Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland

Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland


Could we get a little yoga class lol # # #
just wondering out of hope that past parents have a copy of the 2012 jubilee party they held. I just found mine broken in half and would like to borrow one to make another copy...x
Anyone with these wellys at home could you please check them. Sure Elsie has a right foot belonging to someone else haha size 8 should have a sticker inside with her name.
Elektra found a rock down by bavs charity shop.
thank you for showing me and Elektra around your nursery today she really enjoyed herself and now she keeps telling me that she wants to do it again.
So proud of Elena for looking after her sunflower all summer holidays xx 💖

Daycare Nursery in the Scottish Borders village of Eyemouth LOVE,INTEGRITY AND ASPIRATION
That’s what we aim to provide. As a charity nursery.

We provide high quality care and play based education for children aged 2-5 years old 50 weeks of the year. We offer Government funded places from the age of 2( If eligible). We pride ourselves in providing a nurturing free flow stimulating environment enriched with high quality caring staff. Our Vision – To provide Love, Integrity and Aspiration

Our Values-
Love- At Seashells we foster

Operating as usual


Lunches next week are as follows-

Monday - Macaroni cheese served with sweetcorn and bread

Tuesday- Roast beef dinner with all the trimmings and vegetables

Wednesday- Chicken and vegetable curry with rice and naan bread

Thursday - Butternut squash soup and sandwiches

Friday- Fish fingers, chips and peas

What’s your child’s favourite?

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 16/08/2023

We have had a wonderful first day back and will share our first week back photos at the end of week.

But today … let’s share gratitude for my absolutely amazing team. It’s not just the children who may feel a little nervous on the first day back but also our staff who prepare so much for the new term, support emotions as the day goes on. And I have to say my team are the best! So my way of a little thanks is celebrating the best way our staff like to…. Cake!


Guess what some of our staff are doing today on their well-being day off before the term begins?

Joined with student Isla and Gills daughter


The countdown is on!

We welcome all back on Wednesday this week! Where has the summer holidays gone?
We do hope you have had a wonderful summer and all safe and well.

As we return we look forward to the yummy lunches the Tavern deliver fresh every day.

This is what is on offer this week.

If any children’s dietary requirements or allergies have changed since registration we urge you to send us a message asap.
Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you in a couple of days.

Wednesday- Beef and vegetable stir fry served with noodles

Thursday- Vegetable soup and a selection of sandwiches

Friday- pizza, oven baked wedges, and salad selection


Happy birthday to Abi!

Thank you for all your love and friendship and caring so well for the children of seashells.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 09/08/2023

Early start and professional learning development with a view today for Miriam and Amy.


Wow where has the time gone?

Last week of holiday club this week!

Don’t forget we are CLOSED to all Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th August. New term begins Wednesday 16th.


At seashells we like to hear all about our children’s families and like to celebrate life events with you. Well today we want to send a huge congratulations to Jakes mum and dad who are getting married today. Jake and all at seashells wish Samantha and Gary the happiest of days and a lifetime of happiness.


We would like to thank all the EHQ team. We have really enjoyed joining in with lots of the activities this week. It’s important for our young ones to get involved with our community and Herring Queen Sophie, her court and the committee have really made us feel welcome.
So from all of us to you all, many thanks and good luck with the rest of the celebrations and have a wonderful year ahead.
Kind regards
Miriam and all my team at seashells


Free to good home. Please get in touch


We entered teams into the EHQ scavenger hunt today and seashells team 1 came second!

Well done Grace,Helaina,Jake and Ava. Thank you for our prizes.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 02/08/2023

Children were pleased to place their trophy they won last week, in the window today 🏆 for best dressed shop window .

It’s been placed in the window of our display if you’d like to come and have a look as some parents have been asking to see it.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 01/08/2023

Seals room children took part in the EHQ dance today.

Lots of fun


We are very grateful to Local business Kevin Dixon Building Solutions who has donated a laptop to the nursery as he has been supporting local charities and organisations as part of their pledge to support the community.

He passed to staff member Abi and having the new laptop 💻 was so gratefully appreciated as the nursery laptop we use for the smart board had recently broke. The smart board is an essential part of group learning. This will be so helpful for the new term.

Such a kind thing to do. Thank you sincerely

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 31/07/2023

Did you know daily tasks such as buttering own bread or crackers and peeling oranges 🍊 are fundamental skills for supporting important muscle strength in tiny hands which help with handwriting and control as children grow?

While children are not rushed through the holidays, how about letting your children have a go? Every little helps.


