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Toddler Sense is a multi-award winning activity programme, for 13 month - 5 year olds. Our classes run weekly in NWKent Dartford & Gravesend.

Toddler Sense introduces a whole new world of adventure for toddlers and children. Great music, great equipment and great new ideas! Imagine climbing a snow mountain, going on safari, digging for fossils, swimming with dolphins and hunting for dinosaurs? Every week introduces a whole new adventure. The main emphasis is on mobility, excitement and adventure. It is a fast-moving, action-packed progr

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It’s National Winnie the Pooh Day!

Celebrate with our partners Reading Fairy Classes UK

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood with Piglet, Tigger, Kanga, Rabbit, Roo, Owl and Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh had so many adventures and his stories have sparked wholesome, honey-loving, childhood dreams for nearly a century.
But, there is no doubt that the bear wearing a red shirt — with his fist shoved into a jar of honey — is most certainly a fan favourite.

We’re looking for new Reading Fairy franchisees. Drop us a message if you’d like more info or visit


Tidying up is an integral part of our weekly sessions, and parents are often surprised to see how happy toddlers are at joining in with this part of class.... Why not extend this at home?

Toddlers enjoy helping with everyday chores such as dusting, cleaning, baking and sweeping.

Helping with simple age-appropriate household chores builds self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of responsibility and keeps toddlers busy and stimulated.

If they are encouraged to help from an early age, they are more likely to get involved with household chores as adults.

Find out more about why household chores are so great for a toddler's development, as well as ideas of what they can help with via our latest blog:


Who has a birthday coming up?

Yes, that's right. We don't just run weekly classes for toddlers, we can organise and run parties for their big day too! So, if you have a toddler's birthday fast approaching, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our parties are suitable for children aged 2 to 5, and we can cater for a range of different themes including pirates & princesses, circus, sparkles and colour.

To find out more and get planning, head to


Fresh air and natural sunlight are SO important for our children (as well as us).

Fresh air contains high levels of negative ions that can have a positive impact on brain function, mood & well-being.

And sunlight provides Vitamin D, which children need to grow strong, healthy bones. This vitamin also offers protection from several common diseases and disorders.

So, whatever the weather, grab your coats (and a hat and mittens!) and head out to the park or for a gentle walk this weekend - you'll be amazed how great you will feel afterwards.

Please tell us where your favourite winter parks & walks are in the area!


What do children like about our Toddler Sense classes?

We thought our toddlers could tell you... Watch this absolute gem of a video to find out!


We're recruiting new franchisees for Toddler Sense NW Kent, Toddler Sense Ashford-Maidstone and Toddler Sense Canterbury. To learn more, visit


Whew! What a fantastic year... Punctuated most recently by being awarded the What's On 4 Kids 2023 WINNER!

As we countdown to 2024 we'd like to thank all of our customers for supporting us over 2023 and making so many beautiful memories together.


CLASSES START BACK LATER IN JANUARY - find your local class timetable here:


Wishing all of our customers, past & present, a very


Whew! What a busy and festive December!

Toddler Sense is recommended by parents (and toddlers!)
Our classes are full of fun, adventure & sensory stimulation. They are the perfect place for your toddler to burn off excess energy AND develop vital physical, communication, social and intellectual skills.

Our JANUARY classes are going to INCREDIBLE! Who's joining us?
Find out more by heading to


Do you love reading with your toddler?

The great thing about this time of year is reading festive stories and your favourite festive books.

If you don't have many or are looking for inspiration for Christmas books to read with your toddler, here are our top 5:

1. Mog's Christmas by Judith Kerr

2. I Love You Father Christmas by Giles Andreae

3. Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs

4. Pip and Posy: The Christmas Tree by Axel Scheffler

5. That's Not My Reindeer by Fiona Watt

Have YOU got a favourite?

Photos from Toddler Sense North West Kent's post 15/12/2023

Overwhelmed by the choice of toys on offer?

