Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow

Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow


A fabulous array of performances from the pupils today at the Winter cafe - I was very impressed! You have all put a lot of work into it. Well done pupils and teachers!
The grace of the lord jesus Christ and the love of God, and the communion of the holy ghost/sprit be with you.Amen. My dear and blessed brother by epiphany through in the name of the father the son and in the holy sprit.ipersonally thanks to you what you are doing for churches of God in the world .May God give you more strength ,Grace and power to serve him by saving the people of the world from the
coming wrath of God.
I want to transmit very important message to you from the bible.ibelieve that it will save and give hope to the children of God in the world.i guess May be you know ;what I am exactly writing about right now. but the whole world need this holy word of God in the name of jesuscrist.but through we ,or an angel from heaven ,preach any other gospel up to you than that which we heve preached upto you ,let him be accursed.gelatian1÷7;1john 4÷6.
As you know our greatest enemy is the devil.
First message
Every thing we do on earth has the value by the eyes of God in the heaven .For example revelation 22÷12 and behold,I come quickly;and my reward is with me,to give every man according as his work shall be. Gelatian 6÷7,8,9 and let us not be weary in well doing forin due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Gelatian 5÷22,23 But the fruit of the sprit is love,joy,piece,longsuffering,gentleness,goodness,faith,meckness ,temptation against such there is no law. colossians 3÷5 morfy there for your members which are upon the earth ;fornication ,uncleanness ,inordinate affection ,evil concupiscence and covetousness,which is idolatry . for which things sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience.other reference 1corinthians 3:8 ;gelatian 6:1;mattew 16:27; hebrews13:16;;5:18;james1:27;3:8-10;gelatian 1:7;1 John4:6;colossians3:2 ;2:8-19roman 1:20;acts 20:7;24:14;Isiah 58:6;acts11:1-12 ;roman 16:16;heberew 13:9;to win the devil(ephesians6:10-20);john chapter 2 and 3 ;Mathew chapter 5,6,7 and so on……
Second message
This is the reason why I wrote the message .this is very important is about the gift of God; that is the grace of jesuscrist .jesuscrist paid all ;the cost for our is not only by water and holy sprit but also by his blood .for example .Roman 3÷28 There for we conclude that a man is justified by a faith with out the deeds of the law.Romans 4÷4 Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace ,but of debt.Romance 4÷5 But to him that workethnot,but believeth on him that justified the ungodly,his faith is counted for rightcorsness.john 6÷29 Jesus answered and said upto them ,this is the work of God ,that beleveth on him whom he hath sent..john 6÷47 verify,verify,I say up to you,he that believeth on me hath everlasting life.John 6÷54 Whose eateth my flesh ,and drinketh my blood ,hath enternallife;and I will raise him up at the last day .56 he that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood ,dweleith in me and ;inhim.63 it is the sprit
that quickeneth the flesh profitethnothing,the worlds that I speak upto you they are sprit and they have life.ephesians 2÷8,9,18 For the grace you saved through faith ;and that not of your selves;it is the fith of God.not of works,lest any man should boast.18 For through him we both have access to one sprit upto the father.
Gelatian 2÷16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law ,but by the law faith of jesus Christ ,even we have believed in jesusChrist, ,that we might be justified by the faith of Christ ,not by the works of the law;for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.20 I crucified with Christ.21 I do not frustrate the grace of God;for it righteousness(come)by the law ,then Christ dead in vain.Roman 8÷1 there is there fore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ,who walk not after flesh ,but after the sprit. John 3÷5 Jesus answered,verify ,verify,I say up to three,except a man be born of water and of the sprit ,he can not enter into the kingdom of God.JOHN 3;16 So God loved ,the world that he gave his only begotten son ,that whose ever be lieveth in him have everlasting life.John 3÷ 18 he that beliveth on him is not condemned;but he that beelieveth not is condemned already,because in the name of the only begotten son of God.John 3÷36 He that believeth on the son hath everlasting life;and he that believeth not the son shall not see life;but the wrath of God abideth on him.1 john 1:71 /1john 2:12 jesuscrist blood cleans the whole sin. 1john5:1;2;3;3;4 other reference acts 2÷21;Joel 2÷32;Romans 10÷13;Roman 10÷21;Isiah chapter 52 and 53 specially 53÷5,psalms 14÷1-6 ,Isaiah 64÷6;denial 19:13-21;Gelatians 3÷1;Romans 3÷11-31;Romans 4÷1-28;Romans 7÷1-25;john 6:29;mark16:16 and so on………
