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0-5 year old nursery opened now!!! Open all year round Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 6.30 pm. A war

Operating as usual


🌈Nursery prepares children for what will come later in life, but most importantly cares for them right then and there.🌈

🌈Meanwhile, Childcare Practitioners are praised for the role they play in children’s early development and the foundation they lay for our smallest friends and family members to become good, strong, happy people.🌈

🌈We are 0 to 5 year old private Nursery based in G22 in partnership with Glasgow City Council.
We have spaces available in all our rooms currently.
Our opening times are from 8am till 6.00 pm all year round.🌈

Limited spaces left!!

Contact us now for a quote and book a visit🌈

Telephone : 0141 337 6160
Email : [email protected]


Happy Friday Everyone! We at Rainbow Dreams 🌈promote learning through a different variety of play. We have risky play 🧱, constructive play 🛻, fantasy play 🧚‍♂️, social play👧🧒, exploratory play 🔎. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. We love to encourage our children to participate in all types of play, indoors and outdoors🌈🌈🌈 Have a great weekend everyone!🌈


Happy Monday everyone! We hope everyone has a great time settling into your new nurseries and new schools. Let’s make it a great teaching year🌈👏🏼


Good morning all!! We have created a private parents page for you to keep track of your child’s learning development as well as tracking it on learning journals 🙂 if you could join the link below someone will accept your request as soon as possible🌈 Many thanks🥰



🌈Development can only take place when children are actively involved, when they are occupied with a high, non-stop degree of concentration when they are interested 🤔 when they give themselves completely. When they use all their mental and physical abilities to invent and make new things and when this gives them a high degree of satisfaction and pleasure🌈🥰

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This morning in Rainbow Dreams 🌈 we encouraged the children to have a sit down and look at some colours. We played a guessing game in which staff members challenged the children to guess the colour 🌈then the children challenged each other to guess the basic colours they could see infront of them. We then asked them to find certain colours around the room like a little colour treasure hunt🔵🟢🔴🟣 and we spoke about what our favourite colour was🌈 have a great day everyone🌈🥰


‼️Spaces Available‼️

🌈We are a 0-5 nursery based in Possilpark, funding for 3-5’s and eligible 2’s🌈

🌈We have local parks and open spaces for our children to learn and explore everyday looking and learning about the nature and animals🌈

🌈We also have local shops to explore flower seeds and fruit seeds for the seasons of the year🌈

🌈Home cooked meals🌈

🌈Guaranteed snack and lunch🌈

🌈Learning journals to keep track of your child’s learning online🌈

🌈Get in contact now!🌈

‼️Limited spaces available‼️

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 03/08/2021

This month, the children of Rainbow Dreams 🌈 Day Nursery is focusing on the topic “All about me” 👥this helps us get a sense of the children’s fine motor skills and how they hold a pencil, it also gives the children the chance to write their names to their best capability. It gives the children the chance to discuss career paths when they’re older such as police officers 🚓, fire fighters 🚒, priests, ambulance drivers (paramedics) 🚑 . The children all seem very excited for this topic🌈💗

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 16/07/2021

Over the last few days the children have been having lots of fun conducting science experiments 🧪 engaging in sensory experiences at the “beach” 🏝 made from rice crispies and shaving foam with blue colouring and stones 💙, these are all simple but amazing learning experiences, these help develop the child’s learning, physically and mentally 💪🧠 what are your favourite learning experiences to do with your children? 🌈💭

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 09/07/2021

Graduation party 🎈🥳🎉🎊

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 09/07/2021

Well today was our graduation 👩‍🎓 and party we hope the children have enjoyed the party and we hope you have loved your time at rainbows dreams day nursery as much as we have loved having you here its time for you to grow and adventure the world 🌎 we hope you come in visit in the years to come we will truly miss having yours here we all hope you have lots of fun at your new school and make lots of friends 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 06/07/2021

This month we are focusing on sun ☀️ safety and making sure the children and others keep safe in the sun so we don’t get burnt the children have been learning to put suncream on ,how to find shade and how to keep cool 😎 we hope everyone is keeping safe in the sun and enjoying their summer 🕶☀️⛱🌳


Just a little reminder that we are open all summer and if you would like to come and visit our nursery please call us on 01413376160 or email us at [email protected] we would love to hear from you hope everyone is having an amazing summer ☀️🌻🌻👶

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 30/06/2021

Today we have had lots of fun exploring our local environment we have been to feed the ducks 🦆  we have also seen several big yellow trucks we have had lots of fun today we hope you have too ☀️☀️🦆

