Viking Vision Quest

Viking Vision Quest


Louis Claes, Dan A Talbot

Developing the physical and mental capacity of a viking warrior.

VVQ offers weapons training, cultural and academic study of the Viking era in Scotland as a way to reduce anxiety and channel aggression for those who need a positive peer group and role models to help reach self realisation.

Operating as usual

Photos from Viking Vision Quest's post 15/07/2023

The full Viking Training System Foundation Certificate is now available at half price £14.99. Find the link on viking_training_system on Instagram or message me direct :)


Live in the Lothians and Borders?
Interested in joining a global organisation, practising a genuine martial art?
Want to train with people sharing the same interests?
Contact me now!


This sword, housed in Edinburgh, was found very close to where my paternal ancestors come from and the typology fits into the time frame of our legendary origins. This area of Scotland, Highland Aberdeenshire, has the lowest level of Norse or Danish influence in all the country yet a group of us from the area share a male line haplotype that entered the UK in the Viking era and originates in Bronze age Scandinavia. Legend has us coming from Skye (Norse territory) to help Malcolm Canmore and the date of our specific haplotype mutation and this sword both amazingly match up.


This is a course from Oxford University I took a few years ago. It has the academic standards you would expect from such an esteemed institution and allows you access to the most up to date research.


Try this workout.... It should be pedal to the metal all the way!


Another great shot from



This brooch is a family heirloom. The design is a Birlinn, a galley used in the Western Isles that originated from the Viking Longship. Somerled famously used his Birlinn to outmanoeuvre the longships of Olaf of Man.


4 years ago today we filmed the epic beach battle in The Last Kingdom.
That is me in my stunt wig😂👌


Great picture from a while back...


This is the supposed burial ground of the legendary hero Diarmid of the Fianna who betrayed Finn and ran away with his bride, only to be killed at this spot by a wild Boar.
It's definitely one of the most epic sites I have visited.
To join the Fianna, potential warriors had to undergo numerous mental and physical tests that included pulling a thorn from their foot without breaking stride and fighting multiple opponents whilst waist deep in a hole.


Most people do not get this......


Sword and shield duelling and Glima on the beach.



Training should be -

Photos from Viking Vision Quest's post 19/04/2023

This is about my paternal family... They were still scrapping it out into the late 1800s. A bunch of Viking survivors who were always at odds with their neighbours😂
They were also part of the first recorded clan raid.
My male line dna suggests this legend is true.


Currently closing down the gym in Edinburgh but will be back soon in Edinburgh and down near Dunbar direction soon🔜⚔️... Infact training tonight in Dunbar.. If you like martial arts/ are interested in the Viking era and live around Edinburgh or East Lothian, give me a shout up if you can play nicely and leave the ego at home 😬😉


A mixed year all round. Had some great training partners come and go and also some atrocious wannabees taking advantage of my good nature. Still the nucleus is still there and hopefully we can take the Hird forwards in 2023.
Happy Hogmanay


I've been doing martial arts since my early twenties.. A really wide variety of stuff and there is few common denominators that separate the good from the bad👇

Friendly people with no egos⬅️

Proper coaching, too many martial arts coaches show a technique then wander around giving no personalised input⬅️

Majority of time actually practising, not doing calisthenics or running about⬅️

Realistic, relevant practice⬅️

Do you agree?

At Hird Hafn Edinburgh, we strive to be inclusive and keep training friendly, relevant and realistic💯

Photos from Viking Vision Quest's post 01/10/2022

💥 Edinburgh... Are you interested in a genuine combat style both armed and unarmed in a friendly and inclusive environment✅

If you can place nicely and firmly leave the ego at the door... DM me now!!

⚔️The Grimfrost Hird is a worldwide Viking era combat association⚔️

We are also part of The UK Glima Association and The Scottish Glima Association via Master Tyr Neilsen of AVK Norway🇳🇴


Authentic Viking era martial arts in the Edinburgh area..
Dm for details...