Third message
Faith means
 Who is he that overcometh the world,but he that believeth that jesus is the son of God ?(1 john 5:1)
 Whosoever shall confess that jesus is the son of God,Goddwelleth in him,and he in God .(1john4:15)
 Veriiy,verly,I say uptoyou,he that believeth on me hath everlasting life.john6:47
 Jesus answered and said unto them,this is the work of God ,that you believe on him whom he hath sent.
Forth message
Jesus commandment
 And this is his commandments that we should believe on the name of his son jesuscrist and love one another as he gave us commandment.1john3:23;john15:12;1peter4:8
God love
 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shouid not perish,but have everlasting life.(john3:16)
 And the glory which you gavest me I have given them;that they may be one,even as we are one:I in them,and you in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that you has sent me,and has loved them ,as you has loved me. John17:22,23
 But God who is rich in mercy,for his great love wherewith he loved us,even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ ,(by grace you are saved;)and hath raised us up together ,and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ jesus(ephesians 2:4-6…)
 1 john 4:10,11,16,19
 Luke 24:6 he is not here but risen
 And when he had spoken then them while they beheld he was taken up ;and a cloud received him out of their sight.
We are children of God
 John 1:12-13 but as many a received him ,to them gave he power to becomes the sons of God; even to them that believe on his name.
 1peter 1:23
Mark of the beast
 John Revelation 13:18
 John Revelation 13:1-18;14:9-12
Kingdom of heaven
 John revelation 21:18 ….the city of God is pure gold…..
 John revelation 21:1-27
Jesus crist is a creation of all creation
 Hebrew 7:3 with outfather ,with outmother,withoutdescent,having
neither beginig of days ,not ends of life,but made like upto the son of God,abideth a priest,continually.
 Other referensIsiah 9:6;1 john 5:20;john 1:1,14;john10:30;john 14:8-11;1john5:20;colossians 1:15,16,ephesians 2:10.
 About God(Isiah 40:12-31;45:5-25);psalms chapter 103)
Fifth message
End of the world
 I charge you by the lord that this epistle be read unto all the holy brothers.1thessalonians 5:27(1-28)
 2timothy 3:1-10
 Mattew24:3-51
 John Revelation 22:18 for I testify upto every man than heareth the words of the prophecy of this book…..;please read all specialy chapter 13
Sixth message
Temptation and tribulation
 If the world hate you ;you know that it hated me before it hated you.john15:18
 John16:1-3;16:33;17:14;roman 8:31;mark 3:21;psalms 73:1-26
 Matthew 24:9;5:11;1peter 5:10;4:12;1:6-7.PHILIPIANS 1:28
 To win the devil(Ephesians 6:11-18
Seventh message
 Our spiritual body is the church of God .1 corinthians 3:16;6:19-20;john 17:17,20,21
8th message
Different spiritual gifts of God
 1 corinthians 12:4-31; 13:1-13; 14:1-40
9th message
 Abstain /Don’t involve/flee from fornication and idolatry.(colossian 3:5;Corinthians 6:18;Deuteronomy 4:15-24
 Our religion is the gospel.(Philippians 1:27;colosssians 1:23;luke4:43;acts 11:26)
 And such trust have we through Christ to God .(2 corinthians 3:4).
11th messsage
crown of victory
 James 1:12(crown of life)
 1 peter 5:2-4 (crown of glory)
 2 Timothy4:6-8 Crown of righteousness
12th message
 Full filled with the word of God.(collossiance1:6;3:16;2 peter 1:6-8)
1 john÷5 ÷20 And We know that the son of God is come,and hath given us an understanding ,that we may know him that is true,and we are in him that is true,{Even} in his son jesus Christ .this is the true God and internal life.
Thank you for reading this holy word of God and working harder for the kingdom of are my brother through epiphany by jesus crist . Glory to the Gospel of the God.The grace of our lord and savior jesus Christ be with your sprit forever.Amen!!!
Great idea

Is there an open day planned yet for this year?

Melville-Knox Christian School (Glasgow) provides affordable Christian Education in Glasgow. Charity

Operating as usual


A great morning at Melville-Knox Christian School Parkhead 😊 Thank you for coming along, the children also enjoyed you visiting their classrooms.

Photos from Scottish Reformation Tours's post 09/11/2023

Thank you for an amazing day!

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 08/11/2023

World War Two/ Remembrance Day pictures by P3&4

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 07/11/2023

They also visited Edinburgh Castle as part of their tour.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 07/11/2023

Today the Parkhead campus visited Edinburgh for a Reformation tour. The children enjoyed learning about the Covenanters and seeing many historic sights. Praise God too for a lovely, dry day!

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 06/11/2023

Miss van Boven and Miss Kroon taught a lesson about the Netherlands to the P3-4 and P5-7 classes today.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 06/11/2023

Secondary pupils made BLT toasted sandwiches for our first Food Technology practical 😋


Reminder our Open Morning is this Thursday

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 03/11/2023

P5-7 enjoyed making bonfire /firework pictures with Mrs Fraser 🎆🎇🎆


In Maths today, the P1's and P2's found doubles of numbers by painting spots and folding their pages.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 02/11/2023

The S1 and S2 pupils presented their research projects on Microbes today. We had posters, presentations and even a video interview!


Open Morning on Thursday 9th November at our Parkhead Campus. If you are considering Melville-Knox Christian School for your child then come along between 10.15am - 12.30pm We look forward to seeing you! 😊

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 27/10/2023

Today we celebrated Reformation Day! We started the morning with John Knox introducing so many Reformation characters at our assembly! The children enjoyed different activities and games as well as a special snack time organised by our PFA. Thank you to all the family and friends who celebrated with us 😀

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 13/10/2023

P5-7 sharing their presentations on Vertebrates and Invertebrates.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 13/10/2023

The P1's and P2's played Roll and Build, and Battleships on hundred squares in their Maths lesson.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 13/10/2023

Pupils said 'Goodbye and Thank you' to Mr Spaan and Miss Spaan, who came over from the Netherlands to volunteer at the school for two weeks. Pupils made Thank you cards to show their appreciation for all the time they spent with them. May God bless you and we welcome you back in the future!


Secondary pupils using their microbes knowledge to compete on Blooket.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 10/10/2023

P3-4 Class loved creating the Lord's land creatures in their clay session today 🦁🐼🐶


Pupils got to show the Scratch projects they have been working on to other pupils today!

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 04/10/2023

Mrs Fraser's nephew and niece (Tijmen & Aniek Spaan) are volunteering at the school for 2 weeks. The pupils are enjoying their help and company at indoor break.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 03/10/2023

P3-4 Class enjoyed an Animal Jigsaw Challenge 😃

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 20/09/2023

Today, the P1's and P2's enjoyed talking and writing about their teddy bears. In Maths, they measured the length of their bears and drew graphs to see which sized bear was the most popular. Lots of fun was had at the break time teddy bears' picnic.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 20/09/2023

S1 and S2 were investigating the use of stains to show cell structures more clearly. Some excellent onion cell samples were produced!

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 18/09/2023

P1&2 pupils worked hard on these zoo animals with Mrs Fraser 🐵🦓🌴


P1-2s enjoying music lesson with Mr. Barrowman, singing 'Charlie Over the Ocean' 🌊🎶


It was good to have so many parents over for our 'Meet the Teacher' evening. Thank you for your support!

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 13/09/2023

Today was another milestone in our history, with the opening of the Melville-Knox Secondary!! Seven S1&2 pupils started today, and we are hoping to grow to exam level as soon as possible. Just a year ago this still seemed impossible, but again God has provided above our asking and thinking and we look to Him for future provision. A day of Thanksgiving! 🙏

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 12/09/2023

P5-7s sharing the power points of the differences between humans and animals with the P1-2 class.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 08/09/2023

In Music, the P3's and P4's composed pieces depicting animals using sounds found in the playground.


It has been almost four years since discussions and plans began for a Christian school in Aberdeen and today marks a very significant moment. We are very excited about to have fourteen pupils enrolled in our school with our staff, Mrs Gers and Miss Nöll.
We are thankful to everyone who has been praying for this vital work in this part of Scotland and please continue to pray for us and get in contact if you would like to sign up for our school newsletter and learn more about the school and ways you can support us.

'“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.'
Proverbs 9:10

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 19/08/2023

Great to hear such encouraging developments within Melville-Knox Glasgow. Thank you to everyone who supports us , we are truly blessed 🙌 As we step into a new school year, pray with us that God will give wisdom, strength and guidance to all involved. That each child will grow in His knowledge and grace as they continue their learning journey with Christ at the centre 🙏

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 19/08/2023

Lots of fun and engaging learning activities for the Primary 3-4 class 📚😀

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 18/08/2023

First Show & Tell of the new school year in P5-7 class - a tennis ball signed this summer in Wimbledon by Heather Watson. A very interesting account by one of the pupils 😊🎾


First Day Back! 🙌😀📚

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 30/06/2023

On our last day of the school year, we had a good talk from Rev McCollum about running the race. We also watched the Latin play the P5-7s put together with Mr McCollum. Pupils then received their awards and our three P7 leavers also got their certificates and Leavers hoodies. We then had the opportunity to say a big thank you to all of our volunteer classroom assistants. We ended with a closing prayer and then said our au revoirs. We wish everyone a blessed holiday and look forward to seeing you all at the end of summer.

Photos from Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow's post 22/06/2023

The P1's and P2's had some end-of-term fun today, making marshmallow flower cookies.

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