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 29/06/2021

The last 2 weeks the children of Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery have been taking advantage of the lovely weather🌞discussing how to stay safe in the sun ☀️ and looking for butterfly’s 🦋 and deer🦌 we have been using our imagination 🌈 💭 to help develop our numeracy skills using outdoor things such as stones, tires and wood🪵 Well done everyone we hope everyone’s enjoying the sun like we are!!☀️☀️🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 28/06/2021

Happy birthday 3rd birthday josh hope you have an amazing day and have lots of presents 🎁 🎉🥳

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 26/05/2021

This morning the children of Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery🌈🌈participated in a science experiment with the staff members, it involved baking soda vinegar and food colouring🔴🔵🟣, this resulted in a safe minor chemical reaction💥which the children were extremely fascinated by and enjoyed participating in. Well done everyone!🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 19/05/2021

The weather today was amazing 🌞 we had great fun drawing out in the garden🪴✏️ exploring the garden looking for caterpillars and butterfly’s 🦋 the children of Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery🌈 enjoy being in the garden and experiencing the different weather changes especially in Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌈❤️

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 18/05/2021

We have had an amazing two days this week so far!🌈The children of Rainbow Dreams🌈 have been having amazing fun exploring nature🌿 and experiencing risky play by building our own obstacle courses and balancing beams, learning about road safety🚗and looking for animals 🦌and mini beast 🕷making our own collages of the garden and the colours we see🟢🔵🟠🟡🟣⚫️⚪️. What kind of things interest your child?🌎🌈🌿🦌🕷

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 17/05/2021

This morning the boys and girls of Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery🌈🌈had an amazing walk up to a large open space close to the nursery, this is amazing for the children’s social, physical and spiritual development as there’s lots of trees to climb 🌲and grass for the children to explore to see which animals 🦌 or mini beasts 🕷 we can find hiding in the grass. When asking the children what they’re favourite part was some of their reply’s were “playing with my friends” “climbing trees” “spiders” we had great fun this morning🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 13/05/2021

Today is Eid Mubarak, this is a religious holiday celebrated by the Muslim religion. May this Eid brings you joys unlimited, may all your wishes come true on this holy day, may Allah approve your kind deeds, forgive your disobedience and sins, and ease the suffering of all individuals around the globe. Eid Mubarak blessed by the grace of Allah. Eid Mubarak!🌈❤️

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 11/05/2021

This morning our children of Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery🌈🌈 we had great fun in the garden and we used our imagination and spoke about the colourful tunnel where we found a magical bridge 🌉 that takes us to a beautiful large castle 🏰 filled with nice dinsoaurs and pretty princesses, our kids had great fun today in the garden🌈🌈🏰💕

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 07/05/2021

Good morning everyone🌈❗️We’ve had such an amazing day today so far! We’ve been painting in the garden this morning 🎨 painting our hand prints onto the wall, this was a fun outdoor sensory experience that all the children enjoyed 🎨 We’ll be adding to this over the next week for the children who haven’t been in. Our own little Picasso’s❤️🌈


Such an amazing compliment from a new parent at our nursery🥰 this is what makes us proud to be Practitoners, it’s so rewarding to see how children can develop when they’re around more children. We can’t wait to see how much more confident the children gain!🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 05/05/2021

Good afternoon everyone! Today we’ve been learning all about healthy eating and how to use utensils safely (with adult supervision of course) the children helped the ladies to make snack, taking turns cutting carrots 🥕 and celery sticks up, after washing our hands 🧼 💦 very thoroughly of course, the children each took turns placing lettuce 🥬, carrots🥕, peppers 🫑, and celery sticks up, with a side dip of cheese and chive. It is important to have a balanced healthy diet each day, we also give the children a choice of what to drink, milk 🥛 , water and as a treat sometimes sugar free diluting juice 🧃 we spoke about why it’s important to eat healthy as it helps you grow big and strong and keeps you nice and healthy. Do you eat healthy too?🫑🥬🥕🥛🧃💦🍅🍓🥒

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 04/05/2021

Good morning everyone🌈 Our children this morning are having great fun with a sensory learning experience playing with coloured rice 🍚and lentils, this helps promote our children’s development 🙌 by encouraging them to engage with each other and discuss the colours and the feeling of the coloured rice and oats🔴🟠🟡 By doing this it supports the children’s social and cognitive development🌈🌈 We hope your having a great day❗️🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 03/05/2021