Come and support the EHQ celebrations and market today and bring your children to watch seashells Practitioner Gill and her husband playing at 2.45pm.

See you at Herring Queen celebrations this afternoon! You'll find us in Kirk Square ❤️

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 29/07/2023

The day can’t finish without mentioning our seashells stars ⭐️ who had their part in the EHQ ceremony today. Special mention to Eden who passed the crown over and sailor boy Fergus.
Both who attend seashells.

Also a little mention to our ex seashells pupils who left for school last year, sailor boys, Noah and Robbie!

We are all very proud of you all!

Well done on your roles you played today.


Aww thank so much, we feel very honoured. A lot of time was spent to create something special and I think we achieved it!


Everyone at Seashells 🐚 Nursery would like to wish this years Herring Queen, 👸
Sophie and her court the very best today.
Have a wonderful day and an amazing year ahead.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 28/07/2023

Friday fun day today was in the community centre hall. Supporting our gross motor development with some physical education.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 27/07/2023

Our Nursery is looking amazing all
Decorated for Herring Queen.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 26/07/2023

Thanks for all the car t***s 🚗 and waves while decorating the bridge this evening. Come and see our wonderful display to celebrate Eyemouth Herring Queen this weekend. Every child has contributed into making something to display so please come and have a look.

Good luck Sophie and all the Herring Queen court for 2023!


* UPDATE - seagull has been picked up and taken to Galedin vets. We couldn’t watch the bird suffer anymore.

HELP REQUIRED- A seagull has been sadly hit outside the nursery on the road. Its wing has been badly damaged. Someone kindly moved it from children’s sight and has put it in a box away from the road. I have called the vets for help and Galedin vets in Berwick have said it needs to go to Berwick vets, they have said to take precautions with hand washing for bird flu etc but said it’s safe enough to take in car. Staff can not leave the nursery to do this as we have lots of children in today. Is anyone able to take the seagull to Berwick? If you can help please call Miriam on 018907 52082 and I will explain everything vet has said.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 26/07/2023

Exciting work going on today fitting our new fully funded bike rack.

Thank you to the lovely men for fitting it for us and putting up with the children’s humour. They began chanting “concrete, concrete “ as they put it in.

Let’s get cycling 🚴‍♀️

Please do not use it until next week though as tarmac is to come in the next few days to finish it off.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 25/07/2023

Today has been dedicated to Herring Queen preparations.
Come and walk past our nursery and see our beautiful window displays , they should be all finished tomorrow. The children and staff have worked super hard to create art work to display.

We have also being getting the art work ready to display on the bridge (as you come into Eyemouth from the Highschool) This will be going up on Thursday and every child has made a decoration for all to see.

Pictures of our displays coming in the next day or two.


We have the cleaners in for an end of week extra clean!

They offered! ;)

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 16/07/2023

Today is National Guinea Pigs appreciation day today.

Oreo and Jaffa are part of the Seashells family. We love them very much.

Special mention to staff members Amy and Fiona who take even extra care every single weekend when we are closed. They bath them, feed them and take them home to munch on grass in their garden.

Oreo and Jaffa are no ordinary pets! They are amazing, they offer lots of love and calmness when children need that extra reassurance.

They are highly intelligent, when the fridge opens they recognise the sound and peer over to the kitchen through the cage to see what food is coming their way.

They also recognise Fiona when she comes in to clean when the children have gone home and stand up at the cage waiting for her to give them their nightly treat.

Jaffas other best friend is our pet dog Missy when she visits. They give each others kisses through the cage and missy and Jaffa chase each other side to side of the cage. They have a lovely friendship. Oreo is not so keen.

They are not just pets they are our family. We love them, spoil them and they have the best life!

Everyone needs a Guinea pig in their life.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 14/07/2023

I can’t thank my staff enough!
I’ve been so super busy lately trying to tie off any loose ends of paperwork from last term and begin preparations for next term. Some amazing new things coming to Seashells such as our new digital learning journeys that I have been really busy preparing. This will give our families a much better insight into days children have at seashells, what children are learning and this will strengthen our parental partnership.

But my staff are just the best! They tell me not to come in today, to just have time and space working from home quietly 🏡 and I feel so much more organised for it.
Thanks team! They all had lots of Friday fun out at the park and they all take such good care and offer so much love to the children at seashells.

Another fantastic busy holiday week!
Enjoy your weekend.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 13/07/2023

We have been investigating caterpillars and their lifecycle in both the pups room and Seals room the last few weeks. We have watched caterpillar’s grow in butterflies like magic. Today the butterflies in the seals room were released into the wild. The pup’s butterflies haven’t been released yet as they came out the chrysalis a little later.

