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National 5 and Higher tuition delivered to pupils across Scotland in a variety of subjects.

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Photos from Study with Jen's post 11/07/2023

Winner to be announced in 6 days time! ⭐️

2023-24 small group tuition classes 08/07/2023

2023-24 small group tuition classes


I have received a few messages for more information regarding the online sessions for next term. I now have very limited spaces remaining in the following subjects:

National 5 biology
National 5 English
Higher English
National 5 business management

Small group online sessions are only £10, lasting 1 hour which will take place weekly from 14th August on Zoom.

All pupils who are joining will be invited to an introductory session week commencing 7th Aug free of charge, where I will explain the format and purpose of the sessions and to answer any questions they may have.

Small group tuition is extremely effective in helping pupils prepare for their final exams. Following the positive feedback I received from the group sessions in the lead up to this year's exams, I am really looking forward to starting these sessions at the beginning of this academic year! The main goal is to eliminate any stress and worry in their chosen subject before prelims and exam time approaches.

Pupils will have full access to 1-1 support in-between sessions as well as a wide range of resources and a study structure to help with their own independent studying. 1-1 sessions will also be available over Christmas, Easter and during exam leave to pupils.

By dedicating just 1 hour of tuition each week from August, pupils should feel much more prepared and confident before prelims and the exam period. Numbers in each group are extremely limited.

Please fill out the sign up form - , or contact Study with Jen's Facebook to reserve a space or for more information.

Thank you!

2023-24 small group tuition classes



Hi everyone, tonight I have got in touch with everyone who has signed up for the online group classes next term to finalise spaces and time slots. If you have not received a message please let me know. Some names didn’t have any contact details, if you think this may be you just get in touch and I will send over all of the details!

I now only have a few spaces left for classes in the following subjects: National 5 English, biology and business management and Higher English. Feel free to get in touch for more information on how to sign up and to receive the timetable.

All pupils will be invited to an introductory session free of charge week beginning 7th August, to go over the format and purpose of the classes and to answer any questions.

The first teaching block will take place on weeks beginning 14th Aug, 21st Aug, 4th Sept and 11th Sept.

The time slots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you everyone,
Jen x

Photos from Study with Jen's post 05/07/2023

I just wanted to make everyone aware that there is a SCAM PAGE of Study with Jen which has been created. Please report the fake page if you can. It has no likes or reviews and is definitely not me! 😂 This account has not been hacked please don’t report this page. Don’t respond to any messages or comments if the fake page gets in touch with you. I have reported it this morning and I’m hoping it will be taken down today.

Thank you,
Jen x

Photos from Study with Jen's post 04/07/2023

Thank you to everyone who has entered the giveaway so far! 📚

Photos from Study with Jen's post 03/07/2023


Available to ANY secondary pupils living in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. You do not need to be an existing pupil to enter!

The winner will receive the following:
- A £20 multi gift voucher (can be used in many stores including Just Eat, Wagamamas & Waterstones!)
- A stationery hamper filled with notebooks, a weekly planner, whiteboard and more
- A personalised study guide for your exam subjects
- Sweets/chocolate of your choice

1. Like Study with Jen’s page
2. Share this post
3. Comment and tag someone who would also benefit from this!

The winner will be announced 2 weeks today - Monday 17th July. Don’t worry if you are on holiday then, it will be kept for you!

The prize can be collected from East Kilbride, or if you live locally it can be delivered to you.

Good luck everyone!!! ⭐️



Keep your eyes peeled on Study with Jen’s page, as tonight the BIGGEST back to school giveaway yet will be announced!😃📚



I have a few scattered daytime and evening slots during the week for anyone who may be interested. Feel free to get in touch for more information, whether it’s just a one-off session or a few over Summer!

Thank you,
Jen 📚

Photos from Study with Jen's post 28/06/2023

A busy day of printing, posting and organising lots and lots of biology cards 😅📚

Photos from Study with Jen's post 26/06/2023

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lovely weather.

Just a wee reminder that study packs for the 2024 exams are still available in a range of Nat 5 and Higher subjects - perfect to encourage some light studying over Summer for a head start and to be prepared for prelim and exam time!

Online tutoring sessions are also now filling up very fast. The sign up form is still available on my page for anyone interested.

Thanks everyone,
Jen 😊

2023-24 small group tuition classes 13/06/2023

2023-24 small group tuition classes


Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you all an update on the online group sessions for next term.

At the moment there is enough demand for at least two classes in National 5 English, National 5 biology and Higher English.

A complimentary “introduction” session will be held in August just after the schools return from summer. These sessions will go over the purpose and format of the classes to give pupils a feel on what they will be like.

The online classes will then formally begin on a weekly basis week beginning 11th September. I have drafted a provisional timetable for the days and times of these classes. As I don’t receive my own timetable until September, some changes may need to be made to this timetable. However, it is unlikely that there will be any changes at all.

Numbers will be capped in each class so please fill out the sign up form ( if the classes are still of interest and I will be in touch with the provisional timetable and more details on the classes.