Good morning everyone❗️ Our children have been having great fun this last week making new designs for our display boards 🌈, trying new challenges and building lots of new things and learning how to wash our hands 🧼 💦 we also tried the Limbo with the children and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy it outsmarting us by climbing over it when it got too low❗️We hope you have a great day like we plan to❗️🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 29/04/2021

Good morning everyone🌈 this morning our children have had great fun playing tig and football⚽️ , this is great for our fine motor skills and gross motor skills, the sun is shining and we are having great fun playing in our garden🪴 having some exercise with the hula hoops and watering our plants 🪴 We are also making sure we are keepiny hydrated 💧 we hope your having a great day like we are🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 28/04/2021

Good afternoon everyone!🌈 our children this afternoon took a fond interest in building the Eiffel Tower out of our foam matts, we have spoken about the colours🔴🔵🟢🟡🟣 and the shapes we can see and feel the patterns on the matts〰️ we spoke about what our favourite colours were and how big we think the Eiffel Tower would be🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 28/04/2021

Over the last few weeks the children of Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery🌈🌈 have had lots of fun learning about colours and shapes 🔴🔻🔷🟦, feeling the texture of cotton wool and different patterns〰️➿ to make our rainbow, we’ve also been learning to wash our hands 🧼 the correct way and we are so proud of our young children for the development they’ve shown over the last few weeks, coming to term with colours, shapes, patterns, even learning to hold a pencil properly🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 26/04/2021

Our children at Rainbow Dreams 🌈 have been working hard learning how to wash their hands the correct way 🧼, we kindly ask all parents to help us in this matter to ensure our children are washing their hands correctly both at home and nursery 🏠 Its important to wash your hands when you come inside after being outside 🪴, to wash your hands before eating 🍲, and washing our hands after we go to the toilet 🚽 , it’s also important to wash our hands after we cough or sneeze and to wash them frequently throughout the day🧼🌈


Here at Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery🌈 we take great pride in our children as they grow and develop into a better person each day🌈, from developing fine motor skills to gross motor skills, to learning how to walk up stairs or jump up and down, to outdoor learning, physical and cognitive learning, 📚,all of these things develop our children to be happier😊, kinder, wary of their surroundings but also confident of their surroundings. All children learn different ways, how does your child learn best? Physical learning or cognitive learning? 📚

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 23/04/2021

We have had a Rainbowtastic day🌈❗️From playing with bubbles this morning and having a sensory experience with soapy water 💦 and toys🧸, to having some healthy tuna pasta for lunch 🥙 with some refreshing diluting juice 🥤,we then let our tummy’s settle before we had an amazing water balloon fight 🎈with our friends, we have had a great day and we hope you have too! Have a great weekend everyone❗️🌈🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 23/04/2021

This morning in Rainbow Dreams🌈our children had lots of fun having a sensory experience with some soapy water 🧼and toys from the garden, we spoke about how the water felt and what we could see and feel in the water 💦, we also had lots of fun playing with the bubbles aswell talking about how slidy they felt and how the light made the bubbles look like different colours🌈 We are soon to have a water fight this afternoon and the photos will be up soon🥰🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 23/04/2021

Our little plants 🪴 are starting to grow some have started to sprout and some have leaves 🍃 we are excited to see what they grow into ☀️🌈

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 21/04/2021

Playing hide the sea shell we had lots of fun ☀️

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 21/04/2021

Out in the sun today colouring in and some fun ☀️☀️⚽️

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 20/04/2021

This morning we where talking about 🌈 and how they are made we learned all the different colours 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣💖and what a rainbows needs to form 🌧 ☀️

Photos from Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery -Possilpark's post 19/04/2021

Good morning everyone!☀️ we hope your having a great day like we are, we’re having great fun in our mud kitchen and playing “hula hoop man” named by Robyn🌈 we’ve been making mud cakes and seeing who can throw our rocks the furthest, we hope your having a great day like we are😁🌈☀️


We hope your having a great day of sunshine like we are🌈🌞 Just a small reminder of our sunshine checklist for a fun day in the sun for our children. If possible please provide
1. Factor 50 Suncream 🧴
2 A change of clothes in the off chance we have a water fight or water balloon fight 🎈
3. A sun hat 👒
4. Appropriate clothing for shade 🌞
5. A towel to help dry your child after a water fight🌊

This helps us to protect our children from the UV rays from the sun and helps keep our children safe but happy🌈☀️

Many thanks
Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery🌈🌈

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Some tiktok dances Broux choose the song 🎶 👯☀️
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Some dancing 💃🏼 fun 🦌
Some dancing fun 🦌💃🏼💃🏼
Happy Birthday REUBEN🥳
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