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Thanks to former pupil Emma Felber for sharing about the UK Civil Service and UK Space Agency today! 🛰️🌍🌌

Should we build bases and Terraform Mars? One of the many interesting questions raised today at talks delivered to students Gairloch High School by UK Space Agency. Discussions on Space and Civil Service careers and pathways, highlighting useful personal skills for working in international relations alongside fantastic images from space. What more could you ask for Lochaber Chamber of Commerce DYW Scotland

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Our Charities Committee have had a very productive week! They've opened a new "Once upon a swap" shop with preloved and new uniform available. If you have any uniform that no longer fits you or you don't need, please bring it in and add to the swap! The racks will be out each morning for the next week to have a look through.

They've also got a coin challenge going on today, making a line with the over 6000 coins they've collected. Well done to all our charities committee members and staff who help it all happen! 🪙


We are looking forward to our end of term celebration and Prize Giving. Join us next Tuesday (please be seated by 1.30pm) and, if you can't make it, you'll also be able to share in our pupils success on social media 🌟

Sports Day 2024 14/06/2024

We held our annual Sports Day yesterday and had fantastic participation from pupils (and staff) across different houses and years. This year we also had time for some more silly games! Thank you to Mrs Hildrey and the staff team who pull it all together each year.

The winning house was Kerry 💙 followed by Maree ❤️ and then Tollaidh 💛

Lots of photos from the day on Flickr:

Sports Day 2024 Explore this photo album by Gairloch High on Flickr!


Our traditional music group C for Craic took part in the Fiddler's Rally at Ullapool High School this evening 🎶🎻

We're also saying a farewell from the group, and school, to Iona (S6 leaver) and Monica (heading to Plockton Traditional Music school). Thank you for all the ways you've both contributed for many years!

All 3 groups are ready and raring to go in ullapool tonight 🎶 Ullapool High SchoolGairloch High SchoolTain Royal Academy


We're getting ready for our next Prize Giving and end-of-year celebration which will take place on Tuesday 25th June in the afternoon. All are welcome to join us.

If you're a former pupil who received a trophy last year, we need it back! Please arrange to drop it off at the school office.


We're delighted to welcome our next batch of Gairloch High School pupils to classrooms today as our P7 transition days continue.

This morning they're being shown around by our S5 and S6 mentors and meeting key people across the school including our canteen staff, office team, janitor and Gairloch Active Schools and Youth Gairloch Youth Development. They'll also get a chance to visit the Den Youth Club with Susan. Add to that experiencing 13 different subjects and it's a busy, but exciting schedule.

We hope you have a great couple of days! Our Parent Information session for current P7s (new S1) families will take place tomorrow evening.

Online Challenges - UK Safer Internet Centre 07/06/2024

We'd like to pass on this information and list of links which come from the Highland Council's safeguarding lead. They aim to help parents and carers identify and tackle social media trends which encourage dangerous, negative, or harmful behaviour.

Social media challenges may be fascinating to young people, but there is a danger that they may be drawn towards behaviour that is designed to attract attention. Some social media challenges can be fun and positive, but others can be dangerous. It is always a good idea to check in with the children and young people in your care and talk to them about any concerns they may have and what they see as the biggest challenges they face with their circle of friends. They may be more willing to open up about the behaviour of their friends, rather than their own. Be open about the challenges they may have seen online and use open-ended questions, focusing on the potential outcomes and consequences.

Mikeysline are a Highland based charity who offer text-based support services for adults and young people. See more -

Some further resources for parents:

Online Challenges - UK Safer Internet Centre Online challenges, viral stories, hoaxes, or digital ghost stories can commonly appear online through social media or other online platforms.


Today at our Whatever the Weather Wednesday session we said a fond farewell to Albey, who has been on volunteer placement with us from Gairloch High School. Wishing you all the best Albey with your next adventure and thank you for giving your time to help support this group and the Museum.

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Our S1 and S2 pupils were based in science today for a whole lot of STEM and career based learning 🧪🔍🐀⚛️

Mrs Christopher and the science staff led a murder investigation and how physics, biology and chemistry can play their part in figuring out who was to blame.

This afternoon DYW West Highland and Mrs Christopher had collaborated to bring the Mammal Society to Gairloch, looking at how we can track animals. We then heard about different career pathways from Fiona Reid, data scientist with Lloyds Banking Group and Charlotte Bailey, Substation Engineer with SSEN Transmission.

Thank you to everyone for taking part, asking great questions, to our visitors for sharing their knowledge and experiences with us and to Mrs Christopher for her work behind the scenes.


