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Home learning+


Hi is it possible for you To private message me in regard to lessons? I can't seem to do it my end? Thanks, Maxine Badenhop
Hi what a great idea for Farnham :)
Ni Hao,
let me introduce you our website with games to learn Chinese vocabulary.
Fun, dynamic, would not expect anything less of you, well done x
Brilliant! Well done Jane! We're well up for that!

A fun ,dynamic ,unique way to learn Mathematics and Chinese Language. Confident learning, culture s Hi, my name is Jane MacDonald.

I have being a Mandarin tutor for kids since I was 17. I love working with kids and love to see them achieve and gain confidence everyday.

3 years ago I set up "Farnham Mandarin Lessons" for two reasons: 1. I speak to my sons Mandarin at home and would like to have a routine to teach them further. 2. Mandarin is a beautiful ancient language that I have always love since I was little, to share wh

Operating as usual


I have a sister, she’s been living in Taipei for 10 years
She is very busy, so as Taipei
When she’s cold, Taipei is always the coldest place in whole Taiwan
She works late into the night, the lights of Taipei also never switch off
Sister made phone call back to our country home, only said she missed home
At that moment , in the sky, every now and then
An aeroplane flew by
Sister often wants me to visit her
In her eyes, I am her mobile hometown

Sister and Taipei embraced tightly, eventually
I see high speed shuttle lines on her
If I shine a torch on her
On the wall, the shadow is 101 building
She often rains, said frustrations are hard to dry up
When she lies down she’ll turn into a basin
She has lots of alley ways, and she thinks getting lost is a kind of aesthetics
If she smiles, somewhere in Taipei, street trees ought to blossom

My sister lives in Taipei, all by herself
In the winter nights, sister would pluck the crescent moon
Gently scrapes off every details of loneliness of the whole city
When she rang
Outside my window, as if snow was falling

姊姊打電話回鄉下 只說想家


我姊姊住臺北 一個人

──周盈秀《我姊姊住臺北》 #我姊姊住台北 #读诗 #周盈秀


Reading streak challenge Day 16

koala bear’s meal time by Nadia Berkane


Reading streak challenge Day 15

The witch’s 13 cats by
Marie-Hélène Delval

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Reading streak challenge Day 13&14

Guess who I am
Pull up the turnip

The eldest went to a sleepover party so we are one day behind.

Photos from Home learning+'s post 08/01/2023

Reading streak challenge Day 11&12

My mum
Welcome to Nursery

The eldest went to a sleepover party so we are one day behind.

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Reading streak challenge Day 9 & 10

Little bear, play with me


Reading streak challenge Day 8:

Something from nothing by Phoebe Gilman (our favourite❤️)

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Reading streak challenge Day 7:
Tigger builds a tent

P.s our 15 months old golden retriever always join us at reading time. ❤️

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Reading streak challenge Day 5&6:
Winnie’s new hat
The bouncy tigger


Reading streak challenge Day 4:
Winnie grows a pumpkin


Reading streak challenge Day 3:
The helpful Panpan


Reading streak challenge Day 2:
The busy little fox- snowing in Spring!


Reading streak challenge Day 1:
My dad

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Today’s lesson:
What’s up on your head game; dialogues and comprehension.


A game about “opposites”.


Lesson about park. Lots of reading out loud and sentences making.

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A lesson about garden. “Writing is boring unless you turn it into art.”

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Father’s Day writing task: my dad.
My dad is 43 years old,
My dad loves DJing.
He has a lot of friends .
He is a programmer.
He is my good daddy.

My dad has very few hair,
But he has big heart.
Dad has two sisters.
My dad likes curry,
My dad sits on sofa.
I love my dad.


Game #1: Pictionary in Mandarin characters,15 rounds.
Game #2: each person writes a noun/a verb/a place then combine them to form a sentence. (Very silly!)
We had sentences like “big cow is on the table eating small goat’s hand! “

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8/6/22 Writing task.
Andrew: About me
My mum is very good.
I like school.
I like PE.
I like to eat noodles.
My little brother is a big sheep’s grass hand?!
My favourite season is winter.

Jonathan: My mum.
My mum is kind.
My mum is my mum.
My mum can speak 5 languages.
My mum eats fish.
My mum loves me.

Jonathan: About me
I like to play computer games.
I can speak some Mandarin.
I am in year 5.
I live in England.


Boys took turn to “test” each other on speaking and writing. A said in Mandarin , J wrote them out then they swapped.
A: wind, rain, snow, clouds and lightning come from sky.
J: There are sun and moon up in the sky.
A: in spring it rains, in winter it snows
J: come in to left hand, go out of right hand (quick turnaround).

