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Photos from Sheryl's Dance Academy's post 18/08/2022

✨🖤✨Sheryl’s Dance Academy✨🖤✨
💫Classes starting from September💫
✨Ages 3 to adult✨

✨Classes held✨
Silverthorne Lane
Cradley Heath
West Midlands
B64 5AP

✨Please leave a comment or send a message to register now for our new term 💃
✨Information on class times & prices will then be sent.

You won’t regret joining an amazing group of friendly & supportive people, while learning to dance in a well disciplined but fun environment where you’ll find friendships that last a lifetime ❤️

💫Term dates💫
✨Module 1✨
✨Tuesday 6th September - Saturday 22nd October 2022✨

🖤A very well established dance academy that’s been running successfully for 18 years
🖤The principal Sheryl has 26 years of teaching experience in varying styles of dance and musical theatre
🖤Very dedicated and friendly teachers and staff
🖤Two spacious recently renovated studios
🖤Training and examinations available in both IDTA and BBO societies
🖤Two dance shows per year, along with presentation evenings and other social events
🖤Competition classes available with the chance to preform at Blackpool Winter Gardens and other venues across the country
🖤Countless trophies won 🏆
🖤Currently holds the titles for the IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the Year in;
✨18-25’s Freestyle Teams
✨26-25’s Freestyle Team
✨36+ Freestyle Team
✨19-25’s Street Solo
✨19-25’s Street Duo’s
✨18-25’s Street Quads
✨18-25’s Street Team

Pictured below are just some of our favourite moments from our 2021-2022 year 🤩🥰😍

Classes available in;
🌟Modern Jazz
🌟Freestyle Solo
🌟Freestyle Pairs
🌟Freestyle Team
🌟Freestyle Slowdance
🌟Street Solo/Duo
🌟Street Quads
🌟Street Team
🌟Rock ‘n’ Roll
🌟Ballroom & Latin American
🌟Musical Theatre
🌟Yoga Stretch

Looking forward to having all my current students back in the studio after our amazing 🌟End of Year Show🌟 back in July and also welcoming any new students to our big dance family 🤩

See you all very soon ✨🖤✨


🌟End of Year Show🌟
Please drop me a message or comment below.
✨Tickets go on sale this Saturday priced £15✨

We’ve got some great numbers including;
James Bond, Adele, Micheal Buble, Singing in the Rain, Fifty shades Freed, Aretha Franklin, Teen Beach Movie, James & the Giant Peach, Encanto & West Side Story just to name a few! The show will also feature our current freestyle & street teams that are true show stoppers 🤩
✨Our youngest student is just 2 years of age & our eldest student are in their 60’s!
✨Old & current music in all genres of dance.
✨Truly something for everyone!
✨A lively & exciting dance show not to be missed!!!

Would love to have peoples support as due to Covid it’s been 3 years since our last July production!

Hope to see you there 💃🖤💃

We’re also now currently enrolling for new students to start in September 💕


🖤Sheryl’s Dance Academy🖤

🌟We are currently looking for new students to join our competition classes 🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟

💫This will be to represent the West Midlands at the IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the year Competition in Freestyle fast, Freestyle Slowdance & Rock ‘n’ Roll.
💫We are looking for students of all ages but particularly people ages 3-9yrs that are enthusiastic, full of energy & ready to lean! (No experience necessary).
💫Classes starting from next week!
💫As a well established school we’ve been competing in these competitions for over 13 years with a very high success rate and currently hold the titles in the 26-35’s Freestyle Team & 26-35’s Rock ‘n’ Roll pairs. We’ve won countless titles & endless trophies over those years 🤩🏆🤩
💫The school itself has been running successfully for 17 years with many students taking classes with myself long before then that still attend the school!

🌟I pride myself in getting to know people on a personal level which makes our Academy different to the rest. We have so much fun in classes but still have a well disciplined school who endeavour to work their hardest & achieve the best possible results. Everyone supports each other always and we’re honestly one big dance family 🖤

✨DM me for more details with regards times & prices etc.

Look forward to having you as part of our Academy,
Sheryl 🖤🖤🖤


🌟Beginners Ballet Classes🌟
💫Starting this Saturday 29th February
💫£3.50 per class (payable weekly)
💫Ages 3yrs +
🌟Examinations, shows or just for fun🌟
Please comment below or DM to get your child’s name put down & for anymore info 😊


Loved starting back our new term this week ☺️
Missed you all over the summer break 💗💙

⭐️We have a wide variety of classes on offer for all ages here at SDA with professional and friendly staff.

⭐️Our Academy has been running very successfully for 15 years.

