes' at a school, behind the glossy prospectus.

9. Do a double take! School open days/evenings will give a flavour of the environment, but do bear in mind that you are not seeing it in its ‘normal’ state, going about it’s day-to-day business. Many schools - though not all - will welcome visits during the day so it is worth arranging to go for another look. When you go back, try to speak to some students or teaching staff who were not at the open day and see what their opinions of the school are!

10. Logistics. Just how easy is it to get to and from the school? Is it walkable, is there a safe cycle route, is there public transport or would you drive them there? Bearing in mind that they may not want you to take them to school quite quickly! Is the school close to home to encourage friendships, independent travel with friends and out of school activities? If it's a concern for you it could be useful to check out the outside of the school when students arrive and leave. What is behaviour like? Is the transport well organised?

11. Word of mouth. Ask other parents what they thought of the school, maybe they have got older siblings in secondary school, what do they think? Are they happy with the school? This can be a useful indicator, but be mindful that all children are different and will experience and react to school differently.

12. Value-added. Consider what before-school, lunchtime and after-school clubs are available. Is there something that interests your child as an extracurricular activity?

13. Ask your child's primary teacher. What do the primary staff think of certain secondary schools? They may have some advice, especially if your child has special considerations, whether that be SEN-related, as a high achiever, or as a looked-after child.

14. Detective work. If you get the opportunity, perhaps before a second visit, sit in the reception area on a normal school day for 15 minutes. You’ll get a really good insight into the culture and ethos of the school. Is it clean and welcoming? Are people friendly? Does it feel comfortable?

15. Got younger siblings? Be prepared to do it all again! Siblings will have different needs from a school and it may well be that what's right for one may not be right for the other(s). It’s worth re-visiting schools again through the fresh eyes with each child.

So, what next?
The most important consideration of all is of course your child, and you are best placed to know what works for them. Ask yourself, are you confident your child will be treated and inspired appropriately according to their strengths? Match the school’s strengths to your child’s strengths. Who is going to make the final decision?
Your child may be initially swayed by schools where their friends are hoping to go. You can reassure them that they will make new friends in whichever school they go to, everyone starting Year 7 will be in the same boat.

I really hope this helps!

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 21/09/2023

It was all about the negative numbers for Sophia (year 7) and I today. To consolidate her knowledge of adding and subtracting negative numbers, we played Blockbusters!! Yes, we played the theme tune; yes, we had buzzers and yes, we asked, “Can I have a P please Bob?!” 😂

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 21/09/2023

Monty was a STAR 🌟 today!! From being a VERY(!) reluctant reader, largely due to his dyslexia, Monty and I completed The Twits today! 🥳

Monty is OBSESSED with anything to do with World War I and II - I’ve learnt so much from him- so we chose Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Friend or Foe’ to read next. It’ll be more of a challenge but I know he can do it! ☺️

I’m so proud of you Monty! 🌟

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 20/09/2023

Rounding is a really tricky skill! Here are Jack and Ben smashing it!

We started the sessions by writing, reading and comparing numbers up to 10 million. Then we played various rounding games, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

Well done boys! 💥👊🏻

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 19/09/2023


Times table jenga is an oldie but a goodie and my students LOVE it! Forget the fact that it’s a FANTASTIC way to learn the tables, it’s worth playing just for the facial expressions! 😂.

Fudge and Eric decided to join in just for added jeopardy! 😂

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 18/09/2023

Elsie and Anthony were also some of my Wise Owls of the Week last week! Elsie absolutely NAILED the first session on non verbal reasoning while Anthony is making a HUGE effort to read EVERY night to prepare for the Kent Test!💥

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 18/09/2023

The fabulous 4s! 🎲
Gabe is working REALLY hard to learn his tables. Games work wonders when learning the times tables and they are so much more fun! Here he is playing Four-in-a-row ☺️.

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 16/09/2023

Well that’s my first week of Kent Test Club sessions completed and what a resounding success!

Please don’t be put off by the fact that they are online. Just look at the feedback below!

If your child is in Year 5 and you considering the Kent Test in 2024, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

They are more than welcome to join one of my groups, which currently run on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6-7pm and Saturday mornings 9.30-10.30am.

Weekly, remote hour long online sessions via Zoom where your child will:

🌟Become familiar and confident with each of the elements included in the test,
🌟Share hints, tips and strategies to tackle even the trickiest of problems,
🌟Become used to working under pressure in a fun, interactive way,
🌟Develop their reasoning skills,

Just £20 per session.

Herne Bay

Contact me to book your child a place ☺️.

☎️ 07919 532 949

Take a look at my page for more details and to read my 5🌟 reviews!


Photos from The Wise Owl's post 16/09/2023

Annie had her first lesson with me this morning and what a great lesson it was! We took a virtual autumnal walk to enable us to write an autumnal description. 🍁🍂

My favourite sentence was, ‘ Crimson and orange leaves like silent fireworks exploding in the air.’ 🌟

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 16/09/2023

James thoroughly enjoyed playing Lucky Dip with my place value counters… can you tell who won?! 🤣


Here’s to my very first Wise Owl of the Week of the year! Amelia impressed me so much with her BRILLIANT reading and AMAZING writing! Well done Amelia, keep up the good work and hopefully there will be LOTS more Wise Owls to come! 🌟


What does the Wise Owl do on a Friday evening….?
A GCSE maths paper of course!! 😵‍💫😂
It’s a good job I love you and Jack Emma Bond! ❤️


Evie and I had fun playing this simple place value dice game.

Roll the dice, place the number on your place value grid wherever you like (taking care not to let the other person see!) and the person with the highest number wins!