Bidh an ath dheireadh-sheachdain còmhnaidh a’ tachairt aig Fairburn Activity Centre anns a’ Blàr Dhubh, eadar 5f, Dihaoine 17mh den Chèitean agus 5f, Didomhnaich 19mh den Chèitean. Tha an deireadh-seachdain fosgailte do sgoilearan, BS7 – AS4, aig a bheil Gàidhlig. Bidh bùithtean-obrach ann an Òrain Ghàidhlig, Ceòl agus Obair-Buidhne le sàr luchd-ciùil, Deirdre Ghreumach agus Innes White. Bidh bùitean-obrach ann cuideachd ann an Sgilean Camara agus Dèanamh Bhidio air a lìbreachadh le Calum MacGillEathain, a bharrachd air cur-seachadan a-muigh le Coinneach MacFhraing bho Spòrs Gàidhlig. ‘S e cothrom air leth a bhios ann do dhaoine-òga deireadh-seachdain a chur seachad còmhla, agus bidh àm sòisealta ann cuideachd airson caraidean ùra a dhèanamh cho math sgilean ùra ionnsachadh tron a’ Ghàidhlig.

The next Gaelic Residential Weekend will take place at Fairburn Activity Centre in Muir of Ord, from 5pm, Friday 17th May to 5pm, Sunday 19th May. The event is open to all pupils, P7 – S4, who speak Gaelic. There will be workshops in Gaelic Songs, Music and Group Work with the wonderful Deirdre Graham and Innes White, as well as workshops in Camera Skills and Video Making delivered by Calum MacLean, and outdoor activities led by Kenny Rankin from Spòrs Gàidhlig. It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to spend a weekend immersed in Gaelic, and there will also be a social time to make new friends as well as learn new skills.

Deireadh-Seachdain Còmhnaidh / Gaelic Residential Weekend
📍 Fairburn Activity Centre
📅 17-19/05/24

Bidh bùithtean-obrach ann an Òrain Ghàidhlig, Ceòl agus Obair-Buidhne le sàr luchd-ciùil, Deirdre Ghreumach agus Innes White. A bharrachd air bùitean-obrach ann an Sgilean Camara agus Dèanamh Bhidio air a lìbreachadh le Calum MacGillEathain, agus cur-seachadan a-muigh le Coinneach MacFhraing bho Spòrs Gàidhlig.Tha sinn taingeil do Bhòrd na Gàidhlig, Screen Scotland agus Astar Media airson taic a thoirt don tachartas.

There will be workshops in Gaelic Songs, Music and Group Work with the wonderful Deirdre Graham and Innes White, as well as workshops in Camera Skills and Video Making delivered by Calum MacLean, and outdoor activities led by Kenny Rankin from Spòrs Gàidhlig. We are grateful to Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Screen Scotland and Astar media for support towards this event.

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Two teams from Gairloch faced two teams from Ardnamurchan High School today in the regional heat and final of the Geography Challenge Quiz today. Pupils faced individual and team rounds on subjects such as the tundra, geography in the news, OS map skills, Scottish councils and the geography of South Africa. The quiz was won by Ardnamurchan A who secured a place in the national final taking place in June. Well done to everyone who took part! 🌍


Our hospitality pupils from S1 and S2 are running a pop-up café at the Gairloch Thursday Market next Thursday 9th May, raising money for Diabetes UK. Please come along to support them and the charity - and be rewarded with a selection of tasty food and drinks! ☕🥯

Photos from Countryside Learning Scotland's post 19/04/2024
Photos from DYW West Highland's post 19/04/2024

On March 14, 2014, some of our pupils participated in a Music Showcase designed to demonstrate some of the work in the Music Department. The pupils ran the whole event from start to finish. Mrs. MacDonald recorded the performances on an iPad from the back of the hall, and as you would expect, some required edits due to the pressure of a live event or unforeseen movement in front of the camera. Time codes are below to help you find particular performances of interest.

00:00:07 Ben
00:04:15 Gwen & James
00:06:07 Iona
00:08:24 Ace
00:10:20 Malcolm
00:13:30 Mairin, Lexie, Sofia, Ewan & Sandy
00:16:01 Mairin
00:17:51 Sandy
00:22:34 Sofia
00:25:11 James
00:26:45 Lexie & Sofia
00:28:05 Lexie
00:30:10 Gwen
00:31:31 Sofia
00:34:14 Ewan & Beau
00:36:22 Ewan
00:38:41 Ben
00:44:18 Iona
00:48:44 C for Craic
00:55:35 Joshua
00:59:10 S3 Group piece Malcolm, Jack, Ewan, Sandy, Beau, Finlay, Bianca, Lexie, Mairin & Sofia

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The Fèisean nan Gàidheal Gaelic Drama Summer School takes place in Portree from 1st-6th July this year. It's a funded, residential event and there's lots more information, including the application form, here:


We finished today for our Easter Holidays and are delighted to share our bumper end-of-term newsletter with you all! It's full of updates from across the school, including plenty of pictures and some videos. It's also got helpful contacts and dates squeezed in at the end.