Check out our ultimate gift guide:

-Building blocks or interlinking plastic shapes - develops awareness of size, form, weight, dimension, and order and lays the foundation for mathematics. Toddlers also enjoy demolishing their constructions, which relieves stress and tension, and teaches them something about cause and effect at the same time.

-Colouring books & crayons or pencils - this supports the development of fine motor skills. It helps children to scribble and practise making marks on paper, which will later lead to drawing and writing.

-Painting equipment - is relaxing and soothing activity for toddlers. Through painting they can show self expression and creativity.

-Play dough - helps toddlers to develop hand-strength, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

-Books - Reading books helps toddlers to develop language skills and to recognise simple objects and animals. Books are great for stimulating their imagination too.

-Tea set - great for encouraging imaginative play. It also helps to develop language and social skills, as well as teaching children to sort and group objects.

If this has inspired you, head to our Baby Sensory online shop ( to buy.


If you need a last-minute gift idea, why not organise a gift voucher for our award-winning Toddler Sense classes?

Contact us via DM or email us direct.


Show us your Christmas trees!

Decorating the Christmas tree is not only fun for all of the family but it is also a great activity to stimulate your toddler's senses and accelerate learning.

Our Founder and leading parenting expert, Dr Lin Day, says it's a good idea to consider these safety elements before you start, to ensure you have the most fun possible:

1. Putting presents under the tree provides a tactile experience for your toddler but ensure you place gifts of perfume, aftershave & alcohol well out of reach.

2. Your toddler will love shiny decorations, but ensure they are shatterproof and do not present a choking hazard.

3. Avoid using real mistletoe or holly as decorations. Ingested berries can cause severe vomiting, diarrhoea and drowsiness.

4. Use low voltage LED tree lights that meet current safety standards, or better still use LED battery-operated fairy lights, which do not get hot.

5. Encourage your toddler to stand away from the Christmas tree to look at it, rather than pulling the pine needles and decorations.


There's nothing better than a bit of Christmas music to get you feeling festive.

Head to Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon to listen to our Baby Sensory (and Toddler Sense) Christmas album.

Songs include, "Ring out the Bells", "Rudolph's Tale" and "Comfort, Love & Cheer" all of which will captivate your little one's attention --- and get you feeling really Christmassy... It's also a popular album with our Toddler Sense families!

Do you have a favourite track?


We did it!

Toddler Sense UK are officially the most loved children’s physical activity provider!

These awards are like the Oscars for our sector and voted for by parents so it means a lot to us. 🙌🏻🎉

We simply couldn’t do it without your support and recommendations 🥰

Huge congrats to too! Voted the Most Loved Baby Activity 2023.


It's almost time for our Toddler Sense Christmas classes!

This exciting sensory class will allow you and your toddler to celebrate the festive season with your friends from Toddler Sense.

As always, we include lots of fun & stimulating activities (with a festive theme) for you and your toddler to enjoy.

We can't wait to see you there!


Not sure what to buy your toddler this Christmas?
Need a Christmas gift for a friend or family member's child?
Check out our Toddler Sense bundle!

It includes a bounce ball, a pair of rhythm sticks and a cute 'Tod' soft toy.

Go to to purchase in time for Christmas or ask your class leader what's in stock in their class shop!


Do you know if your child is left or right-handed?

Left or right-handedness is not usually established until the end of the first year and sometimes later, so don't worry if you can't work it out just yet!

Most children use the same hand when handling toys and tools and when reaching and pointing. If both hands are used to perform certain functions, careful examination usually reveals that one hand is more dominant than the other.


Photos from Toddler Sense North West Kent's post 18/11/2023

It takes a long time to master drawing, colouring and writing!
Your toddler's hands and pincer grip will develop at their own pace, but here are the approximate stages you are likely to see:

-Around 18 months, your toddler will grasp a pencil or crayon with a fist.

-During the 2nd year, scribbles will start to become shapes other than circles.