A good progress in vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening. More importantly they now enjoy their Mandarin lessons. ❤️


So lovely to receive a good feedback/review from a parent:

“Jane always came across as a very lovely natured and well mannered tutor to my son. She was able to motivate him hugely using a variety of age appropriate resources both visual, tactile, verbal and written. She was able to adapt his lessons according to his temperament, his pace of understanding and always willing to offer as many tutor lessons as my son enjoyed, including for longer periods.

Jane was also keen to express to myself (the parent) his progress levels and very willing to support him to sit for public examinations.

My son has since continued to speak several languages and it is no surprise that some of his love for languages started whilst being tutored by Jane from such a young age.

I also am aware that Jane has children of her own and therefore feel that her personal experiences make her a good fit to work with other younger /older students in such a role. I would highly recommend Jane for this role. “

Amita Kenyon
Specialist teacher and Assessor for SpLDs

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This week’s highlights at homelearning+.

We are grateful to have the vast woodlands and nature’s reserve at our doorstep - we explored the routes that we’ve never been, boys have climbed every trees that are possible to climb; discovered a hidden stunt park in the middle of nowhere, went back next day with our bikes, had a great time messing about.

At home thanks to the good weather, we had lessons in our garden, boys built a reading/drawing den, and won’t come out of it, some fantastic drawings and poems were produced in there, it’s been blissful.


Some learning fun at homelearning+. 💓

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They started to show...found the drawing and the captions on the whiteboard of my 8 years old’s bedroom.

Two more poem/mini stories by boys from today’s lesson.


This is brilliant!!

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Easter egg hunt... in Chinese! Completed in 10 mins with a little of help. Now chocolate for breakfast 😂💓

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Week 3

Easter holiday begins, except that kids don’t get school work, every things else stay the same. I don’t won’t kids to binge in screen time, so have laid down simple timetables for these couple of week:

1. Joe wick pe and Mandarin in the morning
2. Reading and ping pong in the afternoon

These have been carried out well and give us a structure of our “holiday” time. Boys are left with plenty of time to connect with their friends online via playing same video games, while they do that I enjoy my freedom of cooking, reading and doing yoga.

Mandarin and PE have continued to be a huge success of home learning, results are easier to measure I suppose. We have lots of fun learning and working out together. I would like this to continue after we return to our normality.

1. Food waste is non-exist in our house anymore, with careful storage and following use by date on our daily meal plan, we made use of everything we have, stretched out shopping trips as far out as possible.
2. We noticed more small great things that never have the time to stop and enjoy: birds chirping, new buds, gentle breeze, first light through the windows...
3. We are grateful for the place we live where we have beautiful quiet outdoor spaces for our one form of exercise a day.
4. We are grateful that we are still able to feed our children and all we are asked to do is to stay in whereas thousands of families struggle to make their ends meet.
5. We are grateful for the key workers who save lives, who stock up and deliver essential supplies, who don’t have the luxury to work at home, you keep society functioning, and you are the true heroes.

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Boys attempted their first Chinese poem writing today.


On top of the mountain there is a big sheep
Big sheep wants to eat grass
At the bottom of the mountain there is a little insect
The little insect eats mud
In the field there are two horses
They run happily


Little cow eats grass slowly
Little bird tweets loudly
Medium sheep baas in the spring

We have mountain, horses, spring... can’t get more poetic than that😂😍😂


After two weeks of Mandarin lessons, they can now read a poem independently:
I give you- Andrew and Jonathan- read to you:
Colours of spring


Looking forward to start our first session with tomorrow.


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Week 2 at home learning+.

Second week whooshes pass and gone. As the world seem to go into idle mode, husband and I are lucky enough to still have our jobs going to keep society functioning, with the luxury of working at home. With kids at home, I am juggling with doing both schoolwork and home schooling, however, we are all enjoying the gained family time - it’s amazing how little you need and how much you can do with limited access to pretty much everything to have quality time.

Unlike first week everyone got up at working hour (6am in our house), second week we managed to lie in a little, partly due to the clock been moved forward.

This week we continued the same routine as first week, what seemed to have improved the most is PE and Mandarin. 3 times a day exercise have not only improved our physical ability but as well as mental well-being. As we all enjoy our exercises more each day, we have all become more resilient, focused and happier. Boys have taken on Mandarin so well, it’s hard to believe that merely 2 weeks ago, they were adamant about not learning it.

