Donna Hillman Tutors

I have several years experience in teaching and tutoring students of all ages. I specialize in Math Please get in touch for more details �

Me and my team offer individual or group tuition either face to face or online
We can offer tutoring for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, GCSE, A-level and BTEC in English, Maths, Chemistry, Science, Biology, Physics, Health and Social Care, Exam Technique and Personal Statements. Prices range from £20 - £55 per hour depending on the level and if it’s a group or individual session.

Operating as usual


Small online groups are a great affordable way to boost confidence for this exams!
The following spaces are available:
English GCSE:
Mon 5pm- 2 spaces. Wed 5:30pm - 1 space

Maths GCSE:
Thurs 4:30pm (Higher)-3 spaces.
Thurs 5:30pm (Foundation) -1 space

Science GCSE:
Wed 6:30pm (Higher)- 3 spaces
Wed 6:30pm (Foundation)- 4 spaces
Thurs 6:30pm (Higher)- 4 spaces

Group are kept small to ensure individual attention.

£20 per session. Paid per half term.

Message to book of for more details!


We are looking for a science tutor. Must be able to provide references and a DBS.
Ideally we would like tutors who can teach all sciences up to GCSE but we will also take applications from those who specialise in one science only.
We have individual and group sessions that are waiting to start in January.
Please contact [email protected]

Please share with anyone who may be interested.

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Autumn sunshine ☀️ 🍂 🍁


We have English online group slots available.
Monday: Yr 10
Tuesday: Yr 11
Small groups to ensure individual attention.
Just £20 a session!


Just 1 space left on the Thursday Foundation maths group!
4 left on the higher.
We now have Saturday groups opening.
Message to save your space


Our small online English group is proving popular!
We now have an extra session running!.
£20 per week for a max of 6 students.
Message for more details 😊


Online small Group sessions are booking up fast!
English GCSE: Tues
Maths A-level/Further: Tues
Maths GCSE: Thurs/Sat
Science GCSE: Wed/Sat


Our qualified Maths teacher Megan had spaces for maths and science students.
Megan also teaches out A-level, Further and GCSE maths groups.
As week as online sessions, Megan is available for in person tuition in the Liverpool areas.
Get in touch to arrange a trial session!


Online maths groups from September:

A-level: Tuesday £25
Further maths: Tuesday £20
GCSE: Thursday £20


Looking for English Graduates who have tutoring experience or would be willing to train and tutor for me?
They need to be able to deliver literature and Language tuition up to A-level.

Please tag anyone who may be interested.
Must be willing gain a DBS and have references .
All potential candidates will be interviewed via zoom.
Please message me on 07980 529207
Or email [email protected]

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For those of you looking for something to do this summer.
This is a great fun course with excellent teachers!

Did you know that music and rhythm can enhance the ability to retain information too 😊 (which is why we often learn through rhymes and rhythmic speaking when we are younger..😉)

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Just a lovely day with lovely people 😊😊😊

Photos from Donna Hillman Tutors's post 30/07/2022

A little snippet of what I have been up to for the last 2 weeks.

In the gorgeous setting of Reddam House School, students aged from 8-16 from all over the world spent 2 weeks doing a multi activity residential which included STEAM workshops taught by me.
It was challenging but so much fun! Lots of hands on experiments and problem solving activities.
Students were split into age groups and made friends with others from all over the world, I learnt how to count down in Afrikaans, Chinese and Russian and it was great to see so many different cultures interacting together.

Get in touch if you would like to book a course of interactive STEAM sessions!


Get ready for infants or juniors, be confident returning or even getting ready for the step up to secondary!
Our qualified primary teachers Becky and Andrew are experienced and here to get your child ready for the next step!

Get in touch for a no obligation chat 😊


Very limited space! Suitable for all exam boards.
Cover core topics in person.
Message to book or tag someone who needs these!


Catch up sessions for KS1 and 2.
Gain confidence in reading, numeracy and literacy skills.
Running though the summer holidays .
Online sessions one to one.

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It’s that time of year when I lose my year 11 and 13 students.
Words like this mean so much.
I really do care about the students as people, not just for the grades they get.
If I can make just a little difference then it’s all worth it. 😊


Small in person groups.
Get in touch to reserve a space in August!
Each session will go through the basics of Biology, Chemistry or Physics. To build confidence ready for year 11.
Just £40 for each 2 hour session.


Just a word to any parents of students who are feeling the pressure.


Get the best start for next years exams!
Small online groups so each student gets individual attention.
Our tutors build confidence and exam technique as well as teaching all of the topics for the exams .
Split into ability groups to make sure everyone has the best chance to achieve.
Message for details or to book😊

Very limited spaces available.
£20 per session for GCSE £25 for A-level.


Please share and refer if necessary. They have dresses and suits for those in need.

‼️Attention to schools, teachers, pastoral & welfare staff, social services, family support workers, youth charities and much more‼️

It’s May now and most of the school proms are taking place in June/July! 💃🏼

If you know any teenagers struggling financially who may not be attending the prom due to the cost of an outfit, please visit our website and fill out a referral form for them as soon as possible! 👗

We are receiving referrals every day but we still have thousands of dresses available and don’t want anyone to miss out because they don’t know that we’re here!

We can send dresses and suits all around the UK so don’t worry if you’re not local to Llandudno! ❤️


If any students would like to have extra lessons for revision in the holidays they are available with the following tutors:

Maths: Sam/Megan.
Chemistry: Megan
Physics: Megan
English: Georgina.

Sessions are allocated on a first come first served basis and are online.

For those asking for me personally to swap lessons to the day before exams. I can only do so during the school day if they have study leave. And only 1 extra per subject .
I cannot ask students to forfeit their usual slot to tutor all of my year 11 students in one day. (I also don’t have time.

Nearly there everyone.
You are doing amazing.


Sessions are already filling up for September!

Please get in touch for a no obligation chat, if you would like to know more about our groups or individual lessons.

Prices start from £20 an hour for our small online groups.
They go up to £50 depending on the level you require.
Groups available in Maths, English and Science.
And from September we will have a Psychology A-level group too.

WhatsApp 07980 529207 for more details.


Here we are, the start of exams.

Please remember that today is a snap shot of what you have learned over your time at school.
You have worked hard and you WILL be fine.

You can only do your best. And your best is ALWAYS good enough. Regardless of the outcome.

Wishing good luck to all of our students and to anyone else taking exams who may just be reading this.

Take a breath. Have a go. Hold your head up high and most of all treat yourself with something after every exam!



DON’T Panic!
We have extra sessions available in Maths, Sciences and English for any students wanting extra help before their exams.
Message to book😊


We have some new online tutor groups starting after half Term!
Suitable for current year 9s and 10s to prepare for GCSEs next year.
The groups are kept small (up to 6 per group) to ensure individual attention.

We have groups in Maths, Science and English.
Running at weekends and during the week.
Split into ability level.

£20 per session charged per half term.

Give your child a head start for their GCSEs!

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This is how my dogs are sleeping today…


Help to keep your child feeling positive!
This printable planner is available now on Etsy.
It has spaces for your child to let you know how they are feeling and things they want to talk about.
It also focuses them on looking at good things that have happened no matter how small.

My year 8 student was feeling a little stressed yesterday. I gave him this to try for feedback and we ended up chatting about how proud he was of making a chocolate mousse! 😊😊

The planner is one download which can be re reprinted. (7 daily sheets). For just £2.99😊😊

Buy it here and please do tag anyone who may be interested.


I have a downloadable revision planner which is available on Etsy for £2.99 (link in comments.)
As an introductory offer if you are following my page, you can get this direct from me for just £2.50 if you comment and like my by Friday 22nd April at midnight.

It includes revision tips as well as 6 days of planner templates (we all should have 1 day off a week!)



Meet our group tutors!
We have small informal groups running on Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturdays for maths and science.
It’s a great way to learn, with numbers kept small to ensure individual attention.

Build confidence so they can learn effectively 😊
Message for a no obligation chat to discuss how we can help you.


Meet the Tutor 👨🏻‍🏫

Zach has been tutoring maths and science for several years.
He is a Graduate in medical sciences and is currently in his 5th year of study at UCL Medical School.

Zach has experience in tutoring students with ADHD and is great at linking their learning with their own experiences. Making the content relevant.

As well as individual tutoring, Zach also teaches group session in maths and sciences.
He is based online.


Year 11 half term tutoring options. 😊


Meet the Tutor 👩🏼‍🏫

Megan is a recently qualified maths teacher. She obviously tutors maths but as she studied A-Level sciences, Megan also tutors sciences at foundation level too!
Megan has experience of SEN students with her main age range being years 7-13.
She brings enthusiasm and energy to the students. Encouraging them to reach their potential.
Megan teaches our maths groups and also individual students.
She is based in Liverpool to tutor face to face but also teaches online 😊


Meet the Tutor👨🏻‍🏫

Sam is one of our maths tutors.
He is great with students who are struggling with confidence, putting them at ease and building their self esteem.
He also tutors musical theory classes and has experience in performing.
Sam tutors both individuals and groups online.

It’s also Sam’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Sam 😊🎉.

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Getting out and about more with the dogs while I’m not doing as much work in the Easter hols, (thanks for the motivation ), the wooded walks are great but you can’t beat this common on my doorstep in the early evening.
I’m knackered but the dogs are happier (and it helps to clear my head too😊😊).

Photos from Donna Hillman Tutors's post 29/03/2022

2 students celebrating their achievements.
Lucy in Year 8 has worked really hard to improve and is completing questions without help that she wouldn’t have even tried a year ago.

Leen in Year 10 has really pushed to move up sets and is about to take her higher mock exams.

It’s all about building confidence in their own ability. 😊
Well done girls ☺️


We have some spaces left on our revision sessions.
Focusing on the specific paper 1 content to build confidence in exam technique
Message for more information or to book 😊


GCSE Revision sessions:
April 11th
10am- Maths F
11:15am- Maths H

April 12th
10am- Double Bio
11:15am Double Chem
12:30am Triple Bio

April 13th
10am- Triple Chem
11:15am- Triple Phys
12.30- Double Phys.

Please comment then message for details or to book. 😊

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Just a word to any parents of students who are feeling the pressure.Xx
Year 11 half term tutoring options. 😊
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Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm

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