Small group training in a small, supportive group environment!


You side step the point of a spear, it is game over!


⚔️ Viking combat in Edinburgh in a friendly inclusive atmosphere⚔️
Are you ready to raid?


Loyalty and respect!


Myself and took some great action shots with!!


It’s the week 🙌🏻 why not give a go while you’re visiting the historical city.

Photos from Largs Viking Festival's post 31/05/2022

Viking era sword and shield duelling and authentic Norwegian Glima via Master Tyr Neilsen /AVK/SGA/UKGA.


Hersir Bui's article in Mens Fitness UK.... Available online


Check out Mens Fitness UK this month for Hersir Bui's article on how Vikings trained!!
Shame they opted for 'How to Train Your Dragon' style artwork to accompany my text.


Grimfrost Hird Hafn Edinburgh is part of the Grimfrost global hird organisation promoting and practising Viking era martial arts practice in an inclusive, friendly and safe environment.

Interested in getting involved?

Know how to train safely without ego?

Then get in touch :)


We are proud representatives of the Grimfrost Hird in Edinburgh. We offer dedicated training in sword and shield duelling and Glima via Master Tyr Neilsen from AVK Norway/UKGF.
We are open to new members who share our ethos and understand the responsibilities of a good training partner!


Hird Hafn Edinburgh is part of the Grimfrost global organisation that focuses on Viking age combat.
We stand for...
Respect for others

Loyalty to the Grimfrost Hird

Dedication to our training and our training partners.

The Hird uses ancient traditions from the Viking age, creating unity, a sense of uniqueness and understanding for one and other.
Find out more here..

Or DM for more details.


Hird Hafn Edinburgh is part of the worldwide Grimfrost Hird Viking age Combat organisation.

We offer genuine Norwegian Glima via Master Tyr Neilsen of AVK in Norway and the United Kingdom Glima Association.

If you are in the Edinburgh area and can play nicely with others then message me!


This amazing picture was taken by


Practice makes perfect! Alongside sword and shield drills against a tyre or bag add some Viking Get Ups and Glima Stance Split Squats.
Alternate between fast with intent and slowly for time under tension!

Live in the Edinburgh area?
Interested in the Viking era and martial arts?
Understand what being a good training partner entails?
Then give me a shout!



Training with a sword and shield is an absolute blast!!
It keeps you fit and synchs the mind and body!!
Honor your ancestors!!

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Our Story

Viking Vision Quest is the educational branch of the Viking Training System. We offer self development courses based around Viking age physical, mental and spiritual development using our experience and knowledge as educationalists, historians, fight scene extras in such films as Last Kingdom and Outlaw King and qualified , authentic Norwegian Glima instruction.

As well as self development and discovery we offer full package educational displays and interactive historical workshops utilising 25 years plus experience of education, with post graduate qualifications and study from Oxford University in the Viking age. We can bring Scottish history and the influence of Viking settlement to life for schools and foreign language groups in an exciting, interactive format.

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Authentic Viking era martial arts in the Edinburgh area..Dm for details...#fitover50#glima#grimfrost#edinburgh#vikings#v...
You side step the point of a spear, it is game over!
Hird Hafn Edinburgh is part of the worldwide Grimfrost Hird Viking age Combat organisation.We offer genuine Norwegian Gl...
Spear fighting then Glima.... Can't walk properly now mind😂#vikingtrainingsystem#vikingfit#glima#hirdhafnedinburgh#hirdh...
Making the fundamentals of footwork and distance as realistic as possible whilst stripping away distractions like hittin...
Glima with collegiate wrestler Brendan.. Definitely showed me a thing or two!!!#vikingdna#vikingfitness#Glima#hirdhafned...
Great to have Brendan in for the first real training session for a while!#Glima#hirdhafnedinburgh#hirdhafn#grimfrosthird...
Pre and post Viking era sources advocate the use of heavier than normal weaponery for training purposes, which makes thi...



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