Classes are £40 a month for 4 weekly 1hr sessions.

I am also available over Summer for any pupils who would like a 1-1 chat before the sessions begin!

Thank you everyone 🙂

2023-24 small group tuition classes


Hi everyone,

Next week from 5-8th June I am on holiday. Recent study pack orders will be posted tomorrow and any orders made over the weekend will be posted when I return.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend when it comes! 🌞



I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. Study pack orders will be posted today, and orders placed over the weekend will be posted out on Tuesday.

Thanks everyone,
Jen 📚



For some people, messages don’t send to Study with Jen’s page. If your PM is unable to send, feel free to message 07455964481 or email [email protected] and I will get back to you. Thank you!

Photos from Study with Jen's post 23/05/2023


National 5 biology 🧬
National 5 & Higher English 📖
National 5 & Higher business management 📊
National 5 modern studies 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Business management and modern studies booklets are now updated to reflect any changes made to the 2024 exams. Biology and English study guides remain unchanged.

The summer break is a great time for pupils to introduce themselves to their chosen subjects for the next academic year using the study packs. This will hopefully ease the stress and workload for when they start in August! Feedback is also included with most study packs so pupils can keep track of their progress, or to help identify if they may require extra support.

The study packs are also incredibly useful in the lead up to prelims and exams. All of the information is in the one place so pupils don’t need to look through different jotters and textbooks to find what they are looking for.

Feel free to get in touch for more details on what each subject includes!



With biology, English, business management and modern studies exams now complete, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year! I hope all of my pupils and their families have a great Summer.

Whether you joined for sessions or purchased study packs, I really hope you found them beneficial in helping you study for your exams. If anyone does have any spare time, a review on Study with Jen's page is always appreciated!

This page will still be active for study pack orders and for anyone who is interested in tuition over Summer. I will get back to any enquiries as quickly as I can.

Thank you! Jen 😊

2023-24 small group tuition classes 16/05/2023

2023-24 small group tuition classes

Hi everyone, spaces are filling up quickly for group classes for the next term. If you are still interested in tuition for Nat 5 biology and Nat 5/Higher English next year please feel free to fill out the sign up form. Thank you!

2023-24 small group tuition classes



I have a few slots remaining on Monday for any pupils studying Nat 5 modern studies or Nat 5 and Higher business management.

Feel free to get in touch for more details ✏️



Wishing all of my English pupils the very best of luck with their exams over tomorrow and Wednesday!

I have had some of you for over two years through both your Nat 5’s and Higher’s! It really has been great working with all of you and I wish you the very best for the future as you move onto uni, college or work! You know where I am if you ever need anything.

I am very excited to be continuing with the English group sessions for the 2024 exams too for both Nat 5 and Higher (

Good luck all of you! ⭐️

2023-24 small group tuition classes 07/05/2023

2023-24 small group tuition classes


Following the success and positive feedback from my group sessions which began in January in the run up to the final exams, I am small group tuition classes from August for the 2024 exams in the following subjects:

National 5 English
Higher English
National 5 biology
National 5 business management

Small group tuition is extremely effective in helping pupils prepare for their final exams. The main goal of these classes is to ensure that pupils are well prepared in their chosen subjects ahead of prelim and exam time, to eliminate unneeded stress and worry! Extra resources will be sent to pupils on a weekly basis for marking and feedback. Work will be based on each pupil's individual needs. Group sessions are only £10.

Here is the sign up link for anyone who may be interested: Or, please feel free to contact the page with any queries or to reserve a space. Numbers are extremely limited in each class.

Pupils will be invited to a free "welcome" session week beginning 7th August, before classes formally begin from 14th August.

Thanks everyone,

2023-24 small group tuition classes



From the end of May until August I have availability for any pupils who may be interested in 1-1 sessions. This can be just a one-off or regular sessions for anyone who would like a head start in their Nat 5 or Higher subjects, or new S1 pupils who would like to boost their confidence in maths and English before starting high school.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information ☀️



I now only have a couple of scattered weekday slots available next week before the English exam, and very limited spaces on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th May. More information on summer tuition will also be released very soon ☀️

I hope everyone has a great week!
Jen 😄


Hi everyone,

I still have a few weekday slots available for any pupils looking for extra support in the following subjects: Nat 5/Higher English, Nat 5 modern studies, and Nat 5/Higher business management.

This applies to new or existing pupils. Feel free to get in touch for more details.

Have a great weekend! 📚



Wishing everyone who is sitting the National 5 biology exam the very best of luck. This evening wrapped up the 15 weekly biology group sessions, as well as my regular 1-1 biology pupils. I’m rooting for you all and please let me know how you get on. I’m on hand for any last minute panics or questions this evening, just let me know if I can help. 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Photos from Study with Jen's post 26/04/2023

English study guides are still available! 1st class postage and feedback is also included, to let pupils see where they should focus the last of their revision! 📚✏️



I have a few weekday slots remaining next week if any one is interested in a session, especially any pupils who are doing National 5 or Higher English. Feel free to get in touch for availability! 📚

Photos from Study with Jen's post 24/04/2023


I often get asked what the best ways are to study, and it really depends on the subject and how you take in information! Some of my favourites are using study cards, mind maps and a blurting study technique.