-Multi-grip patterns are still common towards the end of the third year. Although motor skills have improved, teaching toddlers how to hold pencils correctly can lead to stress and frustration. If they experience tension in their hands, neck and shoulders when using block crayons or over-sized pencils, provide stick crayons or colouring pencils. These aid fine motor control and help strengthen the thumb, index, and middle fingers.

-Most four-year-olds will hold a pencil with the thumb and index finger, while the middle fingers help to keep the pencil steady. The wrist, arm, shoulder, trunk, and back muscles serve as stabilizers. This is a perfectly mature grasp for children of this age.

-By school age, most children will hold the colouring pencil or stick crayon with a mature 3-finger grip (tripod grasp) and they will be able to draw and form letters.

Timeline photos 15/11/2023

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week!

💙🎶 Singing nursery rhymes or reading simple nursery rhyme books) help children to develop speech and language skills.

💙🎶 To equip children with the skills they need when they go to school, it is important for parents to sing nursery rhymes from an early age.

💙🎶 If the rhythms and words are simple and repetitive, children will enjoy the feeling of mastery as they come to learn them by heart, which raises their self-esteem and sense of belonging.

💙🎶 By singing nursery rhymes, your little one’s vocabulary increases, memory grows stronger, and thinking becomes more creative.

💙🎶 Silly rhymes, nonsensical verse and traditional rhymes are appealing to children. That’s why they have been passed down from generation to generation and are still popular today.

From “Nursery Rhymes Boost Early Language Development” by Dr Lin Day


Are you planning a party for your toddler?
Or perhaps a Christmas party?

A party can provide a range of educational benefits for toddlers and pre-schoolers from social interaction to communication, movement, problem-solving, and imaginative thinking. It can also be great fun if it is carefully planned and packed with entertaining things to do.

Head to our blog to discover our top tips for planning a toddler party:

Photos from Toddler Sense North West Kent's post 04/11/2023

We're recruiting!

If you’re looking for a business that enables you to meet your own aspirations and gives you that ‘jump out of bed’ feeling every day because you can make a difference to families, then WOW World Group is the place for you...

Why WOW?

- A proven formula for success
WOW World Group has established a proven system and is now a world leader in Baby and pre-school development and enrichment. Operating in more than 10 countries and with nearly 20 years of Franchising experience and over 40,000 children visiting our classes each week.

- Training and Resources
Our support continues beyond training to give you the best possible chance to develop a successful operation in your territory. As a franchisee, you will receive the support of an experienced Franchisor to guide and mentor you as the business grows.

- It’s YOUR business
With a Franchisor to support you from purchase to launch, your success will be determined by your own hard work and commitment.

Local opportunities include:

* Baby Sensory Dover & Folkestone (relaunch)
* Toddler Sense NW Kent (relaunch)
* Toddler Sense Ashford & Maidstone (relaunch)
* Toddler Sense East Kent (new territory)
* Mini Professors - across Kent and South East London
* Reading Fairy - across Kent and South East London



Don't forget, the clocks will go back this evening by 1 hour.


Toddler's are so much fun!
They're on the go all the time and are constantly learning about the world around them.

.... But that can leave parents feeling pretty exhausted.
Sound familiar?

If you're looking for ways to stimulate your toddler & help them burn off excess energy, then come along to our Toddler Sense classes. Drop us PM to find out more!


Colouring is a fantastic way to develop a toddler's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

It's also the perfect activity for a rainy day or some quiet time after a busy morning.

Tod's first colouring book follows Tod on his adventures and is full of colouring and dot-to-dot fun!

Grab one for your toddler by heading to our online shop:


Toddler Sense North West Kent is for Sale!
Say "how do you do" to a new career with multi-award-winning Toddler Sense.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are looking for a new franchisee to taker over our well-established Toddler Sense classes across Greenhithe & Gravesend.

Toddler Sense North West Kent has been running since 2016. We’re looking for someone with big ambitions to offer good continuity of service and who can really lead this incredible business forward for families across North West Kent. If you’re looking for a career that offers incredible personal and job satisfaction where you get to have fun every day - then this is the right role for you.