🦋 What a lovely learning opportunity.

Seashells Nursery | FPUniformz 13/07/2023

A reminder that you can purchase our uniforms from fantasy prints in Berwick.

Some lovely colours to choose from.

Seashells Nursery | FPUniformz Seashells Nursery - a fantastic choice. Great Prices - Fast Turnaround - UK Nationwide Delivery.

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 05/07/2023

20 children booked into holiday club this morning, so the 2 pups children went swimming with Lynsey and Halle, 8 children went to the beach with Miriam, Dawn and Amy, we found seaweed and made a skipping rope and Eden had Miriam doing the Limbo limbo limbo under a long stick 😂 and 10 of our children enjoyed having space out in the garden at nursery with Abi and Jane. We’ve had another absolutely wonderful day.


A few months ago I was approached by a journalist wanting to interview me about our unique nursery location beside the beach. The article has now been published in the Nursery world magazine. Please take some time to read the full article.

We really are lucky to be located right by the sea! =1688474830


Important notice- If you need to confirm any hours you have booked for August, funded or not funded, can you please get in touch this week and we can let you know asap.
Just message us or email.
Thank you


1st week of holiday club starts tomorrow.

Our registers are exceptionally busy therefore if you plan to take your child out for an extra day off or a holiday we would appreciate as much notice as possible. We do have a waiting list for others to join us. Which is fantastic that we are busier than we ever have been.

We will be planning a new menu to begin at the start of the new term. So please comment or email with your child’s favourites and we will endeavour to take these into account and add them to the menu. We will be asking the children in the setting as well over the summer.

If you can apply suncream before your child comes into the setting, it is very helpful. We also have suncream and will keep topping up throughout the day. We supply sun hats so that’s one less thing to think about.

If your child is moving rooms to the Seals room-
Please look out for correspondence over the coming weeks. This will inform you of the differences in the rooms, how your child will learn?, staffing in the room and your child’s new keyworker.
Most children have had transition time in the Seals room and if your child is staying over the summer, Seals staff will continue to reassure and bond with your child. To ensure a smooth transition.

Lunches for this coming week are as follows:

Smoked sausage and pasta bake
(Vegan and gluten free alternative)

Baked potatoes cheese , tuna and beans (vegan and gluten free)

Lasagne crusty bread and sweetcorn
(Vegan and gluten free alternative)

Carrot soup and sandwiches (vegan and gluten free)

Chicken burger and oven baked wedges, cucumber sticks
(Vegan burger alternative, gluten free alternative)

Thank you

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 30/06/2023

Yesterday really was one of the most truly amazing days in nursery. We adore your children and wanted to give them and you, their families something in their memories that was so special to treasure. High five team seashells.! We most definitely achieved that!
From bouncy castles, to photo shoots, to the endless giggles, to the most amazing entry into church for our P1 leavers to the most emotional but exciting performance we have ever done. To the exhaustion from staff when everyone went home. To spending the evening with my girls ( the staff) having a well deserved Chinese as a treat to the belly hurts laughs the staff team had together last night! I am one SUPER proud Manager!

We can not thank you all enough for your support, love, kind words, cards and gifts. You and your children will forever hold a piece of our hearts 💕- no one will ever be forgotten.

Here goes to the busy summer holiday club! With more fun fun fun!!

Love always
Miriam and the team # # #


What can I say? …..
The class of 2023 celebrated in style to perform an outstanding talent show in style today.

Lachlan the Piper you blew us away with the most spectacular entrance. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Tomorrow is the last day of term. Although this year we have around 20 funded children staying through the summer! So not like previous years where we have had to say goodbye yet. Amazing we get to hold on to them that little bit longer! We also have lots of Pups staying on right through summer. We can not thank you enough for your support.

The p1 leavers assembly is tomorrow at 1.30. These children will go home from the church after the performance and coffee with families. Therefore please check out the mass of lost and found selection that will be out in the morning and if you want to take your child’s wellies home for the summer pick them up then as you probably won’t return to nursery afterwards.

Many thanks and don’t forget the tissues!

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 28/06/2023

Who’s idea was it to bring in the costumes and water guns and soak the staff?

Photos from Seashells Nursery, Eyemouth, Scotland's post 27/06/2023

Horse riding isn’t for everyone, we all have different interests. These two had an amazing trip to the beach and park with of course an ice cream to top off the best day!

Photos from Eyemouth Primary School's post 27/06/2023

Thank you so much Eyemouth Primary school for having us yesterday.

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