⭐️Lots of opportunities to perform, including two shows per year. Competitions in IDTA nationwide freestyle & street dance. Examinations in BBO Tap & IDTA ballet, Tap, modern, freestyle, street & rock ‘n’ roll. Trips to Disneyland Paris & London to perform.

💫The classes below are available to join immediately...

⭐️Adult classes available in...
Tap - Tuesday 7.30-8
Heels - Wednesday 6.30-7
Yoga - Wednesday 7.30-8.15

⭐️ 3-12yrs classes available in...
Ballet 3-6yrs - Saturday 9-9.30
Ballet 6-8yrs - Saturday 10.30-11
Ballet 9-10yrs - Saturday 11-11.30
Freestyle/street 3-8yrs - Saturday 9.30-10
Freestyle 9+yrs - Tuesday - 4.30-5
Street 9+yrs - Tuesday 5-5.30
Tap 3-8yrs - Saturday 10-10.30
Tap 9-10yrs - Saturday 12-12.45
Rock ‘n Roll 3-12yrs - Saturday 11.30-12
Modern - 6-9yrs - Saturday 1.15-1.45
Flexi class - Any age - Saturday 1.45-2.30

⭐️12+yrs classes available in...
Freestyle - Tuesday - 4.30-5
Street - Tuesday - 5-5.30
Ballet - Saturday - 10.15-11
Modern - Friday 5.30-6.15
Flexi class - Saturday 1.45-2.30
Pointework (Grade 5 Ballet level) - Saturday 12-12.45

⭐️We are currently working on grade work for examinations in ballet, Tap & modern classes, competition work in street & freestyle team, solo, duo & quad classes, rock ‘n’ roll & slowdance & Christmas show rehearsals in ballroom & Latin, musical theatre & some freestyle classes. The above classes are all we have available for new students at this time.

⭐️Please comment below or inbox for information regarding pricing & enrolment.

You won’t regret joining our dance family, weather it’s for yourself or your children, you will have a lifetime of friendships & fun.

Mrs Lilley 😉💗

Photos from Sheryl's Dance Academy's post 04/07/2019

So the time has finally come when we get to celebrate SDA being open for 15 years with our amazing celebration show 🤗🎭💃

I’m so glad I made the decision to start my own Dance Academy. I really can’t imagine what my life would be like without it. Not just for me but for many other people too. We really are one big family and have made friends for life 💗

I’ve really enjoyed putting together this show and loved working on some very memorable dances that will be in the show. It’s been fab to have my ‘old ens’ back for a show & it’s been a pleasure working with you again 😘
Doing the last classes this week has been lovely to sit and watch everyone and see how much you’ve all improved over the years and see what a lovely connection everyone has together ☺️

Special Thank you to...
🌟Everyone for watching and supporting our show.
🌟All chaperones, dressers & backstage helpers.
🌟Grant for the fab T-shirts.
🌟James, Freya & my rock n roll helpers for assisting classes.
🌟Neal & Phill for doing an amazing programme.
(Don’t forget to get yourself a copy).
🌟Neal & Gavin for videoing & photos of the show. (Available to order in September).
🌟Meagan Ingram thanks for being our guest dancer. Looking forward to watching you perform on one of our shows again!
🌟Sharnie for all the help on reception. You’ve helped me out so much. I can’t thank you enough!
🌟Chloe for teaching all our little ones. Thanks for helping them learn their dances so well. You’ve worked so hard with them!
🌟My amazing parents, partner & supportive family & friends. I’m so lucky to have you all in my life.
🌟My beautiful students. You brighten my day and make me so proud 💗

Have an amazing show everyone!
You’ve all worked incredibly hard for this so don’t forget to enjoy yourselves 🥰

Tickets still available on the door for our evening performance only. Tickets priced £12 6.30pm start.

Love you all,
Sheryl 💋


Come and watch our amazing 15 Year Celebration Show. DM me or contact the number below to order tickets 💃 💃 💃


💫We are currently ready to perform our big end of year production at Stourbridge Town Hall Theatre this weekend 💃💃💃

💫We are then on summer break and commence our new term on Tuesday 4th September ☺️

💫Any messages about classes or new students starting I will get back to you the end of August when I know our new timetable for September.

Sheryl xx


So we’re off to a great start this module as one of our very talented students Freya has been accepted for a place at BOA to study Musical Theatre 🎭

You have so much passion and determination and I’m so very proud of you & everything you’ve achieved over all the years I’ve been teaching you!
Wish you all the very best & so glad you’d still continuing all your classes with sda ☺️

Lots of love
Sheryl 💗


So proud of how everyone danced the weekend 😘😘😘
What I’m especially proud of is everyone supporting each other ❤️
What amazing students & parents I have!