❌Do not simply read over textbooks and notes!❌

Instead try some of the following techniques below:

Mindmaps - useful for essay-based subjects that require longer answers, e.g., English, modern studies etc…

Study cards - useful for subjects that require shorter answers - e.g., biology, business management etc…

Blurting - get yourself a whiteboard or paper, and write down or ‘blurt’ everything that you already know on your topic. Get a new pen and write in the things you forgot. Get a new piece of paper and try and rewrite everything again including the things you forgot to add!

I also recommend looking at the SQA course specifications for your subjects. These are checklists that include what you should be studying for the exam. I find them extremely beneficial for all sciences!


A busy day of sessions until 6pm today. The timetable for the second week of exam leave will also be sent out later today. Good luck to pupils who are sitting exams this week! 🤞🏼



I just want to wish all of my pupils the best of luck with their exams this year! Exam leave begins on Monday, please send me a message if you are struggling, need any advice or even just some reassurance!

Thank you for keeping me so busy this year 📚

Good luck everyone - and remember not long to go now until Summer!!

Jen x



I am putting on some extra sessions over this weekend for any pupils (especially those doing Nat 5 biology!) who would like any extra support. I also still have very limited availability for weekday slots next week. Just get in touch for more information!

National 5 biology
National 5 and Higher English
National 5 and Higher business
National 5 modern studies


Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m trying to get through all of my messages this evening. It is taking me longer than usual to respond during this busy period. Thank you so much for your patience!


60 sessions from the Easter holidays now complete! 😅✅ Sessions will resume as normal next week, and the schedule for exam leave will be sent to all pupils within the next couple of days.

Thank you everyone!
Jen x


I have two 1-1 sessions which are now available for tomorrow: 12:10 and 2.40. If you would be interested in one of these slots feel free to get in touch.

Next week will return to the normal tuition schedule, and an exam leave session timetable will be sent out to my pupils and on my page within the next week too.

Thanks everyone 👍🏼


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Another very busy day of tuition today from 10 until 7:30pm. I hope everyone’s studying is going well and try to enjoy your last week of the holiday too! Jen 🙂


A 9 and a half hour day of tutoring is now complete 😅 25 sessions since Monday!

Thank you everyone for your patience during this very busy time. I now also have a couple of spaces available for the Nat 5 biology group class which takes place every Wednesday at 5.15pm. Feel free to get in touch for more details on this.

Study packs are still available too.
Thanks everyone, Jen 🙂


Great to hear some positive feedback today about my National 5 English study pack! This pupil achieved 18/20 in their recent test.

The Nat 5 English study guide covers each component of the exam (RUAE, critical essay and set text), and the best way to layout your answers to achieve top marks. Feedback is all provided on each task if pupils email their answers back to me. Tips on how to study for each part of the exam is also included!

It’s always lovely to hear how the study packs are helping boost pupils grades! Thank you 🙂


I have now finalised sessions for during the Easter break - 60 sessions in total so that everyone can be fitted in!! 😅 If you are still to confirm your dates and times please just let me know so you can be booked in. The session timetable for exam leave will be sent out within the next couple of weeks.

If any pupils are feeling stressed or overwhelmed please do not hesitate to get in touch with the page. I have plenty of resources to help and study packs are still available too.

I hope all pupils still manage to enjoy their Easter break and please let me know if you need anything!

Here is my helper for the busy upcoming weeks 🙈😺

Jen x

Photos from Study with Jen's post 24/03/2023


All study packs are in line with the SQA course specifications and contain ALL of the content/key skills that pupils need to know to do well in their exams.

Creating study materials, i.e flashcards and mindmaps from multiple jotters and booklets, and trying to filter out the relevant content from textbooks is a time consuming process. These study packs have done this already for you and contain only what pupils could be asked on in their exam.

An optional feedback session is also included with English, modern studies, and business management. The biology study pack consists of flash cards on each topic, as well as instructions on the different ways you can use the study cards. The biology study pack received great feedback with this year’s exam, with one pupil even achieving a B after failing their prelim.

I have attached below some reviews from pupils who sat this years exam, and some pictures of the revision guides. Please get in touch with Study with Jen for more information on what the guides include or to place an order. More reviews are available to view on my page too 🙂

Looking for 1-1 sessions over Easter and exam leave? Sign up form -
Looking for a tutor for the 2024 exams? -


Spending this afternoon creating and finalising my pupils Easter revision plans and materials, to make studying as straight forward as possible for them!

Now onto preparing my five 1-1 sessions this evening 📚. Remember to sign up for 1-1 sessions during Easter and exam leave if you are looking for extra support and study packs are still available to order too!

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