Thoughts to share:
1. Use the time well. If you don’t have young kids to look after and educate you might feel flooded by abundant time. Rather than worrying about things you can’t control, direct your energy to self improvement: learn a new language, new instrument, pick up a sport etc. Learn to cook, be passionate about cooking, that way not only you fill your day with passion and excitement, it’s also cheaper and healthier. Do home improvement, there are plenty of online courses for DIYs or any skills that you wish to have but never have the time to learn. Time goes fast when you are busy.
2. Look after yourself. Exercise, eat well. Do regular facials, get your partner to give you massages. Pedicure and manicure at home, as often as you like. Make the most of the down time to reconnect with your inner self - you’ll never speak to anyone more than to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself.
3. Read, read, read. If you feel like escaping current life without any cost or just for pure enjoyment, read.
4. Escape to nature near where you live. We walk/run/cycle to near by park & woodland on a daily basis, we avoided the usual route for social distancing but were rewarded with hidden beauty of nature.

Finally it is a consolation to know this could be happening:

“While we’re all taking a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines—with all of our consumer-based ways in tow—maybe the Earth will have time and space to reset a little, to find a better balance, to heal. Maybe we’ll have time and space to think more about the things we want and the things we need, and how our lives and our daily activities and patterns affect the world around us. Maybe the waterways and the air will continue to become cleaner and clearer. Maybe the dolphins will continue to come closer. Maybe the levels of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide will continue to decrease. Maybe the Earth will surprise us with the ways that it is able to make quick changes during only a brief pause in the output of our everyday industry and pollution." ~Carrie Ciula

Stay safe and keep learning.


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Week 1 of home learning/family time/distant teaching

As a full time working mum, I was determined to make positive use of these lockdown time to give my kids the attention and care they deserved. So making connections first, academic second.

Each day we would start with “ “ then we did school work, we made smoothie to drink at break (boys designed menu), lunch time we ran/cycled into woods near where we live. In the afternoon boys would learn mandarin with me, we also baked together every other day. We had our ping pong table and swing ball stand set up in our garden, boys could go on them during breaks/ after learning hours.

On top of those my work was happening like normal, I was replying emails to parents, students, colleagues, keeping track /log students learning activity, conference meeting, carried out assigned tasks, real marking and distance marking...


1. A positive learning routine, keeping a loose timetable but don’t stress if you don’t stick to the timings. Strictly no pjs during the day.
2. Boys take lead of their learning by keeping track of their tasks giving by school
3. Online gaming/conferencing with friends is a good incentive at the end of the day
4. Read together, lots of them.
5. “Special occasion “ once a week, this weekend we are doing dinner party theme with smart dress code.

Throughout the week I was nowhere near boredom, neither stressed/agitation, it was a productive and fulfilling week with lots of bonding and laughing moments.

I will sure miss this when we all go back to our real, fast paced life.


The most mysterious number: 142857 .It's found inside Egypt Pyramid.
This is how special it is:
142857 X 1 = 142857 .
142857 X 2 = 285714 .
142857 X 3 = 428571 .
142857 X 4 = 571428 .
142857 X 5 = 714285 .
142857 X 6 = 857142 .
Same numbers appear repeatedly with different order. What's the result of it times 7?

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The time of year the exhaustion is in its Ma # # #, then they arrived on my desk to keep me going. 4 more weeks and bring it on 😎

Timeline photos 14/04/2019


50 meters under the water
Sunken submarine
Help me when I get my daughter
When I hit the sea
Ocean hole of blood and squid
Dead on sunken sand
Cringe of paper hits the floor
Relax, it’s just a hand

By Andrew age 9

Timeline photos 26/03/2019

Quality over quantity

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Our Story

Hi, my name is Jane MacDonald. I have being a Mandarin tutor for kids since I was 17. I love working with kids and love to see them achieve and gain confidence everyday.

3 years ago I set up "home learning+" for two reasons: 1. I speak to my sons Mandarin at home and would like to have a routine to teach them further. 2. Mandarin is a beautiful ancient language that I have always love since I was little, to share what I love deeply is a pleasure , not work at all.

Recently I accepted an offer from a local secondary school and University of Reading to train as Secondary Math teacher and study PGCE with them. Therefore I am offering Maths private tutoring to make the most of my training. I love Mathematics and yet it has such a negative image, I believe a good Maths teacher could change that image in their pupils.

I am able to spot different abilities among kids and adjust teaching method accordingly. My first goal is to make sure everyone learns happily, then I believe the rest will work itself out.

I hope you enjoy visiting my page and hope to share a fascinating language and a fascinating subject to more people.

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Colours of spring poem





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