Well done everyone
Sheryl 😘❤️😘


💫From Ballet to Pointework, from Tap to Street Dance.
💫We offer it all at SDA
💫please inbox us for more details


Last nights classes 🤩🤩🤩
Started quite a few new things last night in preparation for our examinations & end of year production 💃💃💃


Started work on the main studio yesterday 💪🏽 almost all done! I have the best mom and dad in the world ☺️💗


Thank you so much to all the Hairspray gang for my cards, gifts & flowers ☺️
It’s very much appreciated 💗
It’s definitely been an experience working with you all! Been hard work at times but it was all worth it in the end as the show was amazing! Such a talented group of people, thanks for having me 💚💙💜💛🧡❤️


You can have the best technique in the world but if there’s no passion and respectfulness towards others then you’ll never get to where you want to be
We’ve got plenty of passion here at SDA & all my students are so respectful of me ☺️ now let’s get working on that technique 💃
Happy Saturday ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Happy birthday to Helen Allen one of our very own Mamma Mia’s ⭐️💃⭐️


Calling all boys!!!

Remember that dance isn’t just for girls! Come and join our boys street dance class weds 6.15-7 £4 per lesson, 4yrs & above.
All these boys only just learnt this new routine on the day I filmed it. So cute 💙

💫Please contact sheryl if you wish to join or simply just turn up at the studio ☺️


Working them hard 💪🏽💃🤩


Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day ❤️


I have so many talented, hardworking, dedicated students that it’s becoming very hard to choose winners ☺️
Here’s just some of our outstanding students receiving awards for their efforts in 2017 at our presentation evening this January


Sheryl's Dance Academy's cover photo


Happy birthday to one of our original moms in the team and my own cous Theresa Morris! Have a great day ☺️❤️😘


Up to 9’s freestyle & Street teams 💗⭐️


✨Monday motivation✨

Come on then dancers 💃💃💃
How many of the 50 dance moves below can you complete? (With the correct form).

I will be posting pictures throughout the week to give everyone an idea of what all of these should look like if your struggling to know what some of them are! (Explained all the ones I could).

I’m also getting some sheets printed out so dancers can tick off when they have achieved a new number. Nothing better than a little goal setting to get a bit of motivation running through the school ☺️

Please leave comments below as I’m interested to see our starting platform & also who has the best score! Be honest with yourselves! Also copy & paste & put a 💃 next to the ones you can do. Don’t forget to put your score at the top ⭐️⭐️⭐️

1. Forward roll
2. Front splits (on both legs)
3. Box splits
4. Swim through splits
5. A strong bridge
6. Bridge with 90 degree developpe
7. Back bend down to the floor & up
8. Toes to head on floor
9. Cartwheel (both sides)
10. One handed cartwheel (both sides)
11. Illusion
12. Split leap forward
13. Split leap sideways
14. Switch leap
15. Stag leap
16. Turning leap
17. Jack knife to floor split
18. Fouetté rond de Jambe on tournant
19. Scale (dish holding leg)
20. Heel stretch/shoulder leg (both sides)
21. Leg hold with hands behind back
22. Leg catch forward
23. Vertical split (hands to floor)
24. Leg Tilt
25. Fish flip
26. Round off
27. Forward walkover (landing one foot first)
28. Backward walkover (starting on one leg)
29. Chest stand
30. Chest stand crab
31. Chest stand split
32. Forward chest roll
33. Backward chest roll
34. Toe rise (up through toes from floor)
35. Hand stand scorpion
36. Flick up from floor (from hands to feet)
37. Vardez (backward walkover/handspring)
38. Leg catch spin
39. Scorpion (back catch)
40. Bow & arrow
41. Teardrop (back bend to ankles)
42. Needle (straight leg back catch)
43. Front splits needle
44. Forward one handed walkover
45. Side Aerial
46. Front aerial
47. Front flip
48. Back flip
49. Bridge to handstand
50. Back tuck


Successful day today everyone! Keep up the good work ⭐️💗⭐️


Sheryl's Dance Academy's cover photo


Sheryl's Dance Academy

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So proud of how everyone danced the weekend 😘😘😘What I’m especially proud of is everyone supporting each other ❤️What ama...
💫From Ballet to Pointework, from Tap to Street Dance. 💫We offer it all at SDA 💫please inbox us for more details
Last nights classes 🤩🤩🤩Started quite a few new things last night in preparation for our examinations & end of year produ...
Calling all boys!!! Remember that dance isn’t just for girls! Come and join our boys street dance class weds 6.15-7 £4 p...
Up to 9’s freestyle & Street teams 💗⭐️
Successful day today everyone! Keep up the good work ⭐️💗⭐️






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