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 14/09/2023

Monty and I have been working REALLY hard on his reading and spelling, which he finds tough due to his dyslexia.
This is a GREAT card game for phonics: AGO Phonics is a bit like Uno. You have to read the words and identify the phonemes (sounds). Monty won, hence the competitive gleam in his eye! 😂

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 14/09/2023


September and October is a HUGELY busy time for parents of children currently in Year 6. Choosing the right school for your child can be INCREDIBLY stressful, not to mention exhausting; I’m going to try and take some of that stress away.

Below is a list of schools local to Herne Bay and Canterbury and their open events. Do please check their websites because some schools require you to complete a booking form in advance.

So diaries and calendars at the ready! 🗓️✏️

📌Barton Court Grammar:
Thursday 5th Oct, Tuesday 17th Oct 5.00pm- 8.00pm.

📌Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys:
Mon 16th Oct- Thur 19th Oct.

📌Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls:
Thursday 12th Oct 5.30pm-8pm.
Wednesday 11th Oct- Friday 13th Oct and Monday 16th Oct 9.30am.

📌Chatham & Clarendon House Grammar:
Tuesday 17th Oct, Thursday 19th Oct 5.30pm-7.30pm.

📌Dane Court Grammar School:
Wednesday 18th Oct details TBC

📌Kent College:
Saturday 30th Oct 8.30am-12.30pm.

📌The Whitstable School:
See photo.

📌St Anselm’s Catholic School:
Thursday 21st Sept 6.00pm-8.30pm.

📌The Canterbury Academy:
See photo.

📌The Archbishop’s School:
See photo.

📌Barton Manor School:
Thursday 10th Oct 5.00pm-8.00pm.

📌Spires Academy:
Thursday 28th Sept 5.15pm- 8.00pm.

📌 Herne Bay High School:
Wednesday 4th Oct 6.00pm-9.00pm
Tuesday 10th Oct 9.00am- 10.15am
Thursday 12th Oct 9.00am- 10.15am
Friday 20th Oct 9.00am1- 10.15am.

📌King Ethelbert School:
See photo.

📌Ursuline College:
Saturday 7th Oct 9.00am- 12.00pm

‼️Your applications MUST be complete by 31st October 2023.‼️

For more information about the application process, visit: -1


As parents, we all know if you can turn learning into a game, you’re onto a winner. And you can often further your child’s skills without them even knowing! Cheap, simple and no doubt tucked at the back of one of your drawers, you might be surprised just how much a pack of playing cards can help give your child’s maths a boost.

From strengthening maths skills to improving memory, here are some maths games to play with a simple deck of cards.

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 13/09/2023

Jack loves facts and reading so what better than to combine the two to practise reading numbers up to a million to find out what a million actually looks like? We read ‘A Million Dots’ by Andrew Clement to try to discover just that 🥰.

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 13/09/2023

Today, Ben and I played Lucky Dip with my place value counters to see who could get the largest number. We then practiced writing and saying the numbers aloud. Ben decided that he wanted to make the BIGGEST number that he could think of!


Happy Roald Dahl day!! Today, I shall be known as The Squibbling Boggis! What’s your name for the day?! 😁

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 12/09/2023

It was place value perfection for Isaac (year 5) this afternoon, who was using place value counters to make, read and write numbers up to 1 million!
We also started the session off with some times table practice using one of my favourite games, KABOOM! 💥

Photos from The Wise Owl's post 12/09/2023

Just look how proud Amelia (year 3) was of her piece of writing this afternoon! She uplevelled my original description of my puppy, Bean. ☺️


Job done ☺️👍🏻


Thank you so much for your lovely review! It was brilliant to hear that my students all felt confident and prepared going into yesterday’s test. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a job well done! 👍🏻☺️


Sending HUGE amounts of good luck wishes to all Year 6’s across Kent, who are sitting the Kent Test today but especially my AMAZING students! You’ve worked so hard for this day and I’m so super proud of each and every one of you! 🍀🌟🍀


Wishing everyone (but especially my wonderful students), who are taking their SATs tests this week all the luck in the world! Just do your very best. ☺️

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Herne Bay?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

The Wise Owl Story:


My name’s Michelle and I’m an outstanding primary school teacher with over 16 years experience. I graduated with BA(hons)QTS and since then, I’ve taught in a variety of Kent schools across both Key Stages but latterly, Years 5 and 6. I have also been a Lead Literacy Teacher.

A little more about me: I’m a mum of one to my son Charlie and we live with my husband, our five cats, two guinea pigs and goldfish by the sea in Herne Bay. I love the beach, warm sunny days and baking and I hate slugs and glitter so a glittery slug would be my worst nightmare!

I’m committed to ensuring that each and every child can reach their potential; that’s why I’ve started home tutoring. I recognise that some children find it difficult to thrive in a busy classroom environment. Many lack confidence and self- esteem while others may struggle to keep up with the pace and for those children, 1:1 tuition in a comfortable home environment could make all the difference.

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Now this has made my day today! ☺️Joshua and I have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine this term- taking time to ...
This week, I’ve chosen FOUR Wise Owls! I wonder who’ll be getting a special delivery…?✉️
Eva was a happy owl when she got home from school today! Thanks to her hard work, she was awarded 🌟Wise Owl of the Week!...
We’re only half way through the week and I’ve already seen some 🌟AMAZING🌟 work! It’s going to be so tough choosing my Wi...
Ready to be posted! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🦉
Do any of you have to share your work space?! 🙄😺😺😺🦉
Singing in threes!
Times tables are SO important but learning them can be tricky not to mention tedious.There are so many brilliant ways to...
For any of you wondering what goes on just before I begin a lesson...🙄🦉
Here’s another FANTASTIC vocabulary jar! I’m so glad that my students are having fun making these! 🦉
Teaching children is a piece of cake compared to trying to teach my cats how to use a cat flap! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂





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