We hope pupils and staff have a restful and rejuvenating holiday 🌷


And an Active Schools open day with games hall, pitch and climbing ⚽


See below for details of our easter activities. You can book online at or by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the poster. Hope to see many of you there 😄


Activities happening in the Easter holidays 🖌️

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A group of pupils from S1 and S2 travelled down to Woodland Trust - Gleann Shìldeag yesterday to play a part in restoring and expanding Scotland's rainforest 🌳 They planted trees and ate cookies - I'm not sure how helpful the cookies are to the effort but they certainly lifted spirits!

They're having a community planting event on Saturday - more info here if you're interested:

Photos from Slattadale's post 18/03/2024

🎶🎻 C for Craic, our traditional music group won the Scottish Traditional Ensembles competition at the Inverness Festival Association last weekend. A huge well done to Isaac, Iona, Monica, Sofia and Isla for their dedication to practice over the years and a bigger thanks to their HLH instructor Rhona Sutherland for making it all happen! C for Craic are playing alongside Gizzen Briggs in Inverness today raising money for Marie Curie - Scotland.


It's a very busy time here at the High School! Here's a wee glimpse of what's been going on, with some pictures to follow later in the week.

💰 Our Bring & Buy Sale was held on 2nd March, with loads of pupils involved. It raised £2000!
💬 S2 parents evening takes place on Wednesday evening.
🎶 A Musical Showcase will be held this Thursday 14th March starting at 6pm. It's important performance experience and will feature soloists from S1-6.
🏆 C for Craic are our traditional music group, led by strings instructor Rhona Sutherland. They won their competition at the Inverness Music Festival - well done!
🏅 A group of pupils from S1-3 travelled to Ullapool yesterday for the Ross-Shire Schools Cross Country competition. Breanna (S1) came second in her competition and Abbey (S2), Isla C, Sofia and Mairin (S3) came third in the team competition.
🧑‍🎓 We have final speaking assessments in language subjects this week (French 🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Gaelic 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and Gaidhlig 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿) and final practical assessments in Music 🎵 and Drama 🎭 next week. Senior pupils have been working incredibly hard for these and we hope your efforts pay off!
🎻 C for Craic are performing on Friday at Eastgate Centre, Inverness.
😁 We welcomed P7 parents into school yesterday afternoon to see what learning looks like at Gairloch High School.
🏀 Inter-house dodgeball is taking place at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are loads of other sporting opportunities through the week! Girls' football and hockey on Monday, badminton on Tuesday, football on Wednesdays and rugby skills on Thursdays. Thanks to staff and Gairloch Active Schools volunteers who make these happen.
🧩 There's a host of other lunchtime activities on - check the pupil bulletin for details.


Exciting opportunity in April to try a new outdoor activity for free in Gairloch! ⛵🌊


Our next big event we'd like to invite you to is a Music Showcase evening! 🎶🎵 We have an array of talented pupils from S1-6 who will be performing and we're looking for a supportive audience to give them performance experience.

Entry is by donation and it will start at 6pm on Thursday 14th March in the Gairloch High School Multi-purpose hall. Refreshments will be available. We look forward to seeing you there!

Photos from Gairloch High School's post 01/03/2024

Our S1-3 pupils worked hard today to organise donations and set up for our huge Bring and Buy Sale which opens at 10am tomorrow, Saturday 2nd March in the Gairloch High School multi purpose hall. Thank you so much to all those who've given items to sell or raffle - your support of our pupils is so appreciated! 🥰

Now we need you to come and buy lots 🤑! We have baking, toys, clothes, a huge abundance of bric a brac and household items, books, jigsaws, computer games and a few fun activities to take part in. A list of our raffle prizes are included here and if you visit our stories on Instagram or Facebook you'll see some more glimpses as our pupils take you around the different stalls - although more has been added since these photos and videos were taken!

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On March 14, 2014, some of our pupils participated in a Music Showcase designed to demonstrate some of the work in the M...
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Èist ris na fileantaich as sine againn mun ùine a chuir iad seachad le Spòrs Gàidhlig an t-seachdain seo.Hear from our s...
The winner of the Lauder Prize for Music is Sarah MacKenzie.Sarah's preparation for the practical part of the course has...
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