Why Toddler Sense?
Toddler Sense has been developed as a follow on programme to the highly successful Baby Sensory programme. You will also benefit from the loyalty of existing Baby Sensory customers with the opportunity to attract new customers with children between the ages of 13 months and 5 years; plus you will benefit from the goodwill established in a pre-established territory.

We're well-loved! Our award-winning toddler development classes will introduce children to a galaxy of magical worlds. Each week has a unique theme, meticulously constructed to stimulate toddler brains, co-ordination and physical development.

With our research based programmes, best in class training and support from your Franchisor team we know we can help you turn your dreams of running a successful business into a reality.
Learn more:

If you are interested in buying your own business and becoming a Toddler Sense franchisee please contact us on
[email protected] for an application form.

Working capital to invest in excess of £13,000

Closing date for applications 15 November 2023.

Next Training dates:
Business & Systems Induction starts 11 January 2024
Class leader training starts 29 February 2024

This is a truly unique & exciting opportunity for someone with ambition to run their own business and really hit the ground running; benefitting immediately from our WOW network and excellent brand reputation in the area.

Photos from Toddler Sense North West Kent's post 19/10/2023

How can I help my toddler improve their pincer grip?

The development of finger strength is necessary for grasping and gripping, climbing, cutting, sewing and drawing. These skills build up gradually with practise.

The activities below will help toddlers master the pincer grip:*

-Threading pasta or large beads on a string
-Construction toys and building bricks
-Finger painting
-Action songs involving the fingers
-Picking up sultanas or raisins
-Pouring drinks from a jug to a cup
-Using tongs to pick up small objects such as sugar cubes or pasta
-Squeezing clothes pegs
-Using stamps and stamp pads
-Manipulating sticky tape
-Cutting up dough with scissors

Which one(s )have you already tried at home?

*NOTE - some of the activities described will require adult supervision


What can I do to strengthen my toddler's hands?

Our founder and leading parenting expert, Dr Lin Day, recommends incorporating a range of these activities into your toddler's daily life to support their hand development:

- Taking off shoes and socks.
- Pulling on ropes.
- Rolling, catching, and throwing a ball.
- Carrying buckets of sand or water from place to place.
- Climbing up ladders and nets and across monkey bars.
- Using spades, rakes and digging tools in a sand pit.
- Washing toys, chairs, tables, and the car with a sponge.
- Watering plants with a watering can.
- Pushing a toy wheelbarrow, trolley or pram.
- Painting the garden fence with water.
- Raking, sweeping, and collecting leaves, sticks and pebbles.
- Squeezing play dough, toothpaste, sponges and rubber balls.
- Mixing and sifting ingredients.
- Rolling, kneading, squashing and cutting dough.

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What do children like about our Toddler Sense classes?We thought our toddlers  could tell you...  Watch this absolute ge...
If you need a last-minute gift idea, why not organise a gift voucher for our award-winning Toddler Sense classes?Contact...
There's nothing better than a bit of Christmas music to get you feeling festive. Head to Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon ...
We did it!Toddler Sense UK are officially the most loved children’s physical activity provider! These awards are like th...
Toddler Sense North West Kent is for Sale!Say "how do you do" to a new career with multi-award-winning Toddler Sense.Due...
Interested in joining a Toddler Sense class? This toddler Mum tells us why she loves joining our sessions week after wee...
Did you know….we are THE ORIGINAL sensory activity class for toddlers?Our multi-award winning programme for toddlers was...
HOW DO YOU DO?We are THE ORIGINAL sensory class for toddlers and our tried and tested Toddler Sense classes are regularl...
Did you know….we are THE ORIGINAL sensory activity class for toddlers?Our multi-award winning programme for toddlers was...
Does your toddler love using rhythm sticks* during their Toddler Sense class?These wooden percussion instruments are tim...
Are you looking for a career change? We're always on the look-out for new Toddler Sense franchisees. If you love our Tod...
Happy International Women's Day!Celebrating all the women within our network and beyond who work hard to achieve their g...



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