Let's Speak Spanish

¡Hola! Spanish tutoring by a highly qualified native who's lived almost 30 years in Latin America,

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Este mes vamos a ver muchas expresiones 🤩 con las partes del cuerpo ✋🦶👃👂👅, pero antes tenemos que conocerlas.

¿Conoces todo este vocabulario? 🤔 ¿Sabes el nombre de otras partes del cuerpo? 😁✍️

~ ~ ~ ~

This month we are going to see many expressions 🤩 with body parts ✋🦶👃👂👅, but first we have to know them.

Do you know all this vocabulary? 🤔 Do you know the name of other parts of the body? 😁✍️


The bad thing about these graphs is that they generalise too much. America is huge and country variations are enormous. Pollera is only used in a few places, other use falda, saya, sayo, faldón, etc...


If you don't pronounce the Z (Latin American, some parts of Andalucía, Canary Islands, some parts of Basque Country and Catalonia, etc.) , it can be quite confusing...


Beware of false friends!


There are so many of these in both directions. Watch out and when in doubt, ask! 🤔


Do you want to learn or practice Spanish with a native tutor?

We can offer you a Starter Pack: 4 lessons (1 in person, 3 online follow up sessions) for only £40 TOTAL, plus one free first leveling class. 😊👍

We live in Guildford so if you want 1:1 lessons we serve any area around it🚗🚌.

We use a flexible method and at any time that suits you⌚😁 (including most nights and weekends): in person👨‍🏫/ interactive video call💻/ mobile📱/personalised follow up... Let's talk and decide what's best for you.

We are professionals in technical disciplines (Science, psychology, economics, international studies), so we can help you with technical Spanish. And we have lived and worked in many different Spanish speaking countries... We know the contexts and variations 😎

And don't worry, if you are travelling, ill or busy, we can move your class and give you some travel tips.

Want to know if we've got what it takes?
DM, and we can talk about your specific needs.

Let's talk,
Let's speak Spanish


One of the hardest words in Spanish is probably Platypus: "Ornitorrinco"...
It's hard for Anglo-speakers to get used to that many "R's"...
It's still so cute though


In Spain a palindrome number is called Capicúa, which is of Catalonian origin Cap i cua (head and tail)


Spanish is spoken in many countries, by many people and in many accents.
Whether it is for fun, education, science, research or business, you need to learn keeping the context specific challenges in mind.
That's why with me, you'll get a comprehensive context analysis, as I have worked, studied and lived in almost every one of those countries in Blue. 💙❤️🌎


Spanish Toutoring by a higy qualified Native Spaniard who's lived almost 30 years in Latin America, and Spanish speaking communities in Africa and Asia. And with skills and experience in education and training techniques from school to post graduate level teaching.

Learn spanish for leisure, travel or technical Spanish ( I am a scientist and hold Masters degrees in areas of social sciences, business, project management and development) with insights to the different variations and accents so that you are better prepared (avoid nasty surprises).

I am a culture, literature and history freak so if you like it, we will explore the culture and context of different Spanish speaking locations and moments.

Let me know what you want and we can tailor your training.
Skype/online one on one lessons, face to face in Surrey (near Woking and Guilford), or